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Pic of the Week

Trivia Winner:


Male Sexual Tickling

  1. chest tease tickle
  2. Frenulum brushed
  3. cock shaft teased with feathers
  4. Toothbrush Teases Cockhead; Feather Teases Balls
  5. Balls Feathered
  6. Cockhead Feathered through glory hole
  7. Feather duster teases cock from above
  8. Four-some attacks cock with brush and feather
  9. Cock brushed
  10. Four-some cock tease and tickle
  11. Feather & vibe torment cock
  12. Cock edged with a red feather
  13. Cock torture tickle machine
  14. Feathered chest and genitals while bound
  15. Edging cock with feather duster, hands and mouth
  16. Cock teased with brush, breasts
  17. Cock tip feather torture
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