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a few pics

  1. From a session about 3-1/2 years ago..
  2. As you can see I am very, very ticklish!
  3. Going out of my mind
  4. The agony of the FEET!!!
  5. Help Me! Hahaha
  6. Heehee I was out of my mind!
  7. Still trying to turn it
  8. Because why the hell not
  9. Updated to reflect current look, tried to turn it
  10. Caption
  11. Caption
  12. You probably have no idea how much these soles are craving a fresh set of blood red nails tormenting all over them
  13. :P
  14. Caption
  15. Caption
  16. Caption
  17. unnamed
  18. SpendLifeLaughing With Somebody Special
  19. 000Feet2
  20. 091204 161940
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