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    The Tickling Of Jennifer Love Hewitt

    It was a sunny afternoon and Jennifer had just finished a hard rehearsal and was sitting in her trailer.She thought to herself "Man,I sure could use a few minutes alone".So Jennifer snuck out the back of her trailer and headed for the park.She started walking the paths enjoying the sun and the cool breeze as it blew through her hair."Now,this is the life"she thought to herself as she walked along the path.Walking along the path she came up on a bridge and under neath the bridge ran a small creek.She sat on the bridge and dangled her feet over the side.

    But,what Jennifer didn't know is that she had a visitor under the bridge.Jennifer just sat enjoying the fresh air not,knowing what is going on below.A man sit's staring at the star's feet.He is a fan with a fetish for the young actresses feet.He moves close to get a look at those little feet.In the meantime Jennifer just sit's above not knowing what is about to happen.

    The man reaches in his bag and pulls out some rope,he moves in and quickly binds her feet to the bridge.Hey.what is going on Jennifer blurts out as she realizes she can't move her feet.Hey,what is going on Jennifer screams sort of in shock.The man steps out from under the bridge.Hello,Jennifer the man say's with a smile.How,are you he ask's.

    What do you want Jennifer asks,Why are my feet tied she questions the man.Well,Jennifer this man said I am a big fan and I have this one fantasy.What,is that Jennifer asks with alittle worry in her voice.I have this fantasy of tickling your feet and listening to that adorable laugh of yours the man say's with a grin.Oh,Please don't do that Jennifer say's I am way to ticklish.Well,I guess we will see as the man steps back under the bridge.Please!! wait as the Jennifer screams as the man disappears.

    The man steps back under the bridge and looks admiringly at the young actresses tennis shoed clad feet.He starts to untie her shoes with trembling hands.Hey,wait Please Jennifer screams out.The man doesn't even hear her screams.He removes her shoes to reveal a pair of feet in white socks.He slowly removes her socks to reveal two beautiful soft feet.The man stand and admires the beautiful little feet.Hey,what you doing Jennifer asks.The man steps out and smiles,Your about to see he say's and steps back under the bridge.

    He grabs a foot and slowly runs his finger down the sole Heeeeey Jennifer in a sort of scream giggle.The man start's to stroke alittle faster.HeeeyHAHAHAHAHA Jennifer instead of screaming is starting to laugh.The man continues his stroking of her soles.HAHAHAHAOOOOOOOPlease HEHEHEH Jennifer giggles with a delight.The man then starts to run his fingers under Jennifer's toes starts running his fingers back and forth.Oh Please the young actress screams as her laughter becomes more loud.Stop!!HAHAHAHAHA I can't stand it she wails.Then,the man starts to tickle inbetween each toe.Well,this drives Jennifer wild.OhPlease!!!!!!!!!!Stop as the young actress lay's back on the bridge and covers her face with her hands and just laughs as the man continues to tickle inbetween her toes.

    Then,the man starts tickling the bottoms of her feet.Jennifer is laying on the bridge just wailing in laughter.OOHHPLeae!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAH I can't stand it.The man let's that foot go and moves over to the one that han't seen any torture yet.The man grabs the foot and slowly licks down the sole.OHPLease!!!!!!!Jennifer screams out HAHAHAHA SSSSSSSStopSSStop I can't take it.The man slowly licks the sole and heel and arch of the young actress.All the while listening to her wails of laughter.Then,the man start's to suck on Jennifer's toes.OHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNoo as the young actress sit's straight up and starts to scream with laughter.Dooon't I beg you.The young actress is beside herself with laughter trying to break free.The man starts to suck and lick each toe individually.OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH the young actress moans PPPPPPlllease HHAHAHAHAHA,as she just hangs over the bridge and laughs.Then,the man starts' to lick inbetween her toes.OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHPlease I can't stand it I can't stand it she screams.The man continues to lick and suck the young actresses toes.Jennifer just lays back on the bridge and wails.OHHHHHPlease!! she wails with her hands over her face and tears running down.The man stops and steps out from under the bridge.Jennifer the man calls.Jennifer sit's up and looks over the bridge.Thank you the man say's you are really ticklish and you fulfilled my fantasy nicely.The man waves his hand and another man steps out from the bridge.This is my friend the man say's Oh,by the way he has the same fantasy.So,it is his turn now.Jennifer just stares in disbelief as she feels the tickling start all over again.I hope she can stand it.

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    Looking for that well hidden Illinois Ticklee

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