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    ticklish husband

    ok my husband and I live at the every end of a dead end road, closest neighbor is about 1/2 mile down road. my husband is a major grease monkey loves to work on our own cars ( guess saves money in long run) i am his ticklish wife of 13 yrs. ok few weeks back he was under my car changing the oil and I went out to garage to see if he wanted anything to drink and as i stood there watching him I noticed that while he was on this wheely thing rolling around under the car that if anything got in his way he couldn't move. So I went back in house and got his water he needed badly, when in house I thought why can't I use them cuffs he uses on me on him. So when I went back to him I saw long piece of rope on work bench so I tied it to the links between the cuffs and looked for place I could tie the rope to, found one so as he was still under car I put this light cord just under the wheels of this thing he was rolling around on then when he was all stretched out I put cuffs on his ankles and tied rope to work bench pulling his feet up off ground now he was fully trapped as I removed his shoes and asked him hey honey think your feet are as ticklish as mine? as he let out a don't you dare you will pay for it if you do. well i just had to take the risk as i raked my nails up his barefeet the sound from under that car was deafening!!!! as iIkept raking and raking my nails over and over them soles!!!! yes I know when he has me pinned down next time I will pay dearly but isn't marriage full of games ?
    but now I know he is just as ticklish as i am and now he is fair game just like my ticklish body is fair game to him.

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    Jan 2003

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    GREAT story!!!!!
    FC Liverpool rules!!!

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    Fine story, thanks for sharing your experience.
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    i love that story you sound like a very naughty girl who has wanted to do something like that for a long time, i guess he would be in lots of trouble now if u were stronger than him lol

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    A damn fine tale. I enjoyed reading it. How about telling us one about him tickling your feet?

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Jan 2002

    And so is something else

    CJM, thanks for your cool little true story. Please post again! And I second Sole Seeker's request for a post about your husband ticklingyourfeet!
    Last edited by Em Es; 08-07-2006 at 08:35 AM.

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    sounded like fun!

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