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    Mar 2006

    finished story: "friends" tickle torture. monica tickles rachel.

    Keep in mind this is my first tickling story, so don't judge too hard. but let me know what you think. This story is also up on my website www.freewebs.com/ticklingstories and i have much more to come.

    Rachel started to awake slowly. She tried to reach to rub her eyes, but found she couldn't. She looked and saw her hand was tied above her head to the bedpost. "What..." she muttered. She was still half asleep. As she started to get more awake, she found she was flat on her back with both her hands tied above her head and her ankles were tied to the bedposts too. She fidgeted, but she couldn't get out. "Monica! Phoebe!" She yelled, but nobody came. After about a minute, she saw the bedroom door open, and Monica came in.

    "Monica! What's going on?" Rachel asked, starting to feel a bit scared. Monica grinned. "Well, remember when my boyfriend broke up with me because there was someone else? Well I found that that someone else was you." Monica said. It was true. Rachel had stolen Monica's boyfriend a while back, and she felt terrible about it, but she could never admit it. "So what are you going to do to me?" Rachel asked.

    "Well, when I last talked to my ex-boyfriend, I asked him about this other person. He said she was great. She was smart, sweet, funny, and had a great laugh. So now, we're going to find out how great of a laugh you really have." Monica said. "What do you mean?" Rachel asked. "Well, are you ticklish at all?" Monica said with a grin. She couldn't help but smile, seeing Rachel stretched out like that, not being able to move at all.

    "No..." Rachel said. She had never been good at bluffing. "Well, we'll find out." "No Monica please don't! I'm sorry I stole your boyfriend, but please don't do this!" "It's too late for that now Rachel," Monica said as she pulled a chair up to the foot of the bed. "We'll start with your feet." "N-no not my feet! Please anything but that!" Monica slowly grabbed the sock on Rachels right foot and ever so slowly, started taking it off, while Rachel could only watch in horror. Finally, she pulled the sock all the way off, revealing a small, soft, creamy foot with toenails painted bright red. Monica took one finger and traced it on the bottom of her foot, up and down slowly. "N-n-no please stop," Rachel said, starting to grin. "Oh please. I'm just teasing you," Monica said.

    She then took all four of her fingers and began really tickling her foot. Rachel burst out with laughter. "HAHA! PLEASE NO STOP! HAHA I'M BEGGING YOU!" After a minute or two, Monica stopped, and Rachel was already exhausted. "Oh It's not over yet," Monica said, and she began to take off Rachels other sock. "Oh god please no..." Monica skipped the teasing this time and dove right in. She began tickling both her feet mercilessly. "PLEASE THIS IS TORTURE! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Monica stopped after a few minutes. "Please no more," Rachel begged. Monica only grinned.

    "If you thought my fingers were bad, then you have no idea how bad this is aboutto get," Monica said. "What are you going to do now?" Rachel asked, with a glint of fear in her eye. Monica slowly started moving towards Rachel's feet, and began lightly sucking on her toe. "Oh no!" Rachel yelled. Monica sealed her lips around Rachels big toe and began sucking lightly, flicking her tounge against her toe. Rachel didn't know what to feel. On one hand, having her toes sucked was one of the greatest pleasures she'd ever felt, but on the other hand, it was pure torture. It became clear that Monica intended to thourougly suck every one of her toes. She ignored Rachel's pleas to stop. After she was done sucking, she began lightly flicking her tounge against the bottom of Rachel's feet. "Please no," became so often heard it had no more meaning to either of them. Finally, Monica was able to take her lips off of Rachel's creamy delicious feet.

    "Please no more," Rachel said. Monica only grinned again. Monica got up out of the chair and onto the bed, her knees straddling Rachels hips. She gently lifted Rachels T-shirt up revealing a smooth, beautiful belly. She stopped right above her breasts. "Please not my stomach!" Rachel begged. Monica lifted her hands, and slowly moved them to Rachel's sides. She lightly began teasing her by tracing her fingers around her sides and belly. Monica was just teasing Rachel. Without warning she immediately dug her fingers into Rachels side and began tickling her furiously. "PLEASE MONICA STOP I'M BEGGING YOU!!!" Rachel yelled, but Monica would not listen. She was having the time of her life tickling her. But after a minute she stopped. She got off the bed, walked over to a desk, opened a drawr, and pulled out some baby oil.

    "What is that for?" Rachel asked, hating this more as time went on. "Oh nothing. I'm just going to rub baby oil on your already ticklish belly, which will make it even more ticklish." Rachel couldn't bear any more. She began to cry. "Please Monica I'm begging you! I'll do whatever you want I swear! Just please stop tickling me!" she said between sobs. "You should have thought of that before you went and stole my boyfriend. Monica resumed her postion on top of Rachel and poured baby oil all over her soft beautiful tummy. She caressed it in with her hands until her belly glistened and glowed brightly from it. She barely touched it before Rachel started squirming. "It seemed this worked very well," Monica said, with a devilish smile. Rachel gave up trying to beg.

    Monica immediately began tickling her again, but now it was much worse. Just when she thought she was going to pass out, Monica stopped, and Rachel was desperately out of breath and sweating. "Let's see how my tounge feels on your soft creamy stomach," Monica said, and got off her knees and layed down on top of her. She lightly began kissing and licking her stomach, and Rachel was moaning with pleasure and torture. Monica traced her tounge all around her stomach before she began working on her cute innie belly button. She stuck her tounge in it and began lightly moving it around. It was clear that Rachel was enjoying this at the same time she was hating this. Monica took her tounge from Rachel's belly button and moved it up to her breasts. She began sucking lightly on her already hard nipples. Rachel began moaning with pleasure. While she was sucking on her nipples, she began lightly tickling Rachel's underarms. Rachel was overhwhelemed with torture and pleasure. Finally, Monica stopped sucking on her nipples and concentrated on torturing her again. She had almost forgotten she was supposed to torture Rachel when she got too into it. She snapped Rachel out of her trance by tickling her underarms furiously. Rachel began once again to thrash around violently. "MONICA! PLEASE STOP!" Monica stopped after a couple more minutes. "I think you've had enough for now," Monica said. "But remember, this could happen to you at any time if you ever do anything like that again!" She told Rachel. "I know I know! It will never happen again!" Rachel said. Monica finally stopped and let her up, but she just had to suck her creamy delicious toes one more time first.

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    Jun 2006


    DUde do another friends one this was great.

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