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    Jan 2006

    My first REAL tickling of a girl

    Apoligies if this isn't your favourite story to read as there is no out-and-out bondage here but at least you no it really happened because it isn't an exceptional tickling story. Anyway, I have a female friend who has never really been in a serious relationship and is a fan of no strings attached fun. She's beatiful; fairly small with brown hair mixed with her blond highlights and very skinny, which i like, her skin colour is wonderful, she isn't too tanned but not by any means pale, she has similar skin to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Most importantly thought her feet are beatiful, and i mean beatiful. Soft to the touch and not a bruise or mark in site, so delicate and inadvertantly ticklish. We're both at a college in Sheffield ( We're both 18) and she was always very flirty with me and I liked that and although she was a flirt with everyone she was especially with me, she would squeeze my bum and poke my sides and even once at a party tickled me! She also lives nearby and my parents know hers so she has come round a few times and we have had some fun.. nothing too much though just feeling each other up and very often tickled each other. One day she said to me at college, whilst we were alone, 'My parents are away at the weekend and I'm in own my own, if you wanna come round for a few hours I'd be very grateful' .. and I knew what she meant. But sex wasn't on my mind, tickling was. That weekend arrived and having told my parents I was going to the nearby shooping centre they let me go. So I arrived at hers and she had obviously seen it was me out of the window or something because she opened the door with nothing more than a towel wrappped round her. As i stpped in she slammed the door shut and I walked in and she directed me to her bedroom. I lay on her bed as she took her time to come up and dissapointingly that time was taken for her to put some clothes on, she had slipped some pants and baggy pinjk trousers on, and a slutty low cut top. This top was so short on her that when she was to raise her arms in the air her ribs would be visible. She had also slipped a pair of ankle socks on which turned me on as i later knew I would be slipping them off again. Anyway we had some fun on the bed and that of course aroused me, she sill had the clothes on I had mentioned above, but about 10 minutes into my visit was where the tickling started.. Underneath her cupboard I had noticed a glowing white thing, to get it she would have to stretch far enough to really leave her armpits exposed and more importantly leave the rest of her body to me whilst she was lying on her front. I inquired as to what it was and after I had asked her to she stuck her right arm beneath the cupboard. There was such small space for her arm to get the object that she had to twist her wrist and arm to reach it. She couldn't quite, and I now knew she was trapped, she was flat on her belly with her strecthed out arm far beneath the cupboard and if i was to tickle her she wouldn't be able to twist her arm back out whilst been tickled, but she made it even nicer for me when she said 'Here, I'll try with my left arm, its slightly longer' This was like music to my ears. She would be on the floor both arms way infront of her head leaving eveyrhting exposed. She got a slight grip on the object but couldn't quite grasp it and she kept saying 'Gi me a sec I've almost got it' But after minutes of her trying 2 grab it and just lessoning her chance of retriveing her arms when i tickled her, I began working my magic. With her top slid up to her ribs, her beatifuly curved hips and her lovely glistening skin smiling at me i wriggled my fingers on both sides and she wriggled slightly but there was no chance of getting away. 'You can touch me all you want when I've got this' she said. But i couldn't wait. I kneeled over her and dug into her ribs 'Hahahahahahah! Don't JOE! she pleaded. She couldn't wriggle away and I carried on tickling. She wasn't a girl who screamed either, she giggled loudly and laughed, but didn't scream. I then sat on her back and facing the rear end of her body I peeled off the baggy trousers she had on. So baggy that I only had to slide them down, not undo any buttons or anything. She seemed to be quite enjoying this and just giggled as I took off her trousers (althought it must of hurt as she tried to get her arms back from under the cupboard as it was scratching against her arms) Anyway with me in this position I didn't go straight for the ankle- socked feet. I tickled the back of her legs that were facing me and that sent her wild. All i did was stroke them but they were as stretched out as possible and it was obviously very sensitive. 'EHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHE MY GOD JOE NOOOOOOOOOO' she said throught laughter. Her hair was all over the place and she was sweating, but I continued with her legs which she banged up and down to try and stop this electrical sensation she had running through her body. And after all that, I went for the killer blow.. Slowly peeling her socks off she yelled 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ' but as they dropped onto the floor I leaned over and licked the sole and she burst into a fit of laughter. 'HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHEHEHEHEH STO.. HEHEHEHEHE P.. IT. PL HEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHE EASE. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.' but she could only kick her feet as I was sitting on the back of her legs I was previously tickling. I sucked her toes, tickled with my fingers and a pen I managed to grab off the windowsill. I eventually let her get out and her arms were sore from scratchin against the bottom of the cupboard, but instead of hitting me or throwing me out shetried to get me back with the same punishment, she could get me with tickling! How wrong she was! She threw me on the bed face down and went for my sides, I laughed for a second her too but was too strong for her and reversed it round, and had her face up with me on top of her. With sheer strength I placed my arms above her head and knelt on them, and she knew what was coming and didn't even bother to struggle free, she needed to save her energy. I tickled her under her arms and she giggled endlessly. I ticled her belly button and that really got her going, she cried 'Ok you need to get up now I'm going to piss myself!' She shouldnt have sed that, that was just more ammuntion for me. When a girl is been tickled and needs a wee thebest place to tickle her is above her part, but with the position I was in I would have to reach behind me to get her there. So I continued with her armpits and sides, hoping that that would make her piss herself, but it didn't work. Just then, the door rattled, and we both looked at each other with horror, no-one knew I was here and wasn't to know, and she didn't know who it was. Just then a shout came from downstairs.. 'Sarah are you in??' It was her 5 year old brother Marcus and that was OK because he could just think I was here as a friend, plus I have been here before and Marcus likes me so wouldn't suspect anything. Anyway Its not like Sarah was naked, she was still wearing her top and had a leather black thong on and her brother wasn't old enough to reallly suspect we were doing anythin bad, he wasn't the most intelligent anyway. Sarah was expecting me to get off, and let her go downstairs to deal with Marcus but just then I twigged, and it came to me that even 7 year olds can tickle, and if I tell him to he will tickle he, even if it is above the pussy! He heard voices and came up stairs to which I shouted' Marcus mate come in!' He did come in and saw my position and said 'What are you doing Joe?' Sarah, trying to cover it up, said 'Nothing just go away' ( She couldn't understand why I had told him to come in while we were doing this), but having made sure that no-one else was with him (his aunty had dropped him home, not come into the house though) I said 'Marcus you know when Sarah upsets you or is mean to you and you want to get her back' (All brother and sisters are mean to each other, I didn't have to do my research to know Sarah teases Marucs) 'Yes' he said 'I hate her' 'Well mate' I said lookin at Sarah, and she looked back with horror as she knew what was coming, 'Do you fancy helping me tickle her to punish her' Sarah told him to say no and go and play in his room, but because I was the cool older lad who he liked, he said 'Ok!' She tried squirming free knowing that 2 tickles would be horrific if 1 was bad., but she wasn't going anywhere. The lad was a good tickler too! He would vary between light finger tickling too full on tickling. I told him to do his feet first while I did her armpits. Two sets of tickling sent her crazy, but still not enough for her to pee! So I knew the area above her pussy would trigger it, abut I needed to hold my position, so i said to Marcus' Marcus, ticle her above her panties' I expected him to decline 'Ewwww no' but he agreed and wriggled his fingers above her black leather thong. This kid was a master of tickling! Sarah wailed 'I'm gonna piss!' and within a minute I noticed she stopped laughing and looked towards her pussy, I turned my head round and saw piss oozing out, I made Marcus leave before he saw the piss and he did, almost reluctantly, as if he enjoyed it. I stayed in the same position and tickled her so she wet the bed. So thats the end and apoligies if I talked too much about irrelavent things and also apoligies If talking about her wetting herself was inapropriat please don't dislike me for doing so, its my first tickling post, Glad I've been able to tell you about the occasion and I hope that you can respect it took me time to write this before telling me that it is rubbish and doesn't talk about tickling enough. I can tell you that next on Saturday my parents are going out with hers and that we have agreed to her coming over, she has told me she will only come if its tickle free. HAHA. Good 1 Sarah. My friend Rob will be coming round as well (which she doesn't no) so it will be tickle hell for her because the only reason me and Rob are such good friends is because he has the same fetish I do. So he will enjoy it as much as I wil and will put her through torment. I can't wait! And i will tell you all about it ASAP!

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    Jul 2005
    That was a very good story. Thanks for posting it and welcome to the TMF! It sounds like Sarah had a hell of a time with you!

    Happy posting


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    Great story mmbuzz!

    You didn’t mention her reaction/attitude after the peeing incident, but I wonder if the “tickle free” clause translates to “you went too far last time”. If that’s the case, try to keep her limits in mind so you’ll have the privilege to tickle her again and again.. Remember, we want to continue to hear about your tickle sessions with her as much as you want to continue tickling her.

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    Dec 2005
    cool story

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    Feb 2005
    Heh, brilliant. Good story, please post another if you get the oppourtunity.

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    Feb 2003
    Very nice story, but please use some structure in your text next time. Otherwise it is very very tiresome to read. A couple of empty lines, the use of the tabulator will do fine

    This is such a common mistake almost every new writer makes, it is frustrating

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