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  1. Where I've Been...

    I never posted a real update for what I've been up to for the past couple of years.

    Since I was able to start participating in kink communities in-person two years ago, I've been much more satisfied with my kink life. I started using Fetlife more because of that, where it's been easier to find people to meet up with who share my different kink interests- not just tickling. I also had a partner at the time whom I shared a lot with. I had everything I needed, so I didn't feel the need ...
  2. Clearing Something Up

    After getting an...interesting message a while ago and holding off posting this, I'd like to clear some things up regarding my sexuality. I know this may seem like an unnecessary thing to post about and I probably shouldn't give this person attention (assuming they see this), but I'd rather get this out of the way.

    Someone looking at content that doesn't match their sexuality doesn't make them confused.
    I am gay, and as you would guess, I enjoy M/M. Now there have been a few ...
  3. About my threads...

    If you want to leave feedback on my threads, please reply to it instead of messaging me about it! Unless it's something that needs to be private, then go ahead. I get to threads faster than I do PMs and I don't like replying/getting to things late.
  4. A Video

    This vid is how we look keeping track of which celebrities are ticklish and which ones aren't.

  5. I'm Back

    (yeah, i took a while to find out where the heck you went to make blogs again...)

    Long story short, my old account was a mess and i wanted to start over. I could have cleared it out, but there's a lot to go through anyway. Being busy with college also kind of made me forget to come on, which is why i haven't been here for a while.

    Just making this in case anyone thinks "hey, you sound like [insert previous username here]".

    But anyway, it's great ...

    Updated 08-23-2020 at 08:17 PM by Yote