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    Apr 2006

    Public Humiliation Tickling (multiple/F)

    I invited over a friend one day and he started tickling me. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t and I knew my Master would be home any minute and most likely catch me being tickled without his permission. We were just talking and he tackled me out of the blue and pinned me down as he attacked my sides. Not five minutes later, my Master walked in saying, “Slave, are you here I want to....What is going on here! EXPLAIN!”

    I looked up, dreading what I was going to see, and sure enough, my Master was standing over us and looking down. I quickly pushed my friend off and backed up against a wall. “Master...I-I.....…”

    He shot my friend a steely glare and ordered, “Slave! Have your friend leave immediately!”

    I looked down and quietly said, “I am sorry but you must go...I will see you later...…”

    I kept looking at the floor as my friend walked out and my Master shut the door behind him. He then turned on me and advanced on me and demanded, “Slave do you realize what you were doing wrong?”

    I pressed closer to the wall as I answered, “Yes.”

    He continued, “Do you have anything to say in your defense? Why were you allowing someone else to tickle you?”

    “No I don’t.”

    “Why, When I come home do I see MY SLAVE being tickled by someone else?” I closed my eyes and remained silent. “You know that you will have to be punished don't you?” With that he walked into the bathroom and returned with a bottle. He opened the bottle and removed a blue pill that I have never seen before. He snapped, “Lie down and take this. When you awake, your punishment will begin.” I quickly looked up at him before laying on the couch and swallowing the blue pill. Within minutes I was asleep.

    When I came to, I tried to get up but realized I was no longer in my Master’s house. I looked around and became scared as I was in a large college classroom with about thirty students looking at me. I looked down at myself and realized I was only wearing a bikini, exposing all of my ticklish parts. “M-Master......where am I?”

    He spoke from behind me, “Slave you are before the local University’s freshman bio class. They are currently studying nerve endings and reflexology responses, essentially tickling. I happen to know the professor and volunteered you as the experiment. First I'm going to tickle you in front of all them and have them watch you squirm and giggle. and then to show that these techniques will work despite whose tickling, all of them will participate in a large gang tickle of your worst spots.

    My eyes went wide as I begged, “Master....no please!”

    He retorted with, “You knew the rules slave and you broke them. You have no one to blame for this but yourself! Any last words before the experiment begins?” I looked down and shook my head no, as I knew what was coming next. “Ladies and Gentleman, our experiment will now begin with us exploring our subject's ticklish underarms. Here it goes!” He then wiggled his fingers into the hollows of my underarms. I squealed and laughed and tried to pull my arms down as he went on to say, “See how the subject simply can not resist laughing?” He really dug his fingers in and continued tickling mercilessly.

    I begged, “Hahahahhahahaha Massster! please! I didn't mean it!”

    “No time for excuses. You'd say anything when tickled! Watch class as she laughs even more when teased. Tickle tickle little slave!” I laughed even harder as he teased me. “Now see as the subject reacts to her sides being tickled.” My master tickled up and down my ribs as the crowd of students looked on with great interest. I tossed my head back as I laughed and futilely tried to squirm away from him.

    “Pleassseeee........no more....... Pleasssssssssssee?”

    “There's no escape for bad little slaves! Kootchy kootchy koo!” Then he tickled my hips with all ten fingers mercilessly. I kept begging as I slowed down to giggling and squealing. Then my worst nightmare came true: having my feet tickled for all to see. “Now class, my favorite part! This subject has EXTREMELY ticklish feet, allow me to demonstrate!” Then he began tickling my bare feet in front of everyone.

    I gasped and swore loudly, “OH SH*T!”

    “Tickle tickle tickle little slave! Your feet are sooo tickly!”

    “AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!” I tried to pull my feet away as I laughed hysterically.

    “I hope you're all taking notes class, because in a minute it'll be up to all of you to get this kind of reaction from her.” He continued tickling my feet like crazy. I tried to restrain my laughter and I remained completely silent. “Oh class, our subject thinks she's being clever! If she tries this on you, simply follow my lead.” He pulled back my toes and commenced to tickling them with his other hand. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists, determined not to laugh. “And of course class, don't forget to add to her ticklishness with teasing. Who's tickly little toes? Does this tickle little girl? Tickle tickle tickle!” He increased his toe tickling to a merciless level.

    I squirmed, slowly breaking and I shouted, “Master....I won't laugh!”

    He teased as he tickled with all ten of his fingers on my feet, “Aww, poor little girl can't take all the tickles? Tickle tickle all over the little feeties! You’re my little tickle slave!”

    “Y-you can't make me!! Never!”

    “Of course not, not even if I use this to tickle you!” He then pulled out my worst enemy from a drawer: a feather! He dragged it across my arches and began tickling in between my toes. I inhaled deeply, trying to keep calm.

    “Does the poor girl not like feathers across her feet? Does it tickle as it slowly glides in between your tickly little toes? Kitchy kitchy koo ticklish girl!” I dissolved completely into giggles but I tried to stop. “Aww, can't stop laughing hun? well it doesn't really matter anyway now. Class, it's time for the active participation part of the experiment. Everyone feel free to come up and tickle this little slave. I'll be back in an hour so feel free to go crazy. No matter what she says, she loves to be tickled so feel free to go crazy and gang tickle her to your heart’s content.”

    I glared at all the students, especially the boys and threatened, “I-If you c-come near me I-I'll.....…”

    “Don't worry guys she doesn't look so scary once you do this!” He tickled my underarms, and that encouraged the students and they started moving closer.

    I turned my head away from him and said, “I did nothing to deserve this Master.”

    “Students hold up. Slave are you saying you do not want anyone else besides me tickling you?”


    “I do not want that either, so you can imagine my dismay when I found you being tickled by someone else. If I EVER find you being tickled by someone else again, I will allow you to be gangtickled by strangers. Do you understand me?”

    “Yes Master.”

    “Do you feel you have learned your lesson slave?” I did not answer, apparently still angry. “Do not hold your tongue slave, answer me when I ask you a question, and answer honestly!” IU remained silent and he snapped, “I am now ordering you to tell me what you feel slave. Speak the truth!” Nothing was he said from me and he proclaimed, “Very well then slave. You shall be forced to answer!” He then danced his fingers across my soles like miniature spiders.

    I remained defiant and retorted, “Never Master!”

    “Then you shall be tickled FOREVER! Tickle tickle tickle!”

    I yawned and asked, “Is that all you've got?”

    “Not at all my little ticklish slave.” He moved down to my arches and focused on them. I twitched as he continued on to say, “Let's see how you like being tickled in two spots at once!” He kept on tickling my bare feet with one hand, and he tickled all over my thighs with the other.

    I gasped and questioned, “Masterrrrr.....aren't you delaying the students from finishing their assignment?”

    “I am, but I first wanted to make sure you knew that disrespecting me will not go unpunished! But class, are you ready for tickling?” The entire class looked eager to get at me. “Ok, begin tickling the subject mercilessly!” They began tickling me, making sure to tickle my feet, sides, tummy, underarms, neck, and knees. I instantly started laughing uproariously. “Good class, make sure to tickle every inch of ticklish flesh on her ticklish body, and don't forget the kootchy kootchy koos!” I laughed even harder as I tried to protect any part of my body that I could. “How do you feel little slave? A little less defiant?” There were twelve pairs of hands tickling all my ticklish spots now.

    I nodded and replied, “Yehehehehehhsss Master!”

    “Aww, not sooo tough when being tickles like this are you little slave?”

    “Nohohohohohohohoho! Will t-tthey stop sooon?”

    “They'll stop when I tell them to. But they seem to be having too much fun tickling you for me to deprive them of that. Tickle tickle little slave!” I giggled and laughed as they tickle and he teased me. “Tell the students how much you love their tickles little slave! Do it or I'll never tell them to stop!”

    I shouted hysterically, “I-I love your tickles!!”

    “Tell them why and make it believable slave!”

    “Be....because....ahahahahhahahaha! I love being tickled!”

    “Alright class. Stop tickling, she's had enough.” They stopped tickling, even though clearly most of the boys would have loved to continue.

    I panted and caught my breath. “T-thank you Master.....you are very kind.” He then untied me and lead me out of the classroom.

    “Have you learned your lesson slave?”

    I felt all wobbly from all the tickling. “Yes Master I have.”

    “And what will you do next time you have a friend over?”

    “Not allow him to tickle me.”

    “Excellent.” With that we walked off to his car in silence.

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    Jul 2005
    where hotflashes attack
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    wow super fantastic..but not fair..you were pinned down and couldn't prevent your friend from tickling you..i mean she couldn't lol..excellent hon..you just keep getting better and better..
    For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, no explanation is possible.

    From "The Song of Bernadette"

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    Apr 2006
    hehehehehe thanks Izzy!

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    Jul 2006
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Great story.

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    Wonderful story, TG4L!
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    Apr 2006
    Thank you!

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    Jul 2005
    Northeast, Ohio
    Great story!!! I especially loved it from your point of view!!! Please write more.

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    Apr 2006
    Thanks Osco!

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    Nov 2001
    Minnesota, USA
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    i don't stop in here much, but when i do, there's always a story that catches my eye.

    wonderful story. sweet and innocent. i like that. keep up the good work!
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    Feb 2003
    I enjoyed the story very much Loved the classroom tickling

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    Jul 2006
    In My Cave!

    Awesome story Slave, but I am curious in if you have another master that I don't know about. Though I did love that idea Slave.

    This is my Online Persona!

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by F.L. Atlanta 10

    Awesome story Slave, but I am curious in if you have another master that I don't know about. Though I did love that idea Slave.
    Thank you Master, and no of course not, you are my only master!

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    Jul 2006
    In My Cave!
    Quote Originally Posted by TicklishGrl4Lfe
    Thank you Master, and no of course not, you are my only master!
    Oh good. Nice idea as well and awesome writing.

    This is my Online Persona!

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    Incredibly arousing.

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    Jun 2003
    Good story, and it was typed in blue, which for some reason made it easier on the eye to read.

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