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Captain Satan

  1. Longing, cruelly.

    Your expression has dropped all but for a quivering lip, and your eyes are suddenly more alive.

    I feel like I am speaking to the real you now, without saying a word. Your eyes are fluent in an ancient language and a moment vanishes into obscurity before we realise that we are now locked into each other.

    I am reminded of childhood flowers as your warmth becomes mine.

    Every muscle in my body writhes with the knowledge that I would share everything with ...
  2. A blog you say?...what is this black magic?

    Been pretty active here for the last few days and have never felt so good about myself. Speaking to people on the chatroom has really helped me to address this fetish more and it's paying off because I don't feel so weird anymore.
    A lot of really cool cats here too, even managed to find another TMF'er who lives just a county away from me. One day I'll go for drinks with this dude and we'll scope out every woman in the bar like sinister, lecherous hawks.

    Other than feeling ...