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    Feb 2006

    Tickled in a cab

    I've been taking cabs forever, since I can't drive. Anyway, on Sunday, I was riding in the front seat with the cab driver and we started talking ( I take the cab a lot, so the cabbie and I are pretty good friends). Anyway, I forget how it came up but I mentioned I was ticklish. And he said, "So, you're really ticklish huh?" And I said, "Extremely, what girl isn't?" Well, we were 10 minutes away from my apartment and he reached over and started tickling my sides, all the time going "Tickle tickle tickle!!" He started laughing as I was squirming and laughing hysterically. Then we got to my apartment and since we were parked he used both hands to tickle my sides and stomach. It was definetely a cab ride to remember!

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    Welcome to the TMF, Maureen28, and congratulations on your first post. This is a wonderful place, have fun here.

    Thanks for sharing the cab incident.
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    Excellent story. Welcome to the TMF. I'm sure you'll be happy here.

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    Feb 2006
    Harrisburg, PA
    This is one reason I don't take cabs.

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