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    May 2001

    More real life wife tickling

    Pretty good wife tickle. My wife (call her Mary) is very ticklish in general, but her feet are extremely, off-the-charts ticklish. We were getting some Halloween costumes together, and she was going as a scuba diver. She got into a neoprene wetsuit, but had trouble getting out of it. She got it down around her waist, and had the legs pulled down over most of her feet, except the “tickle part”. She had on at t-shirt, but she was pretty well pinned by the suit. I just couldn’t help myself. First, I tickled her sides and ribs. Her upper ribs are especially sensitive, so I focused there, kind of next to her breasts and getting into the underarm area. I’d say it didn’t go on for more than 15 seconds, but she was hysterical. I shifted down to her belly, which is a very “on-off” spot for her. Sometimes she’s really ticklish on her belly, and sometimes not much at all. I just wiggled my fingers around her navel and gave her lower ribs a few squeezes. Then, I got my finger inside her bellybutton, and she just exploded. Very hard laughter, red face, it really tickled her badly. Then I went for her feet.

    Her feet were partially covered by the wetsuit around her heels. That was fine, because its her arches that are really ticklish. I held onto the wetsuit that was wadded around her calf, and tickled one foot after the other for maybe 30 seconds. She laughed and screamed for the duration, and I finally just stopped when she really looked like she was suffering.

    She was a little angry with me, but it didn’t last for too long and I apologized. I know I went a little over the top, but it was hard to resist. She said it was ok, but also said “God, just don’t tickle my feet like that”. I know tickling is kind of a sensitive area for her (no pun intended) because she was abusively tickled a whole lot when she was a teenager.

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    Mar 2002
    Norfolk UK
    Hey man great story thanks for sharing, I love to tickle feet my self and would enjoy tickling your wife's feet if they are thatticklish, your one lucky man.

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