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Kalamos Komics

The tracts and scrolls pertaining to my fetish-themed and art-related endeavours.

  1. Site Update - Model Showcase.

    Susanna Bella on Kalamos Komics.
    Foot & Bondage shots.
  2. Intimate Touch - Nudity - Sensual Tickling - M/F.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalamos View Post
    Intimate Touch.
    Adult art I did for Baciami Magazine.

    Sabrina shuddered as he slid his tongue between her legs.
    She could feel the gentle touch of his fingers, exploring her tender sides.

    Her bodice offered little resistance as the prying became a squeeze.
    Her body offered none, as sensations mingled.

    Moans turned into muffled giggling.
    Biting her lips, she could do nothing but yield to the twisted pleasure.
    Fetish Art
  3. MiSex! Three days with LauraLib at the Adult Con.

    Mid November update, rife with news and contents.
    I mentioned we hit the MiSex adult con last October.

    How was the MiSex like?
    Well, it was loud, sometimes crass, and yet fun and even sensual.
    Both visitors and adult stars alike joined us for some light-hearted fun.


    Laura Liberti was nothing short of glowing.
    She teamed up with lifestyle Domme Bellatryx for some heavier handed public femdom on local enthusiasts.

    Updated 11-17-2011 at 04:34 PM by Kalamos

    Fetish Flicks
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  4. Halloween Treats - Trick or Tickle...?

    Seasonal Foot Art - Trick or Tickle...?

    * Demo Clip *
    -> Preview

    * Full Clip * 
    -> Clips4Sale
    -> Kinky-Clips
  5. Candid Tickling in Public Stocks.

    My first tickling clip ever dates back to 2009. I've taken part in more tickling shots since then.
    What I'm showcasing today is unusual and unique enough to warrant a blog entry, though.

    This is a full length candid M/F tickling session, we shot in re-enactment stocks, before a public audience, teaming up with Devotion2's Laura Liberti.

    What's so special about ...

    Updated 10-27-2011 at 07:42 PM by Kalamos

    Fetish Flicks
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