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    Smile Carmen Electra tickled in Vacuum Bed

    Carmen Electra in “Sexy”

    Note: This is a fictional story based on a true story that I read in an online magazine a while ago. In the real story, a male journalist was attending a fetish weekend somewhere and wrote a story about it. What happens to Carmen in my story is very close to what that guy went through.

    The Story: Carmen Electra was happy to be the new host of a hot new show on HBO that was simply called “Sexy.” She traveled the world meeting all types of kinky and interesting people and bringing her adventures to her viewers on the popular cable network. She arrived in San Francisco to film the third episode of her series. Her first task was to attend the studio of a local woman who taught “intimacy” classes to couples and singles alike. When Carmen arrived, she found about twenty people in a large room with several different tables, swings and other devices. The people in the room were also passing around dildos and other sex toys.

    The beauty of having a show on HBO is that you can show a lot more than you can get away with on regular television. Carmen’s producers intended to take full advantage of that opportunity.

    Upon her arrival, Carmen also noticed something in the middle of the room that she didn’t recognize. It looked like a rectangular piece of black rubber stretched across a larger rectangular base. When her host Luna greeted her, Carmen asked what the contraption was. Luna responded that she was planning to show Carmen exactly what it was and asked her if she wanted a demonstration for the cameras. Carmen excitedly said “yes.”

    Luna initially asked for a male volunteer from the audience to demonstrate the “vac bed.” Several guys quickly came forward, but Luna started to shake her head. She turned to Carmen and said, “the only real way for you to understand the vac bed is to experience it yourself.” The crowd went wild. Carmen, always up for an adventure, said, “what do I have to do?” Luna smiled and said, “well, you get under the latex and I switch on a high powered vacuum system that sucks out the air and molds the latex tightly to your body.

    Carmen looked hesitant and said, “I’d probably get claustrophobic and freak out in something like that.” Luna said that it was just like being back in the womb and that she would love the feeling of getting a soothing massage through the latex. After being assured that there was an apparatus that would allow her to breathe freely, Carmen agreed to try it and stripped down to her very sexy bra and panties.

    As Carmen began to feel the latex tighten around her, she fought off the claustrophobic feelings that she had feared. After a few seconds, she was so taken by the feeling of the smooth latex against her skin that she no longer felt confined. Make no mistake about it, she couldn’t move a muscle, but she was fine with it. One annoyance was that between the noise of the vacuum and the tightening of the latex around her head, she couldn’t hear most of what was going on around her. She would catch a word here and there. As the latex was about as tight as it could get, she heard three things. First, she heard the phrase “warm oil.” Then she heard what she thought sounded like the word “wiggling” followed by laughter from the crowd. At that very moment, she felt a warm substance being poured slowly over her body. It felt great. She was waiting for that soothing massage to begin any moment.

    Luna hovered over Carmen and asked if she was ready. All Carmen could do was kind of grunt and move her head and think “ready for what exactly.” As she thought this thought, her subconscious finally solved the mystery that it had been working on since the crowd had broken into laughter. Carmen started to panic when she realized that Luna had not said “wiggling,” she had said something about “TICKLING.” Carmen had already been tickled nearly to death on television once on the Howard Stern Show and this time she could do absolutely nothing to defend herself. She couldn’t even say no or beg for mercy.

    The sensations began with hands, someone’s hands, moving slowly up and down her legs. This felt wonderful. She could hear Luna’s voice talking to the crowd so she assumed that Luna was doing the touching. Then, the hands started tickling all over her latex covered belly. Carmen bowed her body upward as much as she could, but that wasn’t very much. She was laughing like crazy in her little cocoon. She then felt hands tickling her kneecaps. The latex and the oil made it more ticklish than anything she had ever felt. Then she heard a male voice say, “come up here, you have to feel how slick and smooth this is.” The next set of hands started on her ribcage and worked up into her armpits which were exposed with her arms above her head. She could barely distinguish the different feelings from each other at this point. She could feel herself crying now and could only laugh through the breathing apparatus that was around her mouth and nose.

    The next feeling was too intense for her to handle. She felt some of the oil being applied to the bottoms of her feet. Having thought that she had already been pushed to her limits, she quickly learned that they had found a way to push her further. She laughed like a madwoman and resolved herself to the fact that she could do nothing to stop the tickling. She had told the world that her feet were the most ticklish part of her body on the Stern show, and these people had obviously been paying attention. She felt what seemed like hundreds of fingernails tickling the bejesus out of her bare soles. They went under her toes too. That made her crazy. After about twenty more seconds, Luna told them all to stop.

    As Carmen lay there panting for breath, she heard Luna talking again. “Here is a great way to reward a willing victim after a fun session like that,” she said. Then, Luna and two men gave Carmen a sensual massage all over her body without tickling her other than by accident several times. She thought to herself that it was all worth it in the end but that she would never get into one of these things again.

    When she was released, she was covered with sweat. Her camera crew was laughing at her along with the rest of the applauding audience. Luna asked her how she liked it and she said that it was both fun and unbearable torture at the same time. Luna then put several other audience members through a similar process and Carmen got more great footage for her show. When the show aired, several members of the Tickling Media Forum had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

    The End

    - your comments on this story are welcome. I usually only submit true experiences of mine but this story just came to me this morning.

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    Nice job

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    *singing* "Start spreadin' the news..."
    (adds 'vac bed' to shopping list)

    "A little bit of common sense goes a long way"


    This is my Borgbunny, Locutus. Resistance is Futile.

    One of the funniest damned quotes of all time-
    Quote Originally Posted by ..glamorous.. View Post
    Blah blah blah Rob! Now shoosh, before I beat you with a bag of tacos!

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    Talking NICE!!!

    I gotta get me one of those!

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