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    In your armpits

    SWEATY ARMPIT TICKLING (erotic m/f) (Part 1)

    This is my First Post in this forum. So pls post replies as to whether u guys liked it or not.Thanx n keep tickling.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    PART I

    There was this girl who once worked as a maid in a boy’s house. From the first time the boy laid eyes on her, he knew that she had a fine body under her dirty maid’s clothes. The girl also knew about this and from time to time, she would show him a glimpse of her sexy skin. Like this one time, the boy was watching TV and eating breakfast , the girl came along to take away the dishes for washing. That day she was wearing a skimpy little T-shirt which was a little torn at the neck, so when she bent down to pick up the dishes, the boy had a shadowy view of her size-A breasts and her nipples. ‘BOY OH BOY!’ aren’t they great, he thought. From what he could figure out her breasts were extremely petite and soft. Although the light wasn’t great, he could see that her nipples were very smooth and puffy and olive in color. The areola was smooth with no abruptions as she was young and literally hairless and the nipples were gentle and unindented. Why shouldn’t it be? She’s just 17. He wondered as to how it’d feel to touch them and feel them and caress them for hours and hours until both of them would reach their orgasmic heights, the girl of course, many times over.
    For the rest of that day he kept on visualizing her nipples and wondered at their innocence and moistness(from her sweat ) and nakedness. He had this terrible urge in his mind to feel and tickle them for hours.
    Then this other time, he had a clear glimpse of her sexy, sweaty and hairless underarms.
    That day the girl was cleaning the upper walls of the rooms, and he had to hold the stool on which she stood. She was wearing a sexy sleeveless t-shirt and as she lifted her arms up to clean the walls, her virgin armpits were totally naked and exposed to the greedy world outside, which given a chance, would love to lick them and tickle them for hours. The boy could smell the sweat of her armpits and that made him really horny. He thought,’ look how much distress the girl is in, sweatin n all, how I could relieve her by simply pulling her down and licking her armpits to clear off all the sweat and replace them with my sticky saliva which would make her underarms even more greasy, smelly & desirable when the actual finger tickling comes into play. Also the girl had an erotic characteristic that she was naturally hairless, so her armpits weren’t shaved, they were just naturally smooth. That, combined with the fact that she sweated a lot made her armpits really really desirable for any guy. ‘I’ve got to touch her naked armpits on a hot summer night when they’re all sweaty and soft’, he thought to himself.

    The girl also admired the boy’s good looks and secretly wanted to be with him. They both knew each other’s feelings, and many times a day, brushed at each other’s body to know each other’s body language. The time was getting ripe for a never to forget sexual encounter.

    As the saying goes, ‘Chance favors the prepared mind’, chance DID favor the two of them as the boy’s parents went out of town for a whole weekend during the month of May. May is the hottest Indian summer month and the boy thanked God for this opportunity. He had already noticed that the girl wore a skimpy see-thru sando during the nights, and his penis tingled with sensation as he thought how it’d feel to be in the same room, hell, in the same bed for one whole night with his erotic, sweaty female friend.

    So the much-anticipated night finally came as the boy’s parents had already left the house to the horny couple. Both of them finished dinner at 8:30 pm, two hours prior to their normal dinner-time. The boy had already told the girl not to take a bath that day as he wanted her all dirty and sweaty. At 8:45, both of them changed to their sleeping clothes. The girl wore her normal sleeveless dress exposing her bare armpits and the boy wore a t-shirt and a condom. They then retired to their sex dungeon, a room that was badly ventilated with one window(that too closed) and no fans. That night was especially hot with temp around higher 30’s and humidity around higher 90’s. The girl was already sweating quite a bit and gave out the sweet scent of her female sweaty body odor. The boy couldn’t resist her anymore and pulled her into the room and locked the doors shut behind him. He was all alone in that room with his sweaty companion, who was looking so vulnerable in her wet (from sweat) sleeveless sando which was torn at favorable places. Then he slowly started feeling her with his fingers, first her sweaty sando and then her wet sweaty skin, all the time being bombarded with smell of girlish sweat. He loved it and his penis went from soft to hard in no time. ‘Wait for I have quite something in store for u’, he thought devilishly all the time feeling his virgin female friend. Then with one jerk, he forced her onto the bed, made on the floor, and tied her hands up tightly over her head in a spread eagle fashion so that her soft and moist armpits were totally exposed to his cruel intentions. Even her sexy nipples gave a peek-a-boo from the sides of her soaked sando. The nipples were also sweaty and thus extremely sensitive, just like her armpits.
    Then he slowly but surely started licking her sexy armpits, lubricated in sweat and smelling so erotically dirty from the heat. When he made first contact with her armpits, he found to his amazement and pleasure that even his tongue was rougher than her armpits, so smooth were they, not a single speck of hair follicle growth on her soft armpits. At this time the girl gave out a soft moan as it tickled her very much and was feeling helpless against his cruel armpit torture as she couldn’t budge nor defend her pretty virgin like armpits. “OH YEAH’ he said with lust and jerking his dick, “What sweaty armpits you’ve got, baby! I’m gonna clear all the sweat by licking them ,then I’m gonna tickle them with my fingers and nails”. At this, the girl became afraid and started to squirm and strained herself to get released but all in vain. The rope was too tight. Now, the real fun began as the boy started to tickle the girl’s right armpit with his right hand meanwhile continuing to lick her left armpit. As he started tickling, he felt the smooth caress of the bald sweaty armpit against his ruthless sliding fingers. The girl moaned and groaned with anxiety and pleasure.
    She tried to resist the feeling inside of her hot wet sex, but finally gave in. The undeniable tickling pleasure that she got from him almost brought her mind to a state of trance. It was as if her armpits wanted his fingers to tickle them cruelly as they had never been tickled and tormented in this way. It was like a virgin having her first sexual experience. She moaned and giggled girlishly ‘ooooooaaaaa thaaaat tiiiiicklesssss heeeheheeheeee’. Her girlish laughs turned him on even more and he started licking and tickling her underarms even more vigorously. ‘There’s no one in the house so there’s no question of anyone hearing her pleading, so let me torment her young sexy armpits a little more’- he thought. ‘Tickle – tickle - tickle’ he said continuing to tickle her armpits ever more vigorously. He scraped his fingers over her sweaty, naturally smooth armpits like a dog digging something outta the earth. She screamed peevishly, yet to deaf ears. Her armpit torment continued.
    Now the boy had started scratching the sweaty, sticky surface of her armpits with his nails and the girl moaned with pleasure. She became even hotter and that turned him on more as she sweated that bit more. There’s something about girly sweat that turned him on really hard, even harder than a naked girl lying in front of her. It is the musty smell of their sweat that brought his mind and body to a sexual climax. ‘Sweat baby ,sweat, coz I’ll lick and tickle all your sweat away’ he said while continuing to stroke her bald, moist armpits with his tongue and fingers. ‘Oh NO! He is gonna tickle me to death.’ she thought, getting more hotter than ever. As he continued to lick her left armpit, new sweat poured out from the pores of her armpit and he licked and smelled them deeply. ‘What a beautiful smelly armpit you’ve got, baby’ he said, rubbing his nose against the moist sensitive skin of her armpit. She gave out a cry. His nasal black-heads were tickling her armpits and new never before sensations came from her sweaty surface. She pleaded ever more desperately but there was no respite for her. This was the longest night of her life and she prayed that it end soon.
    Meanwhile, the boy was tickling her right armpits with his fingers and nails. The first time he touched her sensitive and vulnerable right armpit; new pleasures crept into his mind. ‘My lord! Does she have a smooth armpit!’ and started his fingers from her elbow slowly down into her sweaty underarms. The girl wriggled and giggled out of pain, but the boy, once getting the taste of her intoxicating armpits could not keep his hands off them. He went around stroking her smooth armpits in circles, all the time her sweat drenching his fingers and her sensitive skin wriggling under his cruel touch. The girl had really great upper and lower armpits, the texture, the definition and the smoothness was really perfect. He started digging his fingers deep into her virgin moist armpits and tickling them even more firmly so that the tickling is optimum. In the meantime he continued licking her left armpit like a hungry kitten licking milk from a bowl. Her armpits were the sexy, smooth bowl and her girlish sweat was the milk that he was so much greedy for. The boy went into a trance and kept on tickling her sexy female armpit for a hour or two. During this time the girl had cum several times over and the boy was reaching climax. His armpit tickling fetish continued, torturing and tormenting her female friend’s soft sweaty armpits.

    The girl thought that she’d die from the ticklish pleasure that he was giving her and ran out of breath several times, and yet the boy kept going on in spite of all her pleading. Tears rolled out of her eyes as she couldn’t bear her bf’s fingers and tongue, tickling the hell out of her soft supple underarms. All this non-stop tickling had made her unerarms super sensitive. He moaned and pleaded but the unyielding rope wasn’t going to relinquish it’s hold on her arms, and so was the boy, unwilling to relinquish his control over the girls’s soft underarms. The girl, out of breath, being tickled so relentlessly in a vulnerable and private region, felt like dying, out of the lust and of the misery. She could smell her own sweet scent in the air along with his smell but couldn’t breathe it in as she continuously had to laugh or giggle because of the tickling. She felt a sense of bondage and vulnerability as she knew that he could do anything ( I mean Anything) to her and she couldn’t do a thing about it. How submissive and miserable she felt, only did she know.
    But it was altogether different for the boy. He also sensed the girl’s vulnerability and exploited it to his maximum. He started tickling her sweaty supple armpits even faster, until the girl screamed out in pleasure one more time. She had cum again. Now the boy turned his attention to her till now ignored puffy olive nipples. They also by now showed drops of sweat on their smooth as silk surface, and that made them kinda sticky when touched for the first time by the boy’s fingers. She felt this new sensation and a rush of fear swept through her sexy, sweaty body. ‘OH NO! He isn’t gonna tickle my nipples?’ she thought and pleaded him not to tickle her on her virgin nipples. “OH NO!” he said, ‘I’m not gonna tickle JUST ur nipples baby.’ he said with a cruel lust. He was true to his word as what he did next made her shudder in fear. He moved his hands slightly towards her breasts and started ticking her sweaty, soft and sticky (from the sweat on them) nipples with both of his thumbs, all the time continuing to torment her much-assaulted armpits with the rest of his fingers and nails. A cold sweat ran through her body as she knew that she couldn’t take the tickling assault on her two most weak, ticklish and soft private spots. She wanted to scream out like a banshee but was totally out of breath. Meanwhile, the boy started feeling new erotic pleasures in touching her soft sexy nipples. They were totally soft and supple and there were no skin eruptions on them as there wasn’t any hair growth. Adding to his pleasure, her puffy big nipples were sweaty, just like her sexy armpits. As he started caressing her sweaty nipples with his thumbs, his dick grew even more and started throbbing. She had a beautiful A-sized petite teen breast, which any boy of her age would love to tickle and suck on. And that really turned on the boy as he liked girls with more or less a flat chest but with protruding puffy nipples, just like his tickle slave did. He tore away the girl’s already tattered sando so as to expose her teen nipples and made them totally vulnerable to his ticklish torture. The girl tried to bulge and resist the boy’s actions but only so much as the tied ropes would let her. She pleaded and asked the boy to fuck her as she had to have an orgasm immediately, but the boy replied that he’ll make her cum without fucking her. At this, the girl writhed and prepared her mind and her sweaty teen body for some more tickle torment. She had sweated so much that the entire bed was now wet with her sweet scented sweat.
    By now the boy’s attention was on her moist teen nipples which looked extremely soft and puffy and was begging to be touched and fondled with.

    Her nipples were just as much sensual and sexual as the pictures above, but were a few shades darker, with an olive colour. The texture, shape and firmness were the same. The boy felt really, really excited to tickle her virgin, sweaty, never before touched nipples and looked at ‘em in a fiendish manner. He started circling around her baby soft areola, which felt even softer due to their moistness created by her sweat. His mind immediately went into trance. Those areolas were the softest, most sensuous things that he’d ever touched in his life, oh, not to forget her moist alluring armpits. He kept on stroking and circling around her areolas spreading the budded up sweat evenly over them making it extremely moist, soft and arousing. He took care not to invade her nipples, as he knew she’d be extremely ticklish there. He saved that for later.

    The girl squirmed and squealed in her vulnerable spread eagle position and begged him, “Please STAAAPP!!! Tee He he he he”. She started giggling as she felt his ticklish touch all over her exposed armpits and large puffy nipples. “oh nooo! It TICKLES!! He he he he” she pleaded with him. But he was altogether in a different mindframe and was getting off on her sexy sweaty squirmy young petite friend. She looked at her tormentor with cute puppydog eyes and pleaded for mercy but there was none shown. As it was getting hotter by the minute, both of them started sweating and releasing more pheromones. The boy took a deep breath and inhaled the girl’s sweaty body odor, which turned him on even more. This, combined with her pleas for mercy, girlish giggles and her squirming body that he held underneath him made him want to cum all over her.

    “Now”, he thought, “It’s time to invade her puffy nipples”, immediately getting a hard on at the thought. The girl was already very hot and bothered and a tickled mess with her hair sticking all over her pretty face. She kept bargaining with him in every possible way but the boy sure wasn’t giving her up that easy. She was extremely ticklish and had ultra-sensitive nipples. The sweat formation over her sexy petite breasts had increased it’s sensitivity manifold. It was like a pair of hyper-sensitive and ultra-ticklish nipples. She didn’t know as to what fate awaited her.

    Slowly but surely, he started closing in on her nipples form her areolas in a slow but teasing swirling motion. She let out a yelp just at the moment his tortuous fingertips made contact with her soft puffy nipples. How vulnerable, how helpless she felt in her bondage, only she knew, being totally exposed and defenseless against the boy’s lustful and ticklish touches.

    Making contact with her sweaty erotic nipples was like a drug addiction to the boy. Once he felt the softness of those erogenous nipples, it was hard for him to touch and feel anything but them. “Oh My! What pretty nips you’ve got, baby. I’m gonna touch them and lick them for ever and ever and ever and ever.” he thought to himself as he kept grazing his thumbs over her smooth, sweaty nipples, touching only the pointed tip of her puffy nipples.

    As he did this, the sweaty girl screamed in ticklish agony as the touches on the tip of her nip were causing her extreme erotic ticklish discomfort. She tried to negotiate her way out of this by bargaining with him but to no avail. The boy kept on stroking his fingertips over and over her delicate and sensitive nipple-tips without mercy and started to feel sexual ecstacy. As it was, girly nipples are very soft and sensitive and on top of that she was sweating profusely which made them even softer and sexier for him. However, for the girl, the sweat made them hyper-sensitive to touch. So even his nibbling caused her extreme ticklishness and it was heightened by the fact that her situation was so hopeless. There was no way to escape his ticklish touches. Only he could make it stop, but she knew for sure that he wouldn’t. Unable to take it anymore, she gave out a blood-curdling scream out of the extreme ticklishness and finally fainted. But the boy did not stop. He kept on stroking her nipples with his two thumbs and attacked her even more tortured sweaty armpits, again, all-the-while fucking her like crazy. The feeling of her sweaty smooth armpits and her nipples was too much for him to control and he gave out a loud moan and released his load blissfully inside her tiny slit. After the most intense orgasm he ever had in his life, he held his unconscious friend in his hand and passionately kissed her on the collarbone. He then took a deep breath smelling her, and released her from her bondage. The girl’s nude body fell limp on his arms as he untied her from the ropes which bound her wrists and her ankles. He then delicately put her arms down beside her body in order to avoid staring at her sexy teenage armpits (and get another erection), and again kissed her, this time on her lips. He then picked his girlfriend up, wrapped her naked body with a piece of dry cloth and carried her to his own air-conditioned room. There he laid her on his bed and started wiping off all the sweat from her pretty young face. Then, he started wiping away the sweat from her limp body with the help of the wrapper without exposing her. “ Man, I think I really like this girl. She is so darn beautiful. Hope I didn’t torture her too much…..”

    His thoughts were interrupted by noises coming from the girl’s mouth. She had regained consciousness and was trying to say something. The boy put his hands gently on her forehead caressing it and said, “ Hi dear, welcome back! Hope you’d forgive me for what I did to you. I’m sorry if I overdid it but I couldn’t help it. You were looking so sexy that…”

    “It’s okay. I forgive you.” , the girl said smiling coyly. His heart leaped with joy as soon as he heard this and kissed the girl lightly on her lips showing his appreciation. The girl reciprocated to his kiss. “You stay right here and I’ll be back with your clothes, okay?” he said to her. As he was starting to walk out of the room, she decorously grabbed his hands and said shyly, “ I think I’m okay in this. But I could sure do fine with some water. I’m very thirsty”. The boy brought her a bottle of water. As she was drinking the contents blissfully, the boy turned on the A.C. and started making the bed for the two of them.

    After preparing the bed, he looked up at her questioningly. The girl knew what it was about and she looked down smiling shyly. Knowing her assent, he joyfully turned off the lights and went to bed with her. The bed was a little small for the two of them, so they had to huddle close to each other. The boy then, turning towards her started to speak, “ I’m really sorry if I’d hurt you in any way. I didn’t mean to and…”
    “It’s okay”, she said softly, pulling his left hand over her stomach “I didn’t mind that much. It was very ticklish but I kinda liked..” she stopped abruptly instantly regretting what she said. She knew that she couldn’t take anymore of his intense tickling, her ticklish body just wouldn’t allow her. All this was like music to the boys’ ears, when he heard that she also enjoyed the ordeal, but knowing that she was feeling a little uneasy, comforted her by hugging her close to his own body, caressing her long hair with his hands.

    “I love you” he said hesitantly, looking into her dark pretty eyes.
    She smiled the prettiest girly smiles he’d ever seen and kissed him playfully whispering into his ears, “I know”. Then she hugged him close to her body embracing him with both hands and shyly whispered into his ears “I Love you too”. They stared into each other’s eyes feeling so much for each other and then had the most passionate kiss of their lives. He kissed her deep and passionately with his lips and used his tongue to maneuver inside her pretty mouth touching her tongue and playing with it. She reciprocated to his passion licking his mouth softly, and gave all her love to him. After the long and ardent kiss, they felt totally at ease with one another and took deep breaths in each other’s arms. They played and fondled with each other for sometime. Finally, out of the entire night’s exhaustion, they felt asleep in each other’s arms.

    To Be Contd....

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    Nice job, if slightly overspecialized for my taste. I would suggest that you edit the story to make the girl and boy eighteen to avoid being deleted by the moderators.

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    Love That Very Muchhhh!!!!!

    i,m into it dude!!!! love to see there's someone out there that have same fetish like i do!!! i love tickling sweaty armpit..its my dream.....

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