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  1. 4E932AE8 2E1E 4192 8FC1 8D7DEA9D78F4
  2. 6FAC581D 133B 4423 8946 EBB9E0C3984F
  3. C025C63D 9B4B 459F 89FD 1CB012C0B809
  4. 8322FF3A 1CF1 46A9 8412 2A93C9A7A732
  5. 553ADC6D DBD5 44E2 8D41 01005A8829AB
  6. 108ECB8A 3D80 413A A27E 35A951DAFE51
  7. 2DB5B207 15BB 4089 BE19 3997DCF2A0AD
  8. C639C66F 09B8 4691 9DB8 59262CA056F7
  9. 72B6445A F291 4001 B5CE FF48E4C18CE3
  10. 4C1024E0 7571 452B BCA1 5C5517814E8D
  11. 6BA486A3 7630 4C08 94ED 5E78142EC2F8
  12. 3786071E 8395 44E7 9CD1 4BBD0AEF24C0
  13. 57585DEE C347 4C07 856A DF4D4CA24A68
  14. AE178F5A F393 4E12 85E3 EBA8E8A8CE24
  15. 52578953 DD83 4587 8B5E B9B95CA36411
  16. CC45FB4C 490D 474C 807F 7B4138DB2B49
  17. E76EC3EC 88AF 47B1 9C55 AF952672BF0A
  18. F5900A55 1D89 4278 B87B 7F3D54CD9FB3
  19. 9BB525D4 556B 4D31 9D2C 1DF8D3125C1B
  20. F0C67636 AABF 4F91 8F51 5CD0417CDD5D
  21. E3CFE0D8 C28F 43B1 9A65 2529D79E1E01
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