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    Cool adult mother/daughter tickling story (repost)

    "Mommy, You're The Dearest"

    41-year-old Rita and her 19-year-old daughter Lorraine were coming home from the beauty parlor one afternoon. Both Rita and Lorraine were very attractive-looking women; they never failed to receive more than their share of admiring looks and flattering complements from desirable men as well as many envious women.
    Rita had short, lovely blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her body was very trim and shapely;she was exceptionally fit and youthful for a mature woman. Lorraine had long, flowing, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was a few inches taller than her mother and had a very sexy, slender body.
    The mother and daughter duo had a very special relationship. They did everything together: go to the mall, go to Broadway shows, try out different kinds of restaurants, and of' course their favorite activity - talking about guys. Lorraine always felt comfortable telling her mother what was truly in her heart and she considered her mother to be her best friend.
    Rita had lots of fun with her beautiful daughter. She always had this thing about tickling her; Rita loved to tickle Lorraine. And lucky for her, Lorraine was EXTREMELY TICKLISH. For as long as she could remember, Lorraine was a frequent tickle victim of her mothers. But Lorraine never dared tickle her mother back, so she never knew if her mother was ticklish or not.
    Rita, though, would reach under the covers and tickle Lorraine's feet to get her out of bed in the morning, she'd sneak up behind her and tickle her under her arms whenever Lorraine's arms were raised, and sometimes Rita would simply tackle her daughter to the ground and mercilessly tickle her all over, making Lorraine scream and laugh with abandon.
    Well, when the two women got home, Lorraine immediately ran upstairs to stare into her bedroom mirror and indulge her new look. Rita walked into the kitchen to go through the 'fridge' and pick out a menu for dinner that night. She let out a sigh of boredom and couldn't decide whether to go with the pork chops or the leftover chicken enchilladas from the other night.
    As she reached in to rearrange things - pulling out some tupperware dishes and placing them on the kitchen counter, Rita noticed four half-empty cans of diet cola sitting in the refridgerator. The beautiful mother rolled her eyes as she was reminded of the countless times she told her daughter to stop leaving all those unfinished sodas in the 'fridge' and never drinking them.
    "Lorraine!" Rita called.
    The house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Lorraine didn't answer her mother.
    "Lorraine!" She repeated, sighing in frustration.
    Still no response.
    Rita stopped everything she was doing and closed the refridgerator door. As she left the kitchen and headed upstairs to see why Lorraine failed to answer her when she called, she noticed she didn't hear any water running; so she knew she wasn't taking a shower. She figured Lorraine must've had hear headphones on, listening to her walkman, completely oblivious to the world.
    Rita was known for conditionally respecting her daughter's privacy and knocked on her bedroom door first; after all, Lorraine was a grown woman now, and Rita knew her daughter wanted to be trusted and treated like an adult.
    Rita knocked on the door six times. "Lorraine?" She called again.
    Again, she was met with nothing but silence. Then Rita slowly opened Lorraine's bedroom door and peaked inside. The concerned mother was stunned when she panned across the room and found that her daughter was nowhere to be found. A worried frowned appeared on Rita's face.
    Hmmm, where could she be? Rita thought.
    Suddenly, Rita was grabbed from behind. The frightened woman gasped, but before she could utter a scream, a cloth saturated with chloroform was quickly placed over her mouth. A man wearing a leather jacket had overtaken her and Rita screamed into the cloth, struggling briefly before the effects of the chloroform caused the lovely woman to pass out.
    Later, Rita was abruptly awakened by the pungent odor of smelling salts. She realized she was in her bedroom, stretched out on her back, gagged, and tied down to her queen-size bed. She was totally shocked to see a ski-masked man dressed in leather standing next to her, and another standing at the foot of the bed. Rita immediately screamed into her gag and tried to get out of her bondage, but to no avail.
    That was when she noticed her beloved daughter Lorraine tied down, in the same position, right next to her, with a look of sheer terror on her face. Neither one of them could speak to the other because of the gags, but the expressions on their anguished, sympathizing faces said it all. The intruder that was standing next to Rita then moved down to the foot of the bed to join his accomplice.
    "Okay, ladies," the man said, with a stern bark. "As you can see, we're burglars, and we're robbing you."
    "Yeah, sorry for the inconvience," his partner mocked.
    "But before we make a run for it, with all of your stuff, how can we pass up an opportunity to take advantage of two very beautiful women, all tied up and vulnerable like this."
    Rita and Lorraine really panicked. They screamed incoherent pleas for mercy into their gags, and feared these criminal fiends would rape them. The mother and daughter hotties whimpered hysterically and twisted and squirmed more fervently, trying in vain to get out of their binds.
    Then the ski-masked man standing in front of Rita's high-heel-clad feet that hung just off the edge of the bed, knelt down and began to slowly pull off her black patent-leather high-heels. Both mother and daughter donned curious frowns on their faces.
    Once the burglar removed Rita's heels, he couldn't believe how lovely and perfectly shaped her nylon-clad tootsies were. The mature blonde wiggled her cute toes and flexed her pretty feet a little as they were suddenly introduced to the cool air.
    "Wow, Lady! You sure have the prettiest feet I've ever seen. They wouldn't happened to be ticklish, would they?"
    Rita's heart sank into the pit of her stomach when she heard what the man said. She gulped hard as her mouth became dry as cotton, her eyes grew wide with terror, and she curled her toes locked in the cutest little way.Indeed, Rita, like her daughter, was INCREDIBLY TICKLISH.
    "I'll accept that as a positive," the mischievous crook teased.
    He proceeded to briskly scribble his fingernails along the nylon-clad soles of Rita's hyper-ticklish feet. The attractive mother's reaction was like music to the burglars' ears. She shook her head anxiously in protest and she screamed into her gag like a madwoman.
    "Mmmmmmmmmph Mmmmmmmmmmph!" The blonde mother shrieked with muffled laughter.
    Lorraine stared at her mother absolutely mesmerized. She had no idea her Mommy was so incredibly ticklish. All her life, Lorraine was the hopeless tickle victim of Rita's, and now she finally got to witness her mother getting mercilessly tickled, right before her eyes.
    "Kitchy kitchy koo, pretty lady," the burglar taunted as he paid close attention to using his two forefingers to torment the elliptical balls of Rita's tender soles, which were the most ticklish part of her feet.
    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph! Mmmmmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmph!" Rita cackled.
    Lorraine, being the terribly ticklish person that she is, was giggling hysterically and curling her own toes locked, in sympathy, as the 19-year-old babe witnessed her mother getting just as crazy with ticklish agony as she would when she gets tickled.
    Then the intruder that stood in front of Lorraine's sandal-clad feet knelt down. Now it was time for the young blonde to get crazy along with her mother, and poor Lorraine screamed like a banshee and shook vehemently in her bondage when she noticed the ski-masked man slowly removing her sandals.
    The sleek hottie's bare feet were just as gorgeous as her mothers; her toes were long and flawlessly shaped, and her toenails were painted a nice shade of pink. She wiggled and flexed her feet wildly just anticipating the particularly devilish tickle-torture that was to come
    "Let's see if your feet are just as ticklish as your Mom's are, doll," the second man taunted.
    "Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph! Lorraine wailed, into her gag.
    The insistent burglar then scratched his fingernails along Lorraine's soft insteps, the most ticklish area of her feet. She arched her back and shook her head in protest as the unbearable tickling sensations shot through her body like a jolt of electrcity.
    Now, both mother and daughter were lost in the thralls of helpless, ticklish laughter. The two robbers gently probed and dug under their toes, they methodically raked their nails along the sides and tops of their feet, and even blew raspberries all over their sensitive soles, causing both women to lose control of their bodies and wet themselves.
    Rita and Lorraine's ticklish ordeal felt as if it were going to go on forever, until thankfully the two hot blondes passed out from all the excitement. And moments later, they both regained consciousness and realized that they had been untied and were still laying in Rita's bed. The two thieves had left the scene ( with all of their goodies) and Rita looked at her darling daughter with concerned, comforting eyes.
    "Are you okay, sweetheart?" Rita asked, stroking her daughter's face.
    "I'm alright," Lorraine replied, wearily. "They didn't hurt me."
    "I guess they're gone," groaned Rita.
    "Yeah, with all of our stuff," whined Lorraine.
    "Well, we both made it out of it alive and unharmed. That's what's important."
    Lorraine remembered the two robbers tickle-torturing she and her mother and giggled to herself, "Gee Mom, I didn't know you were so ticklish."
    Rita glanced at Lorraine with a curious frown and said, "Well, I am. Very much so."
    "All my life you've always taken advantage of my ticklishness and showed me no mercy, and for the first time I actually saw you get tickled. And It's like, wow, you're just as ticklish as I am, if not more."
    "Don't tell me you enjoyed that."
    "Well, kinda."
    "Argh! You little rascal, you."
    "Aw! I don't mean to be bad." Lorraine consoled. "You know I love you, Mom."
    "And I love you too, sweetie."
    Then Rita held her daughter in her arms and the two beautiful women continued to recuperate from the events of a most bizarre afternoon.


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    Dec 2001
    At my wife's ticklish nylon-clad feet, of course!

    Great Work!

    Can't pass up a great tickle story, but when it includes tickling nylon clad feet.... Great story!
    Visit my TickleFeetInHose and TickleFeetInHose2 groups at Yahoo.com for stocking foot tickle pics.

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