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    Toes in Hose Tickle Torture (Nylon feet F/F)

    Hi folks. This is my first story post. Since I am partial to nylon foot tickling, this story may not appeal to everyone. However, if you are so inclined, please provide constructive feedback for I would like to write and post more in the future. The style emulates that of Libtick somewhat whos work I like very much. That said the story is original. Thanks

    Toes in Hose Tickle Torture

    “Thank you Elaine”, Megan said as her secretary brought her another cup of coffee. It had been a long day at the law firm, and Megan was tired from the intense litigation. Her feet were especially tired for she had to do an awful lot of walking between three different court houses in her black high heals. Megan is a beautiful woman, in her late 30’s with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was working on a very important case, one that would put an exclamation point on a promising career as an assistant district attorney. She was writing the briefs for a case that would put Fat Tony, the most notorious mobster in town behind bars for life.

    These briefs contained the names of the informants who were going to testify against him. Needless to say, she needed to keep these names highly confidential to ensure that Tony’s mob friends would not be able to have them killed before they could testify against them. Megan kept these files in a safe secretly located in her office, the combination to which she only knew. Megan wasn’t frightened though, she was a tough courtroom lawyer and wasn’t intimidated by the thugs she wanted to bring down. Working that night, she started to feel woozy. She drank more of her coffee thinking that it would wake her up. After about 10 minutes, she couldn’t keep her head up anymore and before she realized it..she passed out.

    Upon awakening she felt a tingling on her wrists and ankles as well as a strange feeling in her mouth. She tried to move her arms but they felt restrained in some way. She noticed that she couldn’t move her body much either. Then she opened her eyes and was horrified to see that she was bound and gagged on her conference table. Her ankles hung slightly over the edge but were secured very tightly to the large table which had been pushed up against the wall. Her hands were tied at a slight angle above her head and she was propped up bent at the waist at a 90 degree angle. A soft pillow was under her butt and ankles. She also noticed that her big and little toes on her feet had some sort of string attached to them and the ends were pulled through her pantyhose. These strings were hanging out of her shoes, which remained on as she tried to wiggle her toes encased in their sheer nylon cage.

    Next, in came her secretary Elaine. “Oh thank God” she thought, “I will be rescued”. Elaine spoke to her. “Well Meggy are you comfy”? “Oh sorry, you can’t speak through that thick white cloth I clenched between your teeth. I couldn’t take the chance of you waking while the cleaning lady was still here before I was finished. Hear, let me remove it”. “Elaine what the hell’s going on? said a panic stricken Megan. “Please get me out of here. Whoever did this will come back soon, we gotta get out of here quick! “Now why would I want to release you honey after I spent so much time tying you up?” “You..you did this?. Why Elaine? “Well it’s quite simple. You know the case that you’re working on right now? Well the people that you have a case against don’t want to be put in jail, so they asked me if I could help them out in winning it. All you need to do is give me the combination to the safe where the file is that tells the names of the informants against Fat Tony and I will be on my way”. “But why, you know they are connected with the mob.! “Oh indeed I do and my special talents at extracting infromation from my captors is why they are paying me big money.” “If you think I will tell you give you access to that information or anything about this case that would jeopordize the opportunity to put Fat Tony away for life you’re crazy! “ That is just what I wanted to hear from you Megy because believe me, I am going to enjoy making you talk. You see I know your weakness and my bosses have requested my services to exploit it”. “I don’t know what you are talking about, but I won’t talk, no matter what”! “That’s the spirit Megan, it will make my job so much more fun for me..but unfortunately, not for you, for I have a reputation in the espeonage world as an expert in a particular kind of interogation. I never fail to get my information, and I will not fail now!” Hearing this, Megan’s voice was now shaking, not quite yet realizing what her fate was to be. “What are you going to do? Torture me?” said a now frightened Megan. “Well most people would call it that. And believe me, after I make you talk you sure will”! “Now you listen to me you little bitch, I will not tell you anything about this case you understand! So forget it!” Elaine just smiled in a coyish manner back at Megan and proceeded to remove the left shoe of her captor and saw a beautiful size 6 1/2 foot.

    Megan’s arches were deep and the balls of her feet showed no callouses at all. The most attractive thing Elaine thought were Megan’s toes. They were fleshy and perfectly round with medium length stems. “What …what are you doing? Why are you taking my shoe off”? asked a bewildered Megan. “Oh I think you know Megan, being that you are such a smart lawer, but just in case, I intend to tickle you until you tell me exactly what I want to know, for you see, I know that you are very ticklish, especially on your feet.!” Megan’s heart sunk as she felt the cool air kiss her stocking clad foot for her feet were extraordinarily ticklish and she wondered how on Earth Elaine knew this. “My what pretty feet you have Megan, soon you will be my tickle slave. So tell me what is the combination to the safe holding those files Tony is so interested in hmm?” “Never, you bitch, leave my foot alone, I will not…mm ohh don’t dooo thaat hmm, ohhh, ehhhaa”. As the abusive words left her lips, Megan attempted to jerk her foot back as Elaine lightly scratched Megan’s nylon sole with her index fingernail, giving it a few quick upstrokes. “Oh I can do anything I want to you now. You have shown me that your feet are quite ticklish dear”. Elaine sat on Megan’s tied legs with her back facing her. Looking back at Megan with a mischivious smile, Elaine slowly dragged her sharp nailed index finger all the way up Megan’s nylon covered arch stopping just beneath the curl of her toes while saying “coochie coochie coochie coo”! Megan was unprepared for the incredible ticklish feeling caused by Elane’s sharp nail and yelped. “EEEE haa nooo noo haa haaaheeahaa stoop thatttt he youuu bitiichh hmmmhaaaa”. “Hmm well if you want me to stop, just tell me what I want to know”.

    Elaine lightly fluttered a single finger nail sideways across the ball of Megan’s foot and then flicked it quickly up the sole again a little harder which elicited a stronger protest from her tied victim. “Haa hee, nooo fuuuckkin wayyyy, I wooon’t talllk evvvverrr hee haa”. “Oh I think you will speak, quite soon. I am barely touching your sensitive feet and I am making you giggle. Let’s have some fun now shall we? “Koochie, koochie coo girl, how does my finger nail feel now?” Elaine gently clenched the sides of Megan’s foot and pulled it back, making the sole taunt. Then, looking back at Megan with that same cruel smile, Elane’s finger glided effortlessly up the nylon covered sole. First she used long slow strokes, then changed to shorter quicker ones as she tickled the area from just above the heel to the middle of the ball of Megan’s foot. Unable to flex her foot as Elane tickled, Megan started to loose control and laughed harder. “Ha ha ha ha ha hhaaa, ohhh stooop pppleasse hee he he he, doooo n’t itt tickkkless ha ha ha ha ha”. “Of course it does dear. You know Megan, these nylons make your feet more ticklish because a good tickler understands how to use them to their advantage. For example, feel how I use the fingernails of my thumb and index finger to lightly pinch and tease the nylon, moving it up and down quickly causing the slightly corse mesh to scratch your foot beneath the surface. “Tickle, tickle tickle my ticklish captive.” Elaine was now alternating light wiggling touches and pinches with longer and slightly harder scratches along the deep arch of Megan’s foot. The light and hard touches were making Megan squirm and giggle harder for she couldn’t anticipate Elane’s touch to fight off the sensation. All she could feel were the tortouring sharp nails gliding along the smooth nylon surface transmitting excrutiating tickles. “Ha ha ha haaa haaa ohhhh ohhh haa haa plllllleeessse hee hee haa haa,nnooooohhhhaaaaaaa” was all the protest Megan could muster.

    Elaine paid no attention to Megan’s please as her fingers were steadfast in their work. Megan’s feet were all too tightly bound, and the weight of Elaine on her legs made her struggles even more futile to resist her attacker. After a few moments of “playful” foot tickling, Elaine pivoted her body and strattled her legs around Megan’s hips. Facing her, she brought her two index fingers into contact with Megan’s smooth underarm flesh and gave them light scratches. Megan’s arrmpits were very ticklish as well and she laughed and giggled steadily. “Hahaaaahaaa ohh stopppitt nooo nott theerrheeee hhaaaaaaa”. “Oh why not Megan, does it tickle hmm?” Are your arm pits as ticklish as your little feeties are huh? Tickle tickle tickle dear, are you gonna talk huh are you”? Elaine teased as she started to use more fingers to invade Megan’s sensitive underarms. However, Megan really exploded when Elaine began to explore her ribs as she tickled a very sensitve area just beneath her underarm where her rib cage began. “HAAHAAAAAHAAAHOOOOHAAAAAANOOOOSTOOPPHAAAAAOHHHAAA A” laughed Megan who was helpless to stop the outragous tickling sensations. “Oh it looks like I’ve found a great spot to tickle”. Elaine loved to see Megan’s laughing face, as she too smiled at how effective her tickling was on her captive. Megan just kept laughing unable to even protest now as Elaine worked her fingers expertly along her rib cage and torso, watching Megan howel and squirm each time she tickled new flesh.

    “Hahaaaaahhhaaaaaooohhaaaahhaaahhaa” laughed helpless Megan. Her eyes were screwed shut as she felt the tantilizing touch of Elane’s tortourous nails and strong fingers on her week sensitive flesh. “Haaaahaaaahaaaaahaahooohaaaaahoaaaahaaaaaaahooohh hstooppooohaaaahhh”. After a few moments of this torture, Elaine stopped and said “well Megan, are you ready to talk yet?” Nevhaaherhaaahohhh..I willheee nevveerrhaa tahhaaaalkk haaa hoo”, giggled Megan as she was given a slight reprieve .”Okay have it your way”. Elaine turned around to resume her assault on Megan’s ticklish feet. “Kitchie kitchie coo now on your feet girl. Mmm what beautiful arches you have Megan, let’s see how ticklish they are through these smooth hose. Come on now laugh hard ticklish thing tickle tickle tickle” teased the tickler as Elaine was concentrating on Megan’s deep arches, quickly scrambling her deft fingernails along the tender flesh, brillantly teasing the sensitve skin under the hose. Megan was laughing harder and more frequently, trying to beg through her laughter. “Haa, haaaa heeee ahhhhhaaaa nooooo,ohhhhh stoooopppp itttthaaaa hooooo hhaaaaaaaaa hheeeeehaaaaaahhheeee”. “That’s right, keep begging me Megan, tickle tickle tickle honey, I’ll never stop until you talk, koochie, koochie coo girl”, taunted Elaine as she now ran her fingernails along the sides and top of Megan’s foot, adding yet another demention to her torture. Megan’s shoulders were flexing and jerking up and down and she was trying to tug on her bonds and quickly wiggle her foot in an attempt ot shift them away from Elane’s torturing nails. Alas, Elaine was far too skilled and experienced to allow Megan’s flexing foot to minimize the toruture, for she anticipated Megan’s every move, studying the angles and tempo of Megans moving appendage.

    Megan was laughing so hard now that the heal of her other shoe was banging up against the table and coming loose. “Oh so you want me to tickle this foot too huh? Well, let’s see if we can arrange that” quipped the cruel Elaine. She tugged at the heal of Megan’s shoe and removed it letting it fall to the ground. As soon as Megan felt the cool air surround her now exposed stocking foot, Elaine brutally attacked it with her sharp nails, concentrating them along the warm tender and excruciatingly ticklish soles and arches, tickling the heal as well. Because Megan’s feet were warm being in her shoes all day, it made them extra sensitive magnifying the tickling feeling elicited by Elane’s fingers on the newly exposed flesh. Once again Megan exploded in uncontrolable laughter “EEEEEAHhahaaohhhhhaaaaaaaa oooohhhhheeeehaaaaaaaa,noooooo ohhhhh pleeeasssse hhhaaaaaaahaahaaaahaaaheeeehaaaa”. Megan’s laughter intensified as Elaine furiously tickled both feet at the same time. After just 10 minutes of tickling, Elaine knew that she was breaking her for Megan’s laughter was submissive, genuine and steady. Haaa haaaa ohhhhhh haa haaahaaaa I caaan’ttt breeeethhhhaaaaaheeeeeehaaaaa ohhhhaaaaaa”, laughed poor tortured Megan. She was so tough in the courtroom, but now she had been reduced to a giggling fool at the hands of her once loyal secretary. Elaine controlled Megan’s laughing spasms flawlessly. Toying with her, Elaine used her fingernails to swiftly move around the outsides of Megan’s heals and ankles making her giggle and laugh.. Then without warning she would press her talons hard into her victims’ hose covered arches sending Megan into a whirlwind of screaming laughter and mirth.

    Then Elaine found another gratifying technique as she concentrated a few fingers on tickling an area at the junction of the arch and ball of Megan’s right foot. Holding her foot firmly in place, Elaine concentrated a single fingernail on scratching this one spot. Her short but sharp nails exploited Megan’s ticklishness and she was rewarded with shirlling and explosive laughter.“OHHHH NOOOOOTTHEEREEHEEHAAANOO MOORRRE OHHHAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAOHHHHH HEEEEEEEHEEEEEHAAAAAAAA” came Megan’s response to the new tickling array. “My we are soooo ticklish Megan. Looks like I found a nice tickle spot here along the ball of your foot hmm, kitchie kitchie little spot coochie coochie coo.” Will you talk if I tickle you here some more huh, come on laugh louder and stronger my ticklish little girl come on koochie koochie coo” “You like it when I tickle your feet here huh?! Does it tickle here little Meggy.. does it huh?” said Elaine as she quickly flicked her nails across this spot on Megan’s other foot “AHHHHHOHHHHHEEEHAAOHHHASHEEEEEHAAAHAAAAOHHHEEEHAA A” cried Megan helpless to stop the ticklish feeling of Elane’s nails invading this spot. To make sure she wasn’t get used to this attack, Elaine scrambled her nails over the balls, soles, sides and heals of Megan’s nylon clad feet. Curiously though, Elaine took great care in avoiding touching Megan’s toes. After a few moments, Elaine stopped momentarily, got off Megan’s legs and stood at the end of the table. Elaine decided to do a combination of suggestive and real tickling.

    Even though the tickling had stopped, Megan was still giggling steadily as her feet were still tingling from their trauma. Elaine climbed off the table and faced her captive. “Hmmmohh hmmhaa ohh pleeeesha noo noo morreehee” uttered helpless Megan. Elaine wiggled her hands just above Megan’s tummy and said “oh my poor baby, does this tickle you? Gigggie, giggie goo” said Elane without even touching Megan but she still elicited laughter. “Heeehaaaaohhhhaaaheehaa”. Then while still taunting her, Elane suddenly attacked the flesh just above Megan’s hips, causing her to go wild! “EHHAAHHHNOOHHAAAAOHHHAAA”. “Oh you are sooo ticklish Megan. “How about this, tickle tickle tickle on the bottoms of your feet”? Elane only gestured her fingers wiggling in the air just below Megan’s feet but in plain view, enabling her to watch the mock tickling. Megan again giggled. “heehaaaaahoohaaaa stoopittthaaa”. Elane then rubbed her nose up and down the sole of Megan’s foot whispering “coochie coochie coochie..giggie giggie giggie” . Because her feet had been so sensitized, even this light touching caused Megan to twitch and jerk her foot as she heaved with laughter.

    “OHHHhaaaaahoaaaaaahaaastooopppohhhaaaaaappppleeeh aaassshaaa”. Elane loved the smell of feet in pantyhoes. This kind of tickling almost looked playful. Elane however, was not playing games for this was a well thought out tactic, designed specifically to force her victim to associate the “coochie coos” of the tickle taunt with the intense tickling sensation, thus magnifying the feelings of Elane’s hard sharp nails when applied to Megan’s feet. You might say it was almost Pavlovian. Elane was now ready for another assault. “Are you ready to tell me something now?. Still lightly giggling, Megan responded defiently, “noo I wwoon’t haahaa hmm, unheetie heehameehee..HELP SOMEONE PLEASE” said a desparate but determined Megan. “Oh, stop it honey, noone can hear you and I’m not about to untie you until you tell me what I want to know”.Maybe if I tickle a little harder, you will laugh harder and talk? Oh your nylons provide a great surface for tickling you. There we go. See, you can laugh REAL hard if you want to, come on now girl koochie, koochie koochie, tickle tickle tickle,kitchie, kitchie kitchie”. Elane raked all 10 of her skilled tickling talons hard up and down the soles and arches of Megan’s feet, sweeping at the tender balls and sides eliciting tremendous tickling sensations. This renewed hard tickling provided such a stark contrast to the playful attention Megan received just moments ago, that her feet felt 100 times more ticklish than before. Consequently, Megan felt huge chunks of air leave her lungs in response to this new and brutal tickle attack and exploded in laughter. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOO OOOMOOOOORRRRRROHHHHHPLEEEESSSE HEEEEEHAAAAHHHHHHHOHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAA”.

    Elane loved to study her tickle technique and watched Megan’s feet flalling around, toes wiggling wildly in a feeble attempt to avoid her captors’ powerful tickling tools. She was looking intensely at Megan’s contorted face, broad gaping smile and high pitched squealing laughter, marveling at the efficacy of her tickling. She truly loved her work. Elaine now used one hand to pinch and knead the spot just above Megan’s hips at the waist while still tickling the sole of one foot. She smiled triumphantly as she watched Megan whip her head from side to side as much as her bonds would allow and clench her hands in response to the fiendish crawling of Elaine’s torturous nails across her high ticklish arches and tummy. She struggled mightily, but nothing could give reprieve to the awesome tickling sensations overcoming her at the hands of Elane’s expert fingers. “HAAAAAAOOOOHHHHOGGOOODDDHAAAAHAAAAOHHHHHAAAAAAAA” . “NOOOOOHEEEAHHHHHAHHHEEAAAHAAAOHHHH..HAAAAAEEEEHEE HEEEEEEHAAAAMERRRSSSYYEEEEHAAAAA “ “That’s it my dear, laugh away” said Elaine as she was now concentrating all her tickling tools only on Megan’s feet. “Your feet are mine and I will not stop until you talk. I will drive you insane with tickles. Feel my nails tickle all around your feet Megan. Koochie koochie coo, tickle, tickle, tickle”. “You love how my nails use your hose to slide easily up and down your sensitive feet to tickle you huh baby? Come on, nod your head and say you love it,

    “AHHHHAAAAAHHHHOAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA” laughed Megan as she was desperately trying not to think of how much it tickled but she couldn’t. She had been well trained to associate the teasing words with the tantilizing touches. Elane’s cruel nails were wrecking havoc on Megan’s extremely sensitve feet. The tickling was bad enough, but the verbal teasing and decription of the torture was absolutely maddening! “HAAAAAOHHHHAAAAAAAMYYYGOODOHHHAAAAASTOOOPPPOHHHHE EEEEEHAAA“HAAAAAADOONNNHEEAAAHAATTTHAAOHHHHWHAAAHE EEAAAHAAAAAAHHEEEEHAAA”. Megan was babbling like an idiot now, and experienced periods of silent breathless squeals in between screems of laughter. She was so desparate for the tickling to stop, but she couldn’t talk and give up the enformants. However, Elane’s tickling was leaving her little choice and was reaching her wits end. Elaine also sensed that she was getting to her victim, but rather than intensify the tickling to push her over the edge, she slowed it to a light soft scratch, and even started to gently rub the tops of her feet inviting Megan to speak through her giggles.“Well now my ticklish little friend, is there something you want to say”? Megan regained her courage for a moment and surprising herself said “nooo hmmmm haahaa noo, I’ll nnnevvv hee he er taaalk biiiitch haaa haaa he ohh, neeeevverrhaa hee heee”. Megan was proud of herself for not giving in so easily, although she realized that Elaine would have broken her if she continued much longer. Even though she had no desire to be tickled anymore and had no hope of escape, she felt compelled to fight as hard as she could, while at the same time she knew she would not be able to take much more tickle torture. But still, Megan thought that if she held out long enough, someone would come by and rescue her. Or Elaine would give up. Besides, she thought she had endured the worst! But, little did she realize the worse was yet to come.

    “You have no idea how happy I am that you said that Meggy. However, you will talk my dear. You may not think so but I’ve been taking it easy on you for I have not given you the complete torture. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t yet tickled your delicate toes. I have stayed away from even touching them, saving them for last, for they are my favorite part of the foot to tickle. I find that the toes are especially ticklish through nylons” said a confident Elaine. Megan was taken back by this, for she knew that she definitely couldn’t stand much more of Elaine’s tickling. But she was still defiant figuring that if she got mad enough, she could fight off the tickles. “Do your worst you twisted whore, I will never ever talk no matter where you tickle me. Do you hear me NEVER!” said a determined Megan. “Well we will see about that. First I will use the strings I attatched to your big and little toes in order to spread them nice and wide to give me perfect access to the soft tender tissue in between your toes as well as the stems and base”. Elane gently tugged on the exposed ends of the strings wrapped tightly around Megan’s big and littls toes which were poked through the nylons making sure to pull the toes wide and taunt. She tied the ends off on hooks she attached to the base of the table causing Megan’s feet to arch up slightly. Elane looked lustfully as Megan’s toes began to spread wide, like an animal looking at fresh meat. As Megan felt Elane tying off the strings, she realized how utterly immobile her feet were now.

    After her toes were tied, Megan became even more horrified when she felt Elane use her index finger to give the middle of her big toe a gentle scratch, presumably to test the bonds. This new stimulation was like an electric shock to her and she reflexively responded “EEEEAHHH”. Elaine was delighted. “Man, what a reaction, oh this is going to be so much fun.” “Leave my feet alone Elaine! barked Megan. “And don’t tickle me anymore”! “Oh now honey I haven’t even started to really tickle you yet. I will to show you once and for all why nylons are so great to tickle through. In fact, I often put nylons on my victims if they are barefoot. I’m going to use just the tip of my index finger and thumb to first pinch the nylon between your first and second toe bringing the mesh material together, then, move it back and forth along the base of the area between these toes, essentially using the nylon to tickle the skin underneath”. See, just like this. Now my ticklish little thing, you’re in for some REAL koochies”!. “Tickle, tickle tickle in between Meggies toes, koochie koochie coo”. Elaine clenched the nylon material between her thumb and forefinger, gently pinching it back and forth, forcing the mesh to slide effortlessly along the soft sensitive skin in between the base of Megan’s first and second toes on both feet. Upon the very first contact where the nylon met the sensitive flesh, Megan exploded into a laughing fit.

    “EHHHAAAAAAAOHHHHHHAAAAAANOOTHEEERRREEHAAAAMYAHHHT OOOESSSHAAAA”. Elaine’s suspicions were correct. Megan’s toes were indeed her most ticklish spot and they would be her undoing. Elaine giggled to herself, smiled broadly and repeated the same technique to her other toes as well. Megan’s toes were cruely being attacked and she laughed very hard! “AHHHAAAAAAOHHHHAHAAAAAANOOOOO (gasp) (silence) HAAAHEEELPHEEHA (silence)PPPLEEHAAEEEEHEEEHAA (silence) HAAAHAAAASTOOPPIIIHEEEITHAAAAOHHHAHAAA”! Elaine concentrated on this area for a few seconds while watching her victim go wild! It was unlike any other sensation Megan ever felt before. Her laughing fits were interruped by breathless silence as Elaine assaulted each of her delicate toes in this manner. It was purely the most intense ticklish feeling she ever had and it simply sent Megan off! Because Elaine didn’t even touch her toes during the first tickling session, it made them incredibly sensitve, much more than normal. And to have Elaine describe the tickling as she did it once again intensified the torture. Finally, after a few moments of holding poor Megan in breathless laughter she stopped and teased her. “Oh you like that tickle technique don’t you ?” “You like when I tickle in between your soft sensitive toes huh Meggy”?. “Do you want to talk now huh?” Or should I tickle your toes a little more hmm”? After Megan heaved some air into her lungs, she spoke dispondently “oh noohaha I didn’thhheee. Pleeheeshmm dooh don’t tickheh tickle in betweeeheen mmmy tohoo ess hmm, it tickles sooohee bbhaad hm hahahI’ll haaa talk haa can’t take thahhhtahh heehaaohh pleehheese ha ha no more, no more, heehe hee, I’ll talk hmmha I’ll talk haahe”. Megan was beaten and dejected. But she simply could not endure Elane’s toe tickling torture anymore. It was just ttoo much to bare.

    “Oh really!” Said her smug captor. “So you want to deny me my favorite pleasure huh? Well you see Megan I’ve decided to punish you for your stubordness. I don’t care if you blurt out the combination to that safe I want. Now I’m going to enjoy tickling your toes, just for sport! But enough said. If the gentle use of my fingertips in between your little tooties tickled you like that, you’ll love this. Here come my NAILS!” Come on now Megy’s little piggies, tickle, tickle, tickle, coochie coochie coo”. “Laugh for me girl”. “Oh God NO, not your fingernails!” pleaded Megan. “Please don’t tickle my toes with your fingerrhhaaaaaaHAAAAOHHAAAA”. It was too late, Elaine was now using her fingernails to very lightly scratch the base of all Megan’s spread toes. Elaine rested the heal of her hand on the tips of Megan’s toes and lightly tickled the base of the toe stems. Megan again shriled in ticklish agony as Elaine began to scratch harder and moved her nails quicker concentrating on the soft flesh at the very bend of the toes. “HAAAAAAAA (gasp gasp and long silence) AAAHHAAAAAHOOHHHAAAAA (gasp and long silence) HAAHHHAAA”. Poor Megan could not believe this was happening and that her toes were this sensitive. Whenever Megan experienced long periods of silent laughter, Elaine would stop only for a few short seconds allowing Megan to fill her lungs with air, but then would cruely assault her toes again. Megan was in the hands of a truly sadistic tickler. Elaine would curl her hand into a claw shape and use the tips of her short but sharp nails to wiggle in unison at the base of Megan’s toes, and then quickly dart her fingers in between each toe while her other hand raked Megan’s arches and soles. Megan was totally out of control.

    ”HAAAHAAAAAHAAA(silence)…HAAHHAAAA(silence)..HAAAA HHOOOHHAAA..” She so dearly regretted not talking now. If only she were not so defient before, she may not have to endure this torture, for she would do ANYTHING to stop Elaine from tickling her feet and toes. However, Elaine had other plans. Elaine used another technique where she used the horizontal edge of her fingernails to saw in between the nylon covered space of Megan’s toes one at a time, while in a simultaneous motion, use the edge of her nails to flick up and down the stems of the toes as she darted in between them. The combination of these tickling techniques, transmitted incredible tickling sensations through Megan’s feet. Oh, if she could only bring her toes together or even flex them down toward the floor, to catch Elane’s fingers she could get some relief! But alas the taunt strings pulling on her toes afforded her no chance to evade the excrutiating tickling stimulation. As Megan feared, Elane’s sharp nails and verbal teasing compounded the agonizing tickles charging all throughout her feet and up her legs. She never laughed so hard and helplessly before. She was totally helpless as her feet siezed up but could not move. Megan’s torture was complete and all she could do was laugh, pure and hard! “HAAAAHAAAAHOOOOOHAAAAEEEEEEEHAAAAAAHAA (long silence) OOOOOHHAAAAGAAAHHHHAAAOODSTOOOOPPPHEEEE (long silence) HAAAAAOHHHAAAA”.

    This was music to Elane’s ears, a testiment both to Megan’s sensitivity and Elane’s amazing skill. Elaine was now switching off between the toe tickling techniques as each solicited different responses. When Elaine would pinch the nylon mesh using it to tickle the flesh between Megan’s toes, Megan would first shreek then laugh submissively. Her mouth would be analogous to a fish gasping for air while occationally eliciting intermitent squeels of laughter. And when Elaine’s sharp tortourous fingernails tickled along the base of her toes, Megan would scream and yell at first, then whimper and bob her head up and down, while emitting a “huhuhuu” monotoned laugh. Elaine alternated between these two techniques, keeping Megan completely off guard. Megan was crying now through her ear splitting laughter and her voice was becoming horse and tired. She was now long past her breaking point and was so desparate to talk, anything to stop the agonizing tickle torture. But rather than stop, Elane’s technique changed again and was now bringing her tickling weapons down perpendicular to the space in between Megan’s toes on one foot, while the other hand tickled the arch of the other. As she compressed the nylon mesh, Elaine wiggled her nails along the base and stems of the toes finding virgin flesh in the nooks and crannies within and in between her toes. Once again, Megan reflexively and involentarily rewarded Elane’s inginuity with hard squeeling laughter.

    “EEEEEHAAAAOHHHGOOODDDNNOOOOOHAAAAAASTOOSTOOPPPITT THAAAAAAHEEEHAAAAANOOOO OHH HAAAAAAASTOOOOPPPHHHAA HAAAAAA(long silence).. HAAAAAAEEEEHEEEEHAAAAAAAA” (gasp, long silence). God how Elane’s fingernails scratching in between her toes tickled Megan thought. She had no idea how unbelievably sensitive her toes were. Megan’s tears were now streaming down her face and was in a perminant state of hysterics.“HAA HAAA HAAA HOOOOO HAAAA HAAAAAA OHHHMYYYGOOOOD PLEEEEESSEHHHEEEEE HAAAAA STOOOOP HEEEEEE OHHHHH NOOOOO HAAAAAAAAA IIICANNNNT STTSTTSTTTAAANNDDD ITTTT HAAAAAAHOOOHEHOOOOOOHAAAAAA”. Hearing this, Elaine gloated “Mmm, I know you can’t stand it. I have you Megan!”. “You told me you would speak girl, but I love to tickle torture you baby. My tickling advances on your tender ticklish little tootsies has been too much for you” Elaine spoke with an evil smile. “I’m tickling you to death! “Feel my hard sharp nails use your nylons to tickle along the base of your toes, in between them and along your stems”. Megan was laughing long and hard and she was going insane! Her eyes were shut tight and her head was again swishing side to side. Her hair was matted to her head in a ball of sweat. More precious air left her lungs in response to this new assault and she whirled her head round and round and laughing uncontrollably

    “AHHHHHEEEEEEEEEHAAAA…Soon, Megan’s head slumped down and she was now in a state of constant paralytic “silent” laughter, unable to even catch her breath. Only the scratching of Elaine’s fingers along the nylon covered toe pads could be heard. Holding her there for a few moments, Elaine mocked her..”you thought you were so tough Megan, but I knew I could get you to talk. I didn’t think it would be this easy”. As Elaine spoke gleefully, she kept up the tickling; pinching the nylon between Megan’s toes, and scratching her nails along their base. “I was sure that tickling your toes would make you go berserk!” And I was right”. “Okay now talk bitch, or I will tickle your toes and feet all night long!” Megan having just suffered through the most intense and perfectly executed torture reluctantly said “ohhh haaaa yessss ohhhh yessss caannn’t taaakee heee itttt anyyymooorehooo hooo haaa.” “I’ll haa ha hee taahhlk hee, ohh god juuhest hee stoohoop hee hee”. “You were such and easy victim, no match for my skills”. Elaine was right, she never failed! Megan was about to betray these mob informants, but was powerless to do anything about it. She could not possibly endure anymore of Elaine’s tickling and told her the combination to the safe where she kept the case files. Satisfied with her mission accomplished Elaine said,“thank you for your coroporation Megan. I will leave you now. Elaine fastened and tightened the cloth gag around Megan’s mouth and waved her fingers in the air saying; “ta ta, my ticklish princess. Oh and don’t bother calling the cops because by the time you get untied, I’ll be some place warm and far away from here. See ya”! Megan couldn’t believe what just happed. But she swore revenge!
    To be continued.

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    I think the foot guys and especially nylon lovers will LOVE this story... very sexy, descriptive, and you can sure keep a foot-tickling scene going for a really long time! Wearing nylons definitely amplifies the ticklish sensation for me My only criticism is I'd suggest you use spaces in between pieces of dialogue/conversation between the characters. To show that one quote is ending and another person is speaking. But otherwise, very great especially for the foot lovers, and really impressive for being your first story!
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    Loved it! More please!

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    Awesome first effort! I am very much looking forward to your future work...as long as it's of the f/f nylon variety!

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    First, congratulations on your first story. It was well conceived, and a great first attempt. I love interrogation tickle torture stories.

    I do have a couple of constructive offerings for you that I think will help you in writing future stories. If you're interested, PM me and I'll be happy to go over them with you.

    Great effort, and welcome to the TMF!
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    Many thanks!!

    Thank you all so much for your positive and constructive comments! You all gave me some good advice that I will try to incorrporate, particularly suggestions to the story layout so that it reads better. I will indeed write more. I have a sequel to the last story which I will post soon. Thanks again for the welcoming.

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    Great Story. I loved it. Especially since it is nylon foot tickling. Please feel free to write more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffee
    Great Story. I loved it. Especially since it is nylon foot tickling. Please feel free to write more.
    Could not of put it better myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowTklr
    First, congratulations on your first story. It was well conceived, and a great first attempt. I love interrogation tickle torture stories.

    I do have a couple of constructive offerings for you that I think will help you in writing future stories. If you're interested, PM me and I'll be happy to go over them with you.

    Great effort, and welcome to the TMF!
    dang i had to plead on hands and knees to get the great Shadow to post on my first story lol just kidding of course..but if he posts on your story, that means it is terrific..

    i loved this set-up..i always love interrogation scenarios..keep up the great writing..and this is your first story? wow...wonderful details and that verbal taunting was amazingly effective.. and don't worry about the story format, i also with my first few stories posted the stories incorrectly...

    also welcome to the forum..
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    Cool excellent

    it's one hell of a tickling story man,good description and writing too,
    can't wait 4 the 2nd part,hope u write more stories here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musictkls
    Hi folks. This is my first story post. Since I am partial to nylon foot tickling, this story may not appeal to everyone. However, if you are so inclined, please provide constructive feedback for I would like to write and post more in the future. The style emulates that of Libtick somewhat whos work I like very much. That said the story is original. Thanks
    Thanks for the compliment and keep up the good work...

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent tale! I can't wait to find and read the next chapter.

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    hot hot!

    (from one hard to impress) but who LOVES being foot tickled (especially in nylons!) Really smoking tale, please sir, can we have some more?
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    Good stuff, man!

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