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  1. Tickler's Confession

  2. For One Million Dollars...

    December 26, 2019

    This morning I tricked Lori to talk about her tickle spots, again.

    "My cousin gave me a book for Christmas. It's called 'The Conversation Piece'. It's a book of questions." I tell Lori.
    "Ok." she said.
    I asked her two question & Lori answered them.
    "For one million dollars would you allow yourself to be tickled for five minutes?" I asked her a third question.
    Lori gave me a blank look.
    "So would you?" I asked. ...
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  3. Very Ticklish Armpits

    July 22, 2019

    Figured out how to trick Lori into admitting she has ticklish armpits...

    "How was your weekend?" Lori asked.
    "Great!" I tell her. "My favorite cousin from back home came into town. She had a girls weekend with some friend, but we had lunch together."
    "That's good." Lori said.
    "I swear when we get together we become kids again." I said. "At my place we're talking & before you know it we're wrestling on the floor."
    Lori laughs. ...
  4. Ticklish Lori

    Nov. 18, 2018

    Been thinking how to trick Lori to talk about her tickle spots, again. Figured it out & put it into action.

    Lori, Teresa & myself are the only ones in the office.
    "What are your plans for the weekend?" I ask Lori.
    "Not much. You?" she ask.
    "One of my cousins is coming into town to hang out with some college friends, girls weekend."
    I turn to Teresa, "My cousin & I are born a week apart. When we were growing up, we'd wrestle ...
  5. Size 8 feet...

    Today (9/17/2018) Lori and I are in the office, alone. We are talking about our weekend. I keep glancing at her feet thinking about how I'm going to ask Lori about her what size are her feet.
    "Those new shoes?" I blurted out.
    "No. They're old. I'm trying to find some new ones." Lori replies.
    "What's your shoe size?" I ask.
    "8-8.5" Lori answers.
    I look at the clock, go and clock in for the day.
    "Yes!!! I now know the size of Lori's feet!!!" I say in my head. ...
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