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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Nov 2001

    True Experience - Girlfriend's Ticklish Feet

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on the Forum, and I'm looking forward to sharing many more experiences with you all in the future. Right now though, I just had to tell you a quick story that happened on Sat. (Nov. 17).
    My girlfriend has to be the most ticklish person I have EVER met. One little tickle from her nose to her toes will send her flailing. The only problem is she HATES being tickled, especially on her tremendously cute (and if I may say) perfect size 8 feet. But there so damn cute, how can one resist.
    I was lying on her coutch Sat. morning on my stomach. She walks into the room (barefoot as usual) and sits down at my feet and props hers up on the back of my head. Not about to let her get away with using her boyfriend as a foot stool, I grab one of her ankles and pull it down next to my face. Immediatly I heard "Don't you DARE!" But like I said, their too cute NOT to tickle. I slowly began dragging my finger up and down the sole of her foot and she started kicking me (though not very hard) in the back of my head with her other foot. Quickly I threw her other leg off of me and positioned the foot I was still tickling under my body. Then I really let her have it.
    Ya, it was only for a couple of minutes and ya she was really mad at me for a while afterwords, but scribbling my fingers accrost those cute soles and hearing her squeal and laugh was more then worth it. Let me know what you think.

    - foot_rubber

  2. #2
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    dude is your girlfriend my wife? they sound like the same person. i do the same thing all the time so i know where u r coming from. it isw totally worth be in trouble just to here them laugh for a few seconds, i do have to say your girlfriend is tougher then mine, she can only stand 30 seconds or so.

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    Apr 2001
    Where no man has gone before
    Blog Entries


    Man, when am I gonna have a girlfriend 2 tickle? I'm, like, SOOOO shy outside the internet. Anybody got any suggestions 4 me?

  4. #4
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    Foot Rubber and BoogeyJoe! You guys are cool! Keep posting! Size 8! That's my favorite size! My girlfriend is 8 1/2! Sounds like you're both lucky!

    EmSee Squared-hang in there! Takes time! Sometimes, the more special a person you are, the harder it is to fit with the right mate. In my humble experience, you only get hooked up with a girlfriend when you stop looking, when you least suspect it....unfortunately, that's alot easier said than done!!! Just keep being you, be the most individual, strongest "you" that you can be and you'll find somebody....or even better, THEY'LL FIND YOU!!!

    That's enough from me, Dear Nontkl!!! Hope no one got any cavities!

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