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Ticklish Desires

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  1. The idea of Rich ladies with endless resources tickling each other makes me weak.
  2. Never fear my love you are ours now. We are going to make love to you and tickle you with feathers and Furs forever.
  3. Your laughter is such sweet music madam. Coochie coochie coochie! I know you just love me.
  4. My goodness! I think her boobies love the feathers. Seems almost cruel to stop tickling her.
  5. Oh mistress! You know how I both love and hate feathers! Stop you're killing me but your arousing me so.
  6. My goodness! I think I'm going to have to teach you how to properly use a duster. Maybe a little tickle Magic and my little maid will do much better....
  7. Madame is so ticklish and glamorous! under your spell. I could tickle you and be your lover forever.
  8. What fun to have a maid to play tickles all day and night with? Being straddled and feather duster tickled would be divine!
  9. Next comes the feathers. Tickle tickle tickle!
  10. Photo URLBB Code 
Imagine being the helpless toy of amorous tickle fairies.
  11. Does my naughty little tickle bee like the makeup brush? Yes you do! Coochie coochie coo!
  12. They are both having so much fun. I don't know which one I envy more.
  13. My  goodness! Your boobies just love my feathers! Tickle tickle tickle my love!
  14. Such merciless, lusty hands all over that naked body. I would do absolutely anything for Auntie.
  15. I love it when we are alone.
  16. What a magnificent tickler?
  17. Ticklish eternal romance.
  18. Imagine being the helpless toy of amorous tickle fairies.
  19. I can just feel those armpits. Tickle tickle tickle!
  20. To be the naked tickle toy of a giant maid. I want to be carried off and feathered silly till I am an obedient to her every desire.
  21. My queen! You are mine at last. My feathers love your feet. Your royal breasts are next. Then that dress will be lifted and your forbidden parts...
  22. Yes my little dove. The feathers always win. Does the feathers make you feel funny? Coochie coochie!
  23. Two ladies one passion. Tickle tickle Ooooooh!
  24. You are so beautiful and so ticklish! Tickle tickle tickle! I promise this will be our little secret.
  25. I desperately would love to be tickled by a cruel, sexy, vampire. I would want her to tickle me and enjoy me for an eternity.
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