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  1. It has been about a year

    So roughly a year ago I had a lucid, vivid wonderful dream about a woman encountering a circusy tickle tent on the beach. I carried on the story in my head when fully awake and it turned into parts 1 & 2 of the Andrea Saga.

    So glad I decided to write it down and share it. Some parts I still remember from my original part-dream / part-fantasy. e.g. Andrea going back for her sandals.

    Now I am still writing the continuation of the Andrea saga at the castle and have a ...
  2. A thing that happened

    So whenever I get a chance I write tickling stories. Usually I like to know I won't be interupted. I move around alot and my stories have mostly been written in hotel rooms.

    Whilst writing the Castle Tickling Event series that continues the Andrea Saga I started a table of characters to avoid confusion on my part, I was going to post it in the non-tickling forum but have never finished it and I have so many characters it would take too long.

    Never-the-less it is a ...
  3. writer's knock

    Hi so I have my next story pretty much written but won't post it yet because I might overhaul it entirely.

    I want to get at least two stories at the castle finished before posting since these will run paralell and have to fit with what I have planned for Andrea

    Sadly I cannot write as much as I would like, between work and the pain in my wrists and back I cannot get all of my ideas down. I have a list of stories saved since I am afraid of forgetting the ideas my muse ...

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