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    Catherine VS The Machine

    Ann vented her anger by cursing at the machine she'd just finished. The device she had invented for polishing plexiglas possessed the latest in technology and she assumed she would receive accolades from her boss. Instead, the bitchy redhead she worked for sniffed it off as 'just doing your job' and even refused her a few hours off to relax.

    "Fine!" the raven haired Ann said to herself, "...Let's just see how haughty that redhaired bitch is once she's seen my machine!" With an evil leer, Ann began pouring some cooking oil over the ramped cement floor that led to the mouth of the machine."I doubt I'll want the time off if this works right !" she said with as a decidely wicked grin parted her pretty face.

    Catherine stomped into the lab and immediately fumed when she saw that Ann was not there. "I told that woman she wasn't to leave until I've approved her latest product !" The 5'5" redhead strutted arrogantly on 3 inch heels; her signature pigtails done up in a conservative bun. Unfortunately, once her stilleto heels hit the oiled ramp, she started sliding and windmilling her arms as she raced to the machine!

    "What the hell !!!!!" Catherine exclaimed as she tried to maintain her balance. Her nylon clad legs tried desperately to gain purchase on the slippery floor but it was obvious she wouldn't be able to stop until she reached the machine.

    With a "WHOOOOSH" of breath, Cat tumbled onto the conveyor belt; flat on her tummy with her high heels kicking wildly behind her. It took a moment for her to collect her thoughts before she realized the belt was moving !

    Ann snickered as she released the button that started the machine. "Now we'll see just how the mighty have fallen you redheaded wench !"

    Cat tried to pull herself off the conveyor belt but her tailored suit was so soaked with oil that all she could do was slip and slide deeper into the yawning maw of the machine. With horror, her eyes widened as she noticed the whirling fluffy brushes that were intended to polish plexiglas sheets ! In a last vain attempt to pull herself free, she tried reaching for the top of the machine's opening but her wrists were snagged by the rotating brushes and she was yanked under the counter-rotating bristles !

    "Now let's soap you down bitch!" Ann chortled as she triggered the switch that sprayed a very warm soapy solution down from the top of the machine.

    "NAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Cat squealed as the brushes slathered soap over the back of her thighs and started tickling her. The cute redhead had always been sinfully ticklish and it was proving to be her downfall as the brushes started to work on her violently squirming legs.Garters snapped and her skirt was wrapped up around her buns as the brushes set to work on her. Cackling hysterically, the diminutive redhead tried desperately to pull herself out of the machine but the conveyor belt had stopped!

    With a 'CHOOMF!' her left pump was ejected from the brushes; soon to be followed by another 'CHOOMF!' as her right shoe was stripped from her!.

    Ann was beside herself with glee. "Oh ! This is toooo good !!!!!" she said evilly as she pressed another button. This one started the side brushes and the raven haired brunette knew it would not bode well for the squealing redhead.

    Catherine was soaked in slippery soapy suds and was squealing hysterically as the brushes tickled every new inch of exposed skin! Her skirt was bundled up around her waist and her stylish suitcoat had been 'CHOOMF'd out of the machine. This left her silky blouse in danger as the brushes peeled it up over her shoulders!

    Her once stylish silk stockings had been shredded from her legs and now her tender bare soles were being fiendishly scrubbed by Ann's machine !

    Ann was loving every minute of Catherine's predicament and could see her hysterical quandry on the remote video monitor. "I'll make a fortune off the Internet with this !" she thought with glee.

    With another two 'CHOOMFS' Catherine's blouse and skirt spit out from Ann's polisher and the squealing redhead was left in just a bra that was caught under her armpits and a thong that was severely wedgied up in the cleavage of her buns!

    Catherine was rapidly weakening as the machine tickled all of the resistance out of her. The brushes slung her soapy slick bra from her shoulders and slithered her slipperly thong down off her legs. Completely nude, Cat could only howl hysterically as the machine tickled her nude body.

    Ann grinned with evil delight as she directed the brushes to push the squealing redhead over onto her back. Smaller swirling brushes were brought into play at Ann's direction; targeted for the redhead's already turgid nipples!

    Catherine was squealing and moaning with delight as the brushes massaged her tender nipples. Other brushes made her tender soles tingle with delight as she was machine-tickled into a helpless little girl!

    Fearing she would pass out, Ann shut the machine down and started the conveyor belt once again. She watched as a giggly, nude redhead exited the machine. Her tight professional bun of hair straggled out in a soapy mess of two hilarious pigtails.

    Ann approached the nearly comatose cackling redhead with a soft makeup brush and began teasing her bald mound. "Who's my ticklish little girl ?" she cooed as she stroked Cat's pouting lips.

    Catherine's pulse thundered in her head as she unconsciously spread her legs wider. Like a shameless tickle-slut, she thrust her hips upward to receive Ann's torture-brush!

    Ooooooo!!!! Look who likes to be tickle-brushed!" Ann sang as she flicked her makeup brush up and down Cat's obviously pouting lips!

    Catherine was beyond rational thought as an explosion of epic proportions ripped through her body ! The raven haired Ann had totally dominated her and turned her into a squealing, wriggling tickle-slut and Catherine couldn't have cared less ! The thundering joy that dominated her was ecstasy plus ! Screaming out her joy, a very soapy Catherine hugged Ann tightly as she tickle-tortured into completel submission.

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    wow what a way to bring down a bossy woman. great story. always intrigued by tickling machines. wonder if she did sell it to people online? hmmm quite a concept

    For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible.

    From "The Song of Bernadette"

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    Look who likes to be tickle-brushed! nice way to complete her torment, great concept

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