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    Ticklish Celebrities List (Work in Progress) Part One


    These lists have taken me a while to compile and I actually HOPE that it is not complete, and that many come forward to make their additions. What follows is a kind of glossary explaining people and sites that frequently crop up in the lists-I don’t take the time to explain who they are every time they’re mentioned, so here are the credits, in no particular order:

    IT: This abbreviation crops up in the lists and it
    stands for The Ironic Tickler, who maintained an
    excellent ticklish celebrity list on his old site.
    This list was included on Toyou‚s site, and is still
    archived here at the TMF.

    Toyou: Of course is TMF member Toyou who had the greatest celeb site of them all (I used to check it every week Toyou!). His ticklish celebrity section is still archived here at the TMF and on a few entry’s, I simply linked you to his original page (like, for instance, Julia Roberts). Invaluable, pioneering work.

    AMT: Alt.tickling, very acrimonious but informative board that I have spent very little time on and therefore probably missing a lot of crucial info passed over there. I’m looking forward to members of both forums adding stuff to these lists.

    Max Speer: The Great Max Speer had a tickle mainstream list that was very comprehensive, fun, well written and had a lot of stuff not mentioned on other lists (Cass Timberlane, Max! Thanks! ) His old site was fantastic and the mainstream section was only a part of what made it great. Something I did not include was his exhaustive list of tickling mentions in books. (How to Talk Dirty and Influence People-I would have bought it anyway, but I made sure it was on my Christmas list that year!!!) Max is also practically synonomous with the ticklish area of the underarm…hence a lot of references to him, especially in the ticklish celeb picture links.

    Juggler Juggler TX has also been around the community for a very long time and the source of MANY mainstream clips that still float around the web. He was also nice enough to compile a cd rom of scenes that I got from him years ago and was a fixture on the old Tickletown site. Undoubtedly, Juggler is one of the most generous members of the community.

    Going through all of the many online chat transcripts that have yielded much information and swelled these lists by high double digits, it is very evident that it is due to the persistence and patience of a select few….certain names account for a very high percentage of these revelations: Ignatious P. Reilly (wherever he is!), Bandit and, of course, Scooby are the two names the come up the most. Regarding mainstream scenes , one cannot help but thank TMF members Latin Boy, UK Tickler, Ticklerboy, Wall Street and many more who I forgot, but if it wasn’t for you, this list wouldn’t exist…..it certainly would have been a lot shorter.

    I myself have also contributed to this list with information I don’t believe I’ve seen posted anywhere else.

    Pics were chosen for one of the following reasons (if not all):

    1.) The subject was barefoot
    2.) The subject was in the pose (for feet, it is when the subject is laying on her tummy, with her legs kicked up behind her, revealing her soles. For upperbody it is when the subject’s arms are above her head, exposing her underarms)
    3.) The photo was an especially flattering shot of the subject.
    4.) The photo is the only shot(s) of the subject I could find.
    5.) The situation in the photo was an opportunity for tickling waiting to happen.
    6.) The situation in the photo is actually the tickling of a celebrity.

    I often included exact posts from the TMF or from the old tickling lists totally verbatim, sometimes I edited them, other times I rewrote everything. Sometimes I was able to credit who had found information, sometimes I was unable to do this, I hope no one who sees their posts here but doesn’t see their name credited gets too upset, some of this stuff was simply just on somebody’s word, without links or information as to how one found this out (I try NOT include hearsay, though there are exceptions and it is totally up to my discretion. Often, sometimes in waves, people...usually younger folk.....like to make up outlandish stories and post them here so they seldom make the cut unless they've been proven by some standard, usually trial by fire when everyone here at the TMF jumps on the person demanding proof! Serialtickler is such an example of a member who has seemed to pass the test....few others have.).

    Regarding stuff that has been revealed via the broadcast medium: I DO NOT have all of these clips. I DO NOT even have most of these clips. I HAVE NOT seen most of these clips. I DO NOT have all of these clips to trade or post. When you see a description of a something written in the first person, it does not mean that I wrote it, and I probably didn’t. Sometimes I denoted what was an exclusive from me, sometimes I forgot. Some of these scenes you have to resign yourself to the fact that probably NOBODY has…..Daisy Fuentes on MTV Internacional is a perfect example of a “great lost scene”.

    I would love to hear from any of you who may have information regarding a scene or celebrity that is not on this list, or perhaps if you could shed light on information that is already here but either erroneous, ambigious or simply too brief! I would also welcome hearing from any actual celebrities who would like to challenge or confirm any of the info posted therein!! My email is nontkl@hotmail.com

    Enjoy. Next time you see any of these girls on TV or in a movie, you can think to yourself-as I do-“that girl is ticklish.”

    TICKLISH CELEBS (not all pic links are here....THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!)

    AALIYAH: A great picture exists of the late R&B singer Aaliyah sitting on someone’s lap and it sure looks as if she’s being tickled (and laughing because of it). This may be a debatable picture.

    PAULA ABDUL: (singer/choreographer/former Lakers girl/80’s singer, American Idol judge) born:1962 Height:5’2”)
    According to the old Ironic Tickler list, Paula Abdul admitted on a talk show that she would pee on herself if she gets tickled.
    Now for years, this was all the info we had on Paula...until her dead-in-the-mud career was resurrected by American Idol. On this show, she was tickled by co-host Simon Cowell many times (including over the course of two consecutive episodes I might add).

    A bunch of clips of Simon tickling the clearly ticklish Paula Abdul can be found on this excellent thread: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...ht=Paula+Abdul which was started by Omnifeller and which has grown since he initially posted!

    HILDA ABRAHAMZ (Venezuelan actress on Spanish Soaps): (Thanks to Latin Boy for this, who not only found this, but translated it from Spanish)Hilda Abrahamz, from Venezuela, won the Miss Universe title in 1980 and is currently a soap actress (on Univision or one of the other Spanish language stations).
    In an interview she was asked: "What is the most sensitive part of your body?"
    Her response: "My feet. I can't stand anyone touching them because I'm so ticklish"
    Pics of the unbearably ticklish Hilda Abrahams can be found here: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...18#post1306118
    This came from an interview that is no longer online, but this WAS the link:
    Thank you Latin Boy!

    Travis found this from a person's blog....the girl is attending a convention and (from what I can tell from the blog and the pictures) attends an appearance by Amy Acker and a fellow actor. It seems that one of them reveals Amy's ticklishness, which the blogger reports: "Amy is so sweet. Really. You know how some actors have like completely different mannerisms than their characters? Well AA is totally the opposite- she just was so Fred up there. And her smile. And so sweet! Apparently she’s like really ticklish and DB take full advantage of that on set. Many jokes on set." http://www.geocities.com/beccaelizab...rybgwb2002.htm
    Pictures of the apparently "really" ticklish Amy Acker can be seen here:

    From the (UK?) magazine Womans Weekly
    "Cool pictures girls. So tell me Posh, why is it that you always do photo-shoots with bare-feet?"
    Posh: "I don't really know because the girls always try and tickle my toes when I am getting a pedicure just before the shoot, so i smudge my polish and have to start again! They all think it's hilarious!"
    As if that’s not enough, on an AOL chat, Victoria went beyond even the scope of a fan’s original question:
    Question: hi vicky which is your fav part of your body and least fav part and r your feet ticklish
    Victoria B Live:I think all women have bits of their body they’re not keen on. I’d love to have really nice long hair and I wish my fingernails were real. My feet are very ticklish. So are my arms.

    But wait! TMF member Ticklemad has the following claim, which I usually don't post but I'm including it, you judge : "And this is straight up guys - I have tickled her !!! O.k she was only a kid at the time but we used to go to the same dance school and were friends. She was a pretty stuck up madam in those days and my friend and I decided to bring he down a peg or two. She would sit with us in class and couldn't get her boots off one morning to put her dance shoes on, so I was tugging on her boots and her sock came off with it. When I went to put it back on her, she kept pulling her foot back saying she was ticklish, so I grabbed her foot and tickled it saying I didn't belive her. My friend Karen then grabbed her round the waist and tickled her there. We were severaly reprimanded by the school owner for disrupting the class but we stayed friends when I went to college and she used to date a guy who was the florists grandson in the village where I lived in Hertfordshire, so I saw quite a bit of her then. I'd often remind her of our dancing school antic and she used to just giggle. Sadly when she joined the Spice Girls she kicked this bloke into touch and then met David Beckham and a lot of her old friends got dumped too, but I do know she still writes to the school owner and her parents are still at their old house in Goffs Oak-why not try writing to them for the goss?!" (Thank you Ticklemad)
    By the way, ALL of the Spice Girls are confirmed ticklish, as you'll see as we go on.
    Some photos of the VERY ticklish Posh Spice:
    Two ticklish Spice Girls!:

    DONNA AIR: Born:1979 Height: 5’10”
    (reported by TMF member Turtleboy)This occurred on an episode (week of May 8, 2001) of Priory Clinic (a celeb gossip type show on digital TV in the UK that has a regular celebrity tickle section at the end - I kid you not people, this is actually how they finish each show!-although the tickling is very lame, I have to say...all upperbody, mostly on the face and neck with a feather duster)This week it was the gorgeous Donna Air's turn. She gave a very revealing giggle before the tickler even touched her and said something like "I can't believe I'm laughing already." Her response generally wasn't that great (mainly because the tickler was so bad! I can't believe the guy gets to come on at the end of each show just to tickle a celeb, and he is the worst tickler in the world!), but she did giggle quite nicely and bend forward whenever he got to her belly area. She lifted her arms up at one point to let him tickle her underneath, and then giggled again when his hands came down over her ribs. All in all it was worth watching just to know that she IS ticklish..
    Picture gallery of the ineptly tickled Donna Air: http://www.hitwgang.com/content/a/ai.../donna_air.htm
    A series of pics showing a situation that seems to be worth watching!:
    Shots of Donna Air’s ticklish upperbody:
    Special Max Speer Gallery:
    A couple of misc.

    JESSICA ALBA: (born 1981 height: 5’7)
    On Fox & Friends (FOX News Channel's morning show) at around 8AM EST (2/25/01) one of the male hosts, Steve Doocy, got into an arm-wrestling match with Ms. Alba and resorted to a quick rib tickle with his free hand to get her to lose her composure. Considering it was such a small tickle, she laughed for a good 30 seconds afterward.
    Around the same time, Jessica was on Leno and talking about when she was in Thailand. She had to walk around barefoot a lot of the time. She said once she was sitting down and felt something tickling her toes. She looked down and there were worms crawling on and under her feet.
    And finally, I once saw this posted on a foot board….it’s probably not true but…what the hell:
    Jessica Marie Alba (Dark Angel) is reputed to have been quoted ..... '...I like for guys to tickle my bare feet’.
    Pics of the adorably ticklish Jessica Alba:
    [url]http://m.lordlucan.b-h-e.com/bonusscans2/bonus986/jessicaalba56.jpgGood situation: http://<br /> <a href="http://m.lord...ics/9a.jpg</a>

    NANCY ALEXANDER(Tampa, FL radio/tv personality)
    As reported by TMF member Piker: "For anyone who lives in or around the Tampa/St.Pete area Nancy Alexander, who hosts a morning radio show (100.7) and covers fluff news on Fox, mentioned on her Monday morning sow that she recieved an e-mail from a fan asking about her ticklishness. She then goes on to say that she hates to be tickled, because she is very ticklish and that her most ticklish spots are her belly, feet and armpits."

    Pics of the very ticklish Nancy Alexander can be found here:

    KRISTIAN ALFONSO: Not really a confirmation but here is the transcript from: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionC...8/alfonso4.htm
    Nelson: Truth or Dare: Do you believe in God?
    Kristian: Dare. Yes. but, I'll take the dare anyway.
    Nelson: If you believe in God, then you might believe in the devil, as was utilized in a recent DOOL with Marlena.
    Nelson: In fact, you look a little devilish right now....
    Kristian: I do?? Oh no! Oh no!
    Nelson: I think it's time for a Nelson's World first, an online exorcism.
    Zulema: I volunteer!!!
    Nelson: [Nelson and Zulema being the rite of exorcism on Kristian, who just laughs]
    Nelson: I think she's too ticklish!
    Kristian: LOL! Ooooh! I look like a possessed Betty Boop!
    Well, it’s not much, but with a little analysis, she did type LOL instead of “I’m not ticklish”!
    Upperbody fans will particularly like this picture of the possibly ticklish Kristen Alfonso: (ironically, the site I got these from is called Laughing Star!)
    A possible situation brewing here, back in the 80’s when she was on Falcon’s Crest!
    When she was younger (and barefoot!): http://www.laughingstar.com/Kristen_...o_2_4__jpg.htm
    Younger and with other bikini model, Max Speer should like this one!
    Another opportunity presenting itself:

    LILY ALLEN (UK pop singer)
    Judge for yourself. From The Daily Star (UK) 26th April 2008

    "DON’T worry, Lily Allen has not gone feral after all.
    The outspoken nightingale has finally removed her foot from her mouth to give it a pedicure. And not just the one foot.

    Lily took all four limb-endings to Sensational Nails in east London to get them professionally pampered.

    And the 22-year-old fair laughed her dinky boobs off when the beauty therapist dragged a pumice stone on her feet.

    Who knew something as simple as exfoliation could put the much-missed smile back on her chops?

    Her melon-wedge grin lasted well into the afternoon...."

    Pics of the seemingly ticklish Lily Allen can be see here: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?t=156207

    BROOKE ALLISON: from Teen Hollywood transcript:
    Brooke, I think you have a beautiful smile, what makes you laugh and are you ticklish?
    Brooke: What makes me laugh? My best friend always seems to make me laugh…don’t know why or how, but he does….I’m incredibly ticklish…..it’s almost as if anyone runs their fingers along my skin that it tickles…
    A small pic of the incredibly ticklish Brooke Allison:

    SUMMER ALTICE: from Maxim Chat, an early TMF Team success:
    Matttheman: hey summer, where are you ticklish??
    Summer Altice: I'm ticklish in the stomach area
    Ilovesummers: summer, do you have ticklish feet??
    Summer Altice: Nope…
    Markymarc25: What is your most erogenous part of your body?
    Summer Altice: Up and down the side of my hips and my armpits…rub that real
    slow…and that's true of EVERY girl!
    Bandit: What is erogenous about the side of your hips and armpits? Guys are dumb but we need to understand! J
    Summer Altice: The WHOLE area…the whole side of the body…from the hips on up…try it out on a girl and find out, buddy.
    Scooby112211: Maxim, how come you never ask my questions? I'm gonna cry myself to sleep if this one isn't answered: Summer, are you ticklish under your arms like Tara Reid (a la maxim magazine interview)?
    Summer Altice: Well, no…I'd tickle myself every time I put on deoderant then, wouldn't I? Maybe she doesn't wear deoderant!
    Summer Altice: Just kidding.
    Bandit: How would you describe your laugh?
    Summer Altice: It's mine….Ummm…how can you describe your own laugh?
    A pic of Summer Altice’s ticklish tummy (warning:some nudity)

    ANASTACIA: From a chat.
    Lee_celcius - Hi Anastacia, i think you have a phenomenal voice and im sure you have been told this many times. Anyway my question for you is a little bit wierd but can u answer please - U have a stunning
    laugh but are you ticklish at all?
    Anastacia_on_line_*2nite* - Hey Lee, thanks for all the compliments there!! i guess my voice has become a symbol of my music and will be for years to come. About your question, i never used to be ticklish atall and come to think about it havent been tickled in years. But nowadays a think im a lil' ticklish on my legs but i know im not on my feet at all.
    A frustrating pic:

    PAMELA ANDERSON: Who would ever have thought this possible?Pam was tickled on the Howard Stern Show. Howard had been flooded with”thousands” of requests for him to tickle Pammy’s bare feet. Howard spent the morning talking about these letters and saying he was going to ask her. She came in, the interview went on for a while, finally he broached the subject to which she immediately without hesitation took off her boots. They tied her to a chair (while she was being tied Pam admitted“I am very ticklish)” –and squealed and giggled a bit as Howard tickled her foot (he didn’t do a great job, but Stuttering John fared a bit better when he tickled her.) She didn’t seem like the most ticklish girl on the planet, but she had some geniunely desperate moments there, and with a different tickler (and situation) I’m sure she’d be even more helpless and giddy! Also, I have a theory that she IS very ticklish, but moreso on her upperbody (one of those girls! I’ll bet she even likes it!!!) After this, Natalie Ratano, also from VIP was coaxed into getting tickled (even more ticklish than Pam). This went on for a couple of minutes. Less than a week later, Howard scored again with Carmen Electra and then again with Playmate Brande Roderick..
    Pics of the gamely ticklish Pamela Lee Anderson are easy to come by, but here’s a few pics featuring her and the feet that Howard got to touch

    JESSICA ANDREWS: from Teen Hollywood chat, Ignatious Preilly does it again!:
    IgnatiousPReilly: : Hi Jessica. I think you are a great singer. Are you ticklish and if so, where’s your worst spot??
    Jessica Andrews:I am ticklish but I don’t really have any spots.
    Pics of the vague but admittedly ticklish Jessica Andrews:

    JENNIFER ANISTON("Friends"): the Enquirer reports that while on vacation (then-)boyfriend Brad Pitt accused her of cheating, wrestled her to the ground and "tickled her until tears ran down her cheeks". (lucky Brad Pitt (who also dated ticklish celebrity Gwenth Paltrow, as well as bringing out Julia Roberts’ own ticklishness on the set of the Mexican):
    (also see Mainstream Scenes: The Object of My Affection)
    Galleries of the emotional and terrifyingly ticklish Jennifer Aniston: http://www.hitwgang.com/content/a/an...er_aniston.htm

    SHIRI APPLEBY: (thanks to Latinboy who found this) This comes from a fan-forum site on a thread discussing behind the scenes moments. This is one such "behind-the-scenes" moment (posted by a fan who witnessed filming on location-the fan posted many such stories, not just this one):
    "...during the last scene of filming ARCC, Shiri wasn't feeling so great (maybe because it was really late when they shot that snow scene and she was tired, but I didn't ask). So Jason went up to her and started tickling her, she laughed; it made her feel much better. She was fine after that and was talking with the fans the rest of the time." (this makes all of the three main stars of the show Roswell confirmed-Shiri, Katherine Heigel and Majandra Delfino-here’s a picture of the three of them with Jason, the tickler!
    Pics of Shiri Appleby’s ticklish body can be found here (and the first two include her tickler!):
    Alternately, you can check it the info in the actual forum: http://bbs2.fanforum.com/Forum12/HTML/000157.html

    JODI APPLEGATE: Of the Today Show and the cancelled “Later Today”
    Apparantly on the 6am news on a New York channel (the interview was done in a living room style set-up: couch, coffee table, chair), and they were interviewing her about Matt Lauer, the host of the Today Show. He was doing that day's broadcast from a secret location. The host of the news, Jane Hanson (?), mentioned Matt. Jodi tells Jane that she knows Matt's secret location.
    Jane plays along, asking "will you tell me if I give you five bucks?"
    Out of the blue, Jodi pulls into a defensive position, and says: "Don't tickle me! Don't tickle me. That's my weakness." She looked over her shoulder as she said this, as if someone might attack her.
    Pics of the fearfully ticklish Jodi Applegate:

    LINDSEY ARMAOU (Member of B'Witched) Double confirmation on this one.
    IgnatiousPReilly asks: Hi Ladies! I have an unusual question for you.. which of you is the most ticklish??
    react_bwitched: Lindsay: Probably me actually. Sometimes even if someone goes to tickle me, I laugh before they get there. But I actually hate being tickled, it's not a nice laughter, it's a get away from me laughter.
    She also says in another article (where all of the other girls also answer about their ticklishness): I go bright red when I’m tickled. (good shots of them here) (also see other members of B’witched)
    Here’s the link to the chat: http://www.react.com/entertainment/c..._bwitched.html
    Pics of the violently ticklish Lindsay Armou:

    LUCIE ARNEZ: (Lucille Ball’s daughter) On the Dinah Shore Show, all the guests, including Lucie Arnaz, take off their footwear to do some exercises. Arnaz needed help from a male guest to pull off her cowboy boots. A little later, she was lying on a table, and one of the female guests tickled her stocking feet, and she sat up in a hurry. No audio on the response, as this occurred during closing credits with accompanying music. (Lucie Arnez is in a good mainstream scene: Second Thoughts)
    Here’s a pic of Desilu’s ticklish daughter, all grown up! (these pics are very recent and the said scene occurred in the 1970’s…..so use your imagination!!)
    here’s a general site for her:

    JENNIFER ASPEN (Daphne, the ex-stripper on “Party of Five”) Double confirmation on this one. Transcript from Celebrity Chat December 23rd, 2000
    HandyAndy says, "Are you ticklish?"
    J_Aspen says, "yes! totally!"
    Also From: http://www.bigstar.com/chat/transcri....cfm?fa=jaspen
    IgnatiousPReilly asks: Hi Jennifer. Rumor has it you are very ticklish.. So where's your most ticklish spot??
    BigStar_Celeb: I don't know where that rumor got started!! (laughs)
    BigStar_Host: I like that question.
    BigStar_Celeb: My boyfriend actually bites my toes, and I die!!
    BigStar_Celeb: Laughter comes out of me like I've never heard come out of my vocal box before!!
    BigStar_Celeb: But who started the rumor, him? I dunno .Actually Matthew Fox is super ticklish everywhere.
    And here’s a link to some pics of those very ticklish toes: http://www.hitwgang.com/hitwdb/HITWV...JenniferAspenE!-DrechHITW_frame.htm

    MEL B (Sporty Spice)
    Hi Mel, this is kind of a stupid question but I want to know if your feet are ticklish

    MC: It's funny, sometimes I'm very ticklish and other times I'm not! I'm afraid I can't explain it.

    ZOE BALL: from OK Magazine:
    "Now Zoe, what's the most fun you have had with a past boyfriend?"
    Zoe: I had him tickle my feet for ages because it felt so good at first, but then he got faster and it tickled like mad!! Then it wasn't as fun!!"
    Here’s some pics of the naively ticklish Zoe Ball: http://www.supermodelfever.com/gallery/Zoe_Ball/

    DREW BARRYMORE: Admitted on an E! special that Spielberg used to tickle her on the set of "E.T." Now this was when she was very young and though her mother has also admitted her own ticklishness (see below….like mother like daughter!), I don’t know how much this information applies today as some people do lose their ticklishness." UPDATE: In an interview with Byron Allen (which circulates in most mainstream collections on the web), Drew expounds on her love of tickling for a full MINUTE! "I love to spend the day just doing absolutely nothing and like, spending the day doing,like, a half hour tickle session or something (*giggles*)....just screaming cause your stomach hurts so bad but you're like 'I'm not doing anything right now but this is the best possible moment I could experience right now." Byron Allen looks incredulous and says "That's a new one for me, a half hour tickle session". Drew giggles and says "Yeah....you know, when like someone is just tickling you and you're like "Noooooo! Nooooo!" but you're like laughing and you're like 'I wanna tell you that I'm really mad right now but I look like I'm enjoying myself because I can't stop laughing because you're TICKLING me!....that is the best thing in the world." Byron remarks he'll have to try that and Drew says "Please do." Byron says "I'll just have to go home and have a half hour tickle session". Drew laughs and makes a face and says "I know, I know, hearing you say it back it probably sounds creepy and pervy and weird but it's not. It's just...it's fun to play." This came a month or so after it was reported during "the Gossip Game" on the Howard Stern Show that Drew actually has a woman come over and tickle her, as one would have a masseuse come over! At first, I hadn't quite been able to believe the story....but after the Byron Allen interview....especially that she used the phrase "tickle session"....it seems very L.A. to me and plausible!
    Pics of the happily ticklish Drew Barrymore:

    JAID BARRYMORE(The Last Days of Disco): The mother of Scream vicitm Drew Barrymore admits to having very ticklish feet. I don’t know what this is from since this is from the IT list.
    All the same, here’s a pic of Drew’s ticklish mom, actually seeming to be tickled by a man, who given his grin, knows exactly what he’s doing (warning: nudity) :

    JUSTINE BATEMAN("Family Ties"): Mentioned in People magazine that co-star Michael J. Fox used to make her mad a lot because he had a habit of tickling her when she was in a bad mood.
    Pic of the furiously ticklish Justine Bateman:

    OSKANA BAUIL (Skater) This is an account from a fan site that has nothing to do with the tickling community, describing waiting outside to watch the two ice skaters get on the bus.
    “Rudy got on the bus after Oksana B. When she stepped on the bus, he pinched her sides (I guess she's really ticklish). He turned and ran around the bus, and she followed, but she was wearing flimsy sandals, so she took them off and chased after him, much to the delight of the swarms of us who were standing around waiting for them to leave.”
    Pic of the really ticklish Oskana Baul
    for Max:

    GARCELLE BEAUVAIS: Gorgeous actress from Wild Wild West and The Jamie Foxx Show,
    from Maxim(?)chat, 2002:
    I-Spy: Okay Garcelle….National Security Question-Handsome evil spys capture you, tie you up, and tickle your bare feet for information. Do you crack?
    Garcelle: Definitely! And don’t give me any tequila, I’ll crack quicker.
    TMF-TMB515: Garcelle what’s your most ticklish spot?
    Garcelle: My feet, for sure. Definitely.
    TMF_TMB515: Garcelle do you enjoy getting pedicures? Do they tickle?
    Garcelle: Wow..that’s weird…they don’t tickle, and I love getting them. Are there a lot of foot fetishists out there?
    Maxim's page of the definitely ticklish Garcelle Beauvais:http://www.maximonline.com/girls_of_.../girl_422.html

    VICTORIA BECKHAM-POSH SPICE (See VICTORIA ADAMS - that's her maiden name and you can never bank on show biz marriages to last so Adams it is, at least for our purposes!)

    ALICE BEER: "Watchdog", UK show. In a Beeb chat on August 2, 1999 comes the following : MAMIE2411 asks: "What makes you laugh? And where are you most ticklish?"
    Alice Beer says: "The Vicar of Dibley, and absolutely everywhere - I am ridiculously ticklish!"
    For some pics of the absolutely ridiculously ticklish Alice Beer, take this link: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ke.../alicebeer.htm

    ANNETTE BENING(The Siege, Mars Attacks): The woman who nabbed Warren Beatty was tickled by Jay Leno when she was a guest on his show. I don’t know anything about this other than it was on the IT list (anybody else?)….but here is a pic of the reportedly ticklish Annette Bening.

    AMBER BENSON:from March 8, 2001
    IgnatiousPReilly: Hi Amber! I love your work in Buffy. Rumor has is that you’ve very ticklish…so who would last linger in a tickle fight, you Sarah Michelle or Allison?
    Amber: I would definitely lose first.
    Pics of the cripplingly ticklish Amber Benson:

    ANNA BENSONmodel and wife of Mets pitcher Kris Benson)Thanks to Rham22 who contaced the gorgeous Ms. Benson through her website. He sent her an email asking her if she was ticklish and where. She replied in a one sentence email "My feet and ribs! Anna"
    Here's her website, where you can see pictures of Anna Benson, ticklish wife of a New York Met.

    JULIE BENZ: (actress from Jawbreaker)
    from react.com
    tklr5150 asks: Are you ticklish, and if so where?
    react_julie: LOL! Do I have to answer that?
    Pic of the evasively ticklish Julie Benz: http://<br /> <a href="http://m.lord...=Actresses</a>>B>Benz,_Julie>Pictures

    HALLE BERRY: Old schoolmate remembers getting into "tickle fights" with Halle. What a lucky person! Also, reportedly got her feet tickled while getting a pedicure. (this is from Ironic Tickler’s list-don’t know his sources) (also see Mainstream Lists: Boomerang)
    Here’s some galleries of the certainly tickleable Halle Berry:

    SAMANTHA BEVINS: Wrestler and Playboy Model. Posted by TMF member Latin Boy:
    Wrestler and playboy model Samantha Bevins was the guest at the first ever Maxim online chat. Here is part of the transcript:
    MAXIMHOST: Question - Are you ticklish... and if so, where at?
    MAXIMHOST2: AH HA! My question!
    SAMANTHA: *smiles* I like that one. Well, I have two ticklish feet of course, but I am really ticklish on my sides. I hate it when someone gets me there! It sends me to the floor in a heap laughing.

    JESSICA BIEL: from Oct. 8, 2001 Eonline Starboards, Congrats to firehawk702 for getting this one in! http://www.eonline.com/Celebs/Star/Biel/ask1.html
    "From firehawk702: Hi, Jessica. I think you're an absolute fox, with a great smile and laugh. Can you please tell us if your feet are ticklish and where you're most ticklish?
    No, my feet are not ticklish, even though I love to have them played with. I am most ticklish in my armpits and on my kneecaps."
    However, later Serial Tickler (a TMF member who has been confirmed as working as a manicurist/pedicurist on film and video sets) reported the following: "I also worked on the set of "The Rules of Attraction"a movie that should be coming out pretty soon, i did some re-shoot stuff with them...i worked with Jessica Biel (7th heaven) and Shannon Sossoman (don't know if i spelled it right but she was also in A knights Tale) Anyways, I got a good laugh out of Jessica and she said "hey man are you trying to tickle me?" I said "oh of course!" (not knowing i was serious!). Unfortunatley I didn't get to do Shannon, but maybe another time.
    She was also tickled by both Beverly Mitchell and a male co-star in a behind-the-scenes of 7th Heaven show. I believe there also have been many tickling scenes involving her as both -lee and -ler on that show.
    Pics of ticklish Jessica Biel

    Question: Hi Traci! I have a silly question for ya: What makes you laugh?
    Are you ticklish at all? If so, where are you ticklish? =)
    EA Traci Bingham: Oh My God, yes I'm very ticklish - especially on my ear
    A FEW YEARS LATER, Traci did this ad for PETA: http://m.lordlucan.b-h-e.com/bonussc...bingham300.jpg There was reports in the media (including an actual CLIP on the PETA site that nobody seems to have gotten) like the following (can't remember exactly what site this was from): "It took two makeup artists three hours to stencil letters onto Traci's bod (no airbrushing) for the shoot. Did you know T.B. is very, very ticklish? 'Fraid so, as many giggles were heard during the disrobed detailing, much like back home in that stunner's budoir...but I'm getting off the point."
    Here’s some pics of the very beautiful and very sensitive Traci Bingham.

    JOSIE BISSETT (Melrose Place) from Yahoo chat
    hawkeye1717: Josie are you ticklish?
    BigStar_Celeb: Yes, I am.
    BigStar_Celeb: My side.
    Pics of the openly ticklish Josie Bissett

    NADIA BJORLINfrom "Days of Our Lives") Yet another gem uncovered by Latin Boy....from Soap Opera Digest, 23 October 2001
    Salemites At The Spa
    Four lucky cast members from DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Patrika Darbo (Nancy) and Matt Cedeno (Brandon) — spent an afternoon being pampered at Spa Mystique in Century City, CA. Let's see how their DAY went...
    Bjorlin doubled her pleasure with a Twin Tigers massage, which besides encouraging complete relaxation, enhances the immune system. "It's more relaxing in general because your body can't assimilate the movement and the contact on your feet and hands all at once," explained Massage Therapist Greg Baarsma.
    "It was pretty amazing," sighed Bjorlin. "The woman worked on my foot and my calf while the man was working on my upper back; it was cool. One of the most unusual things was the fact that he massaged my stomach. It's a weird sensation because I've never had someone rub my stomach, knead it and put his fingers between my ribs. I wanted to relax, but it was so hard not to laugh at the same time 'cause it tickled."

    Here's a link to the article, which includes 2 photos of this drop dead gorgeous brunette, including one of her actually being massaged.
    And here's a link to some pics of the gorgeously ticklish Nadia Bjorlin:

    CLAUDIA BLACK: from UK Sci-Fi show “Farscape”. From http://www.scifi.com/transcripts/1999/DArgo-Aeryn.html
    Moderator: : Do you ever play pranks on each other, and what was the worst one? Anyone team together to get someone?
    ChickwithGun: I always ask people if they were a muppet, which one would they be? I think I am a combination of Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear and Elmo
    ChickwithGun: But I hate being tickled.

    Note how she wasn’t asked anything about tickling!
    Pics of the dreadfully ticklish Claudia Black

    LINDA BLAIR: Richard Simmons Show -- with Linda Blair and many large women, circa mid-80's. Each day Simmons had different guest ladies. For Blair's second appearance on his show, she wore leotard with leg warmers and bare toes sticking out the end. During an exercise in which they wrapped towels around their soles with legs extended and stretched, Blair's towel kept coming off. Simmons made fun of her, and with her bare soles facing the camera, he gave her a quick tickle. She yelped briefly and pulled her feet back, then went back to the exercise. (also according to The Ironic Tickler website: Was a guest star on a talk show during the 80s and got her feet tickled.-but it’s not clear if this is the same clip or not)
    Here’s some pics of the apparantly ticklish Linda Blair

    SELMA BLAIR Here is the direct comment from a celebrity chat session, Febuary 12, late 90’s, early 2000’s.
    Selma Blair: (chuckles) I am ticklish right above my knees ... makes me crazy if someone even pats me on the knee, I'll flinch and keel over.
    Pics of the insanely ticklish Selma Blair

    JENNIFER BLANC: (from Dark Angel) From Lycos chat 11/20/01
    scoobyscans: Jennifer, I kno this is a silly question, but do
    you have any ticklish spots?
    Jennifer Blanc: Very!!
    Some pics of the very ticklish Jennifer Blanc:

    MEL BLATT (from All Saints)As posted by TMF member Turtleboy:This afternoon I was watching MTV UK and Mel Blatt from all saints was on being interviewed and taking part in this live text message conference thing that they do. Seizing the opportunity, I quickly went to the website and asked 'the question' via a SMS text, and to my absolute amazement it appeared on the screen about two seconds later! (literally) Anyway she responded 'yes...on my knees and my thighs' - wahay!. (moments later, still buzzing from this, Turtleboy switched channels and had even better luck with Davina Taylor….see her entry)
    Here’s some pics of the beautifully ticklish Mel Blatt

    KATE BOSWORTH: There was an E! "Behind the Scenes" program on the movie "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" in which Kate Bosworth is discussing her relationship with co-star Topher Grace ("Eric" on "That 70's Show"). Kate tells that she and Topher lived in the same town when they were growing up and so they know each other pretty well. For example--she unhesitatingly says (I paraphrase slightly)--"I'm very ticklish and he knows that, and, actually--this is in the movie--he just does this little thing with his hands (she gestures with her fingers, as if reaching out to grab someone's waist), and I really jump. So real life comes into the movie." Then they show a clip of that scene.
    YEARS EARLIER, Kate was on a show called The Young Americans and in the opening credits there was a snippet of her being savagely and beautifully tickled by a guy while laying on the grass...it was like 2 seconds but it was great, her legs were kicking in the air. Also, she gets tickled by Val Kilmer on the sides in the movie "Wonderland"

    CAPRICE BOURETT: from TMF’s Ticklerboy 123
    Caprice had a program in the UK called “Caprice’s Travels” In these shows one often got to see her deliciously sexy smooth and long thin bare feet, but in one special episode (possibly the one where she’s in Turkey) she was having a massage. She was obviously enjoying it and the camera panned onto her very sexy smooth feet soles that are flexing in the pose position. I was sure that they would be tickled then, but it was only a short wait before she was being treated with some sort of hose device and as it approached her midsection she giggled and exclaimed, "My God, that tickles!!!”
    Here’s some pics of the sweetly ticklish Caprice

    LISA BOYLE: (Playmate) In one of her web sites FAQs, is asked in a web chat if she likes having her toes sucked and says it's hard for her to take because her feet are really ticklish.
    And here’s some pics of those really ticklish feet:

    LORRAINE BRACCO("The Sopranos"): It must be fun to work on the set of a television series. This little snippet was taken out of New York Daily News Online:
    "I did my homework," says Bracco, who plays the ultra-serious therapist-to-the-mob Jennifer Melfi. "I tried not to bring any sexuality into my role as a therapist." She stops abruptly and gasps into the phone. An appendicitis attack? No . . . "Jimmy [Gandolfini] is tickling me," she says between rolling bursts of laughter.
    (also see Mainstream: Talent for the Game)
    Pic of the vulnerably ticklish actress Lorraine Bracco.

    MICHELLE BRANCH: MICHELLE BRANCH: (a report from Serial Tickler, who works as a manicurist/pedicurist on video and film sets)I quote:"I just finished work on the New Michelle Branch video not the one thats on MTV now but a newer one that will be out soon i think the song is called "goodbye toyou" Anyways! this girl seems to live in Puma sneakers!i was only doing manicures, but luckily on the 3rd day of the shoot i was told she would need apedicure! She came into the trailer wearing flip flops..she has medium size feet..not sure on the size maybe 5-6, anyways she was wearing flip-flops, her feet were in good shape, kinda wide and chubby with short toes..but anyway her feet were really soft so I didn't really need to pumice them or brush them but i did anyway and her foot jerked like crazy..she didn't really giggle or anything, but i noticed her foot
    jerking and i asked if it tickled and she said that it did and cracked a smile and said she doesn't get pedicures very often. Her foot really jerked everytime i used the brush on her soles and heels, so i would say she is somewhat ticklish, but it's hard to say from just giving a pedicure because i'm not really going all out trying to tickle them, usually when someone has a slight reaction during a pedicure it means they are posibly quite ticklish."

    SARAH BRAXTON: (from Sunset Beach)
    Cracking Up(Soap Opera Weekly March 25, 1997)
    Don't let Sarah Braxton (Annie) fool you. She may play a tough cookie on the screen, but between takes she has a tough time keeping a straight face! Her castmates give her support, but often they're responsible for her giggles. "Kathleen (Noone, Bette) is always there for me to run lines, and I can count on her to pick me off the ground if I mess up," Buxton says. "The worst thing, however, is that she can also make me crack up. Since we know each other so well, I can read what's in her eyes and I start laughing." Another cohort is Clive Robertson (Ben). "He's always tickling me between scenes!" she says with a giggle. What has Buxton, a soap newcomer, learned after her first few months on the show? That it's really hard work. "I bow to actors who have made this their career. I heard about how hard it is, now I know. But I'm not complaining!"
    The flirtingly ticklish Sarah Braxton
    Or the Pleasingly ticklish Sarah Braxton

    ANGELICA BRIDGES: from Naveltickler: She responded to my e-mail asking her if she's ticklish as follows:
    "Hello! Yes, I am ticklish and especially my belly and on my ribcage! Yikes! I am going to be in the NOV 2001 issue of "PLayboy" so you will get to see more of the belly! HA LOL Angelica"
    Here's a pic of ticklish Angelica Bridges:

    KELLY BROOK:Gorgeous British model. On the UK show “The Big Breakfast”, host Johnny Vaughn poked her waist and she jumped and laughed.
    Here's some pics of the beautiful and reportedly ticklish Kelly Brook:http://www.model-cafe.com/cgi-bin/pi....cgi?kelly,018
    For Max Speer: http://www.model-cafe.com/cgi-bin/pi....cgi?kelly,007

    MICHELLE BROOKHURST:from an AOL chat (alerted by Pips)
    Question: I am really curious, what makes you laugh, and where are you most
    M Brookhurst: Ummm... that makes me laugh. What makes me laugh? I don’t know, I
    have a very silly boyfriend I like people who make me laugh... who aren’t inhibited Jokes, I don’t know. What makes you laugh? It makes me laugh when people tell me "no." And where am I most ticklish? The bottom of my feet.But my boyfriend knows better than to tickle me!
    Here’s a pic of the ticklish bottom of Michelle Brookhurst’s feet.

    MEREDITH BROOKS: From Yahoo Chat, Meredith Brooks--
    Meredith, what makes you laugh and are your feet ticklish?
    Mlaughs) cute question, I've never been asked that before. One of my favorite things in life, absolutely, is getting my feet tickled. It makes me fall asleep. But you have to tickle me just right.
    The enjoyably ticklish Meredith Brooks:

    HONEY BRUCE: This isn’t so much of a celebrity as the wife of a celebrity, albeit one that was a stripper, a singer, and in some B movies……..the gorgeous wife of the genius comedian Lenny Bruce, Honey. In Lenny’s book “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People”, he devotes a whole paragraph (the 4th one down) in the beginning of chapter 15 about Honey’s ticklishness. (I just want to interject here that Honey was an absolute knockout…..stunning…..). Here is the exact quote: “Honey was the most ticklish person in the world. Al I had to do was look at her and say “I’m going to tickle you now, I’m going to give you the worst tickling you’ve ever had,” and she would really get giggly. I would just have to touch her side, and she’d laugh so hard the tears would come to her eyes.”

    BEBE BUELL: Super gorgeous model and “groupie” from the 70’s (and mom to Liv Tyler), on the Howard Stern, he asked if he could tie her up….”no” she said. Why not, asked Howard. “Because I’m afraid of being tickled!” she answered! Also, she was a girlfriend of Jimmy Page, who was notorious for tying up groupies and tickling them hysterically…..I haven’t read her book, but it makes you think!
    Vintage pics and galleries of the beautiful and ticklish Bebe Buell:

    SANDRA BULLOCK: as posted to Toyou by Dbrazen88 (also on the Ironic Tickler’s list)
    Date: 10/26/1998
    A 'behind the scenes' show on the movie “Practical Magic” E! Monday, Oct 26--.The tickling scene involes Sandra fooling around between takes and she raises her arm to show a cut on her elbow to the camera (she got it walking thru bushes or something), and some guy, maybe a costar, tickles her under the arm. Yes, she's ticklish..
    (also: See Mainstream Lists: Love Potion #9, both /f and f/m lists.)

    EMMA BUNTON: Baby Spice(Spice girls)(Unknown Magazine) "who has the funniest laugh and where are you ticklish?"
    Emma B: Mel B has the funniest laugh, you can hear it all the way down the corridor!! I am ticklish on my knees and my feet. I hate to be tickled though!! (this was posted by UK Tickler)
    Here's pics of ticklish Baby Spice:
    Two ticklish Spice Girls!:

    BROOKE BURKE: (as posted by Latin Boy, TMF member) From the show Wild on the California Coast, Brooke Burke was tickled on her foot by a massuese! The scene was super quick but this is what happened. Brooke was lying on her stomach on a table having mud spread on her by this woman, the camera cuts to a shot of her feet as the woman is putting mud on them, she jerks her foot a little and the woman says with a laugh " Are you ticklish"? Since Brooke wasn't wearing a microphone the sound quality of her response was very poor, but you can definetly make out her giggling a bit. It wasn't the best scene on Earth but it was enough to convince me! Brooke Burke is ticklish!

    Brooke has also mentioned a feeling for feet, both her own and her “fetish” for guy’s feet. She has spoken about this in both Maxim and Stuff. In her Stuff interview, she says the following:
    I hear you have a thing for feet?
    I get a pedicure probably every week. I just love feet. And toes. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their feet. I think if someone doesn’t take care of their feet, they probably don’t care about the rest of their body. Do I look at men’s feet and think, he’s hot? No, but if he’s hot and he’s got nice feet, then I’m like, “Ooh, nice.”

    Any other tips?
    Just be thorough. I mean, if you’re going to love someone, you should really love every inch of her. My feet are extremely sensitive, as is the small of my back. I think if you could speak to a handful of my girlfriends, they’d agree that if a man doesn’t love your toes, he just simply doesn’t love you.

    Here are some truly great pictures of the truly ticklish Brooke Burke and her sensitive feet

    STACEY BURKE:Stacie Burke, fetish model for FM Concepts , this is from some site where she talks about the different stuff she’s had to do.
    WHAT EXTREME TICKLE TORTURE FEELS LIKE I’m incredibly ticklish on my feet. It can be maddening. It’s a real workout because if you’re tied up, you’re not going anywhere, and you’re just struggling, going crazy. You’re laughing, and your stomach hurts, and it’s torture. You hate it, but it’s all in good fun.

    B’WITCHED:Here’s a link to a pic that contains confessions from almost all of the members of this group! And another confirmation on Lindsay, from a chat:
    IgnatiousPReilly asks: Hi Ladies! I have an unusual question for you.. which of you is the most ticklish??
    react_bwitched: Lindsay: Probably me actually. Sometimes even if someone goes to tickle me, I laugh before they get there. But I actually hate being tickled, it's not a nice laughter, it's a get away from me laughter.
    And another confirmation on Keavy:
    ringmaster_sc_316: KEAVY U HAVE A GREAT SMILE R U TICKLISH
    launch_b_witched_keavy: I'm very ticklish. I also laugh when I'm nervous

    TERI BYRNE (Nitro): Two confirmations!
    From: http://chat.yahoo.com/c/events/trans...0600byrne.html
    tklr5150 asks: Are you ticklish, and if so where?
    teri_byrne_live: My feet!

    December 19 1996 Prodigy Chat Transcript
    Brock Leee (Prodigy Member):Hi, Neve! Are you ticklish and if so where are you most ticklish?
    Neve Campbell :Yes, I'm extremely ticklish, and the most ticklish spot is under my right shoulder blade!

    But that’s not all! Check out this bizarre and unexpected comment, voulenteered completely by Neve herself! From Transcript 712RR from Talk City web chat December 3rd, 2000:
    fav399: hi Neve how r u?
    NeveGuest: good thank you
    fav399: that's great. i was wondering what qualities u look 4 in a man???
    NeveGuest: I would like a man who will tickle my feet and kiss my toes every now and then. lol That's not much is it? (also see mainstream: Party of Five)

    MARIAH CAREY: This is the transcript from the Yahoo chat which gave Mariah a chance to demonstrate some of her famous bitchiness to the tickling community!
    DranamTK : I think you have a great laugh... do you have ticklish feet?
    Mariah Carey: I don't know and neither do you.

    Adding insult to injury, according to the Daily News, Mariah was seen tickling Derek Jeter at a NYC nightclub…..but he later dissed her that night by leaving without her!!! Good for him!!!
    Well, here’s some pics of her anyway:

    BELINDA CARLISLE: On the Howard Stern Show back in 1994 he talked Belinda into letting him tickle her foot. He removed her shoes, clipped off the end of her stocking then tickled her bare foot.
    Not content with this, the ever audacious and always present Ignatious P.Reilly pursued the matter further with Belinda when he caught up with her at a Lifetime chat (on August 1, 2001, seven years after the fact!! Way to go, Ignatious!!):
    IgnatiousPReilly: Hi Belinda! I saw an interview you and Jane did with Howard Stern. He talked you into letting him tickle your foot for $100. Are you really ticklish or were you just shining Howard on? Also, how do you think Jane would have done if Howard tickled her foot??
    singer_belinda_carlisle: That whole thing was really bizarre and really fun and I have no idea how Jane would have done.

    Here’s some pics of the tickled Belinda Carlisle:

    CHARISMA CARPENTER: First off, not quite:From an EOnline Starboard chat:
    From cribo7: Are you ticklish, and where?
    No, no. Stick to the topic, friend: Angel.

    BUT! Look at this! As found and posted by TMF member Travis!
    'David Boreanaz quotes from Orlando Sentinel:'
    When asked about working with Charisma:
    "She's great. I can honestly say that she is the most talented
    leading lady I have ever worked with. We just finished shooting the
    ballet episode, and we sort of had to do a love scene together. It
    was pretty funny, because Charisma is extremely ticklish, especially
    on her stomach, so when I had to go down, kind of made her laugh. I
    would start laughing, and then Joss would get so upset and start
    telling us that if we don't get this done he will fire us both, but
    she kept laughing, so finally I just said screw it and gave her a
    raspberry, right there. We took a break after that because both of us couldn't stop laughing."
    The extremely ticklish Charisma Carpenter:

    Not a true confirmation, you be the judge. Our very own Bandit asked her the question in a chat (circa 2001/2000), her response was : "That's something only very few people who are close to me know." He then asked her if she would do a scene that required her to be tied and tickled, her response was: "Why? What do you have in mind?"

    Thanks to Piker, who posted this from a Maxim chat:She was asked "Do you like boxing?" In her reply she ended up saying "I don't mind wrestling. I wrestled with my brothers all the time when I was little. I never stood a chance. And we had tickling matches."
    For two very quick mainstream scenes with Miss Bonham Carter, you can check out "Room With A View" where she gets attacked by some boys on her sides (in full period costume), and squeals giggling before the scene abruptly cuts. And in Lady Jane she has her feet tickled and giggles pleasurably. This last scene circulates (I believe Juggler had made a clip of this years ago)

    SWIN CASH (Olympics Women's Basketball player for USA) from ESPN chat
    Joe: Are any of your feet ticklish????
    Swin Cash: Yes! I'm ticklish!
    Thanks Dajerx, once again, for finding another one!

    LACEY CHABERT: ("Party of 5",Lost in Space): It wasn't mentioned specifically who this referred to, but in an interview with Lacey Chabert of Party of Five, (not a chat interview, mind you but in People) she admitted that on the set it was common practice that the cast regularly pestered and tickled each other, especially the male cast toward the females. BONUS: Tickled a lot on the set of Lost in Space and threatened with the "tickle finger." (From the Ironic Tickler list)

    CHAE: Beautiful webmodel is confirmed by “Glenn” to Toyou’s site:
    Hello all I know I don't post here much but I had to let you all know. Chae
    is ticklish. Here is the email I sent her and her reply.
    To: wcwchae@hotmail.com
    Subject: Your the best
    Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:18:30 PDT
    Hello chae i'm your biggest fan. you have such a pretty smile i was
    just wondering are you ticklish? where?

    I am ticklish under my arms and my feet.

    CHER:On an old episode of Sonny and Cher is wearing a gown in which her curvy sides are exposed. During the singing of “Good Day Sunshine” (or right before it), Sonny and Cher engage in some banter which causes Cher to roll her eyes at Sonny to which Sonny takes his hand and gives her exposed bare side a pinch causing her to flinch (not giggle but you can see in her face she’s holding it in. It looked completely unscripted and seemed to catch her off guard (as does the mainstream scene “Mask”, she also gets tickled in a magic trick on the Cher Show: See Mainstream lists)
    Also according to the Ironic Tickler comes the following: Had her ribs and knees tickled by David Letterman on "The Late Show."
    The classically ticklish Cher:

    AMY CHOW: (American Gymnast in her 20’s) yahoo chat with Amy Chow:
    Bandt001: You're so graceful and pretty it's hard to believe you're human! Do you ever burp? Are you ticklish anywhere?
    Amy Chow: I'm ticklish all over and yes, everybody burps.
    The all-over ticklish Amy Chow:

    CHYNA("WWF Smackdown!"): An anonymous tip mentions that Chyna has very ticklish feet after seeing her feet tickled by a friend at a WWF afterparty. (this comes from Ironic Tickler’s list and I include it since his was a definitive list for so long) Now, flash forward to 12/6/01 when Scooby achieved the following:
    guest41that's me, scoob)- Joanie, you said you get a lot of comments on your feet. Are they ticklish at all?
    JoanieLaurer: Yes, definately!
    JoanieLaurer: Sometimes when I get a pedicure it's hard because the lady always tickles my feet!
    JoanieLaurer: laughs

    KELLY CLARKSON: (from American Idol) This comes from her own website:
    1. Are you ticklish? If so, where?
    Here's the link to the page, from her own website, where she answers the question:
    Pics of the extremely ticklish Kelly Clarkson:

    KIM COLES(Living Single"): Like Halle, an old schoolmate remembers tickling her feet. (from the Ironic Tickler’s website, again I don’t know where he gets his info.)

    JENNIFER CONVEY (hostess of Intimate Escapes"): In one episode (which is circulating on the web), she has to have her foot outlined for shoes. She warns the gent that she’s super ticklish and proceeds to go crazy as he does it.

    RACHEL LEIGH COOK In the April 2001 edition of 'In Style' magazine Rachel Leigh Cook is asked "Do you ever go to spas?" She replies "I'm very ticklish and also very wimpy, so I don't really like massages. The masseuse ends up either hurting me or tickling me to the point where I'm laughing hysterically on the floor". Also in an issue of the magazine The Face comes the following caption under a picture (this was posted by MTP Jeff): This is the caption from a photo shoot she recently participated in. I think WE all know what prompted this case of the giggles
    "Rachael Leigh Cook is lying facedown on a table. Covered in bronze body paint (if only that was all she was wearing!! ;-)) and wearing a halter-necked top rolled down low enough on her small-boned frame to reveal the black lace of her bra and the shallow curve of her back, she looks like a proper movie starlet. Until, that is, a stylist moves in to retouch her shimmering make-up, and she gets the giggles. She rolls her eyes, wraps her arms around herself and suddenly shivers. "I'm so cold right now, you can't believeit."
    But that’s not all….she also tickled Josie and the Pussycats costars Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson on an ET segment. (also see mainstream scenes)
    The very hysterically ticklish Rachel Leigh Cook:
    Max Speer Pic: http://www.anycelebrity.com/actresse...mages/003.html

    NIKKI COSTA: from Vibe chat: kmh213us: Nikka, you have a beautiful smaile, what makes you laugh and are you ticklish?
    vibe_nikka_costa: thank you, sarcasm, with marc ronson, goofy things and i am ticklish

    KATIE COURIC: As posted by TMF member Kingp (and also corroborated by TMF member joeshushu): About 11 years ago I think I can tell you the exact date. Katie was asked by Bryant Gumball to demonstrate a new body massager- you go in clothed but shoeless. Katie went down face first into something resembling an iron lung. Only her head could be seen. The contraption sprayed water at different intensity down onto a thin plastic covering which covered your back so you wouldn't get wet. Basically -you could feel the jet impulse of the water, but not get wet. The machine started by hner shoulders and slowly slid down her back. The jets were set high, so she joked how it smacked her back. When it reached her feet, she suddenly tried to stifle a smile and couldn't, then burst out laughing. "it tickles your feet" she said, and began laughing again trying to get out when the sprayer came back up and over her soles again. She was trying to get them to shut off the machine, but Bryant kept it on. There was one more pass by her feet, when they went to commercial, and she didn't look to pleased, but couldn't keep from laughing. It aired Mar 28 1992 I believe? I know because it was my birthday, I am not sure of the year- Could have been 1991.

    DEBORAH COX: From Debrorahcoxonline.com, May 8,1999. In response to the question: To jfj, I am ticklish on my neck.

    Some pics of ticklish Deborah Cox: http://www.celebritystorm.com/celebs...ox/index1.html

    YYVONE CRAIG (Batgirl): Tragically, she said in an email that she was NOT ticklish.

    CASSANDRA CREECH (As the World Turns)
    Admitted in TV Guide Chat that she is ticklish right behind her knee

    GINA CREWS (from Survivor): Sorry to break the news to you, Gina_Crews_Fan but she did NOT seem ticklish at all when Howard Stern put her in the tickle chair. Can't win 'em all.

    ADRIANNE CURRY (model, winner of "America's Next Top Model", first season)
    In what I think was the very last epiosde of the first season (or maybe it was the second to last, but I'm pretty sure it was the last one), Adrianne and her only remaining competitor are sitting in their room, when all of a sudden the model leaps up and starts squeezing Adrianne's thigh. Adrianne immediately squeals with giggling and curls up defensively, screaming the girl's name, totally shocked that she was tickling her (I can't remember what the other model's name was, but I have the scene somewhere on videotape). Adrianne Curry, who went on to marry one of the original Brady Bunch kids (and did a reality show with him) is definitely ticklish.

    To see pics of this ticklish model, go here: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?t=156178

    ANN CURRY: (NBC Today Show) this is from a Today Show transcript I found a few
    years ago.Ann Curry talks about being ticklish with Sara James, Matt Lauer and Al Roker:
    (this conversation occurs near the end of the transcript)
    LEONARD: Boosting them that much higher in status by giving them money on top of respect. Too much to bear for one envious soul who sometimes has to be reminded that even rocket
    scientists have to put their rubber gloves on one hand at a time.
    Prof. BURTON: That's good.
    LEONARD: Even rocket scientists get stumped occasionally by a humble thinker with a few penetrating questions. Explain the Pauly Shore phenomenon. (Man ponders the question) Why don't people laugh when they tickle themselves? (Man ponders the question) I guess that
    stuff is a little above their heads. But then again, they aren't exactly feature reporters, are they?
    For TODAY: Mike Leonard, NBC News, Urbana, Illinois.
    LAUER: I say we modify the expression in the future, you're as smart as a meteorologist.' How about that?
    AL ROKER reporting: Duh.
    LAUER: We'll be back.

    MATT LAUER, co-host: Eight twenty-six. We're back. And since we look
    to you, Sara...
    SARA JAMES, anchor: Ha!
    LAUER: ...as our resident authority on almost everything...
    JAMES: Oh, well.
    LAUER: ...let us-let us pose one of the questions that Mike Leonard just posed in that piece to you. Why don't people laugh and giggle when they tickle themselves?
    JAMES: I don't think it's possible. I don't think you can do that to yourself because...
    LAUER: Why?
    JAMES: Physics.
    LAUER: That's kind of a blanket explanation.
    JAMES: I have no idea, I have-well, I think it's good to go for a big answer, physics.
    LAUER: Well, I mean you said it's because of
    JAMES: I think it's because you...
    ANN CURRY, co-host: Or the loss of control, that you-you suddenly know that something is going to make you out of control, that you don't have control over the situation. But actually,
    you know what, I have problems with the-with the question, because I have made
    myself laugh.
    JAMES: Tickling yourself.
    AL ROKER reporting: Tickling yourself?
    CURRY: Yes, on my feet. I've tried it. See, only Ann Curry would do it.
    ROKER: It's now official, Ann Curry is the weirdest person in America.
    JAMES: Wait a minute. It's true, though, the foot is somewhat ticklish.
    CURRY: It is-it is-it is ticklish, isn't it? Try it.
    JAMES: Try tickling your foot.
    ROKER: I'm not tickling my foot.
    JAMES: I don't know, that's somewhat ticklish.
    CURRY: It is ticklish.
    JAMES: But you didn't-but I'm not giggling.
    CURRY: You'd-you'd giggle. You'd giggle.
    ROKER: I don't know.
    CURRY: Try it. How do you know?
    LAUER: Are you at all ticklish?
    ROKER: Well, you know, I'm not ticklish.
    LAUER: No? Neither am I-not-not really.
    CURRY: At all?
    LAUER: Not really.
    CURRY: Not really? What does that mean? That means that there's a
    certain spot.
    LAUER: I mean, I...
    ROKER: Uh-oh.
    LAUER: Yes, there is, Ann, actually.
    CURRY: Under the arm.
    ROKER: Can we...
    LAUER: Does somebody have a cigarette? No, I'm-I'm just not ticklish. But I know people who you basically can...
    ROKER: Oh.
    LAUER: ...touch on the outside of their arm and they giggle.
    ROKER: It's all over for them.
    LAUER: Yeah.
    CURRY: Are you one of those?
    JAMES: Definitely.
    CURRY: Me, too.
    LAUER: Really?
    JAMES: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.
    CURRY: Do you think it's a girl thing?
    JAMES: So I'll just sort of slide over here now.
    LAUER: No, I don't think it's-I think there are as many guys who are
    ROKER: Oh, yeah.
    LAUER: ...as women who are ticklish, right?
    CURRY: Yeah.
    JAMES: Yeah.
    CURRY: Probably.
    JAMES: I feel safer discussing this from this distance, though.
    LAUER: You do?

    Well, all right!!!

    The definitely ticklish Ann Curry:

    OLIVIA D’ABO: the question in the olivia d'abo chat was asked by a guy with the user name tmf_tickler. he said Olivia you are very great looking and i bet you always have been great looking i was wondering if you were at all ticklish...or somthing on that line. she replied that she has always been very ticklish and that she always will be, and that she constantly feels like she is getting tickled. the same guy also asked her who she thought would win in a tickle fight..her or neve campbell. she replied that she would be victorious.
    The eternally ticklish and often tickled Olivia D’Abo

    JAMIE DANTZCHER (competed on the US women's gymnastics team in the Olympics) IgnatiousPRiley on a Yahoo chat:"I read a rumor that your feet are ticklish is that true?"
    Jamie Dantzcher answers "I'm very ticklish in a lot of places, actually."

    JO DAVIDSON: The transcript is now down, but she said she was ticklish in a teenmusic.com chat, July 25, 2001. Does anyone know the exact quote?

    ROSARIO DAWSON: Got tickled on an ET segment along with Tara Reid by Rachel Leigh Cook. ET ran a segment on Josie and the Pussycats and showed the three young ladies posing for some publicity pics.For a few fleeting seconds during an otherwise inane voice over we see the other two girls sitting to their side with Cook in the middle kneeling sort of behind them for a picture.Ms. Cook then starts wiggling her fingers over the exposed sides of her castmates and into their underarms which gets a great reaction from Tara Reid and a good reaction from Rosario Dawson. Unfortunately, this was posted by a TMF member who didn’t get to tape it and seemingly no one else has come forward with it either
    The revealed to be ticklish Rosario Dawson or here’s some of Rosario Dawson’s ticklish body

    GEENA DAVIS: On 2 occasions (once in Rolling Stone magazine and during a talk show, with Murray by her side!)she mentioned that during the movie she made with Bill Murray, he would tickle her, including when she read for the part. The scene they were playing she was supposed to be angry but he kept untucking her shirt and tickling her belly! (also see Mainstream lists-David Lettermen Show and Beetljuice) The tickled Geena Davis

    KRISTEN DAVISfrom Sex in the City)
    korul88 asks: Hi, Kristin! Here's a silly question for ya-- what makes you laugh, and do you have any ticklish spots?
    BigStar_Celeb: Well, I hate to be tickled...
    BigStar_Celeb: AT ALL! So, that wouldn't make me laugh. I'd hate that.
    The hatedly ticklish Kristen Davis
    And a position that's a little hard to resist, I don't care if she DOES hate it!:

    CAT DEELEY: On SMTV (Saturday morning kids program) There have been several instances where the lovely Cat Deeley has been tickled under her arms and on her knees by her co-presenters each time jumping about three foot in the air. No foot tickling though unfortunately.

    The delightfully ticklish Cat Deeley

    MAJANDRA DELFINO: Another celeb who has been confirmed twice!
    Question: What makes you laugh, and do you have any ticklish spots?
    Majandra Delfino: A good sense of humor makes me laugh, though I can't
    really explain what kind. It's definitely a particular one, though. And I'm
    ticklish everywhere.
    1/26/01 From: http://netscape.eonline.com/Celebs/S...fino/ask1.html
    From roar56: You have such a cute smile and laugh. Where are you ticklish the most, and do you like being tickled?
    Majandra Delfino: I am ticklish everywhere. Sometimes I like to be tickled, sometimes I don't. It depends on who's doing the tickling.

    The entirely ticklish Majandra Delfino……look at her….EVERYWHERE is ticklish.

    CATHY DENNIS: From: http://www.btinternet.com/~stephenmo...le/brkfast.htm
    Well, let's move you on a bit, because Cathy is, be willing to reveal all.
    This is her favourite feature her feet, especially her toes there so lets have a look.
    Oooh, be careful with the ankle.
    Sorry about that
    Are you ticklish as well?
    Yes, I am. I am!

    Pic of the ticklish Cathy Dennis:

    PAMELA DES BARRES: (famous groupie). In Pamela’s autobiography, she mentions having the comedian Wally Cox paying her money to massage and stroke her feet. She then prints her diary entry which says…”Oh well, I guess I was picked to have my feet tickled by this great man!”. (also, she was a girlfriend of Jimmy Page and though she doesn’t mention it, I’ll bet Jimmy made her squeal and giggle as well! See Bebe Buell!).

    PAULA DEVIQ: Just a note from Maxim's chat with Party of Five's Paula
    Devicq(sp?) last Friday...
    She was asked the infamous Trickey Question (same question asked to
    Paula Trickey ages ago in another chat): "You're so beautiful it's hard
    to believe you're human. Are you ticklish? If so, WHERE?"
    Her response was: "OH Extremely. Everywhere...everywhere"
    She was also asked which was better...a long foot massage or your
    favorite dessert? She replied "A long foot massage...THEN my favorite
    dessert! "

    An article in June 2000 issue of Maxim quotesPaula saying "But there is a fine line between
    seduction and tickling. Its all in the energy.And I'm extremely ticklish. You don't even have to touch me.If I just know your hand is going somewhere , I fall completelyapart."

    The EXTREMELY ticklish Paula Deviq…..look at her..everywhere…EVERYWHERE is ticklish.

    CAMERON DIAZ: Apparently on the Tonight Show she was telling a story and perchanced to mention that she wasn’t ticklish except on her feet and under her arms (that’s fine by me by the way!!). Also, she made the ambigious comment in the Eonline interview, we pick up on her comment: I hang with guys, so it's easy for me to take on gnarly stuff. Maybe that says something about me.
    Like what?
    Outrageous things make me laugh. They tickle me.
    Cameron was tickled at least 3 times in the movie "The Sweetest Thing" (including Christina Applegate tickling her foot and a three person tickle attack at the very end of the movie) and once very quickly at the very end of "Being John Malkovich", as well as claiming she was being "tickled" whilst talking on the phone in Charlie's Angels
    Pics of the almost definitley ticklish Cameron Diaz

    MARLENE DIETRICH: Uncovered by the amazing Bandit, it turns out that the legendary Marlene Deitrich had *very* ticklish feet! A costar of hers from the film Morocco (1930) was interviewed in the April 1, 1991 edition of People Magazine. He reported that the sand tickled her feet so much when she walked on it that they literally had to DRIVE her across the sand while filming the movie!

    For some great pics of the extremely ticklish silver screen legend, Marlene Dietrich, visit http://www.marlene.com/

    CHARLOTTE DODDS: Model, from Maxim, November 2001,pg. 189:
    Charlotte on her sensitive side:
    "I bet I'm the most ticklish person you ever meet. I'm the kind of ticklish that you don't even have to touch me and I start giggling. My feet are very sensitive. I like them to be touched, but it has to be the right kind of touch. It can't be too hard or too soft or I go crazy giggling. But giggling is part of making love. Isn't it?"
    And here are som pics of possibly the most ticklish model you'll ever meet, the unbelievably superticklish CHarlotte Dodds http://www.bomis.com/rings/charlottedodds/3

    FRAN DRESCHER("The Nanny"): With a laugh as wild as hers, it's no surprise to find out that this nanny is very ticklish and also had a ticklish footsie session with her boss on the show.(this from the Ironic Tickler site and I don’t know where he gets his info from).(also see Mainstream lists: The Nanny)

    MINNIE DRIVER: http://www.roughcut.com/talk/movie.c...ranscript.html
    Invu4urqt asks: Dear Minnie, I'm a huge fan. You're my favorite actress... So, here is my question... What's it like working with Casey Affleck? Are you ticklish? And what does it feel like seeing your voice coming out of a cartoon?
    Minnie: Casey is just one of the funniest, driest, most brilliant guys I've worked with. His performance was completely spontaneous. He's great. Yes, I'm ticklish, and I kick if tickled. And it was pretty weird having my voice come out of an animated character. I like to think I'd have been a writer or a teacher or maybe a musician. Those are my interests

    But that’s not all!! From a Mr. Showbiz interview:
    In the movie, John gives you an "airplane," lifting you up with his legs. Who thought up such a weird moment?
    Minnie Driver: That was my idea. I used to do that with my sister. We were trying to think of something that signaled that these people had a history; that stuff had gone on between them, rather than just talking about the relationship. Stuff that really showed they were comfortable with each other, and that just seemed right.
    You could have broken a rib.
    Minnie Driver: Yeah, but I got up every time. It was just a question of me not laughing hysterically because it tickled.

    HAYLEY DUFF: On hillaryduff.com, in the Video Diary section, there is a clip (Beaumont, TX 3/19/2004) in which Hailee first has her foot tickled by her sister Hillary....Hillary has her ankle gripped and is tickling away whilst her sister goes spastic. THEN, a guy grabs her other ankle and is tickling relentlessly as Hailee goes ballistic....as the camera pulls back, it's revealed that Hillary has her OTHER foot and is tickling away. Music plays over this clip, so there's no sound of laughter....and yet it STILL is an incredible clip, one of my favorites of all time. This clip was discovered by TMB515....thanks, brother....and is on Tickletown.

    KIRSTEN DUNST: Kirsten herself has said many many times on many shows(at least 4) that George Clooney tickled her feet during the filming of a scene in which her leg was in traction. From TMF member (and celebrity pedicurist) Serialtickler asses her sole’s ticklishness: "Kirsten Dunst: ticklish but she never really laughed that much. Her foot jerked when I used a pumice stone on her and I asked if it tickled- she told me a little." But what of the rest of Kirsten?
    From Eonline comes the following exchange:
    From roar56: You've got a great laugh. I was wondering if you could please tell us your most ticklish spot.
    Kirsten Dunst:My ribs.

    Kirsten has been tickled in (at least) two movies: Crazy/Beautiful where she starts by getting her feet tickled and then worked up to her ribs, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which Marc Ruffalo tickles her off camera (you can hear her laughing and screaming "that tickles").
    Pics of ticklish Kirsten Dunst:
    This may be actually the scene from Crazy/Beautiful:
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    Unhappy Oprah???

    What about Oprah ??? I didn't see Oprah on the list ?!?! Is she ticklish ??? I thought you said this list was complete !!!!

    Seriously, great work, nt (et al). It'll take me a long to get through this! So now all that's left for us to do is to round up these celebrities, lock them in a school auditorium or large lecture hall, and...

    Oh and congrats again on your 1000th post. You can visit me in the old folk's home and wheel me over to the computer for my 1000th post!

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    dude...you fuckin rock! If you need any help at all on this stuff, gimme an email nontkl

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    Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) updated with the November 17th appearance on UK show SMTV. (thanks Hazmon!).

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    I just read the Ann Curry passage, and I'd never seen that before! That's great! I'd been wondering about her. Ouch! Thanx again, nt!

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    Yeah! Now every time I see her, I think......well, you know!! She also did a really tasteful, heartfelt tribute to George Harrison, so I REALLY love her even more!!! Ticklish Beatle girl! What could be sexier?!!!

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    Updated with Latin Boy's post about Days of Our Lives actress Nadia Bjorlin and a link to some photos. Enjoy!

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    Added the great Marlene Dietrich to the list.....thanks Bandit....where would this list be without you?!!!

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    Added Katie Couric on the list.....thanks Kingp!!!

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    Updated Victoria Adams (aka Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham), yet again!!! And to think for all that time, she was a big question mark!!

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    Glad to see updates
    Who, me?

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    That's a pretty good list, there were tons on there I hadn't seen on any lists before. Let's keep adding
    "The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still small voice within me."

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    I love these lists . . . just now I had a hankering to shine on my growing Kristin Davis crush with some dirt on her ticklishness, and rest assured there she was! Pity she hates it though . . I'll bet she's a giggler

    Anyway, just wanted to comment on my appreciation

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    Cat Deeley was tickled on a program called Holiday in which she was visiting someplace in Italy. The outline of her bare foot was traced in a shoe store, and she giggled, said something about it tickling, and pulled her foot away. A clip is at HITW (I have it)

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    Originally posted by tklr5150
    I love these lists . . . just now I had a hankering to shine on my growing Kristin Davis crush with some dirt on her ticklishness, and rest assured there she was! Pity she hates it though . . I'll bet she's a giggler

    Anyway, just wanted to comment on my appreciation
    I'm hooked on "Sex in the City" and I think Charlette and Samatha would be the best 'lees...but knowing what I know about Krisitn Davis my wife can't understand why I say how I dislike her everytime I see her...lol.

    Great signature quote btw!

    ~ toyou

    *Not me! LOL!

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