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Thread: Ticklish Aunts

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    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Kent, England

    Ticklish Aunts

    Has anyone else got any stories, or any thoughts on tickling their aunt? My aunt was my first indulgence, and while she isn't ticklish as such, she loves the sensation of having her feet tickled, so you can really unload on them without tickling her, although she loves it!

    I've got a few aunt stories from childhood to adulthood, just wondering if anyone else has any opinions on this i.e. is it right, is it cool, experiences etc?

    look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers, everybody,

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    Sep 2002
    New York City
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    I have two aunts, and I tickled their feet once or twice in like early puberty. One aunt, the one who is closest to my mom in age, had particularly ticklish feet. This all happened about 20 years ago or more, but at least she used to be very ticklish on her feet.

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    Nov 2004
    Peoria, Arizona
    Blog Entries
    I do have an aunt who's feet i used to tickle in her sleep and while at the beach that was many years ago. She's 12 years older than me and it was always great tickling her especially in her sleep when she didnt expect it

    Sometimes it's more noble to tell a small lie than to deliver a painful truth

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    Apr 2001
    OK, I'll tell this story again.

    I was a teen and my aunt was babysitting me and my sister at her apartment with her son. We were all playing hide and seek and at one point her son had tickled my bare foot as it was sticking out from a hiding place. Later in the afternoon the other two kids were off playing and I was sitting on the floor talking to my aunst who was sitting on the couch. We got to talking that I wasn't ticklish on my feet (a lie) and to prove it I put my feet up on her lap and she went at them with her nails. I held back my laughter and she started to believe me. So naturally I asked if she was ticklish. My aunt was only about 31 at the time. She was tall and thin with long dark hair, but I had never had the oppertunity to tickle her before this. She said she was only ticklish on her feet. So I tickled the middle of her sole and she jumped back. Then I tried her heel and all around the foot, but she was ticklish in the middle where it was the softest. Unconvinced that she was not ticklish somewhere else I tried everywhere from ears to belly and got no response. So I went back to her feet and had he jumping around a good bit. I finally had chased them up on the couch as she was laughing when my dad came to pick us up and that was the end of that.

    Fast forward a few months and the entire family was out of state at a wedding. All of the kids slept on the the floor downstairs at a cousins house. My aunt was sleeping on a couch nearest me. I woke up in the middle of the night and snuck my hand under her blanket to try and tickle her feet again. No reaction. I just assumed she was sleeping. A few seconds later I tried again. This time she lifted her head and said "Ha ha. Doesn't tickle!" And I, horrified, snuck away and went back to sleep. Fortunately she didn't tell everyone at breakfast the next day about it!

    ~ toyou

    *Still not me! Neither one of them! LOL!

    Link to the clip the gif is from! dailymotion.com/video/xiv8pl_galileo-tickling_fun

    **This...is me.

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    Join Date
    Nov 2004
    Sorry, my first thought was a sarcastic, why are we tickling insects... groan...
    bad some1! bad!

    Anyways... yeah I remember tickling a few of my aunts' feet. I remember one, when I was around 7 years old, when I just grabbed my aunt's feet and started to tickle. She looked at her husband and said who told him my feet are ticklish? He didn't. And I remember staying another aunt's house and putting my arm around her on the couch and working it down so I could tickle her ribs. It is so easy to get a way with things when you are young.

  6. #6
    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    I think aunt's dont mind it, to a certain extent, at least mind doesn't! Thanks for the feedback, hope to hear some more experiences.

    Cheers, everybody,

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    Join Date
    Sep 2001


    Thanks for starting this thread. I already posted about my Aunt Sarah and Aunt Ruth. Hopefully more people will come forward and share.

  8. #8
    Join Date
    Jul 2005
    Northeast, Ohio
    OOOOOOH YEA. My Aunt Sharon. Many years ago when I was 5 years old and we were alone in the living room while my parents and Uncle were in the kitchen, I was showing my Aunt something and when I turned to get it my little bare feet went by her lap and she tickled them. I quickly turned to look and she had this sinister grin on and asked if I was ticklish, Well I turned and I went down to remove one of her white sandles and TICKLE HER STOCKINGED FOOT! Just then my father saw what I was up to and before I could even touch her shoes he told me to leave her alone. After that I was fascinated about tickling my aunt Sharon's feet. One Christmas they came over our house, I was about 10 at the time. I came back in from the kitchen and she was sitting on the love seat, kneeling on her feet. So basically when I sat on the other side her STOCKINGED FEET were facing me. I kept giving her feet quick little tickles and everytime she turned to look, she gave me looks of fear and quickly shook her head no, while I just gave her a devilish smile. I did this for a few minutes. Later that spring we were sitting at their dinner table and she was sitting across from and our feet both touched as we placed them on this little foot rest under the table. She was wearing red socks and I managed to place my foot below hers. She looked at me and I wiggled my toes under her sole and she just yelped and pulled her foot away. Everyone looked at her and she said that she almost spilled her drink. She looked at me and I at her and mouthed to me that she was going to get me and I told her the same. Sorry to say we never did but she knows as well as I do that her FEET ARE VERY TICKLISH!!!!GOOD QUESTION AND THANX FOR BRINGING BACK PLEASANT MEMMORIES!

  9. #9
    Join Date
    May 2005
    My first read on this was letting ants crawl on us and....
    Aunts! Two of my great aunts used to do effleurage with long manicured fingernails, on my arms and head during church to shut me up. Put me right off to sleep every time. I'd lay across their two laps and felt like I was in heaven.
    As far as their own ticklishness went, hmmm, don't know. They were pretty "goosey" lol!~~~~

  10. #10
    Join Date
    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by SmashTV
    Has anyone else got any stories, or any thoughts on tickling their aunt? My aunt was my first indulgence, and while she isn't ticklish as such, she loves the sensation of having her feet tickled, so you can really unload on them without tickling her, although she loves it!

    I've got a few aunt stories from childhood to adulthood, just wondering if anyone else has any opinions on this i.e. is it right, is it cool, experiences etc?

    look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers, everybody,
    Hmm, interesting, my aunt was my first victim too. Her feet weren't ticklish either. thought that was funny.

  11. #11
    Join Date
    Aug 2001
    Outside Detroit, MI

    Ticklish Aunts

    I had an aunt who I tickle all the time. From when I was about 7 until late into my 20's She had very sensitive feet and a wonderful, gutteral laughter. She never volenteer but she also never fought me tickling her. when ever I was there and the timing was right, I just sat down and took her foot and started tickling. She would go insane and scream and beg me to stop, but I didn't. I think the longest I ever tickled her was about 5 minutes. She was a lot of fun. One of those aunt who really enjoyed being with the kids in the family. She was very young at heart.

    "The sound of laughter is the sound of the sole singing".

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    Dec 2005

    Red face Ticklish Aunts

    What a subject. My first time posting a reply..so bear w/me.

    I used to tickle my female cousins feet all the time. I started from the
    oldest, to the youngest over the course of 5-6yrs. My middle cousin was
    off the scalle ticklish on her feet. We're 1st cousins and i still see her.
    Anyway, at one point, SHE suggested tha I play with her mothers feet,
    my blood aunt. Well, my aunt was very good looking and took very good
    care of her feet. The first time was a massage situation, with my uncle
    in the room. From that day on, it was a buffet tabel of massage seesions
    and attempts to tickle her out of her wits. I even brought feathers with me once and she she thought it kind of unique. She always boasted of having
    superior mind control, almost daring me to "break" her. Boy did I love to
    play with her feet.

    I would love to hear from the ladies as to whether they think it was a sensual
    of covert sexual thing for her. Could I have given her orgasmic sensations?

  13. #13
    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    My aunt is still my favourite ticklee, as she never complains. It's not sexual at all, which has been confused by some other web pages in the past....doh!

    Thanks again. Hope more people will post.

    Cheers, everybody,

  14. #14
    Join Date
    Dec 2004
    Somewhere in NY....
    One Aunt in particular....yes.....I was always gunnin' for her feet whenever an opportunity presented itself......most times, she'd just wiggle a little and shoo me away....but there were a few occasions when she'd simply flex her soles a little and giggle and twitch while my fingers did their dances......there were a few MORE occasions when I'd try to tickle her feet, and she'd turn the tables on me, and tickle MY feet until I was hoarse from laughing!!! The joyous smile on her face from making me laugh was always wonderful to see, along with the feeling of her fingernails spider-tickling ever so daftly along my soles!!

    Vice-President and CEO Of The SFC

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