NOTE: This is NOT a true story
My girlfriend Julia Cooper comes over almost every night, but there was one I will never forget. We were downstairs in my room talking. We had just finished discussing how horrible our days had been when she got an idea. She asked me if I would let her tie me down and tickle me. I liked being tickled and I said yes, if I could tie her down and tickle her after. She agreed and tied me down. Then she started to scribble her fingers all over the soles of my feet. I am extremely ticklish and I burst into laughter and began to squirm a little bit. She ran her fingers from my toes to my heel as fast as she could. It tickled so much. Then she began tickling in between my toes with her tongue. This tickled even more. I was already sweating, so she stopped for a minute. She then started tickling the backs of my knees before moving up to my inner thighs. I had never been tickled there so I had no idea was so ticklish there. After that, she started tickling my armpits, which are super sensitive. I was laughing, shrieking and bucking, trying to get away. Finally, she let me breathe again. However, then she started tickling my tummy as hard and as fast as she could. My tummy is my most ticklish spot and I laughed harder than I had all night. Then, she grabbed a pen and began writing her signature all over my belly, chest and ribs. This tickled more than anything all night, until she started to blow raspberries on my belly button. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe. Finally she stopped and untied me. I caught my breath and tied her down. This was going to be fun. I started by tickling her armpits. I had barely touched her and she burst into hysterics. That was when I realized she was even more ticklish than me. She continued to scream more than laugh as I played with her underarms. Then I found out that her breasts were very ticklish. She started to laugh even harder. I then tickled her belly. I started with my fingers but then I grabbed a backscratcher off the floor and used it to tickle her. This tickled her a lot more than my fingers. I found a particularly sensitive spot, just below her navel and centered the tickling there. After a while, I let her breathe. Then I started to tickle her inner thighs and the backs of her knees. Her knees were extremely sensitive to the backscratcher and she began to buck really hard. Finally, it was time to move to her most ticklish spot, her feet. I started by running one finger up and down her sole. She burst into laughter. I then dug my fingers into her sole and she jumped as high as she could and burst into laughter. I continued tickling her arches with one hand while I explored her toes with the other. Her toes were extremely sensitive and it gave me an idea. I began to suck her toes. She nearly hit the roof and began laughing so hard, she wasn’t even making any noise. She then started screaming and begging for mercy, so I stopped and untied her.