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  1. Its officially ofifcial. I am engaged to be married. :)

    Well I am a little behind in posting such news, my better half wanted to make sure all of her important friends on FB knew before we posted our news on Facebook, but I have a lot of friends here on the TMF that do not have me listed on Facebook.

    So anyway....the great news is that on 10/29 I proposed to my wonderful girlfriend, RobsLadyAce on the forum...and she accepted. I am now engaged to be married, we are looking at Spring 2013.

    I have had many wonderful people ...
  2. Been a while, some updates....


    Yeah. Been a while. I really have not been posting a lot lately and have to a degree dropped off the virtual radar. Well a lot of things are going on in my life at the current time, and while I still check on the forum quite often...I really do not post a lot and as many know I have stopped doing RobAce Radio.

    First off on that end, I stopped initially because of summer, and with my children living with me during that time makes the shows difficult to really ...
  3. Don't cry for me, Don't pity me, just give me tacos.

    This is kind of inspired by some recent events in my life. Yeah, maybe I am kind of complaining a bit, but I think I am more than entitled too.

    So here is the deal. I have recently been in a relationship with someone, and all was going well until she recently starting using the "D" word on me all the time. Yeah, that "D" word. Disabled.

    She would fawn over me, take care of things and generally seem caring and loving. But recently (like the last 3 days) ...
  4. Where have I been??

    Well, yeah I am still alive. Hard to believe isn't it. I have not had time to post much at all recently with my girls being home for the holidays and the volunteer work I do until they get here.

    I really have not been around the forum much of all as of late, but sometimes life is there and somethings get put on the back burner. Not that I care any less, but more often than not I have to expend my energy on what needs the most focus. I know my friends will be here when I come ...
  5. So much to do, so little time.

    Well it is day 4 of having my girls home. It is great to hear them again. Playing, laughing and having a good time. I never realize how much I miss them while they are away. Well okay, yeah I do. Just when they are around I miss them more because I know our time is limited and I want to fill every moment with fun. But they are getting to the age now where they do not need me for every second of entertainment like they did when they were younger. *sigh*

    Oh well, it is great ...
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