Sunday Night Trivia Rules!

---The 13 golden rules---

1) The Quizmaster's word is final.

2) See 1)

3) Normal Chat-Room rules do apply during Trivia. No cussing (unless, of course, the answer is a profanity), no flaming, no rudeness, except if it is clearly a joke. Dissing the Quizmaster is strongly discouraged.

4) If you're not there when Trivia starts... You're out of luck, unless you're really nice to the Quizmaster. It's a lot of work to include participants into the scoreboard after the Trivia started, and it causes unpleasant interruptions. Try and be punctual.

5) Every Quiz will consist of three rounds, with ten questions each. The questions in the first round will score one point each, the questions in the second round net two points, and you get three points for every question answered in the third round. The questions also get harder each round.

6) Around one-third of the questions will be tickling-related.

7) If an answer that was approved by the Quizmaster is clearly wrong, feel free to point it out. You should receive an apology, and the answer will be re-evaluated, possibly by asking another question. However, keep something in mind - In case of doubt, see 2).

8) If there are two people answering a question almost at the same time, sometimes the order of the answers appears differently on the individual screens. This is due to the internet connection. In these cases, the Quizmaster's screen is what counts. (see 2) for details)

9) Every Participant gets exactly ONE chance to answer. No wild guessing is permitted to prevent massive spamming. Think before you type, please.

10) Spelling is arbitrary, as long as the answer is correct and comprehensive.

11) In case of names, it's enough to give either the first or last name, even a nickname, as an answer... as long as the name is clearly the right answer. Common names require that both first and last names are given.

12) Happiness is mandatory.

13) See 2)

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