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  1. Silver State Penitentiary Part 1: M/M/m- feet/underarm/sexual tickling.
  2. Silver State Penitentiary Pt 2 M/m (feet/sexual/NonCon)
  3. Silver State Penitentiary Part 3 M/m feet
  4. Silver State Penitentiary Part 4 (Mmmm/m- Non Con/ sexual )
  5. A Night With The Sex Pistols (MM/f)
  6. Maui Wowie Pt 1 F/f
  7. Maui Wowie Pt 2 f/f
  8. Maui Wowie Part 3 Gang/ ff
  9. Vows (MF/f) (sexual/ feet/all over tickling)
  10. Revenge On Wall Street (MF/m) (sexual, feet)
  11. "The Sacrifice For Poseidon" (M/f, Sexual, All over Tickling, Giant)
  12. President Don Turtelli (M/f)
  13. President Don Turtelli Part 2: OBEY
  14. President Don Turtelli Part 3: "Tick... Tock..." (Sexual, MF/f, M/m, Feet)
  15. President Don Turtelli Part 4: "Controlled Connections"
  16. President Don Turtelli Part 5: Winding The Doll
  17. President Don Turtelli Part 6 "The Midnight Special" (M/f, Feet, Sexual)
  18. President Don Turtelli Part 7 "The Show Continues..." M/m, M/f
  19. President Don Turtelli part 8: "4 am". M/m, M/f, Sexual
  20. President Don Turtelli Part 9: "Blinders" M/f Sexual
  21. President Don Turtelli Part 10 "S.O.S" M/ff (Final)
  22. Reflections (F/fm, Feet & Sexual Tickling/ Non Con)
  23. Reflections Part 2 ~F/m Feet & Sexual Tickling/ Non Con
  24. Captain Pierce (M/f, Feet, Non Consensual) Part 1
  25. Captain Pierce Part 2 (Ffffff/mmmm ) Feet, Non Consensual)
  26. Tony’s Order ( FFF/f Non Con/ Bare feet, Sexual)
  27. Jazz's Gang (MMMM/f All over body/feet Tickling /Sexual/ Non Con )
  28. LATE NIGHT: Tickle Robbery! (M/f barefeet tickling/ sexual)
  29. John's Marriage (FFF/fm Sexual Tickling/ Barefeet/ Non Consensual)
  30. That Smile (Non Con/ Ler POV)
  31. Night Of The Centaur (Centaur/f) Mildly Sexual/ Upperbody
  32. The Glory (M/m/m & Gang. Barefeet/ All over body/ sexual)
  33. The Tennessee Tickler (M/f Sexual/ Non Con/ Feet)
  34. The Tennessee Tickler" Part 2 (M/f Feet)
  35. The Tennessee Tickler Part 3 (F/m) Non Con
  36. The Tennessee Tickler Part 4 (M/f)
  37. The Red Wire (F/m Barefeet Tickling) Audio story
  38. "The Cartoon Tickler" (F/m barefoot tickling)/ cartoons Audio story
  39. The Cartoon Tickler Part 2 (F/mf bare feet cartoon audio tickling)
  40. 'The Cartoon Tickler 3' (F/*/ cartoon audio tickling)
  41. Luigi's Tickle Torment (F/Toon barefeet and sexual tickling) Audio/Video
  42. Don Turtelli's Revenge (M/f Explicit/ Non Con) Audio