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    Mar 2003

    Talking Foot Tickled by Massage Therapist

    I have hestitated in sharing this experience, though I am not sure why. About once a week I go to a massage therapist for a foot massage/tickle. Seriously. My feet are extremely ticklish and I love to have them tickled. Its strange and fortunate in that I have had three or four women tell me I have nice feet...out of the blue...well, when being barefoot or in sandals in the summer. Though I liked hearing it, I am always embarrassed cause I have a thing for feet and well, you know. Anyhow, a while back I decided to get a reflexology treatment or foot massage...I really didn't care which. When calling various therapists, I asked if they had ever heard of a technique where they used a very light touch on the soles of the feet explaining that it has been used as a form of stress relief over the centuries. I actually compiled my info from some of "The Laugher's" stress relief experiences he had on his old site as well as information from historical customs and laughter therapy. The way I tried to explain what I was looking for was a combination of reflexology, nerve stimulation, and laughter therapy. And for what its worth as many of you also know is that it is GREAT stress relief!!!

    Before I go on, yes, tickling affects me many ways, but these are NOT sexual massages in any way, shape, or form. The therapists I contacted are professional liscenced therapists. I conduct myself accordingly!!! Anyhow, the vast majority of them said they never heard of it but thought it sounded interesting. Then I found someone who had heard of some of the things I mentioned but had never tried it and was willing to give it a try. She also laughed and said many massage therapists take themselves too seriously and instead of listening to a client will only follow what they have learned in school. She said it; I didn't.

    So after many, many sessions, trust has grown as well as rapport. Her technique has evolved and to put it simply, I can't imagine it getting any better. Here is what she currently does:

    I lay face down on a massage table fully clothed but for my shoes and socks. She lightly rubs/massages each foot, one at a time for about five minutes each. The she starts the stimulation. The very first time we tried this, she used toothpicks and her fingers. In the process over a long period of time we have also tried artist brushes. Currently she uses her finger tips, short fingernails, and feathers...both ends. Anyhow, after the massage part, again starting with one foot she ver lightly and methodically tickles the sole and toes while I lay there and cackle my head off! And after MANY TRUST and RAPPORT buildingsessions have even come up with a way to restrain my feet so I wouldn't be jerking or pulling away. I say methodically because she actually focuses on the more ticklish areas, but works the entire foot. Afterwards we compare it to reflexology charts and it is amazingly accurate. After a session I have had allergies clear up, headaches go away, and of course the stress dissappear! She tickles each foot for close to fifteen minutes straight and then slowly places her palms on my soles and holds it there or begins another soft massage for a two minute cool down. Then she tickles both at once for another fifteen minutes with another short cool down at the end. Her technique is wonderful and she has really developed it. She will use the feather on the toes of one foot while using her finger or quill where the heel and arch meet together on the other and incessantly tickle there knowing it will make me lose it! When she is done, my adrenalin level is so high that I fly through the day! She actually pushes for deeper levels of laughter. Often I am to the point of whimpering from being tickled so long and persistent, but she sees it too as it is, just a great and complete emotional release. I absolutely love it and its the highlight of my week!

    I have since, more out of curiosity had a few other therapists say they are willing to give it a try, but I am happy where I'm at. I guess my point is, if you are sincere and conduct yourself in a respectful and courteous manner there are massage therapists willing to give it a try. And before anyone asks, I cannot/will not give out my therapist's phone number, location etc. I'm not taking the chance of ruining a great thing, probably my hesitation to post in the first place.

    (Its odd though because though I have what many would almost kill for, I still have the desire to be foot tickle tortured by a female who is into tickling for the sake of tickling! Any takers? I guess it just shows how greedy we can be.


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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    How wonderful for you! Thanks for sharing the experience with us. You ought to increase your sessions to twice a week.
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    Jun 2002
    North Carolina

    Very cool!

    Quite an arrangement you have there. Way to handle it well and get what you wanted. I'd be curious if she's using her new found technique extracurricularly!

    Nicely done, and nicely written,

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    Mar 2003

    Smile Well...

    Actually, I go about six times a month, twice every other week. Its just the way we have it worked out. I have asked her if she has tried it on any other clients and thus far she has not. Though she does save me clippings she finds on laughter therapy or anything similar that she comes across. I told her we should co-write a book.

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