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  1. Test2

    There was no time. No past or future. No memory nor thought. Nothing existed. Nothing beyond the sensation of leather cracking into her skin.
    The relentless and excruciating sting slapped down far deeper than the skin of her bare feet, deeper even than the muscles and bones. Every lash thrashing into her feet was a zap of raw electricity to every cell in her body. Vicious streaks of lightning struck in sync with each ear-splitting crack of the flogger against her soles, but even through ...
  2. Test

    There was no chance to fight back. There never was. Kira couldn't grit her teeth, but she could bite down onto the gag and focus on the ache burning through her jaw, or she could make fists until her manicure threatened to pierce through her palms; anything to distract from the forced compliance of leather and steel.
    The same old voice purred with that irritating, smug satisfaction. You just don't learn, do you Slave? A Metal band snapped shut around her big toe and the sweats started to ...

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