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Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal

Thoughts and updates on my writing, updated once per week

  1. 11/20/22 Story Progress Update: Second Draft started

    by , 11-20-2022 at 06:55 AM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    OK, I was hoping to have the first draft done and published by now, but I am extremely dissatisfied with it, to the point that I am struggling to complete it. The opening is done, and the ending is done; bridging the two has become a bit of a problem. Part of me just wants to shelve it and start on the next Ashley Grable story, but I do not want to start building a habit of leaving stories unfinished when I start getting tired of writing them. So, the problems I have with the first draft:
  2. 10/30/22 Story Progress Update

    by , 10-30-2022 at 10:29 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    More progress! I was able to get past the writer's block and continue with the story. It is still not quite done, but I am hoping to finish in the next two weeks, putting the completion of this story about a year after the first Ashley Grable story. 3 stories in one year feels like a reasonable accomplishment; I would like to work faster in the future, but for now, this is satisfying

    Wordcount: 4716. Goal: 5000. 94% complete
  3. 10/23/22 Story Progress Update

    by , 10-23-2022 at 10:51 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    I had not planned to go an entire month without posting any updates. Unfortunately, it has been a very, very busy month, and I rather expect next month to be the same. Still, I have made some progress on Window of Opportunity, despite much exhaustion and writer's block. I am currently stuck just before the moments where the 'lee begins to be stripped and bound; actually getting there is proving more of a hassle than I anticipated. Perhaps I should simply write a quick placeholder paragraph between ...

    Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:00 AM by ticklefanatic15

    Progress Updates , Window of Opportunity Progress
  4. 10/2/22 Story Progress Update

    by , 10-02-2022 at 10:17 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    Apologies for missing last week, it was a very busy time. This week was fairly fruitful, I did a little cleanup on my draft and also made some story progress. I am debating redoing the beginning; I may simply keep it as is for now to finish sooner, and explore possible openings more thoroughly next time instead. I believe this story will be more than 5000 words when it is finished; perhaps 5500 to 6000 words. Encouraging

    Wordcount: 4402. Goal: 5000. 88% completed.

    Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:01 AM by ticklefanatic15

    Progress Updates , Window of Opportunity Progress
  5. 9/18/22 Story Progress Update

    by , 09-18-2022 at 10:35 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    I am still very tired, and it was a very busy week, but I was able to set aside a little bit of time to write, and I made a small amount of progress. The actual tickling has begun; now it is just a matter of building up from how it starts to how it ends up in the conclusion I have written. That should be simple, as long as I keep at it. No insights this time, except that once again a change in font has proved useful in overcoming writer's block.

    Word count: 4157. Goal: 5000. 81% there ...

    Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:01 AM by ticklefanatic15

    Progress Updates , Window of Opportunity Progress
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