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    Thumbs up My Step Sister's Sweet Ticklish Feet (F/F Foot, Tickle Fetish)

    Patty could not beleive she was actually going to get away with this. With her mom and dad leaving for the evening, and hearing them leave in their car, her heart skipped a thousand beats. And now she stood right outside her step sister's bedroom door, wondering if she had the guts to go on with this. After waiting several minutes, which seemed like hours, she went down on her knees, and crawled in toward Pam's bed. She held in so much excitement, and she was just trembling with foot and tickle lust. She was determined to not let anything mess this dream of a lifetime up. Very slowly she crawled toward Pam's bed, constantly listening to her breathing, making sure there was no change. It was summertime, and not that hot outside, but even with the windows open, she was covered with sweat when she reached her bed. She slowly raised her head to see her sound asleep. Just as she had hoped for, she had one leg on top of the covers, which is the way she always sleeps

    Ever since Patty's mom had married her stepsister's dad, they pretty much functioned as a normal family. They took to each other as if they had grown up together. All that changed one night when Pam had a slumber party one night with some friends. They had ganged up on her and tickled her. It was the most erotic and beautiful laugh she had ever heard in her life. She had secretly watched the whole thing. What really made her wet her pants was seeing those beautiful, creamy, soft feet being tickle tortured. One girl was playing this little piggie with her toes. Unable to control herself any longer, she ran to the bathroom masturbating wildly, dreaming about having those feet all to herself, while listening to that laughter that drove her over the edge. She had developed a foot fetish for other girls feet at a very early age, but didn't consider herself a true lesbian. It started when her babysitter had tickled her with her feet one time, and she was hooked ever since. Pam constantly went barefoot in the house, and this teased the shit out of Patty. She was going nuts with foot and tickle lust, and now these feet were all hers for the night!! She could care less that they were family. After weeks of seeing her creamy feet, and then the slumber party incident, she was desperate to try anything to touch, smell, and tickle those feet.

    Now she was at the foot of Pam's bed, and one of her creamy soft soles was exposed, gleaming from the moonlight. Just that sight alone had her tongue slobbering with lust, and her panties already getting wet. "I have wanted these feet so bad," she thought. Shaking, she slowly took one finger and traced it down Pam's exposed sole. Her foot flinched, and Patty ducked to the floor. She slowly raised up again, making sure she was still asleep. Again, she drew a finger down her soft sole, and there was a flinch again. But this time Patty just waited a second, and traced a finger back up her sole.
    This time a small giggle escaped, and she drew her leg up and rolled over. Patty hit the deck and rolled under the bed. She was now more turned on then ever, and loved this new kind of daring excitement. She waited what seemed like hours, but were minutes, until Pam drifted off to sleep again. After certain she was indeed asleep, she arose from up under the bed. What she saw this time made her decide there was never no turning back now. Both of her creamy white soles were now exposed to the moonlight. This time she wanted to feel those toes and feet with her tongue. She was on the verge of orgasm, but decided to hold off as long as possible. She pressed her nose and lips against her soft feet, and using her tongue, slid her face down her exposed soles. This time Pam jumped up, and started sitting up in bed, with Patty hitting the deck once more, and sliding under the bed. The more this went on, the hornier it made Patty. She was going to cum playing with and tickling Pam's feet no matter what. She heard Pam mutter somthing like,"What a dream this is." She then heard her lay back down in bed, and once again drift off back to sleep. "This is great!", thought Patty, "She thinks she is dreaming." She once again returned to her exposed bare feet, and started kissing her feet, while lightly tickling them with her index finger. In a very low voice, she heard Pam say, "Stop Cindy!" Cindy was Pam's best friend. They spent the night over at each other's house all the time. Patty quickly glanced over at the other bed to make sure Cindy was not there. Patty was so wet inside now, she decided to take an even bigger chance. She took her tongue out and started licking over her toes. They started curling up and down, while Pam started giggling and moaning, repeating the phrase "Stop Cindy!" By this time Patty had Pam's toes in her mouth, and the combination of Pam's moaning and giggling, along with her beautiful soft toes in her mouth, was all she could take, and she exploded with a massive orgasm, almost crying with pleasure. She slowly crawled back to her bedroom, where sweet dreams were sure to await her.

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    May 2001
    Pacific Northwest
    great story girl feet freak! and welcome to the TMF! man, with writing like that i wish you would have registered a long time ago. keep up the great work!

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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire

    Cool girl feet freak

    Hi girl feet freak;
    Boy, I wish I had a friend like you when I was young. Ahh, the fun we could have had working together!

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    Apr 2001
    New Jersey
    Very interesting and realistic story,i can acually picture that story happening almost every night in some part of the world. Is there gonna be a sequel or another part or better yet another installment. whatever you do next i know it'll be great.

    i love those sleeping tickles

    i wish it was me doing the ticklng
     photo 4d7d937a-dd56-49df-94fe-8a9a4e5c6d06_zpsjg8xlzxw.jpg

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    I'am glad you all enjoyed my story. I really appreciate the positive feedback. I'am begging other members to please post other stories like this too. Let's keep this forum the best ever. Yes, hyped_up, there will be another sequel or two coming. Stay tuned.
    Last edited by girl feet freak; 01-01-2002 at 07:20 PM.

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    May 2001
    Great story dude!!


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    good story

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    Jul 2008
    very good!!.

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