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    Jan 2002

    tickling female feet/celebrity/non celeb

    Just interested in tickling pics/mpegs vids, that feature women dressed in leggings, long john bottoms, jeans, spandex, basically skin tight pants, not nudes, not underwear(bra&panties), none of that bondage/S&M stuff, also looking for 1979 McDonalds commercial that has a girl buried in sand getting her bare feet tickled, 1985 ice cream commercial where a blonde in a yellow unitard has her bare feet propped up on a chair singing for cooling off when I get hot and moving her feet to the rythym. Would also like to see Peg Bundy(Married...With children), Daisy Duke, Tia Carrere's Wayne's World 1 character, (dressed in those tight pants), get their feet tickled. I would also like to see Vanna White, dressed like she was in that poster from mid-late 80's lying in hay in a barn in those pinstripe jeans barefoot, get her feet tickled. If it is at all possible, if not I will continue looking elsewhere. Also, if possible any pics of female celebs such as Lori Loughlin, Elisabeth Shue, Elizabeth Pena(Down and out in Beverly Hills, she played the maid Richard Dreyfuss' character was 'diddling'), Marisa Tomei, etc., getting their feet tickled(preferrably dressed in skin tight pants, no nudes please)?

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    Apr 2001
    Centerport, PA
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    Not asking for much, are you? Seriously, though, A.N.A.'s site usually offers clips of women wearing jeans. Some paysites have lots of them (extremetickling.com for example). As for the other stuff, you'd have to talk to either some of the artists around the forum or one of those guys that does the photomanips. And that McDonalds commercial....all these years, I thought that commercial was just a dream I had (I was only 8 at the time), but now someone else remembers it. I feel better. I'd love to see that one myself. Anyway, hang around here for a while. Get to know some of the people around the forum. Someone is bound to have something you're looking for, or else can make it for you. And welcome to the TMF.
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