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    Review of Tickling Till Peeing clips at Clips4Sale

    Hi folks,

    Even though I have been warned by well-meaning souls to stay clear of this discussion, I am going to provide some information and thoughts to those who have asked about “Tickled until Peeing” on Clips4Sale. Some sites that sell videos (many now available either streaming or download), such as Ticklehell, DungeonMaidens, Risque Renee and ME Productions (marketed at Patches.net) also feature this genre, but I’ll stick with Clips4Sale. Clips4Sale is not an easy site to search. For one thing, you can’t search two terms (“tickle” and “pee”) at the same time, so locating this hard-to-find genre there is not easy. Hopefully, this will be of some help to folks looking for this sort of thing, and maybe one or two might be able to alert me to some clips that I haven’t found.

    After this review, I will offer some thoughts on the genre itself.

    BlueFetish Videos
    *”Tickled Till she Pees w/ Liz Tyler. Excellent tickling, beautiful woman. The peeing seems convincing and real. The clip offers a lot of buildup, with the model threatening to pee at least twice before she actually does it. Too bad she’s wearing black panties, but I guess you can’t have everything. I am not too into the whole dungeon/institutional/chains/fetish clothes genre, but this is still worth it.

    BlueFetish has at least two other clips, “Stoned &Tickled w/Holly” and “Little Potty Mouth Christy Tickled,” in which the model threatens to pee, but doesn’t. (The tickling in the Christy clip is excellent, by the way.) For now, their man said to me that they won’t make any more clips where the model pees, because they are worried about being prosecuted under government indecency laws. It’s a shame, because BlueFetish has some of the best models (some, a little young for my taste) and some excellent tickling scenarios. I guess you can’t blame him, but it seems like they have already crossed this barrier, and if the government is going to go after this sort of thing, I would suspect that they aren’t going to split hairs that thinly, but who knows.

    Tickle Torture Horror House
    *Tickling the out of her” and “Stop I’m going to pee.” (Beware, the second one for some reason doesn’t turn up in the Clips4Ssale search mechanism, so you just have to look for it.) A very sexy woman, tied nude to a tickling table, pees multiple rivers. Highly recommendable. That said, as ridiculous as this might sound to someone who hasn’t seen it and is just relying on this description, there doesn’t seem to be a convincing connection between the tickling and her peeing herself. This seems to be one of those things where she really had to go, so just went (but, boy, does she go), regardless of the tickling. You might well imagine that she’d probably burst just lying there doing nothing. She had definitely reached her, er, saturation point before letting loose. This is a full nudity clip. I like peeing in panties better, but this is a very good, revealing and real clip.

    *”Gspot tickled till she pees.” A very attractive model. The peeing, just a little spurt (they say that in their description, so at least they’re honest), takes up a few seconds of a 7 minutes video. The scenario, a completely nude model on a tickling table, is identical to the first one. One thing that irks me about this clip: a towel has been placed under the model, obviously there for a single purpose. In other words, this clip is a bit contrived, disingenuous, and obviously staged (I suppose almost all clips are staged, but here, it is a little tooo obvious), but this is still an excellent clip.

    Let’s Tickle Christine
    In a few clips, Christine says in her description that she almost peed during the session, but managed to hold it in. She is fabulously beautiful and sexy and her clips are convincingly real. I have written a very favorable review of a couple of her clips elsewhere. She is also very responsive to e-mails. I have come close to begging her to carry through on the peeing, but for now, she seems pretty reticent, so I guess I’ll have to respect that and leave her be. Seeing her get tickled until she pees would be a holy grail of this genre, if she ever decides to do it.

    Tickle Torture and Foot Fun
    This site has some fabulously sexy models and a genuinely likable tickler (Mikey). They also have some humorously creative scenarios. One of his models, Mandy, threatens to pee in multiple clips, but doesn’t. It seems to be a running joke. In one clip, she says she’s going to pee her pants (she’s actually wearing panties), in another clips, she is wrapped in plastic, and says that she is going to “pee my plastic.” In the most recent scene, she is roped to a ladder, and says. “I am going to pee my…[take a wild guess].” I have asked him if she might deliver on that threat some day. He said to me that that she just has a hard time peeing on camera, so, fair enough. If the idea alone of peeing while being tickled is enough for you, than these Mandy clips are definitely worthwhile. They are also very good tickling clips.

    Trix Video
    In their description for Foot Fantasy 1, they say that Becky, a drop dead, stop traffic brunette, pee’d in her panties while making this vid!” I realize that this could mean that she pee’d but they don’t show it, so I won’t accuse them of false advertising. As far as I can tell, you don’t get to see it, and the audio isn’t very good, so it doesn’t appear that she even talks about it. So far, they haven’t responded to my inquiries to see if they will show her doing it later. The tickling in this video is practically comatose, but if you just like beautiful women in sexy clothing, this is worthwhile. She also has fabulous feet. In my opinion, this should be advertised as a foot fetish clip, not a tickling clip, unless you like really mild tickling. (I get the sense that it won’t be nearly enough for most of the folks on this site.)

    Bips Chixxx
    “Summer Cummings Tickles Krissy til she pees.” This one just came out, so I’ll reserve judgment on the title. This is one smoking hot, heart palpitation inducing clip. Krissy is sexy as hell. The video features her being tied up and tickled by Summer. If you are a boob man, Summer is a dream. The filming is very clever. Most of the time, Summer concentrates on Krissy’s feet (which are tied to the bed frame), so you get to see the tickling, the squirming, the feet, and at least one of Summer’s bare boobs all at the same time. So, what’s wrong with this clip? This is destined to be one of my all-time favorite tickling clips anyway, one that I can watch and enjoy repeatedly, but in spite of the title, Krissy doesn’t pee. Oh, what a let-down. The tickling is so convincing, she squirms so madly, I was sure she would any second. I kept saying “kudos to them for making me wait until the end.” Talk about the ultimate, blue-balled tease. When it got to the end, and the camera faded out, I almost had to rewind to believe my eyes. I inquired to their man, who says that she does pee, that he filmed it, and knows for a fact that she does, but he didn’t do the editing. So, maybe there is a sequel to this clip, or maybe the squeamish editor just cut the peeing aspect out. I haven’t heard anything from them since then, but it’s only been a few days, so I’ll keep waiting in breathless anticipation. One caveat about this site, the content of this site, especially the bondage aspect, can verge on the extreme side (not the tickling clips), for my tastes. They only have 3-4 tickling clips, but they are also spectacularly good.

    Atwitter Video
    This is a relatively new site that has at least four clips, three featuring a very beautiful, long-haired blonde named Amy, and one featuring a similarly attractive (although too young for my tastes) brunette Starlit. One of the Amy clips (“Amy tickled 3”) and the Starlit clip, you don’t get to see much. The other two Amy clips (“Tickled Amy one”) and (“Tickled Amy four”), Amy makes an absolute mess. She pees so much in one of them, that the camera pans down to the floor, and you get to see her smiling face in the puddle she makes. This is some of the best tickled until peeing content on Clips4sale. Those of you who are into pure, tickled till death, suck the paint off the walls thrashing and screaming might not get into the Amy clips. Her reactions to the tickling are evidently real, but subdued. She is very soft-spoken, and even though the audio is good, you can’t hear her very well. But still, she has one of the most approachably beautiful faces (and a great body to match) and has a treasure of a smile. I had one criticism of these two clips: Amy is wearing Spandex both times. For this particular genre, Spandex is not my favorite. I prefer cotton to enhance the visibility factor. Also, they are basically identical clips, with her tied on a chair, upright. (So is the Starlit clip). I little variety (lying on her back vulnerable, or tied standing) would be nice. Also, the lead up to the peeing is a little less than convincing. Oh well, again, you can’t have everything. Their man, Russ, is very responsive to e-mails, and usually tries to give you what you want, so I would highly recommend this site.

    Tickling Paradise Hot Tickle Clips
    “Family Bonding.” This is an older clip and most people on this forum into this genre are probably already aware of it. Having a real life daughter tickle her mother to this degree might be a little creepy to some folks, but there it is. The ticklee in the clip, Renee, is a little on the experienced side (she has an adult-aged daughter, so do the math), but in my opinion, she is sexy, attractive, very well-maintained, and real. She might be a couple of years older than I am, but to quote the proverbial phrase, I certainly wouldn’t in a million years kick her out of ….. The full version clip gets a little tedious after awhile, but they do offer the clip in segments. The peeing itself is not very visible, but you get to see the results.

    Sick and Twisted Clips
    “Tickle and P.” Truthfully, this is an odd play for this site, seemingly out of character. The site is run by Heather, who is muscle bound, has spiked hair, and is not altogether unattractive. That said, I wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley. Her arms are about the size of my legs, and she seems like she could beat most men into mincemeat. The clip features a very sexy, long-haired blonde, chained standing upright. Again, the there is a bit of the undesired dungeon aspect, but oh well. At the beginning of the clip, Heather cuts off the model’s purple panties with a pair of scissors. I wish she hadn’t, but c’est la vie. Her flimsy bra remains on her, but repeatedly reveals her bouncy boobs. The tickling is actually quite good, but the peeing doesn’t seem convincingly induced by the tickling. The model says she has to go, wants to be released so she can relieve herself. Heather won’t comply, so, seemingly in defiance, the model pees right there, on the floor. For part of the peeing sequence (which is quite long), she is not being tickled. The peeing here almost seems more consistent with the domination/humiliation genre, but this is still a very good clip.

    Tied and Tickle Tortured
    The fact that this site has only one tickled until pee clip is an unsolved mystery for me. This is the tickling site for the umbrella site called “Fetish Vault.” This has to be one of the most popular, well run sites on Clips4Sale. I am sure that people into tickling get a lot of mileage out of it. To me, the following facts lead to a strange, inconsistent conclusion. The site features a wide variety of material, some extremely extreme, some mild. The point is, Jessie, who runs the site, is not squeamish, and her site pushes the boundaries about as far as they go. The models are all drop dead gorgeous and extraordinarily sexy (some are a bit youngish for my preference); the scenes are well choreographed and cleverly done. Jessie runs her own fetish forum, and is usually pretty responsive. Now for the strange bit. Jessie and her models evidently have no hold-up about peeing. They pee in all sorts of scenarios. They pee when they burp (you have to drink diuretic liquids to burp, so this makes sense), they pee when they are spanked, they pee whilst fingering their belly buttons. FetishVault even has its own clips site (Hot Pee Pee Clips) dedicated to peeing. Most of the models who appear on that site and pee freely there also appear in their tickling clips. The tickling clips, by the way, are excellent. They are convincing, and many feature models in mild, basic bondage being tickled by multiple women ticklers. You might well imagine that some of these clips could end in a wetting. All that said, the site has three clips where the models (Capri, Kennedy and Tiffany Holiday) threaten to pee, but don’t. The one gem in the bunch is their most recent clip, “Brandi’s Big Tickle Fight.” Brandi May is featured in a lot of other tickling sites on Clips4Sale. She is a smoking hot little redhead who really needs no introduction. Now for the problem with this clip. The description says that the peeing was “totally unscripted and unexpected,” and this is very true. In the middle third of the scene, she is being held down and tickled, and the cameraman very abruptly realizes that she is peeing – her legs obscure part of the view, and by the time the camera makes it to the scene of the crime, most of the peeing is over. You get only a very brief view of her wet panties before she removes them. Some of the dialog that ensues is amusing (she basically says “don’t blame me, I drank a bottle of coke just before). Overall, this is a great clip, even if the peeing aspect has its limitations. Regarding their apparent resistance to do more such clips, Jessie said to me that some models just have a hard time peeing on camera; that seems hardly convincing, given that most of her models, in other sequences (including active sequences like mild same-sex spanking) do just that. I guess I’ll just have to leave it as a mystery.

    A Tickler’s Delight Tickle Store
    “Tickled until Pees.” The site admits that this is a marginal quality clip, and they are right. The lighting is too bright and hazy, and it’s hard to turn the sound up without being overwhelmed by the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Very cute ticklee in a bikini. You have to look really hard to see the results. Some of the banter between the ticklee and the male tickler is amusing, but I actually deleted this clip from my files recently. It just wasn’t worth keeping.

    Miss Crystal’s Feet, Legs & Ticklin.
    Maybe it just hasn’t occurred to them that, given their other proclivities, they could really mine this genre. The description for their most recently released clip says this: “WE MADE CRYSTAL CRY!!!! She screamed and cursed us!!! Even tried to bite!!!! Begging and pleading for it to stop, she’s in complete tortured agony.” A title for another tickling clip reads: “Crystal Tickle Tortured and Betrayed.” This should make the nature of their clips pretty self-evident, and if that’s what you want, they don’t disappoint. They push it a bit far for my preferences, but to each his own. Crystal is fabulously sexy, by the way. The site, which has only one page of clips, but has another clip featuring Crystal and some other models in a peeing contest. So, I am thinking, if they have no hang-up about peeing, and they’re willing to carry the tickling as far as they do, they might be ideal for the “Tickle until Pee” genre. It’s been awhile since they have released anything, so maybe they are hibernating.

    Some Thoughts

    Ok, presumably, if you are not into the “tickling until peeing” thing, you haven’t read this far, and I doubt any of what follows will change your mind anyway. As for those of us who are, maybe this will provide some uplifting ammunition for the polemics that seem to have emerged from this debate.

    About myself, most aspects of watersports turn me off. I do not like to see people pee on each other or drink pee. I am also not too thrilled about “exhibitionist” peeing (Oh, look at me, I am peeing off the Golden Gate Bridge). For a very long time, however, I have been into desperation peeing, particularly long-build ups, women trying to hold it in, and then losing it in their panties, bikinis, workout shorts, etc. I don’t think it is really that peculiar, since many men get introduced to the mysteries of female otherness by seeing the other sex pee or hearing about them talking about their need to pee. The way we pee is one of the things that makes males and females different, and difference is after all one of the bases for male/female sexual attraction. (I get the sense that it is also involved in same-sex attraction too.) Freudians might have all kinds of things to say about that. Be that as it may, it just seems to me that the connection between desperation peeing and tickling is pretty self-evident. If you are not into it, fine. There are plenty of things I am not into either. But I have a hard time accepting the idea that there is something sick, twisted or perverse about it. It seems to be something that couples do all the time.

    Ok, so, some ideas on how this genre can be done right, and how it can be done very wrong.

    *The peeing aspect is obviously intentional. There are all kinds of ways to do this. The tickler makes some announcement that he or she is trying to get the ticklee to pee. Of course, the ticklee should try to resist (that’s half the thrill). The peeing should flow (pun intended) through the natural progression of the tickling itself. Other ways of doing this: contest format (15 minutes of tickling; maybe you’ll make it, maybe you won’t), competition (tickle two or more people, let’s see who loses it first), etc., just something to let the viewer know that someone had this in mind.

    *The tickling can be aggressive and invasive, but there should be at least some hint of playfulness. After all, tickling is supposed to be fun, even if the ticklee is in agony.

    *By the end of the clip, the ticklee should have made her peace with the outcome. If she hasn’t made her peace with it, than it shouldn’t be marketed. Period. (I can’t see how this would be different for any genre.) The Brandi May clip at Fetish Vault is the perfect example of what to do. By the end, everyone (including, most importantly, Brandi May) was laughing about the fact that she pissed herself. Laughter can be one way of achieving this effect. Another would be empowerment. In the “Liz Tyler” clip at Bleufetish, and angry Liz announces that she is going to get back at the tickler for making her pee.

    *No violence. Nothing else other than tickling and mild bondage should be the culprit for the peeing. I have seen some tickling sites where the restraints actually left visible injuries on the model. I know some people are into this, so I will reserve my judgment, but actually hurting the subject of the video just strikes me as uncool.

    *If the peeing is an unintended accident, and the ticklee is obviously NOT cool with the outcome. I will not name the site (it’s not at Clips4Sale) that produced this example, because I am very inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. The rest of their material seems kosher, but their one video that saw a model tickled until she peed had a very creepy aspect to it. First, their model (a beautiful but frightfully skinny woman) obviously had no intention of peeing during the filming of the video. It was an extended filming, and about halfway through, she just had to go. She says that they need to release her, or she is going to pee on the floor. At one point, you can hear the cameraman saying “No” as in, “no, we can’t have her pee, we don’t do that.” (None of their other videos do.) The tickler tickles some more, and then, there is an abrupt cut. Obviously, the three were not on the same page. The scene resumes with the tickler in a very different position, evidently in tears, peeing in a bucket. She must have consented to this being in the video, because a good 20-30 minutes of action follows the scene. She does smile after, but first of all, this is not really a tickle until pee scene. Second of all, we have no idea what was said or what proceeded between the tickling and the peeing (obviously, some time elapsed). You might imagine some kind of argument or even the model pleading to be let go because she doesn’t want to humiliate herself. This is precisely the kind of thing that alarms some people. Sure, tickling until peeing unavoidably has an element of embarrassment or mild humiliation (what is tickling, other than making people do involuntary things like laughing and squirming), but degradation is an entirely different ball of wax. Without more visual explanation, it is hard to know what really happened during this clip.

    *No fear factor. Genuine fear, physical force or intimidation should play no role in the peeing. This seems so self-evident as to obviate the need for an explanation.

    *About asking: I know that many sites are not into this. I don’t make any requests to these sites. That just seems to me plain respect. I keep my requests limited to sites that have some suggestion of the subject matter in their descriptions, or have actually made such clips in the past. Obviously, if they’ve done it before, or if they feature pee in other fetish contexts, they can’t be too hung up about it, even if, for whatever reason, they still say no to peeing in tickling.

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    I'm about half was through this post but I gotta pee.

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    Thank you very much for such a detailed account of the content out there. Once in a while I will check out these kinds of clips, and you've pointed out some producers I have never even heard of.

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    Schopenhauer, thanks so much for this detailed account on where one can find some good 'tickled til peeing' material. And quit sounding so apologetic for liking the pee aspect of tickling! Everyone on this forum has there favorite niche of the tickle fetish. I'm a huge nylon tickling fan myself, as well as a tickled til peeing fan. See, you are not alone my friend

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    Cool deal. Thanks for the vote of confidence. If you find any not listed here, post the web references here sometime.


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    Update - New Tickled Till Pee clip

    J & J Fetish Clips, a new edition to Clips4Sale, just recently released a clip with Jessie, beautiful, long-legged goddess of the FetishVault. She is restrained upright, wearing a sporty white top and blue shorts. Her trim, sexy mid-drift is exposed, and the male tickler is really having at it with her. She begs to be released so she can seek relief - from the tickling and the agony of even more pressing needs. Instead, he tickles her until she wets! The tickling is good, the set-up is convincing, she repeatedly communicates her need to pee. At first, he teases, walks away, and then returns to finish her off. The transition between tickling and peeing is a little rough, and her shorts are removed just as she lets loose (I wish he had left them on - nothing like wet panties or shorts ;-), but this is an EXCELLENT clip. The best of this genre in a very long, long time.

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    I have to say, I'm not into watersports at all; but the whole 'tickling till peeing' thing intrigues me greatly.

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    Excellent Post. Great detailed descriptions that need not any apologies from you or the producers thereof, except by the producers that made clips that are faked and or misleading.

    Good job indeed.

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    Glad to know the post is still alive and well. Thanks for the feedback :-)

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    great job on this post for those of us who are into the tickled till peeing which i am i cant belive there are no f/f tickled till peeing clips out there i have asked jessie and she says do a custom one so they can obviously do it and tickle horror could also do it but they havent also tickle torture and foot fun has told me they would try, the ones that are out there are marginal at best when is sonebody going to step up to the plate and do a convincing one f/f not m/f.

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    Agreed! I asked Jessie about a custom one and she never got back with me, maybe because she was anticipating the J&J Fetish clips, which, as good as they are, are m/f, not f/f. I too prefer the f/f variety, by far, but it is hard to get what you want with this genre.

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    Two favorable reviews - Pants Tickle Torture and Vibrator Linda

    Here are two additions to the "Tickled until peeing" list in this thread.

    The first review is for J&J Fetish clips, which very recently released "Tickled Till She Pees!" Their newest addition of this genre agains features Jessie, tall, trim and sexy as ever, tied to a door (arms over her head) in jeans and top. This is a 9 minute clip. The tickling is fast, convincing and spontaneous. Her reactions - bounding around, begging to be released, are very good. About 2 minutes into the clip, her top comes down. About 5 minutes into the clip, after repeated threats, she floods her jeans. She makes quite a mess, and she isn't exactly happy about it. At at least one point, she even tries to kick her male tormentor. He responds by pulling her pants down (making the wet damage even more apparent) and giving her some light good natured spankings and more tickling. All in all, this is an excellent clip!

    The next review is for "Vibrator Linda - Did She Just Pee" offered by TC Video. These folks are a mainstay on this forum, and probably need no introduction. The clip appears on their "Forced ORGASMS, Bound Women" (Store 605) at clips4sale. As most of us know, the pure tickling clips are at a different store, Tickle Torture Tickling Clips. (Linda, the subject of this clip, is also featured there.) TC Video offers literally hundreds of very good clips, but as far as I know, this is their first and only peeing clip. Linda, the feature of this clip, is a tall, trim, incredibly athletic and sexy brunette. A shame we can't see more of her face, but I guess we can't have everything. In this clip, she is wearing black lingerie style top and bottom that leaves very little to the imagination. Her navel features a very prominent belly stud, for the fans of that sort of thing. She is bound upright, blindfolded and ball-gagged. The rather substantial bondage aspect of this clip may be a bit much for the pure tickling crowd, but I think it is very well done. The first and last thirds of this clip feature Linda being vibrated intensively, first by "Catlady" and then by an unseen male tormentor. During the middle third, she is tickled. TC Video doesn't advertise this as a tickling clip, but I happen to think that the tickling is sustained, convincing and excellent. At about the 3 minute mark of a 6 minute clip, CatLady puts the vibrator down and uses uses her nails and fingertips very softly on Linda's armpits, ribs, athletically trim midsection and delicious thighs to drive Linda absolutely crazy! She is soon joined by the unseen male tormentor. Linda is incredibly ticklish and responsive. It takes very little to make her squirm, scream and giggle madly, even through the ball gag. Good thing she is securely bound. At about the four minute mark, we get the benefit of a split screen. CatLady is now behind Linda, tickling her armpits, while simultaneously the unseen male tormentor subjects her to the vibrator. So it continues for another minute, when the tickling stops, and the vibrations become insanely intense. Then, come two climaxes, one expected, the other one, very much unexpected. As she writhes in blissful agony, a desperately out of control Linda appears very suddenly to mumble through the gag: "I gotta go" and within less than a second, a quick but torrentous flood of pee erupts from her panties. "Looks like our captive lost it" teases the unseen male tormentor. An exasperated (but clearly smiling) Linda tries to deny the deed, but the evidence is unmistakable. This eruption was clearly spontaneous and unplanned, but the clip makes the most of it. The last 10 seconds or so of the clip feature two, repeated slow motion close-up sequences that show the pee erupting from her panties. This is a hybrid genre clip, featuring very good tickling, vibing, bondage, a beautiful and sexy ticklee with a very unexpected but welcome outcome. As long as you can handle the hybrid nature (i.e., it not being a pure tickling clip), I can't recommend it any more highly. I hadn't paid much attention to TC Video before, but I certainly will now. Great work!

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    Cool hey

    i just been informed by the guy from ticklefootsies that there is an unexpected clip on the way of tickled till peeing and as for the other 2 you reveiwed the tc one still isnt peeing being tickled it is a aftermath but at least it shows they can do it

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the heads up. I would have never expected one from Ticklefootsies, would have never even looked, so I'll keep my eye open. I know the TC one isn't a true tickle till pee clip, but it was so good anyway, I had to say something favorable about it. Hard to say what pushed her over the edge, but I thought it was a fantastic clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schopenhauer
    The first review is for J&J Fetish clips, which very recently released "Tickled Till She Pees!" Their newest addition of this genre agains features Jessie, tall, trim and sexy as ever, tied to a door (arms over her head) in jeans and top. This is a 9 minute clip. The tickling is fast, convincing and spontaneous. Her reactions - bounding around, begging to be released, are very good. About 2 minutes into the clip, her top comes down. About 5 minutes into the clip, after repeated threats, she floods her jeans. She makes quite a mess, and she isn't exactly happy about it. At at least one point, she even tries to kick her male tormentor. He responds by pulling her pants down (making the wet damage even more apparent) and giving her some light good natured spankings and more tickling. All in all, this is an excellent clip!
    Link, for the resource-ignorant? Thanx...

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