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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Nov 2002

    tickling clubs in chicago area?

    anyone know of any clubs or dungeons in chicago area where you can go and pay to tickle a sub? i can't find any.

  2. #2
    Join Date
    Apr 2003

    Tickling sessions

    You might try this place Sara. I've never been there but it does advertize switch sessions and tickling...good luck



  3. #3
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    Akron, OH
    dont do it...when i was there and called those places, the MINIMUM they wanted for one hour was 300 bucks...and that was the cheapest...totally INSANE....

  4. #4
    Join Date
    Jul 2002
    central US
    I have been to quite a few dungeons for tickling sessions here in Chicago over the years, most of them pretty lousy. Chicago Illusions isn't bad, but it is like $300 for a session but that is probably about normal these days. I recently went back there and had a decent time, not great. Really depends upon which lady you play with. They had a switch a year or so ago whose feet were incredibly ticklish and not to mention gorgeous. She was 11 on a 10 point scale.

    Mistress Maya Sinstress is not a sub but does switch and is into tickle torture sessions, and she is EXTREMELY ticklish. And has gorgeous feet. I would highly recommend her. She is awesome. If you are into being tickled yourself, then the two of you can have a wonderful time.

    Most other Chicago area dungeons these days are just plain dull, the ladies know nothing about tickling and in many cases are just not very ticklish, at least not on the feet (the only spot that matters for me). I have had much better experiences in other places outside of Chicago. There was a dungeon in Chicago about ten years ago in Wrigleyville which had decent ladies and a few very ticklish ones, but the owner actually secretly video-taped everything. And the place was filthy. Jades Dungeon was supposed to have been a decent tickle spot but is gone. Chicago's dungeon hay day is long over.

    If YOU come acorss any good places do let us know.

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