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    Jul 2001
    City of Ankles

    Tickling in the Office (true story)

    We're still in the prime of this Mercury Retrograde, so I'm going to continue reposting past tickle encounters.

    I had a great new encounter just two nights ago, but that's posted in the Tickling Discussion section at the end of the Astrology Sun Sign thread. I don't think anyone's seen it, though, because it was a hambrained place for me to post the tale, though it seemed to make sense that night.

    Actually, astrology comes into play in this tale too. It's a twin peak to my encounter two nights ago.

    So this is a repost from the ol' AMT days. It's another one of my Tickling Bandit exploits, when I was younger and foolisher.

    Now. Let me take you back... to the late 1900's...

    Yes, well, we create our own opportunites, right? Boy, did I create and then seize a good one this week.

    She works up in the legal department. For 2 years now we've been only phone voices and faxes to each other, but our offices have recently moved much closer to each other. Now, I simply pop up and see her when I need a legal sign-off on something.

    The first 2 occaisions I was there in her office, we got along just smashingly. Easy-flowing conversation, intelligent connections, and polite let's-start-up-a-friendship attitudes. She's about 5'6" or so, Jewish, long pretty black hair. The second time I was in there, in her office that is, after she gave me the signature I needed, she opened up to me about some stress-causing aspects of her life. Being wise, perceptive, and of course very opportunistic, I told her that I sensed the tense energy about her and I suggested that she get herself massages regularly throughout this rough part of her life. She thought it was a great idea, and mentioned she may do that. (DING!-- that's the seed planted in her pretty head.)

    Then we talked astrology for a bit. She told me she was a Pisces.
    "Oh, a Pisces?" I said, and then politely, but teasingly "Are you fond of having your feet rubbed?" (Of course, Readers, you know that the part of the body which corresponds to Pisces is the feet.)
    "Yes," she answered. "Pisces corresponds to the feet, and it's true. I do. I went to a reflexologist once, and she massaged my feet a bit, and I just wanted it to go on forever." (DING!)

    I have a hand and foot reflexology map in my wallet, and I mentioned it. "Oh, can I see it?" she asked. Our conversation was flowing so easily that my next question seemed to fit just perfectly -- "Are you ticklish?" I asked as she was looking down at my little hand and foot card. She paused a second before answering, and without looking up said "Not so bad." (heh heh heh. . . and, uh, oh yeah -- DING!)

    That was the second time I visited her. Now allow me to tell you about the third.

    I was in a frantic rush. My crazy ex, my 2 children, and my mother were all meeting me for lunch, and our rendezvous time was getting close when I got a sudden request from the damn boss which required a lot of movin and shakin. Suddenly and at once I had a shipload of duties. One of the things I had to do was to go up and get my new friend's signature. So, when I appeared in her doorway, as I said, I was frantic. (However, being the cool, cool guy that I am, I kept it somewhat controlled : ) )

    She sensed it though. I told her what was up, and she suggested I call ahead to the restaurant to let them know I would be late. I thought it was a great idea. So I said "Great idea!" Then I continued with "May I use your phone?" She said yes, and I moved around to her side of the desk to pick up the receiver. I immediately noticed that down by my feet were her empty shoes, and down by her empty shoes were her white-stockinged, shoeless feet. (DINGDINGDINGDINGDING!)

    Ho boy.

    Luckily, I had to call information first to get the restaurant's number, and then the restaurant. She set about her desk work as I began to make my calls. I was on the phone for only a few seconds before I said as an aside to her, "Oh, look at this," as though I was just noticing her shoelessness. I bent down and began massaging one of her feet. I kept it up throughout my entire 411 call. When I hung up, she muttered disappointedly, and somewhat embarrassedly, "Are you sure you don't need to be on the phone for longer?" But I did. I had to call the restaurant. I placed the call, and began massaging more.

    She started giggling as I was speaking to the restaurant. (JACKPOT! JACKPOT! WE HAVE A WINNER!)

    When I hung up again, I continued massaging.

    "I'm sorry, but I just have to laugh," she said. "You know how sometimes you can't help but laugh when someone touches your foot a certain way? In a certain place?"

    "Oh, it TICKLES?" I said, and she began nodding right away.

    "It tickles!" she grimaced. I was tickling more deliberately now, but still massaging as well. She was enjoying it.

    "Balance," I said, justifying the taking of her other foot in my hands. She didn't argue. I started in on this other foot, and she giggled louder. Involuntary, musical giggling that sounded so good coming from this very polite, business-like, pretty, young, professional woman. She's not tickled regularly, I could just tell. This was new to her.

    Knowing it would have to end soon, I went out with a bang, and started to rake her soles with my fingers. "HA HA!" she laughed loudly, and then kept laughing as she started wiggling her feet to get away from my tickling. I kept it up for a few more seconds, then stopped.

    Then I went on with my frantic rush. Man, was that a nice oasis though. Who doesn't like a great, surprise, ticklish-white-stockinged-foot tickling in the middle of the work day? Ya know?

    Tickling in LA,

    Last edited by Boomtown13; 01-25-2002 at 03:43 AM.

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    Jan 2002
    Toronto, Canada
    Great story man!!!!! Did you ever get her again?

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    Apr 2001
    Nice one! Tickling in the workday....ain't nothing like it! Makes it almost worth having to go to work!!!

  4. #4

    Talking ::HIGH FIVE::

    That's awesome! Were her feet nice?

  5. #5
    Join Date
    Jul 2001
    City of Ankles

    Glad you liked the story. Yes, Capone, she and I became great friends over the next year. Shortly after the tickling I described in the story, I let her in on the whole tickling fetish. She was amused by that, and I tickled her several more times, though none were as charged as that first occaision.

    And, Nebula, her feet were nice. I apologize -- I forgot a great deal of people on this forum appreciate foot descriptions. My office friend has feet that are delicate and narrow, toes fragile and longish. I'd place them at a size 8. Though they were in thin white stockings on that first occaision, in later days she and I took lunches in the park, on my picnic blanket. She would go barefoot, and that's when I found out those delicate feet were also silky soft.


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    May 2001
    I can't even imagine something like that happening at my job. I was accussed of sexually harrassing a lady for inviting her to hear me read at a local open mike night- by the lady!
    Maybe what's been happening with Yaqi will help open the gates and people will open up more. There are some nice ladies at work that peak my interest. One of them even admitted that her dog woke her up in the morning by licking her feet!

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