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    Mar 2006

    "friends" part two: rachels revenge

    this is the sequel to the friends story where Monica tickled Rachel, and in this story, the tables are turned, and Rachel gets Monica while she's in the shower. So please comment and tell me what you think.

    A few weeks had passed since Monica had tickle tortured Rachel, and they thought it was all over and forgotten about. Or at least that's what Monica thought. Rachel could remember vividly being tied to the bed, not being able to move an inch, and being tortured by Monica. She had tickled every inch of her thouroughly, with her fingers and even her tounge, and Rachel was not the kind of girl who could let things go like that. She had to get even. And she would.

    Monica was enjoying a nice, hot, steamy shower when it happened. The curtain was thrown open, and there stood Rachel with two pairs of hancuffs in her hands. Before Monica could say or do anything, Rachel grabbed her wrist, slapped the hand cuff around it, and attatched the other end to the shower curtain rod. She did the same thing with her other hand, so Monica's arms were cuffed above her head, and she stood there, naked, wet and completely vulnerable. "What the hell are you doing?!" Monica asked, shaking her head to try and get her long black hair out of her face. "Remember when you tickle tortured me Mon?" Rachel said with a smirk. "Oh god no..." Monica said. She knew what was coming, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    "Well now it's my turn to get you back." Rachel said. She lifted her hands and Monica noticed her long fingernails, which would make the tickling worse. She began lightly raking her fingers on Monicas underarms, causing Monica to fidget and giggle. "Ah so you are ticklish?" Rachel said, not stopping the slow sensous teasing. "Please Rachel, I'm sorry, just don't do this to me!" Monica begged. "I'll scream! And somebody is bound to hear me!" Monica said, but Rachel was way ahead of her. She also had with her a ball gag and jammed it in Monica's mouth, trying to not really hurt her, but make sure it was in there securely. She then tightened the strap and Monica couldn't make any noises loud enough for anyone to hear.

    "Now it's just you and me Mon," Rachel said, and started quickly tickling her underarms, causing Monica to start fidgeting and jumping up and down, but she couldn't go anywhere. Little laughs could be heard behind the ball gag, but if it wasn't there, she would be laughing so loud that everyone in the apartment could hear her. She finally stopped. She then got down onto her knees, and began tickling Monica's soft, beautiful belly. This seemed to kill Monica. She was thrashing so hard that Rachel was sure she would break the hand cuffs any minute now, but she didn't. Rachel then dug her fingers into Monicas ribs and tickled them roughly. She then started on her bellybutton. She traced her index finger around the outside of it, moving in closer and closer, and then dug her finger in her belly button and began wiggling it around. Monica felt like she was about to pass out.

    Rachel stopped after a minute, and then moved closer to Monica's belly. She stuck her tounge out, and gently began licking her stomach, focusing mainly on her belly button. Her skin was still soft and warm from the shower. Monica couldn't tell if she enjoyed this or not. This must have been what Rachel felt like, she was thinking. After a few minutes of kissing her soft creamy belly, she stopped, and brought her hands down her legs, and stopped on her thighs. It was time to torture her again.

    She squeezed the spot right above her knee and Monica began thrashing around violently. If Monica could look forward to anything, it was that she would have trouble tickling her most ticklish spot, her feet, because she was standing on them, but Rachel was way ahead of her. After a few minutes of tickling her thighs, she brought out a rope and tied Monica's ankles together. She then went behind her and lifted her legs off the ground, supporting her knees on one of her arms, leaving the other free to tickle her exposed feet. She only wished she could see the look on Monica's face. But she could make a pretty good guess as when she lightly touched her feet, she squirmed. Rachel grinned. This would be the most fun part. She began quickly tickling her feet with all her fingers, and Monica shook violently. Rachel would have gone on for much longer, but she was afraid the shower curtain rod would brake, so she decided to do to her what she had done to her earlier. She began sucking on her soft pink toes and she heard Monica make a noise in between a pleasurable moan and a laugh. She taunted and tickled her feet while caressing them with her tounge until she had finished off her toes. But she wasn't done tickling yet. She let her legs back down and walked over to the cabinet, and pulled out an electric toothbrush.

    "We're almost done Mon, but not quite yet," she said, holding up the toothbrush for her to see. Her eyes grew wide with fear. Rachel flicked it on and instantly went for her belly. She moved it all around, and Monica thought this was much worse then tickling with fingers. The worst was when Rachel put it in her bellybutton, and Monica felt like she was going to pass out. But eventually it stopped, and Rachel pulled out the gag.

    "Now we're even aren't we?" Rachel said. Monica was still catching her breath but she still managed to say yes. So Rachel let her down, and that was the end of that.

    So thats the end of the story. please comment and let me know what you think.

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    Jun 2001
    That was brilliant! Please keep the series going

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by latinman93
    That was brilliant! Please keep the series going
    I concur. But might I suggest getting Phoebe involved somehow.

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