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    Revenge on my babysitter! (F/F)

    okay folks, here's another story that popped into my head. enjoy and feedback always welcomed.

    hello out there! my name is Ashely and i want to bring you a tale of a recent and very exciting moment in my life! i cant keep this bottled up anymore, i just have to let it out. dont you just love it when you can act out a fantasy you held within yourself for years?!! i finally got that chance the other night. first, let me tell you a little about myself. i'm about 5'9" tall, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and let's just say i was blessed quite well when it comes to physical attributes. being only 22 years old, i had much to look forward to in life, but i always, ALWAYS wanted to act out a fantasy i had when i was a little girl. you see, my parents used to get a babysitter for me when i was 10 years old. who can ever forget Melanie? she was 16 at the time and in my eyes she was very beautiful! long brown hair, green eyes and soft smooth skin. i used to look forward to her babysitting me. we used to have SO MUCH fun! but the one memory i love the most was when she held me down and...and....tickled me! she tickle tortured my armpits FOREVER!!! funny thing was, i liked it. i mean i really LIKED it!!! i think she awakened something in me because ever since then, i used to get myself into tickling predicaments, not only with guys, but with girls too!! eventually, it became only girls! oh man, the memories...

    oh, i digress. well, one day last week, i ran into Melanie into a shopping mall. she's about 28 years old now and i saw her looking at some clothes in that store "Forever 21". i ran up behind her and poked her in the ribs. she let out a squeal and turned around.

    "MELANIE?!!" i screamed.

    "is that...ASHLEY!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! is that really you?" she shouted back as she hugged me.

    "of course it is!!! how have you been? you look so beautiful still!!" I told her.

    "why thank you! and you have really grown up into a beautiful young woman yourself...." she smiled.

    i began to blush. i had the biggest crush on her. i wanted to do SO many things to her! "hey, why dont you come over my place for dinner and a video. just like old times!" i asked.

    "you know, that sounds like fun!" Melanie smiled.

    a warmth flowed through my body as we exchanged phone numbers. after we hugged goodbye, my mind began to flow with sensual thoughts. i really wanted my babysitter, i mean REALLY want her. i always wondered if she was ticklish. i never found out if she truly was as back then, she ended up with a boyfriend and stopped babysitting me. but, i think i am going to find out if Melanie is a ticklish person. in fact, i think i am going to have my revenge for tormenting me! fair is fair, right?

    anyway, Friday night came and i prepared for our special night. if it was the last thing i do, i was going to find ALL of her ticklish spots! i heard a knock on the door and she walked in. she looked so cute! she was wearing a white t-shirt, blue shorts and wore canvas shoes with white socks. she hugged me and we sat down. i prepared a spaghetti dinner and we sat down and ate. we went over all the old times when she was my babysitter and how much fun it was. we then decided to watch a video, i cant even remember what it was as i had ulterior motives anyway. i asked her if she wanted something to drink and she nodded affirmatevely. i went into the kitchen and when she wasnt looking, i poured in a sleeping pill that i crushed into a powder. i gave her the glass of water and watched her drink it. that's right my pretty, drink it all up!

    she finished her water and we watched the video. i could tell the pill was takinmg it's effect as she had trouble keeping her eyes opened. i saw a yawn come out and i knew it was only moments away before she was mine!

    "oooh Ashley, i'm sorry, but i must be really tired..." Melanie yawned.

    "am i THAT boring?" i asked playfully.

    "no-no that's not it! i'm just got really sleepy that's all...." she started to nod off.

    i watched her close her eyes and presto! she was sleep. i could hear her breathing as her head rested on my shoulder. this was going to be sooooo sweet! i gently rested her head on the couch and i managed to pick her up and carry her into my bedroom. it's a good thing i worked out. she wasnt exactly light as a feather! i laid her out on my bed and i set my plan into action. i pulled out my fuzzy leather cuffs (yeah and? i'm a naughty girl...) and shackled each of her wrist to the bed post. i then shackled each ankle down to the bed and to the bed frame. i pulled it as taut as possible as i didnt want her to squirm. i looked at my handiwork and was impressed! she look so cute laying there, tied down and spread eagled. she has such a beautiful body. i cant wait to play with it!!! i sat down in my chair and stared at her. i looked at the soles of her shoes and couldnt wait to get my hands on what was inside. when she woke up, it was playtime!!!

    "mmmmmm......mmmmmm, that was nice...HEY WAIT!! WHAT THE-??!!" Melanie shouted as she woke up.

    "well hello there sweetie...i see you woke up now? did you have a nice rest?" i teased.

    "ASHLEY??!!! WHY AM I TIED DOWN!!! I CANT MOVE!!!" she panicked.

    "i know you cant!! now, i have you completely helpless....." i teased as i sat down next to her. the look of fear in her eyes was priceless.

    "Ashley, please dont hurt me....what did i do??!!" Melanie pleaded and tears began to well up.

    "dont cry sweetie! i am not going to hurt you....i'm just going to tickle you.." i told her.

    "oh thank goodness! for a second there i thought- wait a minute!!! tickle me?? um, um, um, i'm not ticklish Ashley dear...let me go okay?" Melanie pleaded.

    "not ticklish huh? well, we will see about that! you know Melanie, ever since you tickled me that one time so long ago, i have been DREAMING about getting you back! now i have you and i am going to do things to you that will send you into another dimension!" i threatened.

    "A-A-Ashley....let's talk about this...i only tickled you once and i didnt TIE YOU DOWN!!! come on, let's be ladies about this. please let me GOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA!!" Melanie laughed.

    i slowly stroked my fingers into her armpits, tracing across the fabric of her t-shirt. if she was this ticklish through clothes, imagine her without clothes. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....


    "my my my, we are a ticklish one arent we?! now, you are going to suffer for what you did to me. let's tickle these armpits, shall we?" i teased as i scurried my fingers underneath the sleeves and into her bareskin. i thought she was going to explode into pixie dust when my fingers made contact with her skin. she has the smoothest armpits i have ever felt! i know she was trying to thrash, but she couldnt, thanks to my bondage. i then straddled her and let my fingers dance and stroke all across her armpits. feeling particulary sadistic, i plunged my fingers deep into her hollows and her laughter become more loud and more deep. oooh was she ticklish!!!


    "yes? you know, i think i need to see more of you..." i told her. she was gasping for air as i stopped my tickling. i got up from her and walked over to my dresser. i picked up a pair of scissors and walked back over.

    "w-w-w-what are you d-d-doing???.." she panted.

    "exposing you..." i replied back. i then began to cut her t-shirt right down the middle. i could see the nervous look in her eyes as the scissors made their incision down her shirt. i cut it all the way through the collar and now, her t-shirt had two halves. i peeled the halves opened and was delighted to see her white lacy bra. i licked my lips in anticipation and cut the halves off, throwing her shredded t-shirt across the room. i stared at her bare belly and did it look yummy!! "well, since i'm here...."

    "what are you doing??!! NO!!! DONT CUT MY BRA!!!" she screamed.

    with some quick snips, i cut her bra strap in the front and peeled away her cups. i almost fainted when i saw her firm, medium size breasts jiggling before my eyes. the light brown nipples looked so delicious!!! this was getting fun!

    "Ashley....please...what are you doing? why are you exposing me?" she asked.

    "by the way Melanie, did i ever tell you i like girls?" i told her. her eyes went huge as she knew that i had some wicked intentions in mind. "are your ribbies ticklish?" i asked when i began to massage her ribcage.


    "i guess so....." i laughed as i continued to tickle her ribs. i poke and teased each rib, sending her into conniptions!! her head thrashed back and forth and i continued to tickle torment each rib. i counted each rib several times, sending her into absolute ticklish hell! but really got my excited was watching her nipples turn hard. was she getting turned on by all this? let's just see where we can take this! i think stuck my index finger deep into her belly button and i could have sworn her eyes popped out! i swirled it around in her nice "innie" belly button and she went into silent laughter. i could see ALL of her teeth and was i ever enjoying this. so, i dug even deeper in her belly button and now tears were streaming down her face. i took my finger out and let her catch her breath. her face was beginning to sweat and she was sucking in huge amounts of air. then i began to lightly stroke my nails across her smooth belly and now a steady stream of giggles flowed freely from her lips.

    "hehehehehehehehe A-Ashlehehehehehehehehehehe please stop hehehehehe tickling meeeehehehehehehehhehehe...." she giggled.

    "oh no my sweet, i am going to tickle you tickle you tickle you tickle you forever...." i teased. my fingers danced over her belly and her constant giggling was turning me on. the way her eyes were shut tight, the way her laughter poured out from her lips like a fine wine was making me wet. what really got my going was the fact that her nipples looked like rock hard nubbins. i think it is time to play with those now. i pinched her nipples and got an instant reaction.

    "OOOH!!! Ashley....please dont do that....you dont know what it does to me..." she moaned.

    that only wanted me to continue. i flicked her nipples with my nails and i saw goosebumps forming on her skin. as i continued to flick her nipples, i could hear small moans coming from her. i then lightly tickled around the nipples, and her aeroles got puffy. hmmmmm, how i love perky nipples. i then carressed the sides of her breasts and she was very...very sensitive there. her hips begin to grind as i could tell this tittie tickling and teasing was making her very horny. i have her right where i want her. i got up off of her and brought over my black bag. i could see the concern in her eyes as i pulled out a small makeup brush. i then straddled her again and i could see the pleading in her eyes as i began to brush the tips of her nipples with the brush and i heard a steady stream of giggles. i then brushed the brush lightly against her lips and she giggled as i teased her on her lips, then tickled the sides of her breasts with it. the brush made it's cruel path all over collarbones, her neck, her lips, her chin, then down her sternum and i tickled her breasts throughly with it. i dont know exactly, but many minutes passed by as i continued to tickle and tease her. but, i had more areas to explore. i got up off of her and went to the foot of the bed.

    "....mmmmmmm....please......Ashley....please...no more...." she pleaded.

    i unlaced her shoe and with a quick tug, i pull the shoe off of her left foot. "well, well, well. what do we have here? is that a ticklish foot i see?"

    "...hehehehehehehee...no..not the feet...please Ashley, i cant stand it anymore...." she begged.

    I then peeled her sock off and i instantly fell in love with what i saw. she has the most precious feet i have ever seen. she wore a size 7, and her sole was narrow with short, chubby toes. the sole of her foot was pink and it look SOOOO tender. i sniffed her foot and it smelled wonderful. i kissed her big toe and i heard a giggle. i blew on her foot and she giggled even more. just what i thought, she is very sensitive on her feet. i then grabbed the top of her foot and with my other hand, i stroked my nails across her sole. OH_MY_GOODNESS!!!! her foot was incredibly soft!!! it seemed like my fingers would sink into her ticklish foot flesh as it stroked up and down her sole. i couldnt even hear her laugh as she went into silent laughter. her feet must be her most ticklish spot! my fingers danced up and down the sole and her head was thrashing around as though she was possessed by a tickle demon! her cute little toes kept opening and closing, so i decided to jam my fingers on the soft undersides of her toes. if i thought her sole was soft, her toes made her sole seem like concrete. i dont think there is another set of toes as soft as hers. i dug in between the crevices, right there on her delicate pink skin and she was going nuts! this was so much fun! i looked at her chunky big toe and my lips completely covered it, sucking it as hard as i could. she was going wild as i felt her toe squirming in my mouth. my tongue swirled around her ticklish digit and she kept wiggling her toe in my mouth. i gave it one hard suck, then i began to lick the rest of her toe pads, from her big toe to her baby toe. oh my, what a cute little baby toe! i sucked and licked that little toe and she went into conniptions!


    i pulled the toe out of my mouth and looked at her. she was such a mess. now, it was time to get her right foot. i unlaced that shoe and pulled it off. i heard her whimpering as she knew what was going to happen. i peeled that sock off and i didnt waste anytime and tickle attacked that delicate sole. her laughter was renewed and she begged, screamed, pleaded for me to stop. i licked her sole from the rounded soft heel, up the smooth arch and across the tender ball of her foot. i licked in between her toes and she was going ballistic. then i just continued to lightly stroke my fingers up and down her pink sole.


    this was going to be good. i looked up at her chest and all i could see was her rock hard nipples. i looked at her shorts and knew it was time to take her! i stopped tickling her foot and she was gulping new oxygen into her worn out lungs. i sat by her waist and i grabbed by scissors. i then cut her shorts and her eyes shot open.

    "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!" she screamed.

    "now it's time to really play with you....." i smiled. i cut away her shorts and she started to really beg now. i pulled the ragged shorts off of her and looked at her lacy thong panties. i then snipped the sides of the thong and i peeled away the garment to finally reveal her glistening mound. i looked at her curly brown pubic hair and a wicked thought came to my mind. i grabbed some shaving cream and a razor. i sprayed the cream on and massaged the gel all over her pubic hair. i heard her moan from the massage then i grabbed the razor.

    "YOU'RE GOING TO SHAVE ME???!!! ASHLEY!!!!!!" Melanie yelled.

    "that's right my sweet..let's see what your pussy looks like bare!" i laughed as i then shaved her. i could see nervous anticipation from her as the razor cut away all of her hair. i could tell she was turned on from it as her hips were grinding. finally, i shaved her mound bald and using a damp towel, i wiped her pussy clean. now, there she was. completely shaved and completely....MINE!!!!! "now, is this delicious looking pussy ticklish?"

    "....Ashley...please dont touch my pussy....you dont know what it does to me...." she moaned.

    i then lightly traced my fingers all over her soft mound and she began to giggle freely. her lips were getting wet and i could her the slick sound as my fingers teased her most private area. i then tickled the top of her pussy and she continued to giggle. her nipples were about to explode from how hard they looked. i then lowered my head and smelled her. she was ripe and ready to go! she smelled soooo sweet! i then took the ip of my tongue and licked her lips. the moan i heard only made me want to taste her more. soon, i was lapping up her juices and my hands were tickling the inside of her thighs. all i could hear was a mixture of moans and laughter. my tongue then found her clit and if she could, her back would have been high into the air. i continued to suck away at her love button and my fingers continued to tickle her thighs. then i felt her crash down in a mind blowing orgasm. i felt her love honey squirt into my mouth and did it ever taste great. i continued to lap away at her juices as she now became very sensitive. i got up from her mound and my mouth was glistening from her honey. i licked my lips and made my way up to her face. i then kissed her on her mouth and she kissed me back. then i whispered into her ear...."i'm going to tickle your feet until you pass out...". i went back to the foot of the bed and gently carressed her soles with the tips of my fingers. since she was so sensitive after cumming, her feet were off the charts ticklish. i did as i said and i tickled those feet of hers until she did indeed pass out.

    the next morning she woke up and realized her feet were still tied and strapped to a chair. she was on her belly, still naked and the tops of her feet laid on the seat cushion. i looked at her pink tender soles and sat down next to them. my fingers carressed the soles and she immediately began to giggle.i must have tickled her for another hour before i let her rest....i still have all weekend to have my way with her.....

    needless to say, that weekend was tremendous. i made her cum at least 20 times over the weekend and tickled her body the rest of the time. i let her go Sunday night and she was completely exhausted, yet so relieved. she said she was going to visit me again. my revenge on my babysitter was so sweet. now, dont you wish YOU could get revenge on yours?

    okay folks, how did you like this one? feedback always welcomed.

    "I don't have to hear about that idiotic criticism anymore" - Kobe Bryant FIVE time NBA Champion. 2009 & 2010 Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Are you gonna make a sequeal to this story to where the Babysitter gets to tickle her capter????????????/

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    Primetime i loved it and since my name is also melanie i pretended to be the babysitter. very erotic and so well written. im trying to remember if any of my babysitters tickled me. hmmm seems they might have. i once had a set of twins who would pretend to be each other, and i do believe they tickled me. wish i could remember more. great story

    For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible.

    From "The Song of Bernadette"

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    more please

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    awesome! but needs more foot sniffing!

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    very good story

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