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  1. My own Archive! YAY!
  2. Harder is not Always Better, MF/F, 18+
  3. Lisa's Surprise, M/F, 18+
  4. Katelyn's Night Out
  5. True story at a private all girl's school, m/f
  6. Harder is Not Always Better, pt 2, mf/f, adult
  7. High School tickles, m/f
  8. Jason and Jo, part 1 (m/f)
  9. Jill's Public Embarassment, m/f
  10. Realty is Tough, mf/f
  11. Relaty Is Tough, part 2, mf/f
  12. AOL Instant Messenger Roleplay, m/f, extreme tickling, VERY adult
  13. What's MY ultimate tickle dream? Let's see...m/f
  14. Ultimate Tickle Dream, Part 2, m/f, adult
  15. The Tortures of Slavery, m/fff, very adult
  16. Introduction to Slavery II m/fff
  17. Introduction to Slavery m/fff
  18. She knew this was coming... m/f, very adult