Linking to the TMF

We like to think of the people who visit here as a community,
one that has worked together over the years to build ties and
communication between one another. Just by being here,
the TMF has provided many people and producers with a free platform,
to get word out on the tickling media they have created,
and to share their common love of tickling. We hope that in return,
all of you who have been part of the forum will support us in our growth with a link.
It will be greatly appreciated!


Adding a text link to your site:

With the following single line of html, you can add a simple text link to us at that looks like this: Tickling Media Forum

<a href="http:/">Tickling Media Forum</a>


Or you can link us with our banner:

To create the above graphic link on your page, copy this code onto your links page:

 <a href=""><img src="" width="374" height="123" border="0"></a>



Thank You!


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