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    Nov 2001

    Cool True Story: Tickling The Girl Next Door (MM/FF)

    I love coming to this forum and reading about people's true stories of tickling - especially the ones that occured during their adolescent years. I've had my share of experiences when I was growing up, so I thought I'd start to share a few.

    When I was growing up, my favourite tickle victim was my next-door neighbour, Susie. My family moved next door to her's when we were both about 8 years old, and we spent a lot of time playing together. As the years passed, Susie and I became pretty comfortable around each other. Now, I had a tickle-fetish since I was born, but I was always too chicken to try anything. All I knew was that, the older I got, the more I REALLY wanted to tickle Susie's feet. Susie was the classic hyper-ticklish red-head. She had a thin body, was of average height, and had a pretty, slightly tom-boyish face and a short, perky hair-cut. She had KILLER feet. Small, Pale, slim and perfectly formed. Her toes descended perfectly from her big toes, which were slim, delicate and curved slightly upwards. She always kept them in good shape, and would sometimes paint the toe-nails red. She loved going barefoot and would always walk across the lawn to my house to tease me with those beautiful feet.

    My tickling adventures with Susie started when we were about 13. At the time, all the neighbourhood kids were into playing 'capture' games. It usually involved chasing the girls around and then bringing them back to the 'lair' for 'interrogation' (heh heh). My friend Ben and I would always chase my younger sister (who is CRAZY ticklish) and Susie around. The set-up was that they were spies and we were the FBI. If they could evade us for 30 minutes, then we would have to submit to their whims (usually something gross, like eating a bug). However, if we captured them, it was off to the interrogation dungeon for them!

    When we first started playing 'capture', the 'interrogation' usually consisted of being held down and forced to smell a smelly sock or something. But as we got more creative, so did our interrogation methods. We began using ropes and neckties to bind the girls to chairs, the weight bench and other things. The first time we used tickle torture, we had captured my sister first. We tied her hands behind her back and sat her down inside a wooden crate so her feet were sticking up. Ben tied her ankles together and asked if she was ticklish as he pulled off her socks - to my sisters pleading protests. My sister has got super ticklish feet that are small and slim, and Ben went to work, making my sister hysterical with laughter. While Ben was having fun torturing my sister, I went outside to look for Susie and found her hiding behind a bush. She tried to get away but I caught her and brought her in. When Susie saw my sister tied-up and in the throws of hysterical silent laughter as her feet were being tickled, she freaked-out and tried to bolt. I reminded her that 'it was the rules', since I had captured her fair and square. Reluctantly, she agreed - but only on the condition that we didn't remove her socks if we wanted to tickle her feet (OK... whatever you say. Now let's get you tied up - HA!)

    Ben took a break from torturing my sister, who was exhausted and needed a break anyway, and helped me tie up Susie. We tied her hands behind her back and put her in another box, just like my sister. We tied Susie's ankles together and stepped back to admire our handi-work. There before us was my sister and Susie, side by side, tied up and sitting down in boxes with their feet tied-up and sticking in the air - one pair bare and one pair with thin black socks. Their soles were facing us, and we grinned as we watched the girls feet wiggle and struggle against the ankle ropes. My sister's wriggling bare feet were too much for Ben, so he said, 'time for more tickling' and moved in. My sister's protest was cut short as she resumed her hysterical laughter and pleading as Ben's fingers traced lines up and down her soles - he was good!

    Susie was half horrified and half amused at my sister's reactions to the tickling, which was a mixture of silent laughter and incoherant begging (no no no... please please... stahhp! ha ha haaaaaaa!) Without warning, I moved in and dug in to the bottom's of Susie's feet. Susie's infectious laughter filled the 'torture chamber', as she giggled hystericaly and kicked and spasmed her bound feet. I experimented, looking for the most ticklish spots and smiling when I found them (no not there, not there... hahahahahahahah! Pleeeeease!!) After about 8 minutes of non-stop tickling, I stopped and gave Susie a rest. Ben did the same with my sister, and the girls sat there panting, with their head's down, too tired to say anything.

    After a quick water break (for us, not them - they were being tortured, remember?) we announced that 'tickle torture session 2 was about to start' (it was actually 3 for my sister, but who's counting). Both girls began to protest and demanded to be let go. Sensing a little bit of frustration and anger, we decided to compromise and told them that 'session 2' would consist of lighter tickling - they would enjoy it and it would relax them. After it was over, we would let them go. Skeptical, the girls agreed as they probably figured this was the only way out of the torture chamber (we tied them good!). Ben approached my sister and she stiffened up, prepared for the worst. Keeping his word, though, Ben began to lightly trace circles on my sister's soles with his index fingers, eliciting a steady stream of giggles, but nothing like the previous torture. I went to Susie and began slowly pulling her socks off by the toes. 'Hey, what are you doing?!', she yelled. I told her that light tickling required bare skin to 'work' properly. She begged me not to do it, making up all sorts of crazy reasons not to pull off her socks (I have a foot disease! It's contagious! I'm not kidding! You could die!... nooooooooo!) Sensing that it was all a desperate lie in order to hide her extreme ticklishness, I yanked both socks off. Susie's eyes were wide open with fear and desperation as I stared at her sweet bare foot bottoms. I did the classic finger wiggling and moved in. Susie's feet were smooth and flawless (no foot disease here!) and I felt excitement as my fingertips touched her pale soles. 'No please, don't... please, please', she begged in a whisper. 'It's OK', I said, 'It'll just be light - I promise'. I began drawing lines on Susie's soft feet, and she jerked and spasmed and giggled prettily. I lightly dragged my fingertips accross the tops of her feet, and she laughed and curled her toes. I tickled her small, narrow heels with light flicks of my fingernais, which made her cry out (ah! a-heeee!). I tickled the pads of her toes with feather-light strokes that made her jump and kick her feet. After 10 or so minutes of this 'torture', Ben and I stopped and untied them both. I don't know if it was exhaustion from laughing, or if the light tickling had 'relaxed' them, but both girls were very mellow. This suprised me as I had expected to be slugged in the mouth for subjecting them to this afternoon of 'special torture'. Instead, my sister went to her room and took a nap. Susie padded barefoot back to her house, but not before giving me a coy smile and telling me that she was going to get revenge one day. 'Not unless I get you first!', was my response.

    And I did, many times in fact. One story invoves a 'magic box' that we had for a high school talent show... but I'll tell you another time... soon.

    cheers all

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    Jun 2005
    North central USA
    Rogue! Can't let this one go without a hearty THANKS! Youthful experiences are lifelong, aren't they? You wrote this one very well. Give us the next helping soon, please.
    I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow u-UP! Not me . . .! (from Peter Pan)

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    Nov 2001


    Thanks for the encouragement! And don't worry, I have plenty of stories to tell. I was just lying in bed with my wife (and stroking her cute little feet - yeah!) thinking about all the stories I'd like to pass on... not just from childhood, but also more recent experiences...

    I better get going!

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    Feb 2003
    Great post...I wish we could turn that into a tickling clip. Both girls sound like they were very ticklish

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    Mar 2002
    Norfolk UK
    Hey guy thanks for the story, don't leave it to long for the next one.

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    Sounds like a great deal of fun!

    Post some more, soon!!!

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Nov 2001

    Cool New story coming

    Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm just about finished my next one. Should be posted by Saturday.

    I think you'll like it (heh heh)


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    Sep 2012
    nice story.

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