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Thread: Erotic Tickling

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    Talking Erotic Tickling

    Chapter 1

    I would love to tie you up and just continue tickling you until you absolutely cannot take another ticklish stroke of my fingers. And I would decide when that point was, no begging, screaming, or laughing would convince me to stop until I was good and ready. With every giggle, or hysterical laugh, fuel would be added to my fire so that I really wouldn't want to stop. I love to tickle and could very easily tickle you to an extreme, to a point you have never been before, to the very edge of your ability to take it anymore.

    I would tie your ankles so that your heels were just off the edge of the bed, and you would not be wearing anything at all so as to not hinder a single ticklish area I decided to torture with tickling. With your heels just off the edge of the bed, you could not bend them down to protect the ticklish soles... then I would stretch your arms high over your head so that the skin on your sides, ribs, and stomach became smooth from having your arms stretched like that. Then as you were lying there completely helpless and at my mercy, I would go back to your feet and tie your toes, either to the frame of the bed, or tie your big toes together so that movement is at a very minimum.

    As I am tying you and looking at your vulnerable and ticklish body, my desire to tickle you without mercy increases and I know that I am going to tickle you to such an extreme. And I tell you how much I am going to tickle your helpless body, one area at a time.. maybe wriggling one finger in each ticklish spot as I tell you how much I am about to tickle that area, so you can feel a very very small sample of how ticklish you are, and what is about to happen.

    Your mouth becomes dry with anticipation, and you begin to wonder whether or not you are too ticklish for this.. And as you await the beginning of the ticklish sensations that are just about to overtake your very ticklish body, you begin to giggle and laugh, just from the thought of being tickled... I then straddle you at your hips and slowly run my hands down each of your sides, from your underarms to your hips, making you burst out giggling, then run my fingers back to where they first touched you. Then I take the edible massage spray, and begin spraying it at your left underarm, making sure that every inch of that underarm is completely covered, then move on down your side, again, making sure that every single inch is entirely covered, and extremely slippery. The spray tickles you as it is being sprayed on, and you can't help but laugh and giggle, and try to pull your arms down, but there is nothing you can do but feel the tickling and allow yourself to laugh.. I continue in this way until every single inch of your upper body is covered with the very slippery oil...

    Then I hold my fingers up over your stomach, actually over your ribs just below your breasts, and ask you, "Are you ready to be tickled to an extreme?", again your mouth is dry with the anticipation of finally getting to experience what you have wanted so much to feel, but you also really want to put your arms down and stop it. The two clashing thoughts are making you all the more ticklish. I begin wriggling my fingers before they ever touch you so that when my hands make first contact with your ribs and stomach, you will burst out in loud, ticklish laughter. As I lower my hands and you feel my tickling fingers touch you.. I was right, you burst out laughing. I run my hands, with the fingers wriggling and wriggling, all over your stomach and ribs, pausing my hands over each extremely ticklish spot that I encounter, making you laugh and laugh.. you are laughing so hard by this point that you tend to scream a little ...

    As you scream, the laughter gets harder and louder, but the tickling does not stop or slow down.. you are being tickled and tickled... and with each burst of laughter that involuntary explodes from your mouth, I want to tickle you even more and make you laugh even harder and louder. I want to tickle you until you are out of control with wild laughter.. and that's exactly what I am going to do, because you are helpless and very, very ticklish. I move to your sides and rake my hands up and down your sides over and over again, my fingers wriggling as fast as they can go.. you are laughing so hard at this point that tears begin to roll down your cheeks, but there's no stopping. I can't stop... your laughter makes me want to just tickle and tickle and tickle you.

    You begin to feel your strength leave your body.. the feeling of not being able to squirm is becoming very real. You are laughing so hard that your body is going limp. You have laughed so much that you can't even squirm a little anymore, now you are lying still. Completely still, no struggling or squirming to get away at all. You are limp from laughing so hard, yes, you are being tickled to an extreme... I continue tickling you now that I don't have to hold you still at the same time. It is easier to just tickle and tickle you now that you cannot fight back at all, before this time, you could at least wriggle your body when a new ticklish spot was touched, but now you can't.. I love tickling you this way and have no intention of stopping now. You laugh even harder as my fingers begin to probe your very ticklish underarms. I hold my fingers right on your underarms and continue to wriggle them on and on and on... you are really becoming hysterical with laughter, and scream for me to stop.. but I can't and I won't. I still want to tickle you even more, I want to take you to such an ticklish extreme that there is no way that I will even consider stopping now. And after I tickle you for a few more minutes with my fingers, just tickling and tickling every single inch of your sides, ribs, underarms and stomach... I lean over your limp ticklish body and begin to lick your right underarm.. the feeling is so extremely ticklish that you just scream with laughter and beg me to stop, but deep down you are really craving for me to continue this delightful torture. You can feel yourself melting with emotion and getting wet with excitement....

    And as you scream with laughter from my tongue very ticklishly stroking your underarm, I ask you, "are you ticklish? does this tickle you too much? well, laugh if you want more!" and when you laugh, then I say, "Oh, so you want more, Baby? well, good, because I am not stopping!" I continue to lick and softly kiss that underarm for a couple minutes, then move on down your side, swirling my tongue around and around, softly kissing your very ticklish skin, and gently nibbling so ticklishly that you are really screaming and begging for me to stop, but each time you say stop, you burst out laughing all over again. And I am only halfway down the first side, we still have the rest of this side, your stomach, ribs, and the left side from hip to underarm to go for this phase to be completed. I continue licking, nibbling and kissing down the rest of that side until I get to your hipbone, I bet that's a really ticklish spot, then I move across your lower stomach and begin licking and kissing and nibbling from right at your lower hairline all the way up to the bottoms of your breasts just making you laugh and laugh, pausing just long enough for you to catch a good breath every now and then, and then tickling you some more. But now I continue tickling your stomach and ribs with my tongue, and I add my fingers on your sides starting at the sides of your hips right at your hipbones.

    I wriggle my fingers really ticklishly on your hips, sides and underarms, all the while I am still tickling your stomach and ribs with my mouth and tongue. I am getting into this so much that I try to make you laugh even harder, I want to hear you just helplessly begging, screaming, and laughing so loud that the bed shakes.. I keep saying "laugh if you want more" and when you laugh I just look into your eyes and say, "ok, fine with me, I'll give you more". I continue this extremely ticklish sensation for several more minutes.. just think, my hands on your sides, fingers wriggling as fast as they can go, and my mouth on your stomach and ribs, licking, kissing and nibbling. You are in absolute hysteria now... tears are rolling down your cheeks from laughing so hard and I say" Laugh if you want me to finish licking your other side now" and of course, you laugh, so I stop my hands, and begin licking up your other side starting at your hip, again swirling my tongue around and around and kissing and nibbling so ticklishly, and you have been limp with the laughter since before I began with my tongue, you have become a ball of helpless laughter, begging every now and then, screaming every once in a while, but always bursting right back out in ticklish laughter. I have a feeling that you may have even climaxed a couple times from this already.. because every once in a while, the laughter dies down a little and you moan between giggles.. but I still do not stop until I get through with the last lick on your underarm. After this, I give you a small break to breathe and rest, but I do not untie you.. and you know that I still have more tickling to do, and that is exactly what I am about to start doing again.

    Then after you have rested just a minute, I look down and tell you "my what a pretty little pair of ticklish feet you have, all nice and tied up, they really look like they need a tickle torture too!" so I pull up a chair at the end of the bed, and the bottoms of your feet look so inviting, as if each one is saying "tickle me. tickle me". And with your toes tied together you can't wriggle them away.. so I take that massage spray and spray across the bottoms of your toes, making sure each one is extremely slippery, then across the balls of your feet, then down each arch and heel until every inch is extremely slippery. I then take one finger on each hand and put them together on the bottoms of your big toes, right where your toes join your foot and lightly glide that one finger across your toes, then come back and glide right down the center of the bottom of each foot making you twitch and giggle, then the tickling really begins again.. I start wriggling all ten of my fingers right in the arches of your feet, and you instantly squeal and burst out laughing again. I wriggle my fingers up and down the soles of your bare, helpless, and extremely ticklish feet- going from the toes to the heels, covering every ticklish inch with my wriggling fingers. And you can't pull them away, all you can do is laugh. Then I put all ten fingers on one foot at a time, just imagine ten fingers wriggling on the bottoms of your feet, one foot at a time... and as all ten fingers completely tickle the bottom of that one foot, I slide all ten to the other foot. I want to hear you laugh really hard again, so I keep tickling and tickling and tickling. Making you beg me to stop, but I don't stop.. I won't even consider stopping.. then I slow down with my fingers and then stop... you are still giggling even though I have stopped because you know I am right there with my hands on your bare feet, and you are waiting for me to start up again.. you know I will, and that keeps you giggling even though my fingers are not actually wriggling, they are very still, but touching your feet. Then I lean down and begin gently biting your toes.. you squeal in laughter as this new ticklish sensation begins. I nibble and lick your toes until you are laughing hysterically again. It is so ticklish that you are begging me not to tickle you each time you can catch enough breath to speak, then burst out in laughter again. After I have nibbled and licked your toes for a few minutes, I run my tongue down into your arches, swirling it around and around in a big circle that goes back and forth from foot to foot. And you are just so ticklish on the bottoms of your feet that you can do nothing but laugh. After I have you laughing wildly again, I move my mouth back to your toes and keep licking and nibbling, and at the same time, I place my hands on your arches and start wriggling my fingers again. Just think, now you have ten fingers tickling your arches, and my mouth tickling your toes... you are going crazy with laughter, begging me over and over to stop. But I continue. I love to tickle you so much that there's no way for me to make myself stop, I can't stop tickling you, so you just have to be tickled some more.... after I have thoroughly tortured the bottoms of your feet... I stop and untie you, and you think I am finished... but I lay you back down on your stomach and tie you up again.. you are on your stomach with your feet hanging just off the end of the bed, and your arms stretched way over your head again... just waiting for me to start tickling you again.. and tickle you I will... I will tickle you so much that you will lose control.. you may have several orgasms, you may even pee, but nothing will stop me because I have you tied up again and now I must thoroughly tickle this side of you.


    Chapter 2

    And now that I have you all tied up again, I decide to slow the tickling down just a little. I straddle the backs of your legs and get nice and comfortable I sort of tuck my feet under your legs so that they keep you from rolling and my weight pins you down even more. I do this because you have had a little rest after your first extreme tickling and are not limp anymore. You will be able to squirm again, and we just can't have very much of that. Now I pull out a long ostrich plume. It is very soft and ticklish, just right for my next plan. I look at your back and butt, and yes, they are asking me to tickle them both with that feather. I start at your shoulders and neck, gently whisking and brushing that feather across the top of your back. This isn't really a very ticklish spot but it does make you giggle a little and feels good. But then I move to the center of your back, now this is more ticklish and you let me know that it is more ticklish by trying to squirm away and giggling louder and louder with each ticklish stroke of my tickle tool. I swirl it around and around, up and down slowly inching my way to your lower back. You laugh harder as the feather continues to pass over the different ticklish areas of your back. Now I am letting the feather swirl down to your sides a little as I move back and forth, then suddenly I drop the feather and grab both of your sides. You scream at this extremely ticklish sensation and laugh hysterically as I softly massage your very ticklish sides, up and down several times.

    Then I pick up the feather and swirl the feather up and down your right side as my other hand continues to gently massage and stroke your left side. You start begging me to stop tickling you again. You start begging sooner this time around because you have already been tickled to an extreme just a short time ago, and you lose it in laughter much quicker the second time around. But I just laugh a little with you, and keep tickling. You are starting to wish that I would really stop, but at the same time, your ticklishness feels so good that you just want me to go on forever. You love how ticklish you are, and you really like how it feels when you are helpless and being tickled, but you are also going insane with laughter. The different feelings inside are swinging back and forth. One minute you want me to tickle and tickle and tickle you because it feels so good, but then the next moment you want me to stop so badly that you beg me to. And I am simply loving doing this to you. Then I switch hands with the feather, and run the feather up and down your left side as my free hand probes and tickles your right side. In this position that you are in, I can still tickle your underarms with my fingers by laying the back of my hand on the bed and sliding my wriggling fingers under your arm. You are now laughing so hard that you are going limp again, just lying there laughing and squealing. Your energy and initiative to fight in what little way you can is dwindling.

    You slowly have to give in completely as you become too weak to squirm anymore, now you are really begging me to stop. And even though you are begging me to stop, you know inside that I won't stop, and that makes you beg even more. You know how much I love to tickle you. I love tickling you so much that I am extremely turned on, and you also know that when I get turned on, I just keep tickling and tickling because I just can't make myself stop. You laugh and laugh and laugh, squealing and begging, then laughing some more. And seeing you react to my tickling makes me want to tickle you more and more. You are completely limp, laughing hysterically as my tickling fingers and feather stroke your helpless body so ticklishly. Then I put down the feather and lay on top of you with my stomach on your back and my head next to yours, and then I slide both my hands under your arms and start wriggling my fingers in your armpits. With my body pinning you down you feel so helpless that the laughter explodes from your mouth. Even though you are already limp with hysterical laughter, feeling my body on top of you makes you think of yourself as being more helpless. I feel your body tense up as you begin to explode in a massive orgasm, and right as this begins to happen, you become so incredibly ticklish that you just scream and scream. When I feel you becoming even more ticklish at the beginning of your orgasm, I tickle you faster, I move out of your armpits and run my hands up and down both sides as quickly and as ticklishly as I possibly can, wriggling my fingers, just tickling, tickling, tickling and tickling even more. You can't handle it, you are so extremely ticklish at this point that you are completely hysterical. You are screaming as loudly as you can, and begging for me to stop, but I don't slow down even a little. My fingers ignore all of your pleas for mercy, and continue to tickle you. Then suddenly your orgasm fully sets in, and you scream very loudly, but a little differently, and the laughter stops for a moment and now you are begging me to tickle you as much as I can, "don't stop, please don't stop.. tickle me, tickle me, oh please! tickle me!" And that's exactly what I keep doing as fast and as ticklishly as I possibly can. I am getting into making you react like this so much, that I feel as though I am sharing this orgasm with you, even though I am not actually reaching my own orgasm, I still feel every bit of yours, and feel I am right in the middle of it. Feeling it with you. And that makes me tickle you as much as I can. I start nibbling on your ear and my mouth and breath tickle your ear unbelievably right now, all the while my fingers are running up and down your sides unmercifully. I feel you arch your back and press against the bed as you explode in erotic ecstasy. Your body is literally shivering in orgasmic delight. And I am so happy that I have taken you to this point, I keep tickling as fast as I can until you reach the finale of your climax, then I hold on to you and press my body against yours as you slowly relax and collapse from such an intense orgasm. But I still do not untie you. I still have not tickled you as much as I want to. I tell you, "well, that was alot of fun, but I am not through tickling you. You are going to be tickled again. I will tickle you until I am ready to stop." Again your mouth goes dry with anticipation. You know you can't handle any more tickling, but you also know that I WILL tickle you more.


    Chapter 3

    Now that your explosive orgasm has eased to quiescence, and I have told you that I am going to tickle you again. Your mouth is dry with fear and anticipation. You just know that you cannot be tickled anymore. Your sides are aching from all the laughter, and your throat is dry from laughing and screaming. But you know that you will be tickled again, and that there is nothing you can do about it. You are already begging me not to start tickling you again. You are almost to the point of crying. But then again, you know how good it feels to be tickled. And you want to feel another volcanic vaginal explosion like the one you just felt. You are now unsure if you can take anymore, you really know you can't. But as I lay beside you, I tell you, "You are my very ticklish prisoner, and I will tickle you over and over until I am ready to stop." With each word, I scrape my nails ever so softly along your ticklish side, starting with my hand laying flat on your side, with my fingers spread wide, and then raising it up bringing my fingers together. This causes you to twitch and giggle and beg me even more not to start tickling you again. Then I move over and straddle the backs of your thighs. And I take the feather and begin running it over your ass cheeks, swirling it around and around from side to side, "Oh, that is so ticklish, isn't it?" I just laugh and say," My, my, my, aren't you just so ticklish on your ass?" and I begin moving the feather faster and faster, sweeping your ass and making you laugh a little harder, and beg a little more for me to stop. You tell me that you'll do anything I want if I stop and don't tickle you anymore. But it is too late for that, I am already turned on for more...I am so turned on that I must tickle you more. I have become like a merciless tickling machine. I will tickle you and you can't stop it, you are helpless. Then I take the spray and spray it all over your ass making it slippery from side to side, and top to bottom. And even just putting the spray on you tickles now. You have been tickled so much that even if I pretend I am going to tickle you, you start to scream and laugh. But I am not pretending now, the only part of your ass that is not slippery with oil is your crack. So I take one hand and spread your cheeks apart, then I pick up the feather and run it down the middle of your crack. You have never been tickled here before. The feather runs from your back, down the middle of your crack, across your asshole and to the opening of your vagina. Then back up again. This whole area is extremely ticklish to the soft touch of the feather, and you immediately burst out laughing. You cannot believe how ticklish you are here. But I continue to run it back and forth making you laugh harder and harder with every ticklish stroke. I continue tickling you in this way for several minutes. And with each stroke, you become wetter and wetter. I see how aroused this is making you. Your pussy quivers with each stroke of my superbly welded tickling feather, and your laughter gets stronger and louder. Then I laugh and say" I am glad to see I am affecting you, but it is not time for you to get off again, not until you have been mercilessly tickled again". You immediate beg me saying "f**k me, f**k me.. please, I'll do anything just don't tickle me..." But I know that deep down inside, your body is craving to be tickled to yet another level, to another extreme.

    And to another extreme you are about to be tickled. I drop the feather and begin raking my nails across your ass cheeks. You instantly scream with ticklish laughter. And that just makes me tickle you more and more. I want to take you to another level of ticklish ecstasy. I turn around and straddle your back and begin running my fingers across your ass again. Then I say" tell me how ticklish you are and I might stop", you scream "I am ", but that is all you can get out this time because you are laughing so hard. So I tell you again, "tell me how ticklish you are!", you try several times, but you are laughing so hard that it just can't come out. Then finally you manage.. " I am ticklish, I am ticklish..." then you start to feel like you may even be tickled to death and start to scream "help.. HELP.." Even though you know there is no one to hear you but me, your mouth involuntarily screams for help, then bursts out laughing again. Then I tuck my feet under your sides where my toes are touching your ribs. I wriggle my toes on your extremely ticklish ribs as my fingers tickle your ass...you feel it and scream. Now you are laughing and screaming frantically. "Please.. Please.. PLEEEEEESE" you scream trying to get me to stop the tickling, but I just ignore you keep tickling you as fast as I can with both my fingers and toes. Then I lean over to where my mouth is on the backs of your knees and put my hands on the front of your knees and gently start squeezing just above your knees. You are completely hysterical again. Lost in wild ticklish laughter, but I then begin nibbling and biting the backs of your knees while my toes are still on your ribs tickling you crazy.

    Just think, my mouth is tickling that extremely ticklish area on the backs of your knees, my hands are tickling the front of your extremely ticklish knees, and at the same time my toes are wriggling on your extremely ticklish ribs. You are being tickled in three extremely ticklish places at once, and are having three different types of tickling at the same time. You can feel the ticklish difference of each area, my toes are wriggling, my hands are squeezing, and my mouth is biting and licking.. you lose it all together "AAAAAAUUUUUGGGHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH HA HA HA HA HA, AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH" you scream in wild ticklish laughter, you can do nothing but scream and laugh, scream and laugh. This is so ticklish to you that you cannot even beg anymore. You can only laugh and scream. But at the same time you are so wet and horny that you can feel your own wetness on the sheet. I have taken you to a new ticklish high. You are now to the point where you are afraid I'm not going to stop and you can do nothing but scream and laugh, scream and laugh. Tears are rolling off your face and your face is flush. You are gasping to breathe, and you can't seem to catch a breath because you are so ticklish. And I am not stopping.

    Just as you are about to just give up and cry, I turn around really fast and lay on top of you again, and I quickly insert my thumb into your pussy. It is so wet that it welcomes my thumb the instant my thumb touches it's lip. All the way inside you it goes. Then I pull out my thumb and replace it with two fingers. They plunge deep inside you, so then I move them in and out, up and down as you moan in delight. You were tickled so much in such extremely ticklish areas that you thought you were going to pass out. But now you are coming. You start your orgasm the instant my fingers begin to move in your vagina. My fingers are moving and wriggling inside you as the ones on the outside massage your pussy lips. The feeling is unbelievable. You melt into a little moaning pile. You cannot move, all you can do is feel your climax as it takes over, and as I feel you tense up, I push my fingers all the way in and feel your vagina pulse around my fingers. Pulsing and pulsing. You are squeezing my fingers and I am loving it. I am enjoying seeing you lose it in laughter and then in orgasm. But then I surprise you I start to tickle your side with my other hand. "NOOOOOOOOO" you scream and burst out in ticklish laughter again. But this time my hand is still inside you. You feel every erotic stroke right along with each ticklish one. You seem to be losing your mind. Rapidly moving from loud screaming laughter, to uncontrolled moaning. Back and forth, back and forth. And then it starts to happen again. You can't believe how this feels. You are already cumming again. You start to squeal in ticklish delight as your body becomes hyper-ticklish again at the onset of your climax. Squealing in laughter and moaning in ecstasy. Then I do it to you again as your climax reaches maximum. I lean over and nibble and bite on your ear again. That does it, my breath on your ear makes you squeal so loud, and my tongue licking and probing your sensitive ear, my teeth gently closing. You scream "TICKLE ME! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!" as my hand tickles your side, my mouth tickles your ear, and my other hand massaging and probing your pussy. You actually scream in orgasm this time. I feel your body lurch and your vagina close rapidly on my fingers as you explode again in another ticklish climax. I feel the pulsing dwindle down, and my tickling becomes a light stroking that feels so good. You do what anyone in your present situation would do. You collapse from exhaustion. But as I snuggle beside you, gently running my fingers through your hair, I tell you "we still have a little more tickling to do, Baby."


    Chapter 4

    So now that I have let you rest a little from where you collapsed, I go to your feet and take a felt tip pen and starting at the bottoms of your toes, I write the word "ticklish". You squeal from the sensation, and begin to giggle. I continue writing the word over and over until the whole bottom of your foot is covered with the word "ticklish". You continue giggling through each stroking of the letters on your very ticklish foot. Then I go to the other foot and do the same. As I keep writing, you begin laughing harder and harder. What started out being a giggly ticklishness, is becoming more and more intense because of the continuous nature of it. Then as I finish the second foot, I take another color and begin coloring in the areas between the letters. You realize that this is going to take a while and begin laughing harder and harder, but since you have had a chance to rest a little, you love how ticklish it is and enjoy your laughter. But you also slowly begin thinking of how much I tickled you before and that fear of me tickling you so much starts running through your mind again. You are soon on the verge of hysterics, begging me to stop tickling your feet as I finish the last stroke with the soft ticklish pointed pen on your feet.

    I pull out a blindfold and place it securely over your eyes. Now you feel your pussy begin to throb. This turns you on so much because you are helpless and being tickled, but now there is another element of surprise. You will not know where or how you will be tickled next. I just tell you "now I am going to tickle you and tickle you, but you will not know where I am going to strike next. Are you ticklish? do you want me to tickle you more?" Me telling you this makes you hotter and hotter. You're body feels warm all over from how horny you are getting.

    I slowly lean down to your ear and whisper "boo". This startles you a little, but makes you giggle because of the silliness of it. And my ticklish breath as I remain beside your ear tickles so much, and makes you even wetter as you laugh. I then untie you and turn you over on your back again. I retie you stretched out again, still blindfolded. Then I tell you, "your tickle torture is about to begin". You giggle now thinking I am about to tickle you. You can feel my fingers all over your body even though I haven't touched you yet. You imagine me tickling you and start to laugh harder just from thinking about it. It seems so real to you that you are beginning to beg me to stop and I haven't even touched you yet. You can't see me, and every second you think I am about to start tickling, and the more you think about me tickling you, the harder you laugh until you are laying there just laughing and laughing from how you are picturing me tickling you, all the time thinking my fingers are about to touch you and knowing you can't stop it from happening. Now you are on the verge of ticklish hysteria and your pussy is completely wet. And what makes it really wild is that I still have not touched you, but you continue to laugh harder and harder. Then I say" tickle, tickle, tickle, ready to be tickled?" and this makes you scream and beg me to stop. I am really getting turned on by how much you are being tickled in your mind without me even starting yet. "My, you are sooooooo ticklish, so very ticklish, I will just have to tickle and tickle and tickle and tickle and tickle you until you are insane from laughing", I tell you as you continue to beg me to stop.

    You have no idea of what I am going to do, in fact you are already being tickled to an extreme laughter just by being helpless, blindfolded, and imagining how I am about to tickle you. You start begging me "Don't tickle.. f**k me, f**k me" then burst out in laughter. Then in a very playfully evil, Dracula sounding voice, I teasingly say, "I'm the Count Tickula, I'm going to tickle you until you pee. Moohoohahah!" You literally scream again at my words. I am so surprised at how ticklish this situation is for you. I keep teasing you with my words as you scream and beg me to stop. Your pussy is so very wet from this verbal teasing. I say, "Stop laughing Baby, and I'll f**k you now....tickle tickle", and you scream in giggles. "Looks like you're not ready to make love yet, you won't stop laughing!" You beg me to f**k you "right this minute", but the time still hasn't cum.

    Then you feel something cool on your side. I run my artist brush from your underarm to your hip. You can't really identify what I am using because I have coated the end of the brush with body paint that I have chilled in the refrigerator. I am painting your extremely ticklish side. I am swirling the brush ever so ticklishly through all your ticklish areas on your side, painting every single inch of it. You begin laughing in ticklish hysteria now. You have already laughed so hard before I even touched you that you are already going limp again from just the beginning of the sensations of the swirling paint brush. You beg me to stop and f**k you. You are so horny and your clit is throbbing so much that it almost hurts, but my tickling brush just continues tickling your very vulnerable and ticklish body. As I continue to tickle you I ask "would you rather tickle me now?", you scream "Yes .... YES.. let me HAHAHAHAHAH, let me tickle you, please, let me HAHAHAHAHAHA tickle you". I just laugh and say, "nah, I think I'll tickle you even more now". You scream at the thought of being tickled so much, but my teasing makes you even hotter. You are now so horny that you feel your wetness on your inner thighs, and your vaginal throbbing becomes more intense. You start to come again from just me tickling you and once again become so ticklish as your orgasm approaches, that you laugh wildly and scream. As your ticklishness intensifies, you scream and scream in orgasm. I continue tickling you as you arch your back off the bed and climax in hysteria. But my tickling never slows down this time like it has before when you have climaxed. I continue to tickle. Now you are getting scared again and the possibility of being tickled to death seems all too real. You begin begging frantically for me to stop. "PLEASE... HAHAHAH, PLEASE STOP" you laugh and beg and laugh and beg. Then scream and laugh and beg. I now have painted your left side from underarm to hip, your stomach and ribs, and I am finishing up on your right side. Once I paint the last stroke on your right armpit, I straddle you. You know what is about to happen every time I straddle you. You know that you about to be tickled so much that you scream just from feeling me straddle you. Then my fingers grab your sides. Now you really scream in ticklish hysteria. Up and down your side my fingers go. On and on, tickling and tickling and tickling. Now you are really frantic. every chance you get to catch a little breath and yell words, all you can get out is "PLEASE" then burst out laughing and screaming again. I just ignore your screaming and begging and continue to mercilessly tickle your so very ticklish sides and ribs with my wriggling fingers. You are losing control. You are lost in ticklish hysteria, and laughing with wild abandon. You are laughing so hard that the bed is shaking. I tell you, "I didn't realize just how ticklish these sides and ribs are. Maybe I just didn't tickle them enough before, but I will tickle them now until I am ready to stop", you answer me with another scream and more wild, hysterical laughter.

    Of course I knew how ticklish you are here on your sides and ribs. I know how extremely ticklish you are, but I continue to tease you with my words as I tickle you, "want me to stop? scream if you want more" then I grab both sides again and you have no choice but to release a ticklish scream in response. I laugh and say, "guess I'll just have to keep tickling you then", and you scream again and laugh even more wildly. I didn't think it possible for you to laugh any harder, but somehow you are laughing harder than I have ever seen you laugh before. Your begging has stopped, and once again you are so ticklish that you cannot speak. You just scream and laugh, "AAAAAAAUGHHH HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAAAUUUGHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAH", but I still do not stop. Your sides literally hurting from the laughter now and you are about to cry. Once I hear the first sob come from your mouth, you feel me off you, and you sob, "please .. no more tickling, I can't take it". Suddenly you feel my stomach laying on your legs and my fingers begin tickling the soles of your very ticklish feet. You begin to cry and laugh at the same time. I say, "I bet you thought I had forgotten to tickle these ticklish feet", you just burst out laughing again. After I have ticklishly stroked the bottoms of your bare feet for a few minutes, making you laugh and cry and scream, you feel my toes going between your legs and into your hot, wet, pussy. Now you start to come again. My toes are wriggling in and around your vagina, and you burst into ticklish orgasm again, "PLEASE, TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE.. PLEASE KEEP TICKLING" you scream in ticklish passion. I keep stroking your feet, and I begin to feel the inside of your pussy pulse on my toes. You let out a cross between a blood curdling scream and erotic moan and collapse in shivers, your clit throbbing from orgasm. I stop and say," still more tickling left to go!"


    Chapter 5

    Now that you have been tickled yet once again, my words that you still have another tickling to go make you instantly beg me to untie you and to not tickle you anymore. But I just laugh and say, "you can take it, or at least you will have to try, because I AM going to tickle you again." This makes you whimper as you just know you can't laugh anymore. You have laughed, screamed, begged, and cried now. And you have reached several powerful orgasms. You are on the verge of complete exhaustion. Your body is painted a bright pink from your underarms down to your lower hair. And now I remove your blindfold and straddle you again. You think that this means extreme tickling and begin to beg and beg me not to tickle you. But I am so aroused. Now you can see my hard-on standing at attention. I have what is known as a full erection. It stands up to where it touches my stomach when I am fully turned on. And you see this now and beg me to f**k you and forget any more tickling. But I have other plans. I take my brush again and let you watch as I paint my hard cock light blue. Running my brush up and down my erection. This tickles me and you see me start to laugh and squirm as I tickle my cock with the artist brush. Painting the whole length of my erection with the blue body paint. This is turning you on, and is making me even harder. You wish so much that you could be tickling my cock this way, making me laugh and squirm. But now you can't. This is driving you crazy. But then I squeeze your full breasts together and run my cock in between them. You feel me f**king your tits as I slide my member back and forth. It is making the inside sides of your breasts a light blue, along with your chest between your tits. Then I pull back and say "time for your ticklish body to be tickled again". You beg, "NOOOO, make love to me, PLEASE, PLEASE, f**k me now".

    I see the seriousness in your eyes as you beg me to f**k you. But I just smile and start running the blue paint covered brush across your left breast. Swirling it around and around making your nipple hard as a rock. You moan gently as the feeling begins. But it tickles as well and you start to giggle a little. As I continue the painting of your breast, you giggle harder. The longer I tickle with the brush, the louder you giggle. Then I drop down and paint a little on your ribs just below your breast, mixing the blue with the pink that is already there. This is extremely ticklish and you squeal and laugh. I swirl the brush there until you are laughing extremely hard. This doesn't really take very long because you have already been tickled so much. And this area of your body is so very ticklish. Then I move to your ribs under your right breast and continue there. Just swirling and swirling the brush as you giggle and squeal. Then I lean down and put my lips on yours, gently kissing your lips. I have stopped tickling for this kiss. Then my tongue parts your lips and I kiss you passionately. Our tongues swirling around each other, tasting and teasing. And with our mouths still together, I grab your ribs with my fingers. You burst out laughing while we are still kissing and I can feel your laughter echo inside my body but I keep my mouth on yours. I keep tickling your ribs and making you laugh and kissing you, but are quickly laughing so hard that you have to pull your mouth away to breathe. Then I pick up the brush and paint your right breast, making you giggle and moan, giggle and moan. You are getting extremely horny again, but I tell you, "this is the last phase of your tickle torture, and it will be a while before I let you come."

    You are giggling as I say those words to you, but are so horny that you want to feel me tickling you again. But then again you are very afraid of laughing so hard. Then I grab both of your sides again, making you scream in laughter. I tell you, "I have to do this, it is part of my plan, you have to be limp for me to proceed." So I tickle your sides up and down both sides at the same time until you are gasping for air and laughing so hard that your face is turning red again. It doesn't take very long for you to go limp again. When I feel your tense laughing body relax in limp uncontrolled laughter, I keep tickling for about a minute to make sure you are completely limp. Then I untie you and carry you to the bathroom where I have a little surprise for you. You look in the tub and see two large rings on the ceiling that I put there, waiting to have your wrists tied to. I stand you in the shower and raise your arms up close to the rings and tie each of your wrists to the rings. Then I turn on the water a little. As water begins to fill the tub slightly, I turn it off so that there is a little water in the tub, but not filled up. You watch me take out a bar of soap and cut it in half diagonally so that there are two points on each half of the soap. You are wondering what I am doing. But I tell you, you are just going to have to watch me now. I have watched you come several times, but now you are going to watch me come. I soap up my hands and back away from you a little so you can plainly see me, and grab my erection with my left hand, sliding it up and down very slowly so you can see every move. You watch the soap mix with the blue paint and form blue bubbles all over my cock. You want so badly to feel my cock inside you, but you are having to watch it come without you. I tell you, "listen Baby, you have gotten off over and over. You are going to watch me get off now. If you close your eyes and stop watching, I will stop and tickle you again, you must watch me until I am through." You listen intently as my words tease your mind and your pussy. The words were rhetorical. We both know that there is no way you will take your eyes off me. You've wanted to watch me masturbate. Now is your chance. "Watch me baby, watch me," I say to you looking directly into your eyes. My voice is so dulcet to you. Soft and soothing, yet extremely powerful is my voice as my words echo in your mind.

    I keep stroking my cock with my left hand, and then reach out to your side with my right hand and begin tickling your right side. Your eyes go wide with panic. You really do not want to be tickled now. Your entire being is wanting to focus only on watching me get off. Man, this turns me on so much to do to you that I am losing myself in the situation. I am stroking my cock and tickling you at the same time. But I stop the tickling and look into your eyes. I smile very brightly at you, and that smile takes your arousal up one notch further as you now know, just by that smile, that you are really going to enjoy this. You can see the arousal in my soft brown eyes as I continue to touch myself. I keep staring into your eyes my breathing getting heavier and heavier. I can feel my heart pounding inside as my hand is sliding continuously up and down my cock. Still looking into your eyes. Gazing endlessly. Stroking and stroking. Faster, then slower, faster then slower, my hand keeps moving. You are getting so turned on by this that you are dripping wet. I can see your wetness by the look of arousal in your eyes as our eyes continue to be locked together in wild desire.

    You look down at my cock and back to my eyes. Back and forth. You can't make up your mind which to keep your eyes on as your clit continues to throb. You close your eyes for a brief moment, wishing my cock was inside you, f**king you and f**king you until you explode, and yet it is only a wish. You remember my threat to tickle you if you don't watch and your eyes snap open again and you gaze down at my cock. You see it all bubbly and blue from the soap and the paint. The blue is now all over my hand, lower stomach and hair. It looks really strange and yet so incredibly erotic to you. You feel your heart pounding now as you break into literal shivers of arousal watching me get myself off. Your pussy is throbbing very hard now. You struggle against the wrist cuffs now in a frenzy of complete arousal. You are wanting to touch yourself too. You want to feel my cock inside you so badly. You are so horny now that you begin to feel weak. Almost as if you are going to faint, and yet my hand keeps stroking and stroking. Just when you really feel as if you are going to pass out, you see my entire body begin to react in an involuntary orgasmic shiver. My shoulders straighten as my body tenses. I reach out with my free hand and grab your left tit. Pinching the nipple with the insides of my middle and index fingers in a scissor like manner. My fingers are curling and grasping your whole mountain of tit while the insides of those two fingers are squeezing your nipple so firmly. You can feel my arm begin to shake as my orgasm completely takes over. I am moaning very low, almost guttural, instinctual noises and my arm and hand shakes, grasping your tit. Then you feel my hand clamp down very tightly as my body lunges upward. I am hanging onto your tit, you see utter wildness in my eyes as they are gazing into yours.

    Time seems to stand completely still. Seconds seem like hours. Your pussy is throbbing so hard, so very very hard. You are so hot from this now. I stagger backward and lean against the wall of the shower as you now see the cum shoot from my cock. Blasting out. Time is still not moving. I am so turned on doing this for you that I have become completely weak, just like you. I stagger forward again and wrap my arms around you to keep from falling. You are still so hot, so very very hot. I hold you tightly allowing my strength to slowly return. You have no idea what is coming next; my cock has now lost its erection from the orgasm so making love to you is not an option. But you are so very hot. So hot that you must have relief. You struggle with the cuffs again in wild frenzied passion. You begin to beg me to let you touch yourself. Your pussy aches to be touched. You must have relief. You can't stand this. Your pussy MUST be touched. And yet you can't touch it. I pull back, still holding you. My face is nose to nose with yours. I see in your eyes an animalistic lust that is blowing my mind as you are begging me to touch your pussy or let you do it.

    Now my strength has returned considerably. I pick you up and tell you to put your legs on the sides of the tub. You do so willingly and now you are hanging from the rings with your legs spread wide with those sexy little feet on the sides of the tub. The path to your pussy is wide open. I reach down and get a drop of semen off the end of my cock with a finger and reach out with my other hand and tickle your side. As you open your mouth in a laughing scream I place my finger on your tongue. The tickling ceases again and the hand that was tickling you reaches behind your head, softly cradling your neck. You taste my cum and your mouth closes on my finger, sucking it passionately. I feel your tongue swirling around my finger while the sucking sensation sends shivers over my body. My hands are very sensitive, and this starts my erotic circulation flowing again. The whole time you are sucking my finger, our eyes are locked together. There is such a hot, wild look of desire in your eyes. You can still picture me getting off in your mind and it is driving you crazy. Your clit still aching for attention. I ask you, "Do you want me Baby? do you really want me?" The sucking of your mouth intensifies at my words. I move my face to within inches of yours. I softly, almost at the level of a whisper, with our eyes locked, moan "Baby.....Baby....Baby... I want you. I want to taste you Baby". You close your eyes and suck hard on my finger now. You shut your eyes even tighter, making them squint as my words softly echo in your mind, "Baby...Baby". It is really beginning to overwhelm you and it is almost as if I can see tears forming at the corners of your eyes. "Baby...Baby" keeps playing in your mind over and over as you suck on my finger. I feel your entire body shiver around my finger in complete arousal. So much desire, so much passion, so extremely wet. I ease my face closer to yours and my mouth touches my finger on its side right at your lips. I am kissing the side of your lips as I slowly ease my finger out of your mouth, and as is comes out there is a very pleasant "pop" sound that comes from your mouth's final suck on my finger. Now my lips touch yours in a fleeting yet tender kiss, then I move my head down a little.

    I begin kissing at your neck. You moan with pleasure as I move on down. Slowly working my way down past your tits. My soft voice moaning, "Baby...Baby" still rolling in your mind. Down your stomach, down to your lower hair line. I drop to my knees at this point and moved forward on my knees until my face is right in front of your womanhood. I gently blow on your clit. You are so wet. You feel my breath on your clit and begin to moan immediately. I softly speak directly to your clit, "You want me to go down on you Baby? You want me to love you with my tongue Baby?" My breath strokes your pussy delicately and makes it hurt for more. You only moan wildly in response at first, then begin to beg me to eat you. My mouth moves forward and I gently flick my tongue just inside your wetness. You are so aroused that you begin to climax immediately. Softly licking up and down your lips, probing gently inside the lips. I feel you tense up and squeal in erotic passion. I can feel the inside of your womanhood pulse on my tongue. But this quick little orgasm from being very aroused is only the beginning. I do not stop. Now I begin to suck the lips of your pussy very slowly and deliberately. I add in a chewing motion with my mouth. Sucking and chewing on your lips. Up one side and down the other, gently sucking and chewing. Then my tongue flicks out again and goes inside. I press my face in tight and rake my teeth across your lips in a biting manner, then my tongue probes in again. Now it begins to swirl around your lips and then down the center. On and on. Licking your clit. Swirling my tongue. Gently biting and sucking. Probing. Teasing. It doesn't take you long and your erotic thermometer skyrockets again. You begin begging me "don't stop, please don't stop", your moans of raw sexual passion are driving me crazy and I can feel myself getting hard again. Moaning and moaning as my mouth caresses your clit. Endlessly stimulating your pussy. Your whole body seems on fire now as you begin to lose it in another massive climax. You actually begin to moan so loudly that it is on the verge of screaming. My tongue continues to swirl and taunt your clit. On and on. Then the sucking of your lips begins again. This is too much. You yank against the wrist restraints and scream as my tongue dives deep down again. And wriggles and wriggles against your clitoris. You explode into orgasm once again. Your whole body shaking wildly. You scream again as my tongue dances with your clit and then you collapse down. Your legs fall off the sides of the tub and land over my shoulders. I gently slide out from under your legs and hold you tightly. Allowing you to regain your composure for the final session.


    Chapter 6

    Now that you have watched me get off, and you have gotten off again yourself. You are exhausted. I hold you firmly to support you. This last round in the shower was so powerfully climactic that it is taking time for you to regain your strength and composure. As I feel you begin to be able to support your weight with your legs again, I continue to hold you with one arm around you, and begin caressing your face with my free hand. Softly stroking you, running my fingers through your hair, around your eyes, allowing you to remain relaxed with me still supporting much of your weight. After a few minutes of this loving, tender touching care, as much of the strength that is going to return does so. We are both getting tired now. This has been an exhausting play session for both of us so far.

    I slowly move my lips to yours and kiss you softly. My tongue gently and tenderly parts your lips as my hands reach around your neck and pull your face snug with mine. I cause my tongue to very softly tickle yours as I move it against your tongue and then curl it up against the roof of your mouth for just a second. Then I begin moving my tongue faster as I get more passionate with my kiss. We kiss for what seems like hours as we are engulfed in the passion of this exquisite tongue embrace. Our tongues swirling around and around as our lips are pressed close together. Then I pull back just slightly, and very very softly run the tip of my tongue around your lips, then pull your face close again and kiss you passionately for another few minutes. I ease my tongue out of your mouth and our lips close together for a second, then I softly nibble on your lower lip, barely sucking on it as my teeth caress against it. I pull my face back slowly, pulling your lip out with me as I move, then as it stretches out a little, I gently let go and allow your lip to slowly slide out of the grasp of my mouth.

    At this point, we are both wanting each other, me wanting to be inside you, and you wanting me there. And as I step back away from you, I realize that you are still painted pink and blue and I remember I have written all over the bottoms of your feet. I start to laugh at the silliness of it and look into your eyes. There we stand, gazing into each other's glowing orbs, blazing with passion. Then I tell you, "I need to clean you up right quick." You don't really know what I am about to do except for cleaning you up. I turn on the water and get it nice and warm, then I turn on the shower. I move behind you and take the two pieces of soap that are cut diagonally and reach around to your front. You feel the corners of the soap drawing little designs on your ribs and sides. The soap is slippery and this is ticklish to you as it glides over you. You begin giggling again, but now you are getting goose bumps along with your mild giggling. This feels very good to you and you are breaking out in chills all over as the soap softly glides over your upper body. After I have gotten plenty of soap all over your ribs, stomach, breasts, and sides, I set the pieces of soap aside and begin to work up the bubbles with my fingers.

    This is very pretty actually, there are pink and blue bubbles all over you as the soap is cleaning away the body paint. But it still tickles as my fingers wriggle across your skin. Sometimes I move my fingers in a spider like fashion that causes you to burst out in laughter, but mostly I am caressing you gently, making the chills run rampant over your body. As I am caressing your front, I move closer and begin kissing your back starting at the back of your neck, and slowly moving down the center of your back. My fingers and mouth swirling and caressing your body. You feel yourself getting so aroused again. But then I slow down and say, "I almost forgot about your feet! I have to get them clean too!"

    Then I turn around and move next to you, my ass pressing against yours and you feel the warmth of my skin. Then I reach down between my legs and grasp your right ankle, and pull it along with your foot up in front of me and I squeeze my legs together on your leg to hold it in place. Now you are standing on one foot, with the other very ticklish foot waiting to be soaped up and cleaned. The ink will be much harder to remove than the paint, and it'll require some intense touching to work it off, even with the soap. I pick up a piece of soap and begin drawing the designs on your foot, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, then just going up and down and side to side. You burst out in laughter because the bottom of your foot is far more sensitive and ticklish to this type of touching than your upper body. Then I put the soap down and begin raking my nails through the soap bubbles. Your foot is so slippery from the soap that my fingers glide swiftly across it. This causes you to laugh hysterically again and yell at me to STOP, but I just tell you, "I have to clean the ink off your foot, so I can't stop until it is all gone." You are laughing so loudly that it is echoing in the shower, but your leg is pinned and the very ticklish sole of your foot is at my mercy. And I keep tickling it softly and deliberately until every single mark of ink is gone. Once I see that all the ink has been tickled off this foot, I let it down gently to the floor of the tub and pick up the other one. Now tears are beginning to roll down your cheeks again from laughing so hard, but I give you a couple minutes to breathe and relax before starting the piece of soap on this foot.

    Once you have caught your breath, I begin moving the piece of soap in the same designs as on the other foot. You begin laughing hard again, but you can't pull your foot away, nor can you make me stop. Then come my nails again to ticklishly scrape the ink from the bottom of this foot. You are squealing in laughter now and begin to beg me to stop, but I continue to torment this foot until it is all clean too. You are in hysterics with laughter as the last of the ink is tickled away. Then I release your foot and turn back around. I press against you and reach around and squeeze your breasts with my hands. You feel my erection against you. I press it firmly against your ass so you know I am ready to be inside you. But then I back away a little and begin kissing your back again, right down the middle. This causes the chills to run all over your body again.

    After a few minutes of kissing on your back, I move around to your front again and face you. The look of sheer passion in our eyes lets each of us know how much we want to feel each other. You are very wet now, and I am extremely hard. I move close to you, still looking into your eyes. I move my right leg in between yours and gently put pressure on your right leg in an outward manner. You instantly shift your legs outward in response, stepping with both until you are situated again with your legs apart. I move my body forward until your tits are pressed against my chest. Then I bend my knees slightly and move the tip of my cock to your lower lips with my hand, then I slowly straighten out again as I penetrate deep inside you. You moan at that sensation. I reach around you and hug you tightly with my cock inside you. This feeling is wonderful. Then I take my hands and run them up your sides and back down, you squeal thinking you are about to be tickled again, but then I run them up again while you are giggling, all the way up your arms to the wrists. Then I gently undo the straps of the padded cuffs holding your wrists, and we embrace in a long hug with me still inside you. I move around in you a little, moving in and out slightly, then pull you close for a good long kiss. Our lips meet and part eagerly as our tongues swirl around each other in a passionate dance. Then as we are still kissing, I pick you up a little off the floor and you wrap your legs around me. I am still inside you and you feel me there as I feel you wrapped around me, and wrapped around my cock. I step out of the tub holding you in my arms, and carry you in this position, still wet with water, very wet with natural fluid, back to the bedroom and slowly lower you to the bed. I try to stay inside you as I lower you to the bed, but in that bent over position, I slip out of you as you drop softly on the bed. We both giggle a little over this and know that it'll only be a second before we have what we both crave. I move your legs back apart with my hands, and begin kissing you at your navel. I kiss up to your breasts and lick each one as I move up to your neck. Now that I am kissing your neck, I hear you moaning a little, and I take my cock in my hand and guide the tip back into your lower lips. It slides in so smoothly as I am still kissing your neck. Then I take your hands in mine weaving my fingers within yours, and begin to move my hips.

    This is what we have been waiting for, the final fulfillment of a very erotic session of teasing torment. I move faster as I pull against your hands, pushing myself deep inside you. In and back, in and back. Then I begin to move my hips in a circular motion as I am moving in and back. I seem to be doing a belly dance as my cock swirls around inside you. I feel your hips begin to rock as we hit the rhythm of sexual passion. We are dancing on the bed as our hips gyrate. Our hands locked tightly. Then I kiss you again while our little dance of ecstasy continues. Our passion builds with each swirling pump of my erection inside you. We are now really f**king hard, but it seems so gentle with the rhythm we have going. I can feel the cum inside me getting ready to explode as I hear you moaning softly and getting ready to release the biggest orgasm of the night. Oh, this is wonderful! The feeling is so fantastic! I feel as if I could go on this way forever, just you and me locked in erotic passion doing the dance of ecstasy. I then move my mouth over to your ear and ask you "Hey Baby, want me to stop this and tickle you some more?" We both laugh at this idiotic comment knowing that there is no way either of us will stop now. But my breath on your ear makes you even hotter as we f**k wildly. Faster and faster. But still gently. We are building up for an eruption of sheer delight. Faster, faster.

    I can hear you saying things, but I can't comprehend them because I am now so hot I can think of only one thing. I am wanting to f**k you like you have never been f**ked before. I want to feel you surrounding my cock as it explodes. And here we are feeling this together. I can feel your body tensing up in orgasm, and I feel your vagina begin to pulse on my cock. That is too much for me. I begin to climax as soon as I feel you pulsing on me. We are both moaning softly. Then I hear you say "f**k me baby! f**k me! Don't slow down NOW!" And f**king you is all that is on my mind, and slowing down is not possible now. Our bodies are exploding together. We are united in such an explosive orgasm that I am sure there is a mushroom cloud over the bed right now. Faster, Faster. And then we blast off into that realm of ecstasy.

    Moaning, squeezing our hands. I let go of your hands and arch my back as I push in deep; you grab me around my back and squeeze me tightly as you almost scream with delight. You feel the warmth of my cum spraying inside you as I push in deep. All the while you are climaxing. We moan, growl, twitch, squeal, squeeze, and anything else we can think of as we finally reach total explosion. Then I collapse on top of you and remain deep inside you.

    I lie on top of you as our blast subsides. Still inside you, I kiss you again passionately, tenderly, so glad that I have shared this moment with you. We stay this way, snuggling with me inside you, until my erection totally fades away. Then I pull away and lie beside you. Now we cuddle together and talk of whatever comes to mind, just you and me. Then after just a little bit, I smile and ask you, "ready to be tickled again?" you roll your eyes at this question, smiling that beautiful smile that sends a romantic passion throughout my entire body, and then suddenly your eyes narrow and that gorgeous smile slowly transforms into a mischievous, devilish grin and at that point of transformation you reply, "Nope, You are! Now it's my turn, you tickle fiend, and I promise you I will get even!" I just smile at you and kiss you again, knowing that there is no one else in this world I'd rather be with than you. Slowly sleep drifts upon our smiling faces as we cuddle in each other's arms.

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    I loved this story when I first read it about 10 years ago. :-D It was entitled 'A Ticklish Night' and written by my hubby, then known as Ticklefan... more recently known as TummyDragon.

    You have excellent taste, need2tickle!

    Dance like nobody's watching
    Love like you've never been hurt
    Live like there's no tomorrow

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    WOW that was so good and so hot wow!!.

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