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Beautiful Playmates

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Dream lers and lees.
  1. Nakie beauties!
  2. A long afternoon of love coochies!
  3. Don't stop! Please!
  4. I adore you!
  5. Feathers make me wild!
  6. What an irresistible dynamic?
  7. My beautiful maid awaiting my arrival and her "punishment".
  8. I love slumber parties!
  9. I love feathers so much!
  10. So intimate!
  11. Ageless tickles.
  12. Timeless bonding.
  13. Such beauties! What a life to play with feathers in the palace?
  14. I adore you! Coochie coochie coo!
  15. I want to go there!
  16. Beautiful!
  17. I want to help!
  18. Does that tickle babydoll! Such bad feathers!
  19. I want her to feather tickle me to utter humiliation and weakness!
  20. So fiendish!
  21. Mistress has been captured.
  22. Such lovelies at play!
  23. Don't worry I've got you!
  24. Mmmmnnnnn!!!!
  25. Hold still! I will help you with that itch.
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