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  1. Ticklish Poem

    I have a friend her name is Heather
    Shes loves it when i use a feather
    Up and down on her ticklish soles
    When I'm going to stop nobody knows
    Her feet are a beautiful size 9
    When I'm the Ler I have a great time
    I love to tickle her from her head to her toes
    Sorry baby this is how tickle torture goes
    When i finish tickling I'm as good as dead
    With her being a great tickler is what I dread
    Tickling her is always a wonderful treat ...
  2. Working For A Living

    Up everyday at the crack or dawn
    So very tired excuse me while i yawn
    Going to work in the great city
    Day in and day out can be such a pity
    But i truely love what i do
    Not many people can admit that, can you?
    Working on all of my flights
    Doing it well doing it right
    The passengers smile and go on there way
    I enjoy what I do every single day
  3. My Wife

    Our first date was December 4th 1998
    Every date after that was great
    Together we say I love you everyday
    I honestly hope it always stays this way
    When I proposed you said YES right away
    Hearing that word truely made my day
    We were married on September 22, 2001
    Everyone reminds us of how they had fun
    Gold wedding bands on our fingers
    Our love for each other still lingers
    Ellen Elizabeth you are my wife
    I'm honored ...
  4. Nature

    The sun shines to start the day
    A gentle breeze and the trees sway
    Children jump in a pile of leaves
    Dad asks mom if he can jump please
    The clouds start to darken in the sky
    A little child wonders and asks why?
    A storm is coming and it's coming fast
    But dont worry it'll soon pass
    Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes
    Soon a child runs and under the bed she dashes
    Mom goes to her and says whats wrong my dear
    It's just ...
  5. Tickling My Aunt Peg's Feet

    Many years ago when i was about 9 or so my aunt Margaret ( peggy/Peg ) would come over and babysit for me and my younger brother and sister. Peg is my mothers youngest sister of 7 kids. Peg and I are 12 years apart in age and it was always fun to know that when she was coming over what I would have instore for her.

    Eventually my parents would leave for the night/weekend and peggy and us would have something for dinner and shortly there after she would fall asleep on the couch watching ...
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