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  1. Making Love (And Tickles) M/F
  2. Making Love (And Tickles) 2 F/M
  3. The Sweetest Dream F/M
  4. The Sweetest Dream Part 2 FF/M
  5. The Sweetest Dream Part 3 F/M F/F and FF/M
  6. All Grown Up F/M
  7. All Grown Up 2 F/F and FF/M
  8. The House At The End Of The Feather F/M FF/F and FFF/M
  9. The House At The End Of The Feather 2: Tickle Court F's/M
  10. The House At The End Of The Feather 3: The Weaker Sex F/F and F/M
  11. Jenni The Clown F/M
  12. Jenni The Clown 2 F/F and F/M
  13. Jenni The Clown 3: Date Night F/M
  14. Jenni The Clown 4: Meeting Mom F/F and FF/M
  15. Jenni The Clown 5: Something Wicked F/M and F/F
  16. Witchy Woman F/M
  17. Psycolog-tickle F's/M
  18. Thing 1 And Thing 2 FF/M
  19. Jenni The Clown 6: The Witching Hour F/F
  20. By Any Other Name F/M
  21. Jenni The Clown 7: Jenni And Lily FF/M
  22. Storytime (For Jenni fans) F/M
  23. Trick Or Treat F/M
  24. Trick Or Treat 2 F/F
  25. Trick Or Treat 3 FF/M
  26. Jenni The Clown 8: Lee's Hug F/M
  27. Potato Head Attacks! M/F and brief F/M
  28. Revved By A Harley F/M
  29. Sarah Breaks F/F
  30. Awww... Why'd You Stop? F/M
  31. The Midnight Show (M/F and F/M)
  32. Sin City: A Dame To Laugh For F/F
  33. Ready To Talk? F/M
  34. Who's A Big Scaredy Pants? F/M
  35. Tam And Tammy FF/M
  36. The Jenni Show!!! FF/M
  37. The Tickle Demon (prologue brief F/m)
  38. The Tickle Demon Part 1 FF/M
  39. The Tickle Demon Part 2 FFF/F
  40. The Tickle Demon Conclusion FFF/M and F/F
  41. Jenni The Clown: Bully At The Bar FF/M
  42. Jenni The Clown: Fear Of Clowns F/M
  43. House At The End Of The Feather: Fresh Meat FF/M
  44. House At The End Of The Feather: Virgin Flesh FF/F
  45. Jenni The Clown: Sex Therapy FF/FM
  46. Jenni The Clown: Help My Son F/M
  47. Jenni The Clown: Wrong House Bro F/M
  48. Jenni The Clown: The Peekaboo Club FF/M
  49. Jenni The Clown: The Floor Show F/M F/F's F's/M
  50. Jenni The Clown: His Turn M/F
  51. Jenni The Clown: Eric's Secret F/M
  52. Jenni The Clown: The Vulture F/M
  53. Renismelthin FF/M
  54. Renismelthin: Meet The Geeks F/MMFF
  55. Jenni The Clown: Nice Suit F/M (device)
  56. Lily's Watersports F/M
  57. Halloween Party Part 1 F/F
  58. Halloween Party Part 2 F's/M
  59. Halloween Party Part 3 F/FF
  60. Halloween Party Part 4 F/F M/F F/M
  61. Halloween Party Part 5 FFF/F
  62. Reputations FF/M
  63. Up To Her Neck In Trouble F/F (Foot Tickling Only)
  64. Andrew's Holiday Wish F's/F F's/M
  65. Jenni The Clown: Frisky Physical F/F
  66. Lily's New Neighbor F/M
  67. Jenni The Clown: Kat's Curiosity F/F
  68. Oopsie's Methods F/M
  69. Morgana's Box F/F (Foot Tickling Only)
  70. The Monster Slayer F/M
  71. Andrew's Massage FFF/M
  72. Lucinda Takes Aim F/M
  73. Jenni The Clown: Getting Even FF/M
  74. Jenni The Clown: She Has A Thing For Clowns F/F
  75. Jenni The Clown: Whisper To A Scream F/M
  76. Jenni The Clown: I Don't Laugh F/M
  77. Jenni The Clown: Does Damon Dare M/F
  78. Jenni The Clown: The Tickle Tub F/M (Device)
  79. Jenni The Clown: Levi's Center Stage F's/M
  80. Jenni The Clown: Jenni Tickles You! F/?
  81. Jenni The Clown: Renismelthin's Instruction FF/FM
  82. Jenni The Clown: Vince's Vivacious Visitor F/M
  83. The Leopard Laughs FMM/F
  84. Jenni The Clown: He Wants It Bad F/M
  85. Jenni The Clown: The Castle FF/M (Mostly Feet and Privates)
  86. Jenni The Clown: Much To Learn M/F
  87. Jenni The Clown: Icing On The Cake FF/M