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    Cool True Tickling: Tickling The Girl Next Door III - The Magic Box

    My youthful tickling energies were spent focused on my next door neighbour, Susie. For a bit of background about some of my early exploits, check out my previous stories.


    For those of you who prefer a quick summary, let me tell you that Susie was a cute, thin little red-head with beautiful and highly ticklish feet. This story takes place when we were 16 and in High School. At that time, Susie had begun to blossom into a very attractive young woman. She was about 5'6'' with a pretty, 'girl-next-door' face that was framed by her shoulder-length red hair. Like all red-heads, she had fair white skin that was slightly freckled and highly sensitive. At 16, she had really started to develop a nice body shape, with a compact little butt and curvaceous hips that descended into shapely legs, slim ankles, and amazing feet. Her feet were small and slim, with narrow heels and thin delicate toes which descended in perfect proportion from her lovely big toes. Her big toes were not thick at all, and they curved slightly upwards giving her feet a very shapely look. Susie often applied red nail polish to her toes, and it was the perfect contrast to the pale whiteness of her feet.

    As kids, Susie and I had many tickling adventures together, usually involving her being tied-up while I administered torturous tickling to the bottoms of her feet! As we got older, though, the days of 'tie-up games' ended. Focuses shifted (at least for Susie - I STILL wanted to tie her and tickle her) as we moved towards adulthood and became more and more sexually aware . At some point, Susie began to realize that I had an intense foot fetish, with a particular affinity for her feet, so she tortured me throughout High School by flashing her bare feet around me -IN PUBLIC- whenever she could. A bunch of us would be sitting in the school library lounge, and Susie, sitting across from me, would slip off her sandals and innocently put her bare feet up on one of the foot cushions so that her soles were facing me, ankles crossed. All I would be able to do is stare, mouth watering and pants tightening, as she lightly wiggled her toes as if they were being kissed by a stroking feather. Of course, someone would start talking to me, and I would respond with a startled, 'Huh? Wha?'. Susie would just giggle and flash me a coy smile, before lowering her naked feet back into her sandals. Mission accomplished! High School was pretty much one big tease session between Susie and myself, but I am happy to report that I did get her back on a few occasions. For me, one of the best 'revenge' sessions occurred about 2 weeks before the High School talent show.

    Every year our High School had a talent show, and each year the shows got better and better. Kids would form bands and rock out, while others would put on some hilarious skits in the vein of Monty Python. It got to the point where kids were really trying to 'one-up' each other (in a friendly way), so the creativity was amazing. As a member of the Drama Club, I had put on a few skits in previous years with great results - we had gotten huge laughs - so the challenge was to try and top ourselves. We came up with the idea of a crazy magic show, where typical magic acts would go astray with shocking and funny results. For one of the acts, we decided to build a magic box so we could saw a girl in half. The catch was that, when the saw finished cutting the girl in half, the bottom half of the box (and girl) would fall away and run off stage! To make this happen, we planned to build a wooden box, cut it in half, shave down the bottom half to make it lighter, and add a shoulder harness. The shoulder harness would allow a person hiding in the bottom of the box to 'wear' the box, so you could only see their feet and legs as they ran off stage. My friend Nancy would be playing the role of 'the sawed-in-half girl', so we began measuring her to fit the box. Nancy was about 5'10"", rail-thin and SUPER flexible, so it would be no problem for her to squish herself into the top half of the box. We wanted to get the illusion right, so the important part was to get the box length believable. We figured that whoever was in the bottom half would have to have their feet and legs sticking out so they would have room to waddle off stage. The wood-working guys went away and came back a few days later with the basic box, not yet cut in half or modified. They had, however, put in holes for the head, hands and feet, as well as added a lid with locking clasps. Per my request, they had lined the holes with padding covered in vinyl so Nancy and whoever was in the bottom half wouldn't get hurt. They brought the box into the Drama room and put it on a large table so we could check the measurements and see if any adjustments were needed before the modifications. The guys left, leaving Nancy, myself and Mark, who would be playing the role of our Master Magician. We removed the lid of the box and Nancy stepped in a lay down. Her neck rested on the curved vinyl, and she placed her wrists in the small half holes next to her head. She placed her legs into the bottom half holes and we carefully placed the lid on, closing the holes, locking the clasps and trapping Nancy nicely. The dimensions were perfect - Nancy was able to lie comfortably in the box, head loose in the hole, wrists a little tighter (I requested small wrist holes - heh, heh). Her legs extended the perfect length - the holes closed right around the calf. I suggested to Mark that, during the act, he should tickle 'Nancy's' feet to show that they really belonged to her. Upon hearing this, Nancy laughed and protested, 'No way! It won't even be my feet sticking out!' Don't you dare!'. Mark grinned at me and pulled off Nancy's running shoes, exposing her socked feet. She had long skinny feet that began wiggling and flexing before Mark even laid a hand on her. When Mark began scrabbling his fingers on the middles of her soles, Nancy went nuts and began kicking her legs furiously (we discovered that the box was pretty strong!). She was more of a screamer than a laugher, and she screeched a nice long loud one, causing Mark to back off (wimp!). Since it was after hours, not many people were left in the building, so I wasn't too concerned about the commotion. Suddenly, though, a head popped through the doorway and said, 'What's going on?'.

    Mark and I turned to look at the doorway and saw Lori Fortin standing there with a grin on her face. 'Forti' was a very interesting girl. She was very into tickling - boys and girls, but mostly girls. She wasn't a very attractive girl, but I was fascinated with her as she would always be tickling someone, somewhere. In the hallway at your locker, you might suddenly feel 'Forti's' fingers going nuts on your ribs. I was lucky enough to catch her in action quite a few times, giving girls foot tickles underneath their desks with rulers, and stuff like that. Unfortunately, because of her obsession with tickling, most people thought Lori was weird and avoided her... but that didn't stop her from tickling anyone and everyone! I empathized with her, though. I'll never forget one time, she and her 'friend' Jules came into Drama class. I guess Lori had confided her 'tickling' fetish to her friend moments before they came into the room, which was full. Jules, being the insensitive bitch she was, announced, 'Let me get this straight... you want to tie girls to a bed and tickle their feet with a feather? That's so weird!'. Lori had a look of shame and embarasement on her face as she hurried to her seat and stared down at her desk. It was sad. Anyway, back to the story, 'Forti' saw a pair of socked feet sticking out of a box, and asked, 'Who's feet are those?'. 'Nancy's, and they're ticklish!', I replied. Nancy began to swear and threaten, 'Don't!! Stay away! 'Forti', get the hell away from my feet or I'll kick you ass!!!'. Lori just grinned and happily moved in for the kill. She was an expert tickler and I watched in awe as Lori's finger-nails lightly scratched the bottom's of poor Nancy's feet, searching for the worst spots. 'Forti' tugged off Nancy's socks (NOOOOOOOOOO!) and gleefully tickled Nancy's bare toes. After a few minutes of torture, Mark stepped in an pulled 'Forti' away (party pooper!). He seemed uncomfortable by what he had just witnessed, so he said that we should pack up the stuff and go home. Lori said 'thanks!' and left, and we let the huffing and red-faced Nancy out of the box. She chased me and Mark around the room for a bit, and then we all had a good laugh about it and went home.

    The next day, Nancy's 'experience' in the box was all I could think about. I decided that I HAD to get Susie in the same position, so I asked her if she could 'help' me with some 'measurements' after school. She agreed to meet me in the Drama Room at 4:00pm. I ran into Lori in the hallway and, with a wink, told her that she'd probably be interested in coming by the Drama Room again after school. She grinned, nodded, and held up her fingers, which she wiggled. I laughed and nodded back. The day couldn't end soon enough, but finally the final bell rang and I headed over to the Drama Room for a little set-up. I flicked on the lights and saw the magic box, still on the table with the lid slightly askew. I pulled the lid off and put it on the floor and checked the condition of the box. Even with Nancy's thrashing, the box was still solid. I checked the holes and realized that the foot holes were kind of big. We had built it this way on purpose, but Susie was much smaller than Nancy, so I was concerned that her feet might slip out of the holes. I searched around the wardrobe area and pulled a soft black sash off a costume - they would be perfect for binding Susie's small ankles together! Susie walked in and I stuffed the sash in a box. We hugged hello and I told her about the talent show project I was working on. I explained to her that the box needed to be adjusted, so I needed someone to lie down in it while I took measurements. Susie was suspicious! 'Why don't you get Nancy to lie down in it?', she queried. I told her that Nancy had to bail out of the project, so now we were going to use a different girl, Karen, who was much shorter than Nancy. Karen couldn't do the measurements as she had softball practice after school, so I needed someone who was about the same height as her... someone about 5'6"". Susie gave me a long dubious look, sighed, and walked over to the table. 'Which way is up?', she asked. I helped her get into the box and into position, wrists beside her head and feet sticking out of the holes. Susie's shorter stature meant that her loafer-clad feet barely extended past the holes. The lid was fairly heavy and awkward for one person, so I got someone to help me - Lori, who had been waiting patiently around the corner. Susie couldn't see who was helping me and asked, 'Who's that?'. 'The Janitor', I replied with a giggle. Lid in place, clasps secured, Susie was now trapped in the box. I took out the sash and began 'earnestly' measuring the box with it. Susie craned her neck to watch me, feeling uncertain about her position and my intentions! I moved to where her feet were, and where she couldn't see me (or 'Forti', who was sitting on the floor waiting). Suddenly, I began playfully wrapping the sash around her ankle. 'I need to measure the circumference of your ankles so I can adjust the foot holes', I told her. 'It feels like you're tying me up!', she shot back. I assured her that I would NEVER do a thing like that, as I pulled the loop around one ankle tight and began wrapping the other one up. Suddenly, Lori stood up and said, 'Hey, what's going on?'. 'Just taking some measurements', I said, innocently. 'She looks tied-up', 'Forti' observed, 'I bet she can't move her feet very much!'. Susie, at this point, figured out what was going on and began to threaten my mortality, 'If you let Lori tickle my feet, I will KILL you!!! I swear to God!!!'.

    Figuring that I could die peacefully after witnessing Susie get tickled in the magic box anyway, I shrugged and stepped back so 'Forti' could perform her magic. Lori moved in and yanked off Susie's loafers, tossing them over her shoulder. Susie's trapped feet kicked and wiggled as Lori admired her white sock-clad soles. Susie tried to pull her feet through the holes, but the sash held them nicely captive. With gusto, Lori's wiggling fingers moved in and did a ticklish dance across the bottoms of Susie's feet. Susie threw her head back and burst into loud, frantic laughter - 'Forti' had long nails, and apparently they really, really tickled! After some exploration and discovery of Susie's 'hot-spots', Lori stopped to give Susie a breather. For about 5 seconds. This girl was sadistic! Moving back in, Lori hooked her fingers into Susie's ankle socks and ripped them off. It was so fast that I did a double take as Susie's bare feet became instantly exposed. Lori grabbed Susie's right foot, bent back her toes and then began dragging her nails down from the base of her toes to her heels. Susie screeched. All she could do was laugh hysterically. It was fascinating watching this torture take place, but at the same time I was becoming slightly concerned for Susie's sanity! 'Forti' was truly a master as she varied her ticklish technique, keeping Susie unbalanced and in hysterics. She would move back and forth between Susie's spasming feet, raking them one minute, and fluttering over them the next. She would lightly tickle the tops, causing Susie to curl her feet downwards, only to be met with furious scritching on her soles, causing her ankles to bend upwards. 'Forti' would continue this particular torture technique in a seemingly random pattern until she was playing Susie like some sadistic conductor, making Susie's poor feet move up and down at Lori's tickling command. After about 10 minutes of this unbelievable torture, I had to step in and pull Lori away. I got the impression that she would have continued until Susie had fainted, or worse... she was that crazy! Lori stood there, breathing heavily (sadistic tickle torture is hard work, you know). She had a wild look in her eyes, and was grinning like a maniac. She actually tried to move back in for some more tickling, but I pushed her back and told her to go. Nodding, but slightly disappointed, she left. I looked back at Susie's feet, which were red from the harsh tickling they had endured. I quickly untied her ankles and walked around to the front of the box. Susie's eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling. She was breathing heavily. She swiveled her head and looked at me. I knew I was dead meat. I unlocked the clasps and carefully heaved the lid off by myself (pulling my back in the process!). Susie sat up and pulled her knees to her chest. I tried to hand her her shoes, but she batted them away. After a few minutes of silence, Susie said, 'Take me home'. We drove home in silence, and Susie slammed my car door when she got out.

    Susie didn't talk to me for the next week, but she got over it. In fact, she even got revenge! It turned out that we couldn't find a girl who was strong enough to be in the bottom half of the box with the harness on, so I had to do it! For a guy, I am pretty small boned and have pretty narrow feet - close enough to Nancy's that I was elected. Susie had found out that I would be playing the 'bottom' so she arranged something with Mark and Nancy. On the night of the show, instead of Mark giving me a fake tickle, he invited one of the audience members to come up to do it. That definitely made me raise my eye-brows when I heard that announcement. The member who volunteered was Susie, who jogged up with relish, and long fingernails! Inside the box, I had no idea who was coming up. When Susie got up on stage, I found out when she whispered under her breath, 'Now let's see how YOU like it'. She began furiously scrabbling her nails across my feet (which are insanely ticklish), and I swear, it felt like she was pouring a life-time of tickle torture pay-back into my soles. Meanwhile, as I struggled in-vain not to destroy the box and burst out laughing, Nancy pretended to laugh in a comic manner (Oh! Ho Ho! Hee hee! That REALLY tickles! Ha Ha!). The audience ate it up, as the contrast of tepid fake laughter, mixed with furiously kicking feet which were OBVIOUSLY being tickled for real, was a hilarious sight to witness. After a good few minutes of torture, Mark thanked Susie (who gave both of my feet a good finger nail scrape as a final gesture), and the show continued on without a hitch.

    After the show, Susie came back stage and gave me a hug. After the embrace, she asked me if she had surprised me and if I had liked it. I thought about it for a second and gave her my answer: 'Yes', and 'Yes'! We would definitely play more in the future.

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    Wow - somehow each one of these is better than the last! If there are more little stories, I'm sure we're all eagerly awaiting them!

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    Jun 2004
    Great story! Did you ever help her get revenge on Lori?

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    Jun 2005
    North central USA
    That's a great story, Rogue. Whether you've embellished it or not, the truth shines through and the characters are very well developed. I can see them. Thanks for an exciting read.
    I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow u-UP! Not me . . .! (from Peter Pan)

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    Hey, thanks a lot guys! And yeah, there may be a tiny bit of embelishment there (wink), but I approach it the same way as if I were to adapt a true story into a screenplay and try to make some of those more boring parts a little bit more exciting. Rest assured, though... Susie's beautiful little feet got the crap tickled out of them, and it was a lot of fun to watch!

    Regarding Lori, I never looked at her as a 'lee, so no, I never helped Susie get revenge on her. I actually haven't seen Lori in about 18 years.

    I wonder if she's reading this post?

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    Great story, your a lucky man.

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    Wow. I've read and enjoyed this story so many times probably since before I was commenting on stories here. I'm glad to finally thank you for sharing. ^ _ ^

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