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    Kidnapped Cop (M/f, adult)

    I was initially inspired to write this story as a result of a number of things I had seen in both tickling and non-tickling media that I wanted to explore, expand on and put my own spin on.

    In particular, this story is heavily based on a phenomenally good earlier work by another author who wishes to remain anonymous and has sadly only put one story in the public domain (so far). “Kidnapped Cop” would never have existed as it does without this person’s work and I am grateful to them for showing me that it is good to push the boundaries at times.

    You know who you are. Thank you.


    Officer Jessica Blake sat in her police cruiser and stifled a yawn. It was close to midnight and she had been sitting there for hours. The particular stretch of road Jessica was on was known as a good one for catching speeders and it usually fell to a rookie to sit there on patrol. It was a boring duty though and she hadn’t seen another motorist in over an hour.

    Jessica was 24 and had just entered the police force and the young woman’s striking good looks had already earmarked her as the force’s poster girl. Her thick blonde locks fell to the level of her chin and framed a pretty face with strong cheekbones. She had, large blue eyes, a small straight nose, and a generous mouth with a killer smile. She worked hard to stay in shape but managed to retain her feminine curves, much to the delight of anyone who saw her in her tight uniform shirt and leather uniform pants. Had she chosen another career she could have easily been a cover model for women’s fitness magazines, all glowing skin, svelte contours and vitality.

    But right now she felt somewhat less than brimming with vitality. She let out a bored sigh and began to wonder what her boyfriend Mike was doing. Perhaps he’d show up with a flask of coffee and the offer of a back rub. And perhaps he’d wear those nice jeans she had bought for him. She was grinning to herself at the thought when she heard a vehicle approaching fast in the distance. She watched headlights appear in her rear-view mirror and then a brown van shot past. It was travelling at well over the speed limit.

    “At last, some action.” The young blonde muttered to herself. She turned on her lights and pulled out in pursuit of the van.

    Jessica caught up with the van quickly and indicated for the driver to pull over. The driver was a little slow on the uptake but finally the van came to a halt. She pulled over behind it, got out of her cruiser and approached.

    The van driver watched the young pretty policewoman approach in his wing mirror. He let out a slow, quiet wolf whistle and wound down his window.

    Jessica’s boots crunched on the asphalt as she drew level with the van. She looked up and saw a lone male occupant not much older than her. He was heavyset with greasy unkempt hair. His small eyes were shifty and she instinctively found him untrustworthy. She realised suddenly that he was blatantly checking her out. His gaze settled on her tight shirtfront.

    “Good evening Officer,” he paused, reading the nametag over her left breast, “Blake.”

    Jessica ignored the insincere pleasantry. “You mind telling we why you were doing twenty over the limit out here at this time of night?”

    The driver smiled at her. “I got a big package to deliver. You wanna take a look?”

    She rolled her eyes. It wasn’t the first time she had heard something like that and it wouldn’t be the last. She took a step back. “Sir, please step out of the vehicle.”

    Almost too late she heard a quiet footfall behind her and then a rough voice said: “Freeze cop! Don’t even blink!”

    Jessica could have kicked herself. There were two guys in the van and the second had snuck up on her.

    “Hands on your head, now.” The new voice ordered.

    Jessica had no choice but to comply. The van driver got out chuckling while the second figure unlatched her holster and removed her gun.

    “Well looks to me like you’re shit outta luck tonight, babe.” The driver said. He was a powerful looking but overweight guy in a flannel shirt and jeans.

    His partner shoved Jessica in the back towards the side of the van. “Hands on the van, spread ‘em.”

    “Nice work, partner.” the driver said.

    “Thanks partner,” the other replied, “this little cop was very obliging, especially since I didn’t have a gun of my own.”

    Jessica was furious with herself as they both laughed at her. She had been suckered by the oldest trick in the book. She looked over her shoulder. The driver’s accomplice was a thin, unshaven guy with short brown hair. He wore an old camo jacket and jeans and he was pointing her own gun at her.

    The driver pushed her head forward. “Did we say you could turn around?” He was speaking close to her ear. “Now keep still, I gotta search ya.”

    Jessica felt his breath on her neck as he pulled her pepper spray, handcuffs and radio from her equipment belt. Her cheeks blazed red with indignation as the thug then proceeded to subject her to an embarrassingly thoroughly frisking. He even dug his hands into the back pockets of her pants. He didn’t find anything there but his hands lingered there, rubbing and squeezing. “Hey, watch it!” She barked angrily.

    He just chuckled in her ear. “How do you like being on the receiving end for a change, cop?”

    He spun Jessica round and pushed her up against the van. The guy in camo joined the driver and they crowded in on her. She stared back at them defiantly.

    “You are making a big mistake. You are in a whole world of trouble.” She growled.

    “Actually, you’re the one in trouble.” He grabbed her by the arms and pushed her roughly towards his partner. He caught her and wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms at her sides.

    The driver reached into the van and pulled out a thick white cloth from a small ziploc bag. It gave off an overpowering odour.

    “You have the right to remain silent.” He said, advancing on her with a sinister smile.

    Jessica lashed out with a low hard roundhouse kick. It was a move she had practiced countless times on the heavy bag in the police gymnasium. Her shin slammed the driver in the side of the thigh. He fell to the ground and growled in pain. The guy in camo jerked her roughly off her feet as she kicked and flailed. The driver was back on his feet now and hopping uncomfortably.

    “Hold her still.” The driver grunted. Jessica was at a distinct disadvantage and she was soon trapped between the two men. The driver pressed the cloth over her nose and mouth.

    “Mmph!” She tried to struggle as the sickly sweet chloroform invaded her senses but in a few seconds she slumped into unconsciousness.

    They held the cloth in place for a few more seconds in case she was faking.

    “Damn, the little bitch nearly broke my leg.” The driver muttered, rubbing his aching thigh. “Come on, let’s get her in the van.”

    The two men carried the unconscious policewoman into the back of the van and placed her on a mattress.

    “Go get rid of the cruiser, hide it in the woods. I’ll tie her up.” Said the driver.

    The gunman disappeared and the driver busied himself with his task. He grabbed two lengths of rope and tied Jessica’s hands behind her back and then tied her ankles together. Then he wadded up a bandanna and jammed it in her mouth and tied a second scarf over her mouth gagging her.

    The gunman joined him. “We good?”

    The driver looked at the sleeping blonde in the back. “Yeah, we’re good.”

    He pulled out and this time he stuck carefully to the speed limit.


    The two men drove for another forty-five minutes before coming to their destination, a collection of deserted ramshackle buildings that had once housed a small scale processing plant. He pulled up next to a two storey brick building.

    He got out and knocked on the door. Then he went to back of the van and lifted the slumbering cop over his shoulder.

    The door opened and light spilled out. A figure was silhouetted in the doorway. “Any problems?” The voice had a trace of a European accent.

    “It went like clockwork, boss. She was there on speed patrol, just like you said. We parked her car in the spot you suggested and took her gun, she should be out for another half hour.”

    “Excellent work. I knew I could count on you.” He passed them each a brown envelope. “You earned this. Go lay low for a while, I’ll call you when I need you.”

    “You bet, boss. Have fun now.” The driver replied.

    The man took the sleeping cop into his own arms and watched as the two thugs drove away. He smiled down at her. “And now Jessica, we are alone together.”

    The sleeping policewoman dozed dreamlessly as she was carried upstairs and into a large room equipped with an king sized iron-framed bed with white satin bedclothes. It looked like any normal bed in any normal bedroom. The only slight difference was that there were restraints attached the bed frame.

    The man smiled as he looked at the bed. He gently deposited his prize on the covers and removed the gag from between her soft, pink lips. Then he fastened her wrists into the soft, secure cuffs above her head. He reached down to her waist and unbuckled the heavy-duty garrison belt with its empty holster from around her hips and tossed it to the floor.

    Then he sat at the foot of the bed and took Jessica’s right foot in his hands, He reached up to tug down the zipper on her boot. He did it slowly, enjoying the sound and watching the boot peel open. He tugged it off and then repeated the process with her left foot. Once he had removed her boots, he slowly removed her white ankle socks, baring her feet inch by inch and savouring every second.

    He paused to study her pretty feet. “Perfect.” He breathed. Jessica had cute bubble like toes topped with clear nail polish, high pink arches and heels like smoothly rounded globes. He sat there for a moment, gently stroking and caressing her feet. He was going to enjoy having this lovely young woman at this mercy.

    He spread her legs a little way apart and then buckled her ankles into cuffs. She let out the occasional sleepy murmur as she was manhandled across the bed but she didn’t wake up. A small pillow was thrust underneath her back to push her chest forward and accentuate the pleasing swell of her breasts and the trim flatness of her belly. Finally he adjusted the straps that attached Jessica’s restraints to the bed frame, tightening them until the young woman was stretched nearly taut.

    He loved the way this stretched her shirt over her chest, almost as if she was going to burst out if it. It was a sight to bring sweat to the brow. He took a deep breath and tried to ignore it. A lot of planning had gone into this and he intended to enjoy every moment.

    “Don’t you go away sweetheart.” He whispered into her ear. He brushed a stray lock of hair out of her face. “I’ll be right back and then we’re gonna have some fun.”

    He left the room and locked the door behind him.


    Jessica blinked hard and licked her lips. She felt really thirsty and she had a bit of a headache. “What the hell happened?” She slurred. She tried to sit up but couldn’t. She tried again and that was when she felt the restraints on her wrists and ankles.

    Her eyes snapped open and she craned her head up to see where she was. She fought down a wave of panic as she realised she was tied to a bed. She took a quick inventory of herself. Ok, her gun, radio, cuffs and pepper spray were all gone and so were her boots and socks but at least she was still dressed.

    A low, soft voice purred from across the room. “Ah, sleeping beauty awakens!”

    She looked over to see a man sitting in an armchair, nursing a glass of cognac. Suddenly everything came flooding back to her. The van, the two thugs, the chloroform…

    She did a double take as she recognised the man in the armchair. He was tall with a long, lean face. His thick black hair was slicked back from his forehead. He had dark eyes, sharp features and a neatly trimmed moustache. He was a drug kingpin from Europe and had outstanding arrest warrants all around the world.

    “Gabriel Leon.” She said, anger was rising in her voice. “At least that’s what you call yourself. You are in a whole world of trouble, assaulting and kidnapping a police officer…”

    “Oh be quiet,” he dismissed her with a lazy wave of his hand. “I know exactly what I am doing and you are the one in the trouble.”

    “What?” Jessica said, startled.

    “A few months ago you and your fellow police associates busted a big narcotics operation of mine. You arrested a lot of my associates but you didn’t get me. I was too clever for all of you and I watched from a distance. I was very angry, I lost thousands that day, but then I saw you there at the bust, all buttoned up in your tight little uniform. I love a woman in uniform.” He chuckled salaciously. “I know all about you.”

    “Bullshit.” Jessica retorted.

    Leon chuckled. “You’re 5’6” tall and weigh 120 lbs. Your measurements are 36-24-36 and deliciously perky. You wear a size six shoe, you’re a natural blonde. Your boyfriend’s name is Mike. He calls you Jess but I shall call you Jessica, it is such a pretty name. You like Italian food and indie rock music and you buy underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Need I do go on?”

    Jessica’s mind reeled. How did he know all this?

    “You are a very sexy woman Jessica Blake. I love sexy women; I love women in uniform. So you see, I just had to have you.” He paused. “And now I do.”

    “Is that it? You’re going to rape me? To torture me?” She wished she felt half as she sounded. Inside she was quaking.

    Leon stood up. He was slim and fit, his tanned bare chest visible beneath a loosely belted scarlet silk robe and he wore black trousers and was barefoot. He grinned at her, “My dear, if such was my intent then I would have taken you already. You would be lying underneath me now, naked, writhing, sweating, moaning.”

    A shiver ran down Jessica’s spine. He sat down next to her on the bed and she was acutely aware of how vulnerable she was.

    “I am not going to rape you or torture. At least, it won’t be torture in the way you would normally think. But I am a healthy man with lusts and appetites to be satisfied and you will satisfy them for me.” He paused, watching his words sink in. “And you will satisfy them willingly.”

    Jessica sputtered. “You’re out of your fucking mind. It’ll be a cold day in hell before you get any satisfaction from me.”

    He leaned in close, smirking. “Au contraire, I bet you love being tied up like this, it gets your little panties all wet. Admit it, I make you, how do you say? Horny.”

    “You make me sick, not horny.” She spat back. His face was close enough that she could feel his breath on her neck and smell his cologne.

    “Oh really?” He whispered. His arms encircled her and he kissed her mouth hungrily.

    Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise and then she wrenched her head away. Leon was tittering and licking his lips.

    “Try that again and I’ll rip your damn face off.” Jessica growled furiously.

    “Mmm, I felt something when we kissed.” He said, ignoring her outburst. “Ah yes, it was those lovely hips of yours. The way they move…. I’d wager you are an exceptionally responsive lover.”

    “Let me up and I’ll show you how responsive I can be.” She shot back.

    Leon rested his head on Jessica’s tummy, feeling her cold belt buckle press against his cheek. “That little twinge was very telling, my lovely.”

    Jessica squirmed in disgust. “Get off me you pervert.”

    Leon looked up at her in disappointment. “Something tells me you aren’t having any fun. Well luckily I have just the thing.” He bounced off the bed and walked over to a cabinet. Jessica strained but couldn’t see where he was going. He returned wheeling a blue canister with a tube and a clear facemask attached.

    “Ever done, nitro?” He asked.

    Jessica’s heart thudded in her chest. “What’s that?”

    “Nitrous oxide, laughing gas.” He replied. “Normally it makes you feel a little light-headed and carefree. It’s designed to loosen people up for procedures at the dentist and . Some people even get a little high off it. Well this is my special concoction. It shall give you all those feelings and it’s going to send nice tingly sensations through that lovely body of yours. You’ll be super sensitive to the touch.”

    Jessica’s mouth dropped open in horror.

    “And best of all,” Leon added, “you’ll be deliciously hazy and fully aware of everything that’s happening.”

    Jessica started shaking her head. “No, no, no, you can’t do this. Please…”

    Leon ignored her. He sat down next to her and jammed the clear facemask over her nose and mouth. It instantly clouded with her muffled protests. He opened the valve on the canister and a low hiss filled the room. Jessica heard the gas escape and held her breath and screwed her eyes shut.

    Leon grinned; he loved it when they put up a fight. “You must breathe sometime sweetheart.” He said, watching her cheeks grow pink with effort. He quickly poked two fingers into her underarm.

    Jessica yelped in shock. In that moment she took in a lungful of gas and she knew she was beaten. There was nothing she could do as the insidious gas invaded her lungs. She looked up at Leon, hating him, and that was when she felt the first urge to giggle. Then she started to feel tingly sensations spreading throughout her body, stimulating her nerve endings.

    Leon looked down at her triumphantly as he watched his lovely gas take effect. He held the mask in place a little longer and watched his captive cop twitch and squirm and gulp and giggle. Finally satisfied, he switched off the gas and took the mask from Jessica’s face.

    “What…haha did you do to me, you bastard?” She giggled.

    He was practically salivating and there was a lecherous gleam in his eyes. “I’ve dreamed of having you like this for a long time, my princess.” He breathed, “and now I plan to savour every succulent second.”

    Jessica tried to stifle the giggles bubbling up in her chest but neither they nor the tingling sensations in her body could be denied. Leon hopped up and walked to sit at the foot of the bed.

    “Please, haha, just let me go, there’s no need to do any of this…heeheehee.” She chortled.

    Leon was staring at her pink, wriggling toes. “Oh, I very much disagree.” He clamped the big toe of her right foot between his forefinger and thumb and began to rake his manicured fingernails lightly across her sole.

    “NOOO! …..fuck…no…nooo.” She wailed. Her tingling feet were ticklish at the best of times but Leon’s laughing gas had sent her sensitivity off the charts.

    “Oho, is someone ticklish?” Leon purred as he bent back her toes. He produced a stiff green feather from within the folds of his robe and applied it slowly and lightly to the sensitive undersides of Jessica’s bubble like toes.

    “Omigod….. Stop STOP STOPPPP! OK OK OK!” She screamed, her outbursts puntcuated with squeals of laughter .

    “You can shout all you want darling.” Leon said, twirling the feather in his fingers. There’s no one around for miles. It’s just you and me.”

    The feather was briskly applied to her sensitive sole again. Jessica threw her head back and wailed with laughter. Between the fur lined cuff strapped around her ankle and Leon’s strong fingers she could barely move her foot at all. She was helpless as he used the stiff feather to trace the ball of her foot, stroke her arch and tease her heel before returning to her pretty toes over and over again. His strokes were slow and deliberate and this made it all the more maddening.

    Leon alternated his fingers with the feather, teasing and tickling both feet. As soon as Jessica started to get used to her left foot being tickled, he started in on the right. And so it went on for long tortuous minutes.

    “Stop! Stop! You bastard…. Jessica squealed, whipping her head from left to right. Her cheeks were glowing and strands of hair were stuck to her face with tears of mirth.

    The blonde’s involuntary squeals of tortured mirth were delightful and Leon sought to elicit as much as he could. His adorable prisoner was even more sensitive and ticklish than he had hoped. He looked up smiling to see her pretty face wracked with laughter. Her perky breasts jiggled beneath her shirt and her hips bucked and writhed. “Delicious,” he cooed, “simply delicious.”

    He could barely control himself. He bent down and began to lick and suck Jessica’s ticklish toes whilst he tickled and stroked them with feathers and fingers.

    The bound cop’s chortles shot up an octave as she felt the lips and tongue nibbling over her soft feet. This was too much. She threw her head back and shook with silent hysteria.

    Leon gently but firmly prised her toes apart and fluttered his tongue in between them. He used the feather’s stalk to write invisible promises of ticklish ecstasies to come on Jessica’s feet and skilfully used to his nails to bring forth more and more of that sweet laughter.

    “MMM, such sensitive, pretty little feet you have.” He rasped as pressed his lips against the balls of her feet. “So lickable, so kissable, so ticklish.” He grasped her small feet firmly and pulled them back, raking his fingers lightly over her heels as he licked and kissed her perfect pink arches.

    “NOOOOO…(gulp)… no..no..no omigod!” Jessica yelped. Her voice was becoming a hoarse croak. She felt as if she was going to pass out while this madman played with her feet.

    Leon recognised the signs and reluctantly gave her a few minutes rest. He even let her have a drink of water from a plastic sports bottle. The night was young and he didn’t want to wear the magnificent young policewoman out too soon.

    Jessica lay there shaking and gasping. She had never known anything like this. How long had he been tickling her? It seemed like hours but it was probably only minutes.

    Leon’s face loomed in her vision. He was breathing hard and there was a twisted smile on his face. “Well Officer Blake. I don’t know about you but I am having a lovely time here.”

    Jessica noticed that the front of his pants was bulging out from between the halves of his robe. “Please…” she whimpered shakily, the involuntary giggles still threatening to burst forth. “I can’t take this. You have to stop.”

    Leon shook his head. “Tut-tut. You misunderstand. You are simply here to please me. Any more protests will simply result in your torment being prolonged. Believe me, I can go on like this for days.”

    Days!?! Jessica’s eyes widened in shock. He couldn’t be serious. Could he?

    “Anyway, I think that’s enough of a rest for you. Those lovely feet are just begging for more of my sssspecial attention.”

    “Omigod …omigod….(giggle)… omigod…” Jessica mumbled over and over again.

    Leon watched in delight as she screwed her eyes shut and tried to block out what was to come.


    Leon positioned his bicycling fingers over each of her feet and then launched a vigorous tickle attack.

    “…omigod……FUUUUUUCKKKK!!!!” Jessica let out an ear splitting scream as the fingers feasted on her soles. Her writhing and squirming intensified.

    “Wonderful,” Leon cried out. Laugh for me! Let it all out!”

    Even if Jessica didn’t hear him she certainly obliged with her laughter. He found her feet irresistible. He ran his feather between her toes, stroked and caressed her arches and of course he kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked every single inch of the soft sensitive flesh. His cock strained in his pants as he watched her between ticklish caresses. His longing grew as he made her delirious with laughter. He loved breaking down his female prisoners in this way and Jessica Blake was far and away his favourite. Soon she would be begging for him. Sooner or later they always did.

    Of course the tormented police officer was oblivious to all the twisted thoughts running through her captor’s mind. She was caught up in the excruciating tickling sensations that surged through her superb young body. She wept, she screamed, she giggled and she laughed but he just tickled and tickled and tickled AND TICKLED!

    And then he stopped.

    Jessica kept her eyes screwed shut, she was still giggly and trembling and she could feel droplets of sweat running down her neck and sides. She didn’t dare believe he was really stopping.

    Leon started to give Jessica’s soles a soft sensual massage. “So my precious, are you having fun yet?”

    Jessica opened her eyes and looked up at her grinning tormentor. “Go fuck yourself.” She rasped shakily.

    “Ahhhh, I think I’m starting to get to you now. You’re beginning to enjoy this aren’t you?”

    Jessica couldn’t believe his nerve. “Dream on.”

    Leon chuckled. “Maybe it’s time to try something different.”

    He moved up on the bed to sit beside the young policewoman. His gaze crawled all over the front of her tight shirt in a way that made her want to take a showe. He leaned forward, pinned her wrists to the bed and gave her a slow smile. He began to slowly walk his index and middle fingers along her forearms.

    “Kootchy kootchy koo, here it comes.” He purred lightly. His fingers were over her elbows now and tracing the line between her biceps and triceps. Jessica shivered as she realised where he was going.

    The fingers paused, marching in place just at the edges of her shirtsleeves. He leaned forward, looked her in the eye and then looked at her lips and back again. “Would you like to kiss me?”

    “Are you nu-EEEEEEEP! FUCKER!”

    Leon hadn’t waited for her reply, he had simply squeezed his fingers into her shirt sleeves and begun tickling her armpits. He tickled them under and over her shirt, probing and fluttering his fingernails against those super sensitive hollows.

    “Hmm, now where did I put that feather? Ah yes.” His fingers slipped out of her shirt sleeve and were quickly replaced with the feather.

    Jessica shrieked with the alternating sensations. It was excruciating. “Omigod…I can’t stand ittttttt.”

    “I’m going to tickle you ALL. NIGHT. LONG.” Leon breathed into her ear. His lips nibbled at her earlobe and she felt his breath on her neck.

    He tickled her underarms through the thin cotton of her shirt, scrabbling his fingers against the delicious flesh beneath. He had wanted to strip off her tight little uniform as soon as he had seen her, he craved the feeling of his fingers on her bare flesh.

    He paused to give her a break, stroking her cheeks while she got her breath back. Jessica gratefully accepted another drink of water and didn’t notice the gleam in his eye as he watched her heaving breasts.

    “Now,” he said calmly, “let’s see what’s under that sexy little shirt.”

    Jessica’s eyes flew open and her head shot up. “No! Please, not that, you can’t…” she quavered weakly, stifling a giggle. Damn that gas!

    “Hush, my darling.” Leon cooed. He placed a finger over her lips. “I’ve waited a long time for this moment.”

    She was too weak to struggle as he placed the mask over her face and gave her another generous dose of his laughing gas. It had the desired effect of making her a little woozy and calming her protests. He removed the mask. Jessica’s cheeks glowed with mirth. She gazed up at home, the defiance in her eyes was gone and her pretty mouth was set in a shaky smile.

    Leon’s fingers were lightly stroking her neck and collarbones inside the collar of her shirt. “Such wonderful soft skin.” Hr droned.

    Her bound position pulled her shirt tight putting a little strain on the buttons. This meant it was a little harder to undo them but it was an effort he was delighted to make.

    Leon slowly undid the first button on Jessica’s shirt and the garment pulled itself open a little to reveal an enticing hint of cleavage. He allowed himself a smile. Jessica’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

    The second button was just below her breasts. His fingers drifted down to it and opened it. The shirt stretched a little further. He was rewarded with the curves of her breasts in a black bra. They were both breathing hard now.

    He popped open the third button and the shirt stretched open even more. He got an eyeful of her flat, sexy tummy. He pursed his lips and blew on it, watching the muscles quiver involuntarily beneath the silky skin.

    His throat was dry as he undid the last button, just above her belt buckle. An exquisite “V” of lightly tanned flesh was revealed from neck to waist and Leon took hold of the open halves of the policewoman’s shirt and pulled it out of her pants and spread it open.

    Leon gazed down at the treasure he had uncovered. His hands were pinned over the young policewoman’s wrists as he drank in the vision beneath him.

    Jessica’s full, perky breasts were nestled in a sexy, lacy black bra that was definitely non-regulation. Her ribs were lightly pronounced and she had a smooth, toned belly that was heaving slightly with her breathing and a delightful little innie belly button. And oh yes, he spied her nipples stiffening against the gauzy material covering them.

    “Now where, oh where should I start?” He crooned to himself.

    Beneath him Jessica looked up. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. One on one she reckoned she could kick his ass but he had drugged her and tied her up and now he was having his pleasure with her. Soft giggles rippled up in her lovely throat. There was nothing else she could do.

    Leon decided to begin with her beautiful underarms. They looked so much nicer without that shirt covering them. He picked up two thick artist’s brushes and flickered each of them into her smooth hollows.

    Jessica gasped. “Omigod.” She bit her lip and screwed her eyes shut again.

    Leon was chuckling at her. He waved the paintbrushes in front of her nose and then plunged them into her underarms. It was excruciating. Jessica let out a high pitched scream and then descended into gales of hysteria.

    “NOO NOO NOOO!” She screamed in between fits of tortured laughter.

    It had taken him a while to discover which brushes were best for tickling armpits and these were his favourites, not too soft and not too firm. They were so rewarding too. He was only using a light whisking motion but the reactions it brought forth from the stunning young woman strapped to his bed was tremendous. He straddled her hips so he could enjoy the undulations of her pelvis against his crotch while he tickled her.

    Jessica was apoplectic. Her head was whipping from side to side and the muscles in her arms strained as she fruitlessly tried to pull her arms down to protect her tormented pits.

    Leon watched her squirm and writhe and laugh as her wonderful breasts jiggled. It was a sight that made his mouth water. He took his time tickling her upraised arms. She was devilishly ticklish there and her sweet vulnerability ignited fires in his loins that he doubted could ever be extinguished.

    He began to lick and kiss the delicate length of her neck. She squealed and gasped as his nibbling lips and tickling tongue teased her throat. “Mmmm….(slurp)…your skin is soooo delicious (nibble) sooo ticklish. I simply must tassste you.”

    Jessica felt she was going to lose her mind as she bucked and writhed and screamed at the sensual torture she was suffering. Her shirt was stuck to her back with sweat and her body trembled continuously.

    Leon continued to nuzzle and kiss Jessica’s neck while he kept his fiendish brushes dancing and twirling in her soft quivering underarms. He decided to keep the young policewoman on her toes. He applied the brush to her neck, his fingers to one armpit and planted a lingering, sucking kiss, smack dab in the centre of the other.

    Jessica wept and screamed with laughter. She was too tired to even struggle now. Leon’s teasing fingers and tickling lips and tongue were laying a sensual siege to her underarms and neck. She blinked up through tears of laughter to see him hunched over her, tickling away. It was too much….she couldn’t stand it.

    She tired to plead but Leon was engrossed in tickling her. “He’s gonna kill me if he keeps this up!” She thought. The edges of her vision started to blur and then she saw a bright white light before her eyes and then slumped into unconsciousness,

    Leon hear her groan as she went limp. He looked up saw that she had fainted. Her lips were slightly open and her head was tilted to the side. She was still breathing hard and he was delighted to notice that her nipples were looking very perky beneath her bra. “Ah well, sometimes I do get a little carried away.” He mumbled. It was no big deal, he would wait for her to come around, she wasn’t going anywhere.

    His cock was aching with lust. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths to try and regain some self-control. He opened his eyes and looked down at her wonderful body, glowing and glistening before him. He ached to touch those perfect breasts but denial now would make it all the sweeter when he finally allowed himself that pleasure.

    Nevertheless, he quickly undid her cuffs and dragged the shirt from her limp body. He fastened her cuffs and splashed a little water over her face and neck. “Wake up sleepy head.” He crooned, tapping her cheeks with the backs of his fingers.

    “Wha…?” Jessica’s eyes fluttered opened. She looked up to see Leon smiling down at her.

    “Heloo my ticklish beauty. I think you overheated there for a little bit.” He gazed down at the small tents made in her bra by her erect nipples. “So I took the liberty of taking your shirt off.”

    Jessica blinked up and saw she was just clad in her bra and leather uniform pants now. She whimpered with frustration and an involuntary giggle escaped her mouth. She stared at him glassily and realised his beady eyes were fixed on the cups of her bra. She flushed shamefully at the involuntary way her body had reacted to his touch . He was tickling her into sensual insanity.

    “So shall we kiss now?” He asked. She didn’t answer. “Well your wonderful titties have perked up so I would say that’s a maybe. He looked down at her sizzling body and placed his hands on her ribcage. He gave it a gentle squeeze and felt it squeeze between his fingers. “Mmm, time to tickle Officer Blake’s ribbies I think!”

    He used his hands this time. Jessica felt strong fingers squeezing and rubbing along every single one of her ribs. Gurgling laughter vibrated in her lungs whilst Leon’s fingers spidered and danced back and forth up and down her tender ribs over and over again.

    How she laughed. She screamed and wailed with wild abandon. She didn’t know how much was due to the drugs Leon had pumped into her and how much was due to his relentless tickling.

    He steepled his finger on her ribs and vibrated them strongly which made her laughter shake and shiver. His fingers ran all the way up into her armpits again and his mouth returned to taunt and caress her lovely throat.

    “Mmmm, my lovely little tickle slave.” He crooned in Jessica’s ear, kissing and nibbling her lobe. “Who would ever have imagined you were so sensually and sensationally ticklish?”

    His curled fingers were scrabbling lightly in her pits as he kissed the hollow of her throat and nibbled her neck. HE regained the brushes that had caused Jessica so much mischief and drove them back into her underarms.

    Her eyes flew wide open and she let out a tortured shriek of laughter. “OOOH FUCK NO!!!!!” She screamed, “NOT againnnnn….”

    “Oh yes, indeed.” Leon teased. “Tick, tick, tick, tick, TICKLE! Tick, tick, tick, tick, TICKLE! Soft sensual tickles for Officer Jessica all night long.”

    Tears of laughter ran down Jessica’s cheeks and the brushes and fingers assaulted her ribs and underarms. Leon seemed reluctant to tear his lips and tongue away from her neck.

    “Tell me you’re mine now, Jessica.” He whispered in her ear.

    “No!” She squealed, her eyes screwed shut.

    “Tell my you’re mine. Tell me you want me to do whatever I want. Tell me you want to pleasure me.” He hissed.


    “Very well then.” He chuckled. He cast the brushes aside and his fingers descended onto the virgin territory of her smooth quivering belly.

    Jessica screamed at this new torment and arched her back up off the bed.

    Leon chuckled. “I shall give your delectable belly a niiiiice rub.” His fingers danced and skated across her tummy. He used his forefingers and thumbs to lobster claw her lean sides and he wiggled his thumbs into the soft, smooth flesh above her hipbones.

    He lay on the bed next to her and wrapped his right arm around her. Then he wiggled the fingers of both hands above her tempting torso.

    “Ooh, look at this! Those fingers are hungry!” He cooed in her ear. He teased her like this as she craned up waiting to see when her shivering stomach would be tickled next. He didn’t keep her waiting long his devious digits leapt onto her midriff and tickled it mercilessly. The fingers of his right hand tap danced around her helpless belly button whilst the pinkie finger of his left hand wiggled above it. “Time for belly button tickles!”

    “Omigod, omigod, NOOOO!” Jessica shrieked as Leon plunged his pinkie into her sensually sensitive navel and wiggled it like an electric eel. He pumped it up and down as she arched and wailed with laughter. Her bum bounced up and down on the bed as he mercilessly kept his finger in that delightful shallow cup.

    “Mmmm, I love to tickle sexy little tummies and sexy little belly buttons.” He breathed in Jessica’s ear. He paused to lick and kiss her neck again as his relentless fingers worked at her belly, he just couldn’t help himself.

    He scooted round to straddle her hips and leaned forward, gloating down at the hysterical policewoman. “And the only thing better than tickling a tummy with my fingers,” he hissed, his eyes, gleaming with lust “is to use my tongue.”

    “NOOOO Don’t!” Jessica squealed. But that was exactly the response that Leon wanted.

    He tightened his knees against her thighs and bent down to her belly. Jessica arched and bucked as he began to lick and nibble her writhing tummy. She hated to admit it but her body was starting to respond. She could feel a slippery warmth in her crotch, her belly was tingling and her nipples had grown erect. He really was blowing her mind.

    Leon inhaled Jessica’s alluring scent as he kissed her belly from hip to hip. Then his mouth traced beneath her ribs and up and down her sides. She was so delicious and sexy and ticklish that he never wanted this to stop.

    He slowly and sensually licked ever decreasing circles around her navel, enjoying the play of her quivering muscles beneath the tip of his tongue. He had dreamed of this moment and now it was coming true. He stabbed his tongue deep into the inviting belly button and began to lick and slurp for all he was worth. Above him Jessica yelped and screamed and thrashed.

    “Mmmm…(slurp)… mmmm…. incredible.” He mumbled, his lips pressed against her belly. He ran his tongue deep inside the hysterical girl’s bellybutton, tasting the salt of her sweat that had pooled there and licking the soft knot of flesh at its centre.

    He tormented her even more. All she could do was laugh so he clamped one hand over her mouth, stifling her laughter and went back to lavishing her belly with wet licks and lingering lip smacking kisses. She shook her head trying to dislodge his hand but it was clamped on tight. He let go eventually, after all he did love to hear her laugh.

    Jessica’s back seemed to be permanently arched off the bed at this point. Leon reached around with both hands now and cupped and squeezed her shapely ass through her leather pants. Occasionally his hands would scoot up to tickle her sides or underarms but his mouth stayed pressed to her belly, kissing, licking, blowing and sucking.

    The poor policewoman was on the verge of fainting as Leon descended into a ticklish frenzy. “Sto….(gulp)…sto….STOPPP!” She croaked.

    Leon ignored her and unleashed a barrage of raspberries, which vibrated her poor tormented tummy into the stratosphere.

    “STOPPP!” Jessica yelled hoarsely.

    Leon recognised she was about to faint again and reluctantly tore himself away from her gleaming belly. He looked at her lying there, heaving and panting, her wondrous flesh glistening with a mixture of perspiration and his own saliva. He was pleased with what he saw. He let her have another drink of water, which she gulped down greedily and then he settled himself alongside her.

    “Are you overheating again, my darling?” He asked.

    Jessica was still breathing hard and unable to speak. It was hard to focus or marshal her thoughts, especially when her lustful captor was talking to her as if they were lovers.

    He reached to rub her tummy then he grasped her by the belt buckle and gave her hips a little shake. “It was definitely those hips. When I was tonguing your belly I could feel them respond. And oh yes, Officer Jessica’s bouncy boobies are standing to attention too.”

    “Bullshit.” She breathed shakily.

    “Oh really?” Leon said, sitting up. “I beg to differ.” He reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out an ivory handled switchblade and snapped it open.

    Jessica’s eyes widened in terror as the blade shone before her eyes. Leon chuckled and dragged the point lightly over her nose and lips. The cold metal tickled her throat and ran down between her splendid mounds. Leon smiled to himself, he was finally going to unveil those wonderful breasts. He slipped his blade beneath the thin strip of fabric that joined the cups of Jessica’s bra and then flicked it up. The razor sharp blade sliced straight through the skimpy garment and the helpless blonde’s breasts lay at Leon’s mercy. He used the tip of the blade to flip the tattered cups aside. Two more quick cuts took care of the shoulder straps and the ruined bra was tossed carelessly to the floor.

    Leon’s cock was throbbing in his pants as looked down at Jessica’s breasts. They were firm, round and full with upswept pink nipples. The jiggled slightly with her breathing but otherwise they didn’t move much. He lay his hands on her ribs just below her breasts and smiled. Her little pink buds were indeed perky and erect. “Mmmmm delicious, just delicious.”

    He lowered himself so he was nose to nose with his beautiful little captive. “Looks like I was right. So what do I win, Officer?”

    Jessica trembled and shook with the effects of the gas and the tickle torture she had experienced. She couldn’t deny the sensations she was feeling and although her mind was reeling she knew just what Leon was suggesting. “Go to hell.” She replied shakily.

    Leon shook his head. “Silly girl. More playtime for me I guess.” He picked up his green feather again and wiggled it under Jessica’s nose. “You ever hear of death by one thousand sword cuts?”

    Jessica shook her head. Whatever it was it sounded awful.

    “It was a punishment used by the Chinese Triads. The offender is slowly executed by one thousand small sword cuts. It’s slow and excruciating.”

    Jessica shuddered.

    “I have my own version.” He continued. “I call it ecstasy by one thousand strokes of the feather.”

    The policewoman gasped.

    “That’s right.” Leon grinned. “I am going to give those lovely breasts of yours one thousands sensual strokes of the feather. One thousand strokes EACH. It’s going to drive you insane.”

    “Oh God no, please no!” Jessica said shaking her head.

    Leon ignored her and began to slowly trace the curve of her right breast all the way round from her chest to her underarm. Then he did the same with the left breast.

    “One.” He intoned.

    Jessica shivered and moaned and bit her lip. Leon stroked her again, the feather retraced its path.

    “Two.” He whispered into her ear.

    Jessica dissolved into helpless giggles as her breasts were sensually and mercilessly explored. Every inch was thoroughly and repeatedly stroked and caressed. The half-naked policewoman cried tears of frustrations. Her nipples throbbed and she could feel slick love juice oozing from her pussy.

    She lost all track of time as Leon patiently pushed her towards a delicious insanity with each teasing stroke of his feather. He was circling her painfully hard nipples now.

    “Forty two.” He whispered in her ear, before planting a soft kiss on her neck. “Only nine hundred and fifty eight to go. Unless I lose count and have to start again of course.” With breasts as beautiful as Jessica’s laid before him he would have been quite happy to go all the way to ten thousand.

    The feather was maddening. It set Jessica’s nerve endings on fire but was too insubstantial to provide relief. He was holding her on the edge and keeping her there, not allowing her to step over into the realms of sensual bliss. It was sweetest most excruciating torture imaginable.

    Jessica moaned and giggled softly in frustration. She couldn’t deny that this was making her horny but there was nothing she could do to bring herself any relief, it was just tantalisingly out of reach. This bastard was deliberately teasing her in this excruciating fashion and it was driving her out of her mind. All thoughts of her boyfriend, her job were gradually being pushed further and further back into her subconscious with each sensual pass of the feather.

    “Sixty four.” Leon hissed, dragging the tickling tendrils of the feather along the underside of Jessica’s painfully hard nipples.

    “Nnnghhh….. Enough!” Jessica blurted. “Enough, stop, stop, OK, I can’t take this, please.”

    Leon eyed the quivering beauty hungrily. “Stop? Why should I stop.” He traced the curves of her trembling mounds with the feather. “Sixty five.”

    “Please, it’s driving me crazy.” She wailed. “I need…I need…”

    Leon leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “What do you need, Jessica? You need only to ask.”

    Jessica was in turmoil. She hated this man, but her body was on fire. Her nipples were throbbing and her breasts felt as if they had grown to twice their normal size. She couldn’t help it herself. “Please, just…touch them.”

    “Touch what, Jessica? You need to be more specific, I want to hear you say it.” His tongue traced the rim of her earlobe.

    “My breasts!” She cried. “Please, just..they’re so…I can’t…please. Please…touch my breasts.”

    “I would love to.” He said, breathing hard. “In a minute though.” He wanted to let her know she was still at his mercy. He touched his feather to her nipples again.

    She screamed like a banshee as she felt the feather’s ticklish tip on her and the bastard made her wait until he had counted all the way to a hundred! She was practically crying by the time he finally put the feather down.

    “Tell me again, my darling Jessica. What would you have me do?” He traced one sculpted cheekbone with his feather.

    “Please, touch my breasts…it’s maddening.” Her voice wavered, her eyes were wide and imploring.

    “Gladly.” He hissed wolfishly. Leon was breathing hard. He had been aching to touch her breasts from the second she had been delivered into his arms and it had taken considerable self control to deny himself that pleasure until now. He licked his lips and then lowered his hands to Jessica’s magnificent mounds. They felt wonderful in his hands. He gently squeezed them, rubbed them caressed them.

    Jessica let out a long ragged moan as she felt the hands on her bosom. The knowing hands touched her just how she needed to be touched. She closed her eyes and arched her back as far as she could, almost as if she wanted to push her chest further into the fondling hands of her tormentor.

    Her breath caught in her throat as Leon’s rasping tongue and moist lips encircled a nipple. This was wrong! She hadn’t asked for that but…but…it felt so good. “Nuh-no…don’t do that.” She mumbled unconvincingly.

    “Hush, my sweet.” Leon said quietly. “Just a few soft, sensual kisses for your lovely body.” Leon simply hadn’t been able to hold back. He bent forward and licked and kissed Jessica’s glorious breasts over and over again. He heard her gasp as he sucked a nipple between his lips, ran the underside of his tongue all over it. He smiled to himself and repeated the action before switching to the other perky bud while his swollen member throbbed threatened to burst out of his pants.

    He stole a glance at his prisoner. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was moaning softly. He wrapped his arms around her back and ravished her lovely chest with his mouth until it was gleaming with saliva.
    He slid a hand down to squeeze her sleek muscled thighs through her leather pants. His hand rose up to fondle her bum and slid around to the front of her pants. He reached between her legs and cupped her mound, pressing his palm tightly against it.

    “Your little honeypot is leaking, my love.” Leon crooned in Jessica’s ear. His middle finger pressed intrusively against the crotch seam of her pants and she let out a small gasp.

    Jessica bit her lip and moaned as he It would be so easy, it would feel so good, after all the torment, to just let him…to just let him…Oh God! What was she thinking? What was she doing? This man had had her kidnapped and drugged for his perverted pleasure!

    “Noooo…” She mewled softly. “Stop it.” There was a tortured expression on her face.

    “Are you sure, my beautiful one?” Leon whispered teasingly. His fingers began to lightly tickle her inner thighs and the engorged lips of her pussy. Even through her leather pants his ministrations sent shockwaves through her body.

    Jessica turned her head away from him and nodded.

    Leon sat up in mild annoyance and then chuckled. “Very well. If you think you were TICKLED before, think again.”

    The word registered in her brain like a gunshot. Tickled? “Oh no,” she began to plead. “Please, no more of that, I can’t stand it I…”

    She screamed as Leon began to rapidly squeeze her supple waist. His fingers delivered a fierce and merciless tickling to her belly and hips, they ran up and down her sides, flew back and forth over her ribs, in and out of her armpits and even tickled her neck and ears.

    There was a manic gleam in his eyes as his relentless fingers drove the petite young blonde into a frenzy. “Silly girl, you are my tickle slave and I am going to tickle and tickle and tickle you for as long as I desire.”

    Jessica screamed like a madwoman and thrashed so hard the bedframe actually creaked.

    “Your beautiful laughter is music to my ears! I simply must accompany you! A piano concerto for your succulent tummy.” His fingers surged back and forth across the giddy blonde’s rippling belly urging breathless peals of laughter.

    “Mmm, and how about the famous French accordion?” He steepled his fingers on the sides of her ribs and began to knead and squeeze the taut sensitive skin that covered them.”

    “Kootchies for your belly! Kootchies for your ribbies! Kootchies for your pitties! Kootchies for your titties!” Leon sang wildly and his fingers ran freely over the hyper-sensitive body at his mercy.

    He returned to ravish her feet with one hand while his other kept her upper body thrashing and shuddering. There was no mercy for Jessica and all she could do was lie there and suffer under the ticklish onslaught as she wailed like a madwoman.

    Leon added his mouth to the equation. He began to blow raspberries on Jessica’s tummy, in her armpits on her neck. He pulled at the waist of her pants and blew on her hipbones. He sucked and blew and tickled her to the brink of unconsciousness.

    “Oh…my…God…” Bobby whispered, her quavering voice was as soft as fur. She truly thought he mean to drive her insane, to turn her into a gibbering wreck. She sputtered in short, sharp breaths in between her tortured gulps and giggled. She couldn’t take it. She couldn’t take it anymore! Her eyes rolled back in her head and she let out a sigh and slumped back to the bed.

    Leon’s fingertips lingered on her body. He was impressed at how long she had held out but he hadn’t had a woman he couldn’t break yet. He smiled wickedly and brought his hands back to her chest and her pussy. He rubbed her mound sensually and gently caressed her breasts, stimulating her nipples back to their engorged state.

    Jessica arched slightly and her eyelids fluttered open. Leon kissed her stomach and swirled his tongue in her belly button. She giggled sweetly and nearly purred. He gazed in to her wide blue eyes and saw her arousal reflected there.

    He bent close to her face and pressed his lips to her ear. “This feels good doesn’t it, my love?” His palm ran back and forth from her belt buckle all the way through her legs to her shapely ass.

    There was no denial this time. Jessica looked back into her eyes, her eyes were hooded and her pupils dilated. She looked into Leon’s eyes, then at his grinning mouth and back to his eyes again.

    Leon smiled. He leaned forward and for the second time that night he kissed Jessica’s mouth. This time the kiss was returned.

    Leon was howling with delight inside. He had broken this young woman’s will. Her boyfriend and her job and everything else she knew were forgotten. All she could think about was the pure sensual pleasure that only he could deliver. He pressed his mouth harder over her soft sensual lips and hungrily entwined his tongue with hers. She pressed her hips and chest up to meet his fondling hands and moaned softly as she gave in to her body’s desires.

    The kiss was long and passionate ad Jessica made little moans and sighs that urrged him on. Eventually he came up for air. They were both breathing hard. Jessica slowly opened her eyes and sighed.

    Leon shrugged his shoulders and let his robe slide off his arms. He lay on top of Jessica wrapped his arms around her and kissed her again, pressing his throbbing erection against her quivering leather-clad mound as their lips met and their sweat slick bellies rubbed together. He took his time, letting his insatiable lips and tongue run all the way from her lips to her hips and back again, lingering over her nipples and her belly button. He wanted to taste every inch of her.

    “Jessica,” she shivered as his hot breath tickled her ear, “I can give you pleasure such as you have never imagined in your wildest dreams.” He was kissing her neck, fondling her breasts, squeezing and rubbing her pussy. “Think of it. Is that what you want?”

    Jessica’s eyes were closed, her head tilted back, soft ragged breaths escaped from her lips. All she could think of was the delicious sensations shooting through every nerve in her young body. “I want….” She whispered. “I want.”

    “Good girl.” He breathed into her ear, before returning his mouth to hers and rubbing his iron hard erection against her crotch. He spent another enjoyable interlude kissing the young woman tied to his bed and then stood up. Jessica gazed up at him, a look of hazy delirium in her eyes. Leon never took his eyes from hers as he unbuttoned his pants, let them fall to the ground and stepped out of them. Jessica’s gaze dropped and she let out a tiny gasp. Leon was wearing no underwear and stood before, naked, proud and erect.

    He nonchalantly swivelled to the foot of the bed and undid the cuffs around Jessica’s ankles. He fluttered kisses all over her feet, caressing them in a way that made her smile sensually and arch like cat.

    He lay propped up on one side and wrapped his arms around her. “Close your eyes, my darling.” She obeyed without question.

    She felt his mouth exploring hers again. He licked her lips and pressed his tongue deep in her mouth as his hands attended to her body. She felt him lovingly caress her tummy and then he began idly toying with her belt buckle.

    He broke the kiss and looked a question at her. She looked back at him hungrily. He smiled, kissed her again and slowly started to do undo the buckle. It made a small jangling noise as he undid it, he popped open the button at her waist and then tugged down her zipper and spread her pants open at the waist.

    His hand oozed inside her pants and Jessica moaned into the kiss as she felt him touch her through measurably thin silk. Then his hand insinuated itself under the elasticated waist of her panties and he rubbed her pussy. She was dripping with love juice and Leon began to plunge two fingers in and out of her pretty blonde muff.

    All the sexual tension that had been building up in Jessica’s ravished body threatened to boil over. But Leon had no intention of letting her off that easily. His knowing fingers found the swollen nub of her clitoris and stroked and teased her maddeningly. Just when she thought he would let her cum, he backed off.

    Leon had planned this night in great detail. He was in nirvana with this young beauty at his every whim. One large hand was tightly squeezing her rounded buttocks while the other finger fucked her. “Do you like that, Jessica? Does it make you feel good?” He cooed. She nodded in response, incapable of speech or even laughter, an ecstatic smile on her face. He pulled his hand from her panties and touched it to her lips. “Taste yourself.” He hissed. She eagerly obliged, licking her juices from his slick fingers.

    This turned him on more than anything. He kissed her hard and urgently and then buried his face in her open pants, kissing her through her panties. He grasped the waistband of her pants to drag them from her hips. Jessica lifted her hips to help him. He looked up at her and smiled. “Thank you. You’re very sweet.”

    Jessica blushed at the compliment. She wanted to please him. He was making her feel amazing.

    Leon pulled her pants down to mid thigh and licked her enthusiastically through black silk underwear. The shape of her pussy lips was evident through the slick fabric, which simply made his task all the more delicious. He had to taste her! His knife flicked open and flashed twice. Jessica gasped as her ruined panties were stripped away from her womanhood.

    He smiled a secret smile and blew on her tingling, exposed nubbin. He kissed and licked her labia and clitoris, teasing them excruciatingly. His tongue slid deep inside her and his fingers tickled her naked buttocks.

    “Oh no!” She giggled as his tongue began to tickle her privates.

    “Oh yes!” He countered between lengthy slurps.

    Jessica’s heart pounded in her chest and she felt the pressure of a wonderful liquid warmth building in her loins. She panted hard and her entire body tingled. She knew that this time he would not deny her. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh fuck!” She giggled. The pressure was building deliciously, she felt as if she was going to explode.

    Leon recognised the signs. She had waited long enough, it was time to push her over the edge. His fingers and tongue stroked and licked and tickled at her most sensitive and delicate areas.

    Jessica felt her thigh muscles begin to tremble, her back arched and a supernova of pleasure exploded throughout her body. She let out a long orgasmic scream as she was wracked by the most powerful shuddering climax of her life. Her pussy gushed and Leon enthusiastically slurped up her juices. She was quite a little squirter, just as he had suspected.

    She sank back to the bed, immobile, incapable of speech, totally and utterly drained. She saw light and dark and that was it.

    Leon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and gazed down at her. He may have been a drug kingpin but he didn’t just deal in illegal narcotics. He knew when he planned this that he would only have her for a single night so he had taken precautions to make sure he would be capable of enjoying it. After he had tied her up he had popped a couple of blue pills. Jessica was a stunningly healthy young woman and he was not finished with her by any stretch of the imagination.

    He let her rest for a minute or two and then began to expertly manipulate her breasts and pussy. He grinned as her nipples quickly stiffened again. “Jessica,” he breathed into her ear. “I promised myself that when I took you I would give you five orgasms that you would never forget. That was only the first.”

    Jessica opened her eyes and blinked up at him. Had she heard him right? Was he serious? His knowing hands brought her arousal returned back, stronger and more urgent than before.

    He moved her wrist restraints close together, he wasn’t quite ready to let her go yet. He effortlessly lifted her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach, the he lifted her again, jerking her up onto her knees, her upper body stretched forward and her tits jiggling beneath her, He was pressed up against her. “I suggest you take hold of the bedframe.” He whispered in her ear.

    Leon roughly jerked Jessica’s pants down to her knees and caressed her buttocks, He slid his throbbing length between her legs where its slick tip tickled her lower belly, then he dragged it back, grabbed her by the hips and thrust into her.

    She let out a small cry as he penetrated her gushing pink crevice. She couldn’t believe how hot she was again already. Leon grunted as her thrust in and out, shallow and then deep, over and over. He fucked her long and hard, letting his fingers drift from her hips to tickle her ribs and sides. The tickling that had been so tortuous now just added the pure sensuality of the experience for her.

    Despite the heightened state of arousal Leon had incredible self-control borne of long practice. He was in seventh heaven as he tickled and pounded into the bound blonde but even he had his limits. He felt that glorious boiling bubbling sensation in his crotch and then his raging member grew almost impossibly hard. Jessica was shrieking with pleasure at each successive thrust. He closed his eyes and was engulfed in his own shattering orgasm as he exploded into her.

    Jessica had simultaneously ridden out her second climax too. Her entire body sizzled. “Holy shit!” She wheezed, she was hot sweaty and aroused beyond belief.

    Leon bent forward and kissed her back. “That’s two, he whispered in his ear.” He lay with her as they caught their breath but the proximity of this wonderful girl’s body and the intoxicating scent of her sex soon had him growing hard again. The little blue pills had done a fine job. He felt like an eighteen year old.

    He dragged her leather pants off completely and flipped her over onto her back. She was entirely nude before him. Gazing up at him with expectant, obedient eyes. She was there to be used and enjoyed, worshipped and adored. “A goddess among women, and all mine,” he murmured happily. He helped her tuck her legs behind her so her heels were almost touching her bum, then he parted her thighs and licked his lips in anticipation.

    The third orgasm was earth shattering, and caused Jessica to scream as Leon once again found her erect clit with his tongue and nibbled at it while softly tickling her thighs.

    The fourth orgasm was fiery and urgent. He had her on her back and rode her to glory, unable to resist tickling and licking her heaving breasts and delicious neck as he did so.

    The fifth orgasm caused Jessica to convulse with ecstasy as she was once again taken from behind. His selfish thrusts contrasting with the gentle fingers that snaked around to tickle her clit and nipples. She lost all track of time. All she knew were the electrifyingly sensual waves that lashed her body.

    When it was over, when he had had his fill, he released her wrists. Her arms flopped to the bed, her toned muscles had all the strength of a wet noodles.

    He couldn’t resist giving her some more tickles in the armpits. She giggled sweetly, unable to move even if she wanted to. He used a gentle pressure, more of a barely there stroke than a full-fledged tickle assault.

    He gathered her up in her arms and gave her the most sensual kiss of her life. It was the final straw, she moaned softly in his mouth and then passed out. He lowered her back to the bed, she was exhausted, drained, totally spent. He knew from pleasurable experience that she would sleep for hours.

    Leon gloated down at her. He had done exactly what he had told her he would. She probably still hated him and he suspected she definitely would in the morning. He gently drew a blanket over her. No sense in letting her catch cold.

    He went and cleaned and dressed himself and then used a damp cloth to clean her up, paying careful attention to her privates and her breasts. Her underwear was ruined. The shredded silk still held her scent and would make nice souvenirs. He managed to wrestle her back into her leather pants and uniform shirt. He didn’t bother to buckle or button her up.

    He carried her to his car like the Sleeping Beauty she was and put her in the passenger seat. Her duty belt, equipment and boots came too. He hummed happily to himself as he drove. He had pulled the sleeping woman across his lap and he couldn’t resist slipping his hands under her open shirt and into her pants as he drove. She let out small stifled giggles in her sleep as he gently traced her ribs, squeezed her bottom and wiggled his finger in her bellybutton.

    As such he was in no great rush to and it took him an hour to get to the spot where her cruiser had been left. The keys were under the wheel arch and the radio had been switched off. Leon lifted Jessica out of his car and placed her in the driving seat of her own.

    He lowered her seat back and couldn’t resist opening her shirt for a few farewell kisses. It was a bittersweet moment for him as he buttoned her shirt. He tucked it into her pants, pulled up her zipper, buttoned her waistband and buckled her belt. He was a man who believed in doing things properly. He took her in his arms and her gave her one last lingering kiss on the mouth and then quickly hurried back to his own car.

    As Leon drove back to his temporary base he reflected with satisfaction on the night’s events. He had taken, tickled and ravished a beautiful and sensual young woman. Was there any better way to spend one’s time. In a couple of hours time he would be gone and there would be no trace of his hideout ever having been at the old plant.

    He pondered his next destination, spoiled for choice. South America? Eastern Europe? Wherever he went, there would always be beautiful, ticklish women waiting for him.

    * * *

    Jessica had been reprimanded for falling asleep on duty when she had finally returned to the station just before dawn. She hadn’t told a soul of her ordeal, how could she? She hated Leon for what he had done to her but she couldn’t forget the feeling to surrendering to absolute sheer, sensual pleasure. It was intoxicating. A couple of months later she still lay awake at night thinking about it.

    She was on a day off when a courier arrived at her apartment. He had a small cardboard envelope for her. Her name and address were neatly stencilled on the front but there was no return address. She signed for the box and took it inside. She used a thumbnail to slit open the edge and then tipped out two silver discs in bubble wrap. They were DVDs labelled “1” and “2.” Her brow furrowed in confusion. What was this?

    She padded into the lounge and put the disc marked “1” in her DVD player. The screen was black but gradually grew lighter to show what looked like a bedroom. The camera swivelled round and she saw herself. Dressed in her police uniform. Unconscious. Tied to the bed. Jessica started in shock and covered her hand with her mouth as the camera lovingly travelled up her body from her toes to her head.

    “That fucker! He filmed everything!” She gasped.

    She shut off the DVD and stormed and paced into the kitchen, unable to process what she had just seen. She poured herself a glass of water and gulped it down. He had sent the discs to her so he obviously knew where she lived. Was she safe? Was he coming after her again?

    The young policewoman was furious and shaken in equal measure.

    “OK get a grip, Jessica, get a grip.” She told herself. She took a few deep breaths and then went back into the living room. She started the DVD again and sat down to watch it. Her hands were balled into white-knuckled fists on the knees of her jeans and she watched herself at Leon’s mercy on the screen.

    But as she watched the events of that night unfold, her hands relaxed. He mouth felt strangely dry and a pleasant, almost feverish warmth suffused her body. She untucked her shirt and loosened her collar as her body began to remember with startling clarity every single detail of that fateful night. She licked her lips and her right hand began to move up inexorably up her thigh.

    The End
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    omg what a story. just exactly the scenario i imagine. the kidnap, the tickling, the slowwwwwwwww undressing of her. more tickling driving her crazy. the erotic nature the story took. for some reason however i kept picturing Jennifer suddenly giving him a swift kick in his balls after he had untied her ankles but i'm so glad she didnt. fantastic story. well written of course with such great descriptions and attention to details. nice ending also.

    For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible.

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    Thanks for your kind words Isabeau. As fun as these stories are to write it's always great to get feedback.

    ps - Jessica was too drained to kick him in the nuts. A night of erotic tickle torture will do that to a girl.

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    Now THAT'S a grea story! Kudos.
    OK, OK! Ready...Aim...TICKLE!!! Hell'sTickler

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    Quote Originally Posted by suikoden
    Thanks for your kind words Isabeau. As fun as these stories are to write it's always great to get feedback.

    ps - Jessica was too drained to kick him in the nuts. A night of erotic tickle torture will do that to a girl.

    oops i meant Jessica lol and i pay such attention to details also. sorry about that mistake.


    i'll take your word for a night of erotic tickle torture draining a girl....
    For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible.

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    Exclamation Fantastically well written story!

    Hi Suikoden;
    Absolutely great story. I've played that scenario with a willing tickle sub, and it is truly amazing fun for both participants. You really caught the feelings, Suikoden. I never used laughing gas. Gotta think about that.
    With great respect;

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    this is a well written story! i enjoyed every moment of it. great job!

    "I don't have to hear about that idiotic criticism anymore" - Kobe Bryant FIVE time NBA Champion. 2009 & 2010 Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Thumbs up Bravo!


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    Suikoden is the BEST !

    Dear Suikoden,
    I surf on this forum since 3 years now and I never posted before... my first post is for you Suikoden.
    Thank you for all your stories (cloak and feathers series, we have way to make you laugh seniorita...) and please, keep up the good job !
    I am a big fan of bellybutton tickling, especially raspberries ! and you find the way to include all kind of tickling in your stories !
    Simply... you are the best !
    request to the moderator : please add a place for Suikoden in the "TMF stories archive" ! this guy must have his place in it.

    Thank you again Suikoden.. and please give us more belly button tickling ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bichou
    Dear Suikoden,
    I surf on this forum since 3 years now and I never posted before... my first post is for you Suikoden.
    Thank you for all your stories (cloak and feathers series, we have way to make you laugh seniorita...) and please, keep up the good job !
    I am a big fan of bellybutton tickling, especially raspberries ! and you find the way to include all kind of tickling in your stories !
    Simply... you are the best !
    request to the moderator : please add a place for Suikoden in the "TMF stories archive" ! this guy must have his place in it.

    Thank you again Suikoden.. and please give us more belly button tickling ;-)

    yippee see Suikoden??? they love you they really really love you. and i love the cloak and feather series also, but havent read all of them yet. and i will believe me...

    For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible.

    From "The Song of Bernadette"

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    I thoroughly enjoyed it this was a deliciously erotic story, and without question a literary masterpiece.

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    This is my first post and its to say that this is on the top 5 tickling stories of all time in my opinion!!!

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    Thanks for all your comments. I really enjoy writing these stories but it makes it all worthwhile when I see feedback like this.

    I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve for long, torturous and erotic tales but I've no idea when I will get a chance to write them. People are welcome to contact me with any ideas, scenarios. Sometimes someone will suggest something and I'll just start writing straight away.

    Bichou - reast assured there will always be plenty of attention paid to pretty female belly buttons in anything I write.

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    Excellent job. This was well written and highly erotic. I think I need a cold shower, or two (maybe 5-lol).

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