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Photo 8 of 13 from Toes and body are a keyboard - Mao Ping plays Superfox that makes sounds like a musical instrument

The secret organization leaded by Mao Ping has engaged to work for him the secret agent Superfox, a blonde attractive milf skilled in thefts and spying. Mao Ping is a dirty, filthy, pervert, sadist old man. His agreement with Superfox provides that, if she wants to work for him, when he desires, but not much more than 1 time each week and for not more of 15 minutes each time, she must satisfy his lustful perverted desires. In this weekly session the old sadist Mao Ping wants to "play" her like a musical instrument. He wants her to make a "tickle sound"! First of all she must strip herself off and let herself to be tied to a bed, spreadeagled. Then he begins to cruelly tracing his fingertips on her whole exposed body.....softly.....slowly....No woman in the world could resist at his expert touch, and Superfox is so ticklish! Her moans and laughs are a melody for the lustful Mao Ping. Then her feet are tickled for long time....and then again the upperbody until 15 minutes are gone. During her nightmare Superfox can only struggle her bonds and move her body in a sensual sexy way. Screaming and laughing desperately. Always making sweet delicious erotic ticklish sounds, like a singing bird. Today Mao Ping has been very excited and satisfied! Clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"

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09-11-2023, 03:51 AM
Toes and body are a keyboard - Mao Ping plays Superfox that makes sounds like a musical instrument
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