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    Post Ticklish Male Celebrities (Alphabetical List A-Z)

    I arranged the male celeb list alphabetically. There are a few new names (some of which really great finds) for which we have to thank my new best friend josephine_amos and her personal celeb list. Great finds Jo {}

    Letter: A

    1) Alan Thicke (former sitcom actor on Growing Pains)--had his feet tickled on his late night TV talk show
    2) Andrew Keegan (actor in TV and movies)—stated in an interview in a teen magazine that he is very ticklish.
    3) Adam Curry (former MTV VJ in the 80’s) stated he was ticklish on his feet and sides in response to an e-mail question sent directly to him.
    4) Anthony Stewart Head (British actor on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was asked in an on-line interview (on Yahoo!) if he is ticklish and he said, “Yeah, I’m ticklish- on my ribs and feet.”
    5) Ashley Parker Angel (member of the group O-Town, now solo Singer) Ashley was asked in an E! on-line Q & A session if he is ticklish and where. Ashley stated, “I am very ticklish on the sides of my stomach.” Ashley was also asked in another chat if he has ticklish feet and he responded, “Actually, I do!”
    6) Adam Garcia (actor) On his official website, Adam was asked if he is ticklish. He said, “Maybe. Maybe a little here, maybe a little there. No, it depends on the weather, the mood I’m in and how much pent up anger I’ve got and then sometimes I’m ticklish.
    7) A.J. Benza (host of E! show “Mysteries & Scandals”) Was asked in a E! On-Line Q & A session the question “Are you ticklish and if so where?” A.J. responded that he is ticklish under his arms. He also said that when he is being fitted for a suit, if the tailor pokes him in the sides, he’ll giggle.: "Under the arms. My ankles. And whenever a tailor pokes his finger in my waistline, I giggle."
    8) Art Mann (reporter on E! and host) Was asked the question “Are you ticklish?” through e-mail and he responded by saying that he is ticklish on his, “feet, palms, and neck.”
    9) Andrew Lawrence (youngest of the Lawrence brothers) During an E! on line chat, Joey Lawrence was asked which Lawrence brother is most ticklish and he gave away the info that his little brother Andy is the most ticklish by far.
    10) Aaron Carter (pop star) Was asked “Are you ticklish?” in a Noggin.com chat. Aaron responded that he is “only ticklish in one spot.”
    11) Alex Michel (from ABC’s “The Bachelor”) Alex was in an AOL Live chat session and he was asked, “Are you ticklish and if so, where?” His response was “Yes, I am! All over.”
    12) Adam Rickitt (British stage and screen actor) Was asked if he is ticklish and where in a Q & A session on his web page. He stated, “Most ticklish on my sides, much to my family’s amusement when I was younger.”
    13) Adrian Paul (actor) was asked on his official site if he's ticklish and where. He responded "It depends on my mood and who's tickling me, but, yeah, I'm actually quite ticklish, especially on my feet and ribs...lol, tickling means lots of giggling and squirming that's for sure!"
    14) Andrew W.K. (musician) Andrew was in an AOL Live chat (May 2002) and he was asked to reveal if he is ticklish and where. He said that tickling is mind over matter and when he isn’t in the right mindset, he can be very ticklish all over.
    15) Aries Monroe (Canadian football player) In a news article, it was brought up that Aries was being punished for being late to practice. Apparently, he was tied up with tape (with his arms above his head) and tickled by several members of a women’s volleyball team. Aries mentioned that he hates being tickled.
    16) Aaron Steinthorpe (singer for the band My Dying Bride) Aaron was e-mailed and asked about his ticklishness. He replied that "I'm only ticklish when I'm drunk, depressed or after I've had sex, but my ticklish spots are not something I would discuss with strangers..."
    17) Anthony Costa (Singer, boyband Blue) had his ribs tickled during a photoshoot by band-mate Lee Ryan
    18) Andy Roddick (Tennis Player) on Andy's official site was posted a later in which was stated that Andy gets tickled a lot under the arms (where he's most ticklish) by his nieces and nephews. "After his late night on stage, he visits his nieces and nephews the next day and they know just how to get
    Uncle Andy flopping around like a fish. Tickle him under his arms!"
    17) AJ Lamas (actor, son of Lorenzo Lamas) In an on-line chat wit fans, AJ was asked "would you please tell us where you or your dad are ticklish?". AJ replied "LOL, you're trying to get me in trouble here, aren't you? LOL OK, I'll tell you, but it will have to stay between us - I'm very ticklish on my feet and so is my dad...sometimes! Just don't tell him I told you!"
    18) Anthony Kiedis (singer for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) stated on an article, that he and the other guys "love to explore each other's ticklishness" and that "I didn't know I can be that ticklish!"

    Letter: B

    19) Bruce Campbell (actor) was e-mailed directly and asked if he was ticklish and he said “yes.”
    20) Brian Litrell (from Backstreet Boys) was asked if he's ticklish and replied: "I'm ticklish, but not as ticklish as Nick!"
    21) Brad Renfro (actor) Brad had to be barefoot through the whole filming of “Tom & Huck” and he said that the cast and crew used to make him laugh by tickling his feet when he wasn’t expecting it.
    22 & 23) Brewer Twins (Derek and Keith—the blonde models) A fan emailed them and asked if they were ticklish. Their response was:
    “We are both a little ticklish, but ever since we were little we loved having our feet tickled.
    24) Ben Browder (on the original SCI FI series Farscape) was asked in an on-line chat if he is ticklish and he said, “I am ticklish, but I’m not going to say where!”
    25) Ben Affleck: (actor) Was asked if he is ticklish (a question to his web site) –he responded “that is way too personal.”
    26) Bronsan Picket (soap actor) Was talking in a chat session. Apparently there were people in the room with him during the chat. He said, “Sorry if I make typos, but Michelle keeps tickling me!”
    27) Brandon Henschel (dancer in Brittany Spears videos) He was asked on his official website if he is ticklish. He said, “I am ticklish in only one spot.”
    28) Brian McFayden (MTV VJ) Was in an AOL Live chat (10/30/01) and was asked “the question.” He said, “Yes, I am very ticklish. Very, very, very, very ticklish! Kidding! I’m not except for behind the ears.”
    29) Brad Fischetti (member of group LFO) Was asked in a Q&A with a fan if he is ticklish. Brad replied, “I hate being tickled!”
    30) Brad Pitt (actor) was asked on a chat if he's ticklish and where. He responded "Lol I'm ticklish everywhere, but most on the feet!" The same info on Brad's ticklishness can be found in an old ticklish male celebs list, floating on the net, just stating: Brad Pitt - feet, everywhere
    31) Bruce Guthro (singer) was e-mailed and asked where he's most ticklish. Bruce replied: "Under the arms and on the feet - that's where I'm most ticklish!"
    32, 33 & 34) Blink 182 (rock band) It was reported that the band said they are always having tickle fights and that the lead singer usually wins.
    35) Barry Zito (pitcher for Oakland A’s) Was asked in a chat if he’s ticklish. He said, “It depends on who is tickling me.” He then invited the questioner to “test him out.”
    36) Batista (Wrestler) was reported being ticklish on his feet and ribs
    37) Billy Ray Cyrus (singer/actor) was asked in a chat if he's feet are ticklish. Billy: lol yeah my feet are ticklish lol

    Letter: C

    38) Charlie Sheen (actor) In a Movieline interview, he was explaining his fetish for female feet, but he stated he “can’t stand to have his own toes sucked because he is way too ticklish down there.” This article is on-line if you search for it.
    39) Christian Laettner (basketball player)—reported being ticklish in an interview on David Letterman
    40) Chris O’Donnell (actor) asked in an online interview about what makes him laugh and if he is ticklish and he responded with “ Movies like Caddy Shack and Fletch make me laugh and yes, I am extremely ticklish” (from AOL Online chat)
    41) Carson Daly (MTV VJ and host of TRL on MTV) During an on-line chat, Carson was asked if he is ticklish and his response was, “I am ticklish on my chubby love handles.” Also, in a magazine, when asked about he's ticklishness, Carson replied, that he wouldn't talk about tickling, because he was too ticklish.
    42) Colin Mortensen (MTV Real World Hawaii) Was asked in an on-line chat if he is ticklish. He replied, “I think we are all ticklish…and it depends on who is tickling me.”
    43) Charlie Gibson (host of Good Morning America) After coming back from a commercial break, Charlie and Diane Sawyer were talking about how he was choking and how Diane tried to do the hiemlich maneuver on him. He said that it felt more like tickling. He said, “I am very ticklish and that is a liability.”
    44) Christian (from the boy band A1) It was discovered in a Yahoo! Chat transcript that Christian has the most ticklish feet in the band according to band mate Paul. Paul also stated that he himself has ticklish nipples.
    45) Chris (from MTV Real World Chicago) A question was sent to Chris’ mom on his website. She was asked if Chris is ticklish. She said, “I had to ask his sister this one. I can tell you that he was very ticklish as a baby.”
    46) Clay Aiken (singer) was asked on a chat if he's ticklish and replied: "I'm very ticklish everywhere!"
    47) Chad Michael Murray (actor, "One Three Hill") is ticklish. He got tickled during an interview. Chad and his co-stars from the flick, 'House of Wax', were at Much Music in Toronto for an interview. So Chad, Jared Padalecki (cutey from the Gilmore Girls), Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert were sitting onstage. The interviewer asked about rumours that Jared and Paris had become involved during filming. Jared accused Chad Michael Murray of starting those rumours. Chad stood up, raised his arms above his head (causing his shirt to lift and showing his belly button), trying to speak over the screams from the crowd. While he was standing up, Jared reached up and poked Chad's sides. He was obviously trying to tickle Chad. At first, Chad barely reacted but, Jared actually stood up and dug his fingers into Chad's lower ribs. Chad fully jerked away from Jared's touch, bursting into a massive
    48) Cash Peters (from stranded) was e-mailed and asked what kind of things make him laugh and where he's ticklish. Cash replied: "Absurdity. And, er...feet."
    49) Chris Fleming (from Dead Famous) was e-mailed and asked what makes him laugh and where he's ticklish. He replied: "LOL good comedy, funny things and my feet are ticklish."
    50) Chris Cornell (singer) had his ribs tickled after a performance by his friend and Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Veddar.
    51) Christopher Lambert (actor) was asked if he's ticklish in a magazine article and replied that he's very ticklish.
    52) Corbin Bernsen (film & TV actor) Was asked in a Yahoo! Chat (May 2001), where he is most ticklish. He said, “I’m ticklish on my feet.”

    Letter: D

    53) David Navarro (ex- guitar player from the Red Hot Chili Peppers)—was tickled during an MTV interview by the rest of the band members
    54) Donny Osmond (singer)—in an old teen magazine article entitled “ Donny-Ten Kooky Ways to Drive Him Wild,”one of the ways was to tickle his toes. Also, Donny shared a ticklish experience on his old talk show. He said that he has a fear of bugs and that one time while he was in bed with his wife, he felt his feet being tickled. He said, “Stop that! It tickles my feet.” She was not the one who was tickling him. Instead it was a moth’s wings that were brushing up against Donny’s soles. Apparently, he was also tickled live on his TV talk show by younger members of the Osmand family.
    55) Don Jeffcoat (a former Nickelodeon show host and soap actor) while hosting a Nickelodeon show, he was tickled on his sides by some kids. He laughed and appeared to be very ticklish. He even did some commentary on another episode of the show about tickling. Baked beans had to be dumped down the shirts of contestants. Donny commented, “I’ll bet that tickles!”
    56) David Chokachi (former Baywatch actor) –in the same episode that Simon Rex is being tickled, David is in front of the group on the race course when he gets tickled by former MTV VJ, Jon Sencio.
    57) Derek Jeter (player for New York Yankees ) When asked in an on-line interview if he is ticklish, Jeter stated, “Everyone is ticklish. You just have to find the right spots.”
    58) Donn Swaby (soap actor) was asked in an on-line chat if he is ticklish and he responded, “I’m ticklish depending on where I guess. There are certain times where I am ticklish on my stomach and my sides, and other times I’m not. And sometimes my feet are ticklish….”
    59) Dave Sheridan (comedian/actor) Was asked in a Yahoo Chat if he is ticklish and if so, where? He responded by saying, “What kind of question is that? Who’s not ticklish? Wherever. Everywhere. Under arms….under the foot….”
    60) David Lago (soap actor) David was asked recently in an on-line 20 questions session, “What makes you laugh and where are you ticklish?” As for his ticklish areas, David says, “My most ticklish spots are my neck and my feet.”
    61) Dane Bowers (British pop singer) Was asked in a chat if he is ticklish, and he said, “In some places.”
    62) David Alan Basche (actor) Was asked in a Yahoo! chat what makes him laugh and where he is ticklish, he said, “I am ticklish in several undisclosed locations.”
    63) Dane Cook (comedian whose work is featured on the Internet) In an audio clip, Dane talks about being tickle tortured by an older brother. He says that he “hates to be tickled.”
    64) Drew Luna (outcast team member of Moolah Beach on Fox Family) Was asked in an AOL Live chat if he is ticklish and where and he stated, “I am ticklish all over honey!”
    65) Duncan James (member of the boyband called Blue, now solo singer) Was asked if he is ticklish on the group’s website. He says he is most ticklish under his arms.
    66) Duncan Sheik (musician) was e-mailed and asked about his ticklishness. Dunk said that "Usually I'm only ticklish on my feet and neck, but if you get me in the right mind set, I would actually laugh to being tickled almost anywhere else!"
    67, 68 & 69) Dream Streat (band) Frankie and Chris (two members of group DreamStreet) Have reported that they are ticklish. Frankie is ticklish on his stomach and Chris is most ticklish on his sides. Also, the 3rd member of the band Jesse MacCartney was asked if he's ticklish and said: "Yes, but I'll never tell you where!"
    70) Dave Gahan (singer) was asked in an article what's his worst feature. He replied "I'm ticklish".
    71) David Sneddon (singer) In an on-line chat, he admitted that he's very ticklish on his feet, ribs and tummy, his feet being most ticklish. Also, while on TOTP, one of the hosts tickled his sides, making him laugh.
    72) Damien Flood (actor) in an on-line interview he was asked: Are you ticklish and if so where? Damien replied: Yes - Guess!!
    73) Darius Danesh (singer) Here's an interesting interview with British Pop Star Darius Danesh:
    Q1: "So have you ever wet yourself with laughter?
    Darius: Oh dear! I think I was eight years old at the time when my little brother and my uncle decided to tickle me. i've never peed myself so bad! I'll never be able to live that one down - they never let me forget about it either!
    Q2: Where are you most ticklish?
    Darius: Ooh now that would be telling! Ha-ha! it's only for the girl with wandering hands to find out. Sorry! "
    74) Daniel Goddard (actor) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. Daniel replied: "I'm ticklish all over, worst being my ribs and armpits, which was actually a real amusement for everyone on the set of the Beastmaster, having in mind that I had to be half-naked most of the time!"
    75) David Duchovny (actor) in an interview, his wife Tea Leoni mantioned that David is very ticklish.
    76) David Beckham (footballer) was tickled under the arms by wife Victoria in a magazine and appeared to be very ticklish!
    77) David Stanton (vocalist of the goth band Summer's End) replied to a fan question about his ticklishness: "I'm affraid I don't have any exciting responses to give you - I'm not hyper-sensitive to tickling like some people I know but have a mild-to-medium tickle tolerance ;-) As to where, that knowledge is restricted information known only by my closest friends and should not be divulged over the internet."
    78) Darren Hayes (singer, ex-Savage Garden) still in Savage Garden, Darren was asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied "I'm very sensitive to tickling, especially on my feet! I laugh till it hurts!"
    79) Daniel Jones (also ex-Savage Garden) in the same chat with Darren and to the same question, Dan replied "Yeah, I'm ticklish, but won't say where..."

    Letter: E

    80, 81, 82) Eve-6 (rock group) During a chat session, the boys of Eve 6 said they get pumped up for a concert in a variety of ways. One of those ways is that they all get into a little tickling session with each other before a gig.
    83) Eddie Kaye Thomas (actor) Was asked in an AOL Live chat if he is ticklish. He said, “I am ticklish behind my knees.”
    84) Eddie Cahill (actor who played Tag on Friends) Eddie was in an AOL chat (Feb 2002). He was asked what makes him laugh and if he’s ticklish. Eddie replied, “I am ticklish from head to toe. Tickling is a guaranteed way to make me laugh.”
    85) Eric (from MTV’s Road Rules 11 Campus Crawl) Eric was asked if he’s ticklish in an E! online chat. He responded by saying, “It takes the right person to tickle me and make me laugh. The locations can be found through trial and error.”
    86) Eminem (rapper) in an old ticklish male celeb list, floating on the net, was written, that white rap star Eminem is ticklish on his feet.
    87) Evan Farmer (actor) that's form an Evan Farmer chat:
    Q: Mychaela of Brookfield - Hi Evan! You have such a great sense of humor. I wanted to know what makes you laugh and are you ticklish and if so, where? Thanks!
    A: Evan Farmer - Yes I'm ticklish and I've said before I'm not telling. I'll give you a hint -- it's below the hairline and above the toes.

    Letter: F

    88) Freddie Prinze, Jr. (actor) Was asked in an on-line AOL chat, “What makes you laugh and where are you ticklish?” Freddie responded, “Stupid jokes and scaring people makes me laugh. And my stomach is ticklish.”
    89) Fred Durst (singer) in an online magazine, there were fun facts of famous celebs. One was: "Fred Durst's dirty little secret?He's very ticklish"
    90) Flea (bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers) that's from a magazine article: "Me and the guys love having tickle fights! Personally, I prefer to tickle, then to get tickled, but in both ways, it's always fun!"
    91) Forbes March (actor) during a fan club meeting with fans, he was asked if he's ticklish. Forbes laughed and said he's very ticklish, but insisted that no one would test him!

    Letter: G

    92) Gavin Rossdale (singer) Gavin was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied: "When I'm tensed or in bad mood, I'm senstive to tickling me all over! Otherwise, only my feet and ribs are ticklish."
    93) George Clooney (actor)—He talks about being ticklish and hating it in a Entertainment Tonight on-line article. George: "I hate being tickled. It makes me crazy. I have this incredible, violent reaction to it. I can't even help it."
    94) Gary Barlow (former member of Take That) In a printed article from a British teen magazine, it showed Gary being tickled for one minute as punishment for losing a game. He stated he hates being tickled
    95) Garth Brooks (country star) In an online interview, he was asked if he was ticklish and he said “ Yes and that’s as far as I am going to say!”
    96) Galen Gering: (soap actor) was asked if he has ticklish feet in an online interview and he said “Yes”.
    97, 98 & 99) Goo Goo Dolls (band, consisting of 3 members - Robby Takac, Johnny Rzeznik and Mike Malinin) In a magazine q&a, the goo goo dolls were asked "Where are you most ticklish?" They replied: "Robby: Depends who's tickling me...knees; Mike: Under the arms; John: My feet are extremely ticklish..."
    100 & 101) Good Charlotte (band) both twins Benji and Joel Madden are reported to be ticklish. In an interview, Joel was asked if he's ticklish and replied: "Yeah, I'm ticklish and I really hate being tickled!"

    Letter: H

    102) Harrison Ford (actor) replied to a question in a magazine interview that he was ticklish
    103) Hayden Christensen (actor) In an article called "The Fifteen Conffessions of Hayden Christensen", Hayden was asked Question 12:What is your biggest weakness? He replied: H:" I can't stand it when people tickle me.

    Letter: I

    104) Ice Cube (rapper and actor) was asked in an online chat if he is ticklish and he said that he’s “ticklish around the knees.”
    105) Ian Somerhalder (actor, Boone on "Lost") Ian was asked in an on-line chat, “Are you ticklish?” He responded, “Yep, I am very sensitive…all over.” Later, on his official site, he was questioned "Where are your ticklish spots?" Ian replied: "That’s really fuc*ing personal! Kidding…feet and ribs. Ssshhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone though…

    Letter: J

    106) John Stamos (actor) In a teen magazine, John replied to a fan question of what makes him laugh. He said, “anyone who tickles my feet or stomach”
    107) John Davidson (early 80’s TV host)-- had his feet tickled on his TV show
    108) John Schneider (Bo of the Dukes of Hazzards)—reported he was very ticklish in an email question sent directly to him from a fan
    109) Jonathon Taylor Thomas (actor)—he said in an interview that he is very ticklish on his feet and stomach and was always tickled a lot by his older cousins
    110) James Woods (actor) stated he was ticklish in an e-mail question sent directly to him.
    111) John Fugelsang (actor/used to be on VH1) was asked in an online interview if he was ticklish , he responded that he “is ticklish all over.” AOL Live Transcript 9/11/98
    112) James Van DerBeek (actor) It was reported in an interview with his costar from the show, Katie Holmes, that she is always tickling him and he is very ticklish- but she didn’t mention where
    113) Jamie Kennedy (actor) When asked in an online interview if he was ticklish , his response was “ I am ticklish on my rib area and my feet.”
    114) Jason Brooks (actor on Baywatch Hawaii) asked if he was ticklish in an on-line interview and he said, “ ticklish spots—there are a couple of spots that make me a little jumpy, but I am convinced that being ticklish is mind over matter. But if you find me in a low moment, you can get me.”
    115) John Haymes-Newton (actor) In an on-line AOL chat, Ryan was asked where he is ticklish and he stated that he “is ticklish under his arms.”
    116) Jake Reed (football player) In an on-line article from the Fort Worth Star Telegram, there is a mention about brotherly tickling. Jake Reed, who plays for the Vikings, says that he “hates” to play his brother, Dale Carter, who is a cornerback for the Denver Broncos. During a 1996 game, Reed stated that Carter wasn’t playing fair: “I’m running down the field and (Dale) puts his fingers in my side trying to tickle me as I’m running the route.”
    117) James Marsters (plays Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was asked in an on-line chat where his ticklish spots are. He said, “I am ticklish all over my body. The worst are my stomach and knees, which I found out while I was tied to a chair on the set. The cast was merciless.”
    118) Jonathan Jackson (actor) Was asked by a fan on-line if he is ticklish. He responded, “Well, yeah, I am, in most normal areas that you’d be ticklish.”
    119) Jason Momoa (actor from “Baywatch Hawaii”) Was asked in a teen chat what makes him laugh and where is he ticklish….he responded with, “Everything makes me laugh…and where am I ticklish? That is super top secret! If I told you, my mom would kick my butt!”
    120) Judd Nelson (actor) This one may be a stretch, but the way he answered the question sort of gives it away. Judd was asked in an online chat if he is ticklish. He said, “I will never admit to being ticklish anywhere!”
    121) Jeremy Lelliot (actor on 7th Heaven). On his official website, Jeremy is asked a series of personal questions. One says, “Ticklish?” Jeremy replies, ‘too ticklish.” He also goes on to describe a recent tickling experience he had with a group of friends. He said he was taught the “universal tickle spot.”
    122) Joey McIntyre (musician) Joey was featured on a live video chat session on Yahoo! He was asked, “Are you ticklish, and if so where?” After a lengthy pause, he said, “Do you really want to know??” Then the moderator asked, “Is that a sheepish yes???” And Joey said, “Yes.”
    123) JC Chasez (singer, N'Sync) admitted he's very ticklish in an on-line interview. Also, there are a few pics of him getting tickled by his band-mates and girlfriend.
    124) Jonathan Ross (UK Chat show host and radio DJ)is ticklish on his feet and sides. He was tickled on his sides by Sharon Davies once on the sports quiz programe You think it's all over and nearly fell out of his chair. He also used to do a radio programme on a Saturday morning where you have a challenge to complete and prove over the phone, you have no idea what he is going to ask you to prove - he phoned up a girl one morning about 9 mnths ago and asked are you ticklish, asked her where and how she reacts, she then had to prove it and her partner came and tickled her whilst he then gave her 3 questions to answer to win her prize whilst the poor lass had completely lost it and was screaming and laughing like mad. At the end he admitted to being very ticklish on his feet himself.
    125) Josh Groban (operatic singer) was asked in an interview: "Are you ticklish?" Josh's reply "Yes,very ticklish."
    126) Josh Turner (country singer) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied: "I am ticklish, most on the feet and the ribs area."
    127)John Travolta (actor) is reported to be ticklish and hating it.
    128) Ja Rule (rapper) admitted being ticklish in an interview.
    129) Jonathan Wilkes (English television presenter, actor and musician) was asked in an online Q & A:"Are You ticklish?" Jonathan replied: "Yes, I hate my feet being tickled. HATE it!"
    130) Jarno "Jape" Peratalo (vocalist of goth band To/Die/For) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied: "I'm very ticklish. I'm not giving up my most ticklish spot, but I admit that my feet are quite ticklish - I hate having them tickled! Simply hate it! I usually jump when someone gets me on the feet..."
    131) Josh Holloway (actor, Sawyer on Lost) was e-mailed and asked "what's the best way to make him laugh and where he's most ticklish" Josh replied: "Tickling is a good way to make me laugh. And my wife only knows where i'm most ticklish."
    132) James Royce Edwards (actor) was asked if he's ticklish and where. His wife Karin responded:"James is actually incredibly ticklish almost everywhere. His feet are very sensitive and once he starts laughing even just the threat of tickling fingers will send him into giggles. His ears and the back of his neck are also very sensitive."
    133) John Hopkins (actor, Daniel Scott on Midsomer Murders) was e-mailed and asked about his ticklishness. John replied: "Like most people I'm ticklish on my feet, but if you get me off-guard I'd definately react to being tickled almost anywhere else...you know, stomach, ribs - where you'd be ticklish."
    134)John Michie (actor on Taggart) is ticklish. On his official site, there's a pick of him being tickled on the waist by his co-actor Colin McCredie. Also, he's admited he's ticklish as an answer to a fan question sent directly to him.
    135) John Frusciante (musician, singer and guitarist for Red Hot Chilli Peppers) was asked if he's ticklish in a chat and replied: "Yeah, I'm very ticklish!"
    136) Josh Franklin (musician, in the band Faktion) was asked on his official myspace page if he's feet are ticklish, as he tends to go on stage barefoot. Josh replied "Yeah, my feet are very ticklish!"
    137) Justin Timberlake (singer) was reported to be very ticklish by his now ex-flame Britney Spears.
    138) Juha Kylmanen (singer in bands For My Pain, Reflexion) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied "I'm ticklish - that's all I'm going to say..."
    139) Jason Dundas (MTV VJ) - In an MTV Q&A he was asked: Wherere you most ticklish? Jason: Im like a little kid I'm ticklish everywhere. No one can touch my feet, under my arms or the side of my back...
    140) John Cena (Wrestler) was reported being very ticklish!

    Letter: K

    141) Keith Urban (country singer) had his ribs and stomach tickled, while being taken a pic. He's obviously very ticklish!
    142) Keanu Reeves (actor) had his foot (toes) licked by a cat in the movie "Sweet November". According to his co-star Charleze Theron, Reeves giggled while shooting the scene, admiting that his feet are ticklish!
    143) Kristian Gundersen (mucisian and singer for the bands Sirenia) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. Kris replied "I'm ticklish and really hate being tickled!"
    144) Kenny G (saxophonist) he was on the Rosie O'Donell show. He was sitting on the chair next to Rosie's desk and he was holding a note on the saxaphone and she tickled him under his arm or ribs but he laughed really good being it was a quick tickle.

    Letter: L

    145) Lorenzo Lamas (actor) in an on-line interview, his son AJ admited, that "I'm very ticklish on my feet and so is my dad...sometimes!"
    146) Leonardo DeCaprio (movie star) In a issue of Rolling Stone, his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet confessed that she would tickle him on the set to get back for him tickling her
    147) Leif Garret (former teen rock star) –From a teen magazine article entitled “ How to Wow Leif” –one of the responses was to tickle him –he hates it, especially on the bottoms of his feet
    148) Lee Brennan (lead singer of the British group 911) he was interviewed in Live and Kicking magazine and asked where he was most ticklish, to which he responded “Underneath me arms and my feet!”
    149) L.L. Cool J. (actor and rap star) was asked in an online chat where his ticklish spots are. He replied, “ It depends on what you’re tickling me with.” “LOL, my ribs, I don’t know, you know…All over, all over!”
    150) Lee (member of the British group STEPS) –stated he was ticklish on his feet in an online interview.
    151) Lance Bass (singer, N'Sync) is reportedly very ticklish everywhere and gets tickled by his band-mates all the time!
    152) Lucan Wolf (goth singer and musician) was e-mailed and asked about his ticklishness. He replied: "Ever seen Queen of the Damned? Lestat was asked the same question - my answer is just as his!" In the movie, a groupie asks Lestat "Are you ticklish?" He replies: "I'm very ticklish!"

    Letter: M

    153) Mark Wahlberg (actor) In a Details magazine interview, when asked what his best body part is, he replied “My feet—they are so soft and ticklish as a motherfucker.”
    154) Michael Jackson (musician) had his feet tickled at the end of the video “Making of Thriller” by the director, John Landis
    155) Mark Owen (also a former Take That member)--in the same article with Robbie Williams, it was stated that Mark is the most ticklish member of the group and usually the target of tickle attacks
    156) Mark Mortimer (soap actor)—he did an online interview for NBC with a female costar and were asked where each is ticklish, he replied “just above the knees –that’s where I am ticklish “
    157) Mark Lanegan (singer) was e-mailed and asked what makes him laugh and where he's ticklish. He replied "Silly questions like this make me laugh and my feet are ticklish!"
    158) Matthew McConaughey: during an online AOL chat, he was asked: Where are you ticklish? He responds: Well, it matters who's doing the tickling!
    159) Marc Blucas (actor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Was asked in an on-line Q& A to share his ticklish spots. His condensed response was, “OK, well I’m not that overly ticklish, but if in a silly mood, pretty much anywhere. Sarah (Michelle Gellar) has a tendency before each scene to squeeze my sides and
    that has been known to get me on occasion.”
    160) Matthew Fox (actor, Party of 5, now Jack on Lost) “Matthew Fox is super ticklish everywhere” This information was uncovered during a celeb chat with one of Matthew’s co-stars from "Party of 5"
    161) Mark Berry (member of British group BBMak) In a February 2001 chat transcript, Mark admits he’s ticklish on his arms and feet.
    162) Moby (musician) Was asked in a Yahoo! Chat if he is ticklish and he said, “In the right context, I think I can be ticklish anywhere.”
    163) Mark Feehily (member of the group Westlife) Was asked if he is ticklish and he said, “Not really. I suppose maybe down below- my FEET I mean!”
    164) Michael Rosenbaum (plays Lex Luthor on “Smallville”) This is how his AOL Live interview went (9/02)..Hi Michael! Are you a ticklish guy? If so, where? MichaelRLive: “Sure. Where am I not, that's the question.”
    165) Matt Damon (actor) is reported to have extremely ticklish feet.
    166) Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park, now Fort Minor) is reported being very ticklish by both fans and band-mates!
    167) Marco Hietala (singer - Nightwish, Tarot) was asked on Nightwish's official site: "What makes you laugh?" Marco: Tickling
    168) Myles Kennedy (singer, Alter Bridge) was e-mailed "the question". He replied "Yeah, I'm very ticklish everywhere, which is actually a big amusement for the guys!"
    169) Michael Easton (actor & poet) was questioned on his ticklishness on his official site. Here's the question and answer: Q: Salut, Michael! I'm a huge fan of your work both as an actor and poet and think you're the most handsome man in the whole world! My question's personal - I've always wondered if you're ticklish and where your ticklish spots are? ME: Yes. Feet.

    Letter: N

    170) Nick Carter (from the Backstreet Boys) It’s all over on various BackStreet Boy sites that he is extremely ticklish. There is also a pic on the net of Nick being tickled on his neck by Brian Litrell. Also, ones Nick said "I'm not Tickle Me Elmo, but you can tickle me anytime!"
    171) Nick Cannon (actor on Nickelodeon) Was asked in an on-line chat to name his ticklish spots. He said, “I am ticklish all over my body, especially my neck!”
    172) Neil Cole (Comedian, used to be and MTV VJ) was e-mailed and asked if he was ticklish and where. He replies: "LOL Hi! Thanks for the question! The answer is YES - I'm very ticklish! Where...well that's a delicate thing...I will only tell you that I HATE being tickled on the feet... - guess the other spots!!! LOL
    173) Nicky Byrn (from Westlife) in an interview he was asked about his ticklishness:Nicky's Q&A: Are you ticklish? If so, where (careful now)? My neck is incredibly sensitive. Just someone touching it cracks me up!
    174) Nathan (from MTV’s REAL WORLD SEATTLE)—in an online chat was asked if he is ticklish and he replied “I am very ticklish pretty much anywhere, underarms, my feet, my sides, my ears and my neck” AOL Live Transcript
    175, 176, 177 & 178) No Authority (boy band consisting of 4 members) When asked in an on-line chat session to name their ticklish spots, the group members admitted the following- Ricky- feet; Eric- ears; Tommy- sides, feet, hips, and just above knees; and Danny- very ticklish anywhere.
    179, 180, 181, 182 & 183) Natural (boy band consisting of 5 members) Were asked on their website if they are ticklish. The answers were: J is ticklish on his feet; Patrick has ticklish underarms; Ben, Michael and Marc are ticklish everywhere.
    184) Nicolas Cage (actor) was reported being ticklish on the feet by co-star in the film "The Family Man" Tea Leoni. In one of the scenes, Leoni had to take off Nicolas' socks, which turned out being harder tha expected, as Cage was very ticklish and couldn't help but laughing and jerking under her touch.
    185) Nathan Sapsford (MTV VJ) - On MTC Q&A, Nathan was asked: Where are you most ticklish? Nathan:Thats for me to know

    Letter: O

    186) Omar Vizquel (shortstop for the Seattle Mariners) an Akron newspaper published a picture of Omar during a warm up. The picture showed him doing arm stretches and laughing while another teammate was tickling his sides. Omar was also sent an e-mail asking if he is ticklish and he said, “I am ticklish everywhere!”
    187) Oscar De La Hoya (boxer) had his ribs tickled during an interview on Jay Leno and was obviously very ticklish.

    Letter: P

    188) Per (male half of the former Swedish group Roxette) It stated in his bio that he is ticklish, but it didn’t say where.
    189) Peter Barton (former soap star from Young and the Restless) Was tickled on the same weekly run of Celebrity Family Feud as Ray Combs. Peter met Holly Halstrom from the Price Is Right in a face off. He reached over and held down Holly’s hand so she couldn’t hit the buzzer. While Ray was starting to read the question, Holly (twice) wiggles her fingers into Peter’s armpit to make him let go of her. On the second tickling, Peter squirmed, smiled, giggled and let go.
    190) Paul White (musician in goth band Summer's End) On the group's site, in the facts about the members, Paul states that one of his "pet hates" is "being tickled". He was also e-mailed and asked about his ticklish spots. He replied :"Don't ask - too many spots to name them all!"
    (191) Paul Walker (actor) Was asked in an on-line chat if he is ticklish and he said, “Yes, I am very ticklish.”
    (192) Patrick Wolf (singer) was e-mailed and asked what makes him laugh and if he's ticklish. Patrick replied "Everything I found funny in the moment and I'm extremely ticklish"

    Letter: Q

    Letter: R

    193) Robbie Williams (a former member of the British teen group, Take That) was seen being tickled in a teen magazine picture by his fellow band members.
    194) Richard Rucculo (actor) was asked about being ticklish in an online interview and he said that he was “very, very ticklish- the bottoms of my feet and stomach.” AOL Live Transcript 9/10/98
    195) Ryan Phillippe (actor) Was asked the question during an AOL Live Chat. Here it is: “Hi Ryan! I wanted to know if you're ticklish and if so, where? RyanP LlVE: lol ribs and stomach lol!
    196) Roger Taylor (former member of Duran Duran) Was asked the question “are you ticklish” and he responded, “Oh, very….all over.”
    197) Ray Combs (former host of Family Feud after Richard Dawson) At the end of one of the famous celebrity episodes between the cast of The Young and the Restless and The Price is Right,” Ray Combs was closing the show with all of the celebs around him. He made a snide remark about how the Young and The Restless’ score never made the survey. Lauralee Bell reached over and tickled Ray’s right ribs/side causing him to spasm, lean back, and frantically grab at her fingers to make her stop. All the while he was signing off and trying to act like he was cool.
    198) Richard Bacon (daytime morning talkshow host for BBC in the UK) was asked in a chat if he is ticklish and he said, “Yes, I am very ticklish…in most places.”
    199) Richard McCourt (British tv actor) Was asked in a on-line chat what makes him laugh. He said, “Dominic- some of the things he does makes me howl. Being tickled under the chin, I’m very ticklish!”
    200) Rich Cronin (rock group LFO) Was asked to share what makes him laugh and where he is ticklish in an AOL chat (June 2001) and Rich stated, “When people are not trying to be funny, that’s when I find things funny. And I am ticklish all over!”
    201) Ray Munns (MTV VJ) Was e-mailed the questions, “What makes you laugh and where are you ticklish? Ray responded, “Everything makes me laugh and I am ticklish everywhere.”
    202) Ray J (musician and actor) Was asked in a Yahoo!/Get Music Video Chat, August of 2001….Are you ticklish and if so, where? He responded, “Yeah, I’m ticklish. Up in here…” This was a video chat, so he pointed out on his body where he’s ticklish and he pointed to his ribs and stomach area. He said when he “gets tickled, he can’t stop laughing.”
    203) Ricky Proehl (NFL wide receiver for Rams) In a newspaper article, Proehl was asked how it felt when the Rams beat the Panthers a few years back to clinch the NFC West title. Ricky said, “When I was running off the field, it felt like someone was tickling me under the arms…I just had this giddy feeling inside!”
    204) Roland Kickinger (Chip Rommel on “Son of the Beach”) Roland was e-mailed the question are you ticklish and if so, where? He said, “I am very ticklish!”
    205) Roger Lodge (host of TV’s Blind Date) Roger was asked if he’s ticklish in an E! Online Q&A session. He said, “Yeah, I am very ticklish. But I’m afraid I can’t print where.”
    206) Ronan Keating (singer, ex-Boyzone) had his knees, stomach and ribs tickled by band-mate Keith during a photoshoot, while being held head down by second band-mate Mikey. He had a really great reactions, especially to being tickled on the stomach and ribs - it was obvious that this Irish is very
    207) Ryan Seacrest (host of American Idol) is ticklish... he was tickled by Randy and SImon in the finale of AI Season 2. Also in another episode, Simon tickled him on the ribs, making him laugh and squirm.
    208) Reichen (from Amazing Race and Killer Reality) was e-mailed and asked f he was ticklish and where. He replied and stated that he was ticklish under his arms.
    209) Ryan Cabrera (singer) was fan-mailed and asked if he ever has tickle-fights with his band while touring, as he has stated, that he love pillow-fights in the tour bus. Ryan replied "lol, actually almost everytime I try to start a pillow-fight, the guys turn it into tickling, which is very unfair, as they are all
    against me and I'm super ticklish!"
    210) Ron Moss (soap actor) was asked if he's ticklish during an interview and replied "Too ticklish"
    211) Roberto Messina (vocalist for the band Secret Sphere) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish. He replied: "ticklish...I'm ticklish everywhere and nowhere, it depends from the moment and the way..."
    212) Richie Sambora (musician, singer and guitarist fo Bon Jovi) was asked in a chat if he's ticklish and where and replied: "My feet are the only ticklish spot I would ever admit!"
    213) Russell Crowe (actor, singer) while on stage with his band 30 Odd Foots of Grunts, Russell had the tendency to behave goofy and tickle his band-mates in order to distract them from playing their instruments. According to a fan review of a concert, one night Crowe was telling a story to the public, when band-mates Stewart Kirwan and Dave Wilkins, Russ' usual ticle-targets, sneaked behind him and surpisingly tickled his ribs and pits, making him jump, laugh and withdraw from their fingers.
    214) Rick Springfield (singer) During an outdoor concert, Rick pulled about 5 girls up onto the stage and they circled him while he sang.. One of the girls stood behind him and wrapped her hands around his waist and started running her nails up and down his sides and pinching his waist..While another one was tring to undo his pants...While tring to sing Rick was wiggling around and laughing, appearantly being (and looking) very ticklish..

    Letter: S

    215) Simon Rex (former MTV VJ and actor)—On “Baywatch”, they were filming an episode involving a charity race between the lifeguards and other celebrities (all from MTV). They had to dub in Simon’s lines because a female cast member was tickling him under his arms and he went wild.
    216) Scott Wolf (actor) –was asked where he was ticklish in an online chat. He responded with “ Well the ones I can tell you about are my knees and the entire midsection.” This is from an E! Online Chat.
    217) Stephen Collins (plays the father on the series Seventh Heaven) was e-mailed the question “what are your ticklish spots?” and he responded by saying that he is ticklish on his “ribs, bottom of feet and back of neck.”
    218) Shaggy: (Jamaican-born rapper) was asked during a June 1999 Yahoo Chat if his feet are ticklish. He said, “My feet are ticklish.”
    219) Sean Paul (hip hop artist) Sean was asked in an AOL Live Chat (Oct. 2002)…. Hi Sean! I wanted to know if you're ticklish, and if so, where? TPSeanPaul: In certain special places that I'm not allowed to talk about right now, but yeah, I'm ticklish.
    220) Sean Maguire (British actor on WB show) Was in Eddie Kaye Thomas’ AOL chat and was asked the same question. He said his neck is very ticklish. October 2001
    221) Scott Lowell (plays “Ted” on Queer as Folk) He was asked in a Q&A session on his official website if he is ticklish. He claims he isn’t, but intersperses that answer with laughs and desperate pleas as if someone was tickling him.
    222) Steven Gately ( ex- Boyzone member ) - In an magazine he was asked:"Where are you most ticklish?"
    Steven: "Under the arms like most people. But I go into some very bad fits of giggles."
    223) Scott Stapp (singer, ex-Creed) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied: "Yes - a bit on the feet - I'm not giving up any other weak spots."
    224) Shane "The Hurricane" Helms (of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) )stated on his official website that he's ticklish. He has a section on his message board where fans are allowed to ask questions. He answers every couple of weeks/months or so. One person asked if he was ticklish and where. He replied "on the ears and neck"
    225) Shane Fillan (from Westlife) was asked if he's ticklish in an on-line chat: Are you ticklish and if so, where?Claire Bradford, Derby Shane:I’m not really ticklish anywhere, but if anyone grabs me from behind and digs really deep into my armpits I can’t stand it. I freak out!
    226) Steve Vallentine (actor, from Crossing Jordan) was e-mailed and asked what makes him laugh and where his ticklish spots are. Steve replied: "Funny and stupid jokes make me laugh and I'm quite ticklish as well...the most ticklish spots I'd dare to admit are my neck and the soles of my feet, thought I'd still prefer to not have them tickled or touched..."
    227) Seth Peterson (actor, played the brother on Providence) was e-mailed and asked if he was ticklish and where. Seth's reply: "lol I'm ticklish like a little girl! It would be much easier to name my non-ticklish spots, if they are any, then my ticklish ones! And I'd never give away my most ticklish spot - that would be equal to dying!! LOL"
    228) Scott Speedman (actor) is ticklish! He was asked what makes him laugh and if he's ticklish in a chat and replied:
    "LOL Everything and everyone can make me laugh and I'm very ticklish, pretty much everywhere!"
    229) Stuart Townsend (actor) is ticklish on his stomach. A paparzzi pic of him and his fiancee Charleze Theron, shows Charleze tickling Stuart's stomach, while sitting on his chest! Stuart's laughing and seemes to be really dying to free himself and make her stop...
    230) Stephen Jenkins (singer, Third Eye Blind) was e-mailed and asked where he's most ticklish. Steve admitted that "My feet - that's where I'm most ticklish!"
    231) Seth Green (actor) admitted he's very ticklish to a fan question sent directly to him!

    Letter: T

    232) Taylor Hawkins (drummer for the Foo Fighters) reported he is very ticklish (not specific about areas) in an online interview
    233) Ted Casablanca (gossip columnist for E!) responded to an email question if he was ticklish with “Yes, my feet are quite ticklish, as are a few other areas that will have to remain unnamed”
    234) Terry Adams (relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs) was asked in an on-line chat if he is ticklish and he said that his sides are ticklish.
    235) Tim Robbins (actor & director) was asked if he is ticklish in an E! on-line chat and he said, “I’ll never admit to that because my kids will find out!”
    236, 237, 238 & 239) The Moffats (Canadian band consisting of 4 brothers) In an on-line Q & A session, The Moffatts were asked if they are ticklish. The triplets, Dave, Clint, and Bob said they are all ticklish on their feet while older brother Scott is ticklish everywhere.
    240) Todd Newton (game show host & E! Reporter) Was e-mailed the tickle question. He responded by saying, “… I am ticklish.”
    241) Ty Herndon (country music star) Was asked in an online chat to share what makes him laugh and where he is ticklish. Ty stated, “Kids never seem to stop making me laugh and my ticklish spot is still a big secret.”
    242 & 243) Tonic (music group) Dan Lavery & Emerson Hart were asked if they were ticklish in a on-line chat they responded, “Yes.”
    244) Trevor Morgan (actor) Was in a TeenHollywood.com chat and a questioner asked about Trevor’s hatred of being tickled. He said, “Yes, I hate being tickled, because I can be tickled to the point where all I do is laugh and I can’t breathe in- and I almost choke. But I do like to tickle people. As for Trevor’s most ticklish spot? He said, “my armpits.”
    245) Tommy Lee (rock musician) In an E! Online Starboards session (June 2002), Tommy was asked if he is a ticklish guy. He said, “Yeah, I am!”
    246) Tim McGraw (country singer) was asked if he's ticklish in an on-line chat: Question: Hi Tim! I am really curious, what makes you laugh and where are you ticklish?
    TimMcGrawLive: My girls make me laugh -- all three of them. And I'm ticklish! Probably the back of my neck is the most ticklish spot that I can talk about!
    247) Tom Cruiz (actor) was asked in an interview, if he's ticklish and replied that he's very ticklish.
    248) Tom (from McFly) that's from an online interview: q: Where do you like being kissed? Tom: I'm really ticklish, but i like my ear being nibbled, and I like being kissed on my bottom lip.
    249) Trent Reznor (singer and musician, Nine Inch Nails) was asked if he's ticklish in an on-line chat:
    NIN_fan: Trent, I wanted to know if you are ticklish and where?
    TR_NIN: LOL!How did you come up with that question?Am I ticklish...well, yes of course...my feet could be quite ticklish, but only when I'm nervous. Any other ticklish spots that I may have or may not've got are a secret.But, yeah, I admit it, you can get me!Next question!
    250) Tuomas Holopainen (musician, bands Nightwish and for My Pain) was e-mailed and asked to reveal his ticklishness. He replied: "I'm ticklish. I don't have a paricular most ticklish spot - I can be very ticklish everywhere, my feet included"
    251) Troy Smith ( Ohio State Quraterback) was ratted out by his teammate:
    Columbus- Truth be told, there is one glaring difference between Justin Zwick and the player whose job he holds by default this week. "Troy's ticklish," center Nick Mangold said of quarterback Troy Smith. "Justin's not."
    252) Tobias Sammet (musician and singer, Edguy, Avantasia) was reported being ticklish, when after a concert with Edguy, he got tickled by his band-mates in front of the amused fans. He was very ticklish and laughed and squirmed a lot.

    Letter: U

    Letter: V

    253) Vincent Van Patten (actor) –In an article called “Vincent –10 Secrets He Tries To Hide,” one of them is that he has very ticklish feet.
    254) Vince Vaughn (actor) In an AOL Live chat (11/01/01), Vince was asked if he is ticklish. He said, “Getting tickled, you start laughing and then it hurts.”
    255) Vern Vip (from "Trading Spaces") is ticklish. Q: Mychaela of Milwaukee - Hi Vern. You have such a fun sense of humor. I wanted to know if you're ticklish and if so, what spots? Keep up the great work!! A: Vern Yip - Yikes! Totally ticklish. Too many spots to list here!
    256) Voltaire (Goth singer, musician, writer and producer) was e-mailed and asked if he's ticklish and where. He replied: Ticklish? uh, kind of I guess... but I'm not really going to get into specifics here. You'll have to find some other guinea pig! lol!"
    257) Viggo Mortensen (actor and musician) On a fan site of his, one of the fun facts was "He is very ticklish on his feet". Also, in an old interview with David Morse, where he was discussing The Indian Runner movie, working with Sean Penn and his co-star and then not so famous, young actor - Viggo Mortensen, he's asked what was the funniest moment on the set for him. David replied: "The funniest moment for me was when I had to tickle Viggo. I wasn't sure if he's going to fake his laughter or was really ticklish, but didn't dare to ask him, so when we first tried to shoot the scene, I was so surprised from his natural reaction that burst out laughing myself!"
    258) Victor Webster (actor) was asked in an on-line chat with fans if he's ticklish and what are he's ticklish spots. Victor replied "I'm only ticklish when I want to be and my ticklish spots are not something I'd give away that easy!"

    Letter: W

    259) Wally Kurth: (soap actor) was asked in an online interview if he was ticklish: Question: Are you ticklish? If so where? Wally: I'm ticklish on the bottom of my feet and around my love handles.
    260) Will Smith (actor, rapper) had his stomach and ribs tickled by wife Jade Pinckett-Smith

    Letter: X

    Letter: Y

    Letter: Z

    261) Zac Hanson (musician) stated he gets tickled by his older brothers all the time on his feet and sides, but claims to not have any ticklish spots.
    262) Zay Harding (host of Pilot Guides) had his feet tickled while in the spa/clinic. He reacted with a lot of laughter and was obviously very ticklish.
    263) Zac Efron (singer/actor) - That's from a Zac fan site: Is Zac ticklish? Where? A: Zac is very ticklish! Especially in his underarms!
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    update: Patrick Wolf (singer), Zay Harding (host) and Rick Springfield (singer)

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    update: Billy Ray Cyrus (singer), Jason Dundas (MTV VJ), Forbes March (actor), Michael Easton (actor), Nathan Sapsford (MTV VJ), Victor Webster (actor), Zac Elfron (actor/singer)

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    Wow! Thanks for the list. That's good to know.

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    Dammit! Where's the Rock?

    Nice list tho--if only!

    My NEW boyfriend...... Mess wit me and he'll kill you!

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    can we a get a clip of the ryan seacrest ones?

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    Wink Jim Carrey???? :)

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum. but have been a tickle fetish for years now. (as well as a Jim Carrey fanatic)

    hehe could anyone find out (or if they already know) if he is ticklish. dying to know.

    if possible send a link to a site about it. Thanks.


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    What interview....i mean what Mag...did Taylor Hawkins say he was ticklish?

    I'd like to read into that!! anyone have a transcript/video?

    or at least even know who he was talking to?

    and is Paul Mccartney ticklish??
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    I remember that years ago on the tickling rack site, that no longer exists, someone mentioned about the Beatels being all ticklish, including Paul, but I've no further information LOL Been wondering if I should add that to the list, or not

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    Yes, he is


    Question: Heather, what makes you laugh and do you have any ticklish spots?

    Heather Mills: My husband makes me laugh 'cause he has a very north -- as in north of England -- dry sense of humor. I am not really ticklish, but he is!

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    And Taylor?

    Cool to know about Paul

    What about Taylor Hawkins?? I think he is such a hottie.
    I would like to read/see the interview that he said he was ticklish!!!
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    LOL Sorry, don't have the Taylor interview, and there's no link to it on the list on the top of the page, so... if you find it let me know LOL

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