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  1. NEW: The Tickle Researcher (m/f and f/m, 18+ strictly!)
  2. True story: A Ticklish Topic (M/F and F/M, 18+ only!)
  3. KGB Tickle Torture ( F/FF, 18+only)
  4. Strongly denied by the Nylon Dungeon folks: “Janet’s Escape" (M/F, 18+only)
  5. "How to Punish a Voyeur" (FFFF, 18+only)
  6. Space Ticklers (novel excerpt, */F, erotic)
  7. Literature Ticklers (7 F, 18+ only!!!)
  8. Ticklish Sci-Fi: “Eating Laughter" ( */f, */m, 18+ only)
  9. A touch of romance: "The Diary" ( M/F + F/F, 18+ only)
  10. True: Lara (erotickles at a BDSM studio, M/F, 18+ only)
  11. Sirens (my ticklish version) ( FFFF, 18+ only)
  12. No Laughing Matter! (erotic F/F, 18+ only!)
  13. The Inquisition (novel excerpt, '/F, 18+ only)
  14. Japanese Tickle Machine: "Dr. Nodont's Laboratory (*/F, 18+ only)
  15. Penny's Personal Pixy (fantasy F/F, highly erotic)
  16. The Pleasure Paradise Club (novel synopsis and link)
  17. Space Ticklers (novel synopsis and link)
  18. Tickle Encyclopedia (synopsis and link)
  19. Fantasy Island: The Queen of Tikili Island (mostly F/F)
  20. College Ticklers (Multiple F/F)
  21. Eating Laughter (*/FFFM, repost from old forum)